Your path to recovery at the Mental Health Unit

Welcome to Hôpital Montfort’s Mental Health
Program. We are pleased to accompany you throughout your stay on the unit—bringing you one step
closer to your recovery. We are offering you a tour of the unit before
your arrival at Montfort, Ontario’s Francophone academic hospital. This video will enable
you to familiarize yourself with the mental health unit and provides an overview of the
services offered there. The mental health unit is located on the 3rd
floor of Wing B. For your safety, access to the unit is secured. You can access the unit
using the telephone located close to the main door.
On entering the unit, you go to the nursing station, where you are greeted and taken to
your room. For your own safety, we verify the personal effects you have brought with
you. The mental health unit offers a variety of
services and activities. We work hand-in-hand with you to help you attain your therapeutic
goals. During your stay, you are assisted by several
health professionals. Right from the start, you are assigned a psychiatrist who comes
to see you, assesses you and recommends a treatment plan adapted to your needs.
You also have an opportunity to meet the unit’s care manager or facilitator during daily rounds.
Telephones are available so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones.
During your participation in the Mental Health Program, you are provided with meals adapted
to your needs. You can choose your meals from a daily menu and eat with others in the common
dining hall. In the middle of the unit, there are two large
windowed rooms where you can use a computer, watch TV, play ping-pong or work out on one
of the fitness machines. You can participate in various educational
sessions and group activities, and take advantage of an environment that allows you to relax
on your own. For example, the recreation coordinator leads
stretching exercise sessions. In a peaceful ambiance with relaxing music, you can participate
in this meditation-like activity. Occupational therapists lead therapy groups,
encouraging you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and helping you overcome obstacles to your
recovery. Social workers have a strong presence on the
unit. They assess you, talk to your family, help you plan your discharge and refer you
to community services, as needed. You can also take advantage of a comfort room,
a perfect place to go and relax. Art workshops are an opportunity for you to
express yourself through drawing, painting or sculpture.
Yoga sessions are also offered. This activity, like the others, gives you an opportunity
to relax and meet new people. Peer helpers who have gone through a similar
process are available on the unit if you wish to talk and ask for advice.
You can participate in guitar lessons, led by volunteer teachers. This is an opportunity
to enjoy yourself and learn something new. A volunteer also comes to the unit to play
violin and piano. The Mental Health Program also offers pet
therapy. A therapy dog and its master regularly visit people on the unit. Spending time with
the dog, talking to it and petting it can be part of your therapy.
Group outings are also regularly organized. There is a garden you can use if you wish
to grow plants, fruits or vegetables. At any time, you can talk to members of our
staff who are there to respond to your needs. When you are discharged from the unit, you
are invited to leave a message on the tree of hope for others who will be staying here.
Our goal is to offer quality care and the best possible experience during your stay
at Montfort. We hope that this overview has answered your questions and that you are reassured
about your stay with us.

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