61 thoughts on “Woman With Long History Of Emotional Problems Referred For Evaluation – Does She Accept?

  1. I hope he does a follow up with her- you can tell she has been in a state of anxiety all her life…..her sleep has probably been affected also which can cause anyone to feel like they’re all over the place…

  2. I thought as a child that having butterflies constantly in your stomach and being afraid of adults and other kids was normal. I just told myself that its my fault.

  3. THIS is exactly the intervention i so desperately want and need …someone to say ENOUGH lets look at the full picture and go from there ..id be like her and say yes straightaway 😊

  4. Not an expert, just have a lot of personal experience in this specific area. I believe this young woman has borderline personality disorder in addition to being on the autism spectrum. Her sensory sensitivities , “strange” behaviours, highly emotional reactions, unusual speech pattern and cadence etc. I genuinely hope she gets the help she needs to be better understood and the support to live her best life.

  5. Dr. Phil has no idea about how Borderline Personality disorder works. He's not trained in cluster b personality disorders. DBT is the only therapy recommended to help, and the only other way of helping her is medication for the side effects. There's no cure for B.P.D. I suffer from it as well. It's horrible to live with. I know it's hard for her family to manage her, but if they took the time to learn about the disorder they would be a lot better off. She fears abandonment, and rejection. She has a negative inner self dialogue. She feels like nothing she says or does isn't good enough for anyone to love her. She needs her parents compassion, and support more than anything.

  6. Psychodelics with mindfulness training is a permanent solution to the problem. Only a few sessions are needed, but her suffering is self imposed due to a traumatic past and unable to get over it. A shift if perspective and realization we victimize ourselfs is extremely unflattering but liberates the mind/soul from the trap it's in. Though it takes deep insight to have that lightbulb moment in the mind that shifts the perspective. The irony is, the solution is radically simple(and this also applies for almost everyone with trauma) but it's extremely difficult to realize due to how the mind will literally do everything it can to lie to itself and trick itself into an idea of protecting itself. Sadly, Western medicine is extremely far behind Eastern medicine in curing the mind's self imposed ailments. Taking a pill 9 times out of ten only creates bigger issues in the long run and does not remove the roots of the issues.

  7. I hope things improve for her. Something about her situation really strikes a chord. I think a lot of people can relate to her situation.

  8. Beautiful girl

    Yes, anxiety is crippling. People who don't have experience of it can find it difficult to understand.

  9. I liked Valarie instantly. She was having a hard time on that stage
    Sometimes I think Phil is a bit dramatic but he really assured this lady and you could visibly see her relax

  10. I used to have horrible anxiety. Took prescription meds, they helped. Then I realized just how bad the meds were to my liver. Knew talking to a therapist may help. But it costs money and what does a therapist do? Have you talk to them. What is anxiety? its within you. Only you can control the anxiety. Its been a long while since I've had a full blown "attack" and when one does come on, I just tell myself only I can control this and there is NO reason to have an attack. Its goes away. Life has its ups and downs. The bad comes with the good. Its how we learn. God bless all.

  11. I just don't get why people make these private moments a viewing party for random strangers 🤦

  12. I like when Dr. Phil gives a platform to people that are actually in need of help with legitimate mental issues as opposed to shitty rappers and IG models that are purely seeking attention.

  13. This is an edited (more specific) form of my comment:

    I love seeing this, I have a neurological deformation in my brain that caused heightened senses and heightened emotional reactions. In other words, chronic anxiety. I was born with it unfortunately, so I understand that’s it’s never going to go away completely. I’m getting treatment and desensitization to cope and calm my reactions. I’ve never seen another case similar to mine, and I’m really happy to see someone like me! I don’t really have an outlet, so it’s nice to understand that I’m not alone. A lot of cases of anxiety are treatable, and it makes a big gap of ideas and functions between there cases, and mine/others cases. Most people I meet don’t really understand my capabilities, although I’m much better than I was, it’s still difficult to cope with triggers. I want to tell this young woman that there are ways to get better, its never going to go away, but you can learn to cope and live life happily even with this illness. You probably won’t meet someone with this in your life, but always be aware of sensitivity, it’s really hard to come back from, and it’s a big deal for both chronic and non chronic anxiety patients. Stay safe!

  14. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, chronic depression, fear of being in groups but that's more of having anyone behind me, I hate having my back to people, self abuse but I have not punched my face in for a while now & don't intend to, there is a lot more but I learned to live with it. I'm 49 years old & I'm like a child at times but can be very serious when I need to be, acting up or a fool is a way to get past out of head but sleep allows back in & I can be dangerous in my sleep so much so that I fear sleeping with a woman & I've been single 23 years now. One foot in front of the other always, just struggle on.

  15. I’m diagnosed with bpd and am blessed with an amazing support system and people who knew how to take care of me. I feel so deeply for her and her pain I hope she’s ok.

  16. I have shell shock man, you can white knuckle it for a long time.

    I’m wondering when my knuckles give out. So far, I’m still hustlin.


    I’m very aware of what this does to the brain chemistry. And knowing that makes the white knuckling a scary scary activity.

  17. Absolutely been happening for a long time, but unless your have unlimited health coverage and thousands of $$$$$ the true help isn't going to be there for the average person…. Just stating the truth, because I and sooooooo many others live in the real world. 😔😔😔😔

  18. If anyone needs help…. I am a long term Anxiety survivor… been through it all and came through it in the other side… feel free to contact me on here.. follow me on IG. Bohditreementalhealth

  19. Its so incredilby sad to watch her… She is obviously pretty high on some type of pill, maybe xanax I dont know. I can really relate. I would never be able to go out on that stage without a xanax or something. She is so brave! I hope she will be able to get better soon! <3

  20. I wanted to write in to the Dr. Phil show last year to save my brother. Specifically, because he takes brain chemistry and neurology into account when treating his patients. My brother had schizo-affective disorder, multiple head injuries, chronic depression, anxiety, and physical pain. The physical and emotional trauma he endured was overwhelming. He was in and out of treatment facilities the last 2 years, but nothing helped because the treatment he needed just doesn't exist for working class people.
    Unless you have a drug problem, there really aren't any long-term inpatient treatments for people with dual-diagnoses.
    My brother wanted help. He died by suicide last August after being denied admittance to another treatment facility in California. He was only 31. His son is 2 years old.
    I can't help but kick myself for not writing in to the show when I Knew his options for treatment were dwindling. It's cases like this young woman that gave me hope that Dr Phil could help him.

  21. This happened to me. I had been getting panic attacks and I had so much anxiety. I couldn’t do anything with myself or go anywhere. I was put into therapy and it worked for a couple of years but when my anxiety hit its peak, therapy did not do anything- nothing worked. I never understood why until watching this. I did the same treatment that she’s doing with neurotransmitters and I can say that it has completely changed my life, I can’t even recognize who I was 3 years ago. I haven’t had a panic attack in 3 years. I still have anxiety, and the little things that would trigger a panic attack, now I take a few deep breaths and it’s gone. I’m so happy for her, that she will be getting this treatment, that hopefully will do the same for her

  22. This is the why, that I feel about tobacco addiction.
    I would love that too.
    To take and have time to learn about the true self again.
    The word "hijack " is a perfect picture or snapshot of "what happened to me?"
    Yet lost in the meaning of that question, is the desire to be free of "it", the habitual loop in the mind, and then you are lost..in anxiety..
    Pleased that Dr. PHIL has offered her a chance at change.

  23. She is so beautiful and you can see she doesn’t want what’s going on as is extremely intelligent. I’m happy she’s getting help.

  24. He treats this woman like a princess compared to the last guy I just saw who suffered from severe anxiety. Dr Phil minimized his suffering, and mentioned nothing about "neurotransmitters" or "patterns in the brain". Is this a lifetime of medical experience that informed the line of communication? Or did he not have his morning coffee?

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