65 thoughts on “Woman Who Says She’s ‘Obsessed’ With Taking 100K Steps A Day Describes How She Achieves Her Goal

  1. The prescribed her sobo for her pain because they don't believe her. They think it's an addict problem. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't but I feel for her either way. She needs a new dr

  2. Sucks though usually if you eat it's recommended you let your food digest in 3 hrs. Eating than off to sleep could cause gastrointestinal problems but shrug. I dont know how many steps I take and I don't eat well but under weight (look healthy) and just skinny naturally since metabolism. So I guess I dont have to worry unless I eat fast food…the fat goes to my organs

  3. Her diet is very poor. She’s not eating any vegetables or protein. lives on fruit and sugary foods. You are what you eat

  4. How could you possibly run that much with fibromyalgia…
    Also Theres no such thing as a low calorie grilled cheese…. cheese and Butter are super high calorie

  5. I have fibromyalgia and jogging causes my body to ache like crazy!! I wanted so badly to get into shape, and I decided jogging at the beautiful park next door would be the way, but unfortunately I discovered that it made my pain worse. I now walk instead of jog and then do a 30 minute toning exercise at home. No pain!!

  6. I feel bad for her but than again what is she doing with her life? Does she have a job, a career, schooling? Anything? She just jogs around and eats all day lol what, can we trade lives like ASAP? 🤣

  7. What she said “I jog because I’m in pain. But I’m in pain because I jog” was exactly like one of the “adults”
    In The Little Prince. He says “I drink to forget. To forget that I drink.” That there is a perfect example of an addiction.

  8. Just a few months ago, I’d refuse to go to bed with less than 30k. I’d usually sleep 4 hours to try to get 55k, but as soon as my FitBit stopped working, I stopped walking more than a few miles a day. I hated using the bathroom in the eleventh hour when approaching a milestone. Seeing those huge numbers and winning the challenges are so addictive.

  9. There is definitely a better and more efficient way to burn the same amount of calories per day, without jogging for over 12+ hours per day.

  10. this clip reminds me of why i hate dr phil, not actually there to help & im surprised he didnt interrupt her big pharma dig

  11. She might need to go to a therapist. None of what she is doing is good for her, she’s addicted to the numbers she sees. It’s obsessive and will come back to haunt her in the future.

  12. Kratom got me off heroin and I’d recommend it to anyone, as long as it’s taken responsibly and not for an extended period of time.

  13. Dude I walk 20,000 steps a day or more because I bartend. My record is 40,000 because I worked a double and I thought that was insane.

  14. I walk everywhere (dont drive) and I'm on my feet all day at work and I don't even come close to the amount of steps she does…

  15. She needs to just find a diet that works for her. Shes starving herself and then tries to fill herself up on pie , cake, and cereal which she then regrets. 😂🙄 bruh foreal get a treadmill with a lil screen to watch stuff , do really light weights work out and to help tone. Shes just not thinking about the bigger picture.

  16. Anyone with fibromyalgia should be evaluated for Lyme bc Lyme can cause fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia like illness.

  17. Ok at least get some air and jog outside and take the dogs for a walk, her mind probably goes crazy confining herself in the house. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. There are families dealing with horrible situations and this man is interviewing a lady who is addicted to jogging

  19. She has fibromyalgia, which is pain all over the body that no one understands. If u could understand it it could be treated. But it isn’t
    So she runs to distract herself. That’s isn’t so unusual. I have been in the same situation and it suuuuuucks. The pain from running became unbearable and sent me into severe depression because I couldn’t get out of bed. Give the lady a break. The is very extreme but she is in severe pain. She’s trying to get off pain meds. She has done research and reached out to support groups. She’s not healthy and she knows it and is reaching out for help

  20. That poor woman. I can't see why her Dr would give suboxone for fibromyalgia pain treatment. That makes no sense. I understand exercise for fibro treatment but I don't how she can walk for all those hours with the pain and general feeling of blah that comes along with fibro plus all the muscle pain from jogging. I have fibro and it's all I can do to get up for work everyday. I dunno.

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