100 thoughts on “Woman Claims She Placed Newborn For Adoption Because She ‘Feared For His Life’

  1. The ex was a junkie and an abuser. The son is a psychopath. The other two kids are traumatized. Nice to know she still has time to get knocked up.

  2. Anyone ever see that The South Park Episode with Cesar Millan??? (The Dog Whisperer)

    Might be a good call for this situation? 😄

  3. It takes a stronger woman to realize she can’t handle any more children, I don’t judge her for that…. but birth control pills are free in pretty much every state, sooooo I would suggest that going forward

  4. Typical psychologists never the blame of the adults always blaming others for her lack of judgment You do not penalize those that are not in fault yes the other children her other children should be removed from the home she has neglected them and putting them in danger

  5. She shouldn't put the blame on her other child why she couldnt keep her newborn. Thats a terrible thing to do because when her 10 year grows up he will feel guilty for that. She shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place if she couldn't handle another child. It sounds like she makes bad choices as far as choosing the wrong men to have kids with and getting pregnant with out a plan. because it looks like shes a single mother with 3 kids and a 4th shes given up. Not to mention she had her whole pregnancy to get her son help before her new baby arrived. smh! I'm probably about the same age as her also a single mom with a 10 year old son that is as tall as i am and about the same size as her son. But i ensure that i will not pregnant again until i am ready because i have to think about how my choices will affect my son in everything i do. My heart does go out to her because obviously his behavior isnt her fault.

  6. How about using protection next time, so if you already are in a difficult situation you don't have to put your child for adoption, I mean come on.. this woman should have known better. Is not like she is 18 or doesn't have access to information.

  7. This just makes me feel so sad for everyone here. Jesus. I truly hope everything turns around and up for this whole family. 💜 Aw. My heart goes out to her and all her kids for sure.

  8. I would put him up for adoption and kept the newborn, but I love newborns…. plus the safety of the other kids she has at home…

  9. Poor woman. Ugh my prayers are out to her. She loves her kids. She just is so stuck. Thank goodness she reached out to Dr. Phil. I really hope he can help this family.

  10. I would send the kid away to get help as he is a hazaard for the rest of the family. I dont care lol. I came from a home where my brother caused a lot of chaos (not as much as that kid and not as violent) but he took a lot of energy from my parents and was a Bully to my younger sister and talked about her weight. He had a bunch of behavioral issues . He had to get sent to a mental hospital a few times but my mom hated sending him away
    I will say now what I tried to tell my mom then, just because that kid has tons of problems doesn't mean the rest have to. Send him somewhere to get help and save them. This stuff can damage the other kids and cause problems in the long run. Save them and save yourself

  11. I understand loving your son but what about your other kids? You could've placed him somewhere where he isn't a harm to himself and others. But I understand she was trying her own best. This woman needs help.

  12. OK… Dr. Phil is not going to throw her under the bus, but I’m going to… If you’ve got a son that is raging and you can’t control him and you’ve got other children that you fear for their lives and you’re teaching them to lock themselves in their bedrooms so they can’t be killed at night, what on earth are you doing getting pregnant especially when you’re not married? And you don’t have a live-in, stable boyfriend? That’s insane!

  13. Wow..how sad she had to put a baby up for adoption 😢…That had to be hard but could've saved that baby's life.🥺

  14. i hate to say this but this kid needs to be put in some sort of facility where he can be monitored by professionals and so they can find ways to help him with his behaviour and support his mother while they do while also giving her ways she can help that’s actually in her power. currently this is out of her power. everyone in his life fear for their and their children’s lives.

  15. OH. MY. GOD. I cant even IMAGINE the pain she is/was in and what went into that decision. That would break my heart for the rest of my life I cant even imagine I want to tell her I'm so so sorry

  16. As a mother I get it but he needs to go somewhere I will not have a kid in my house trying to harm my other kids because if they see him acting like that that causes stress on them then you have to worry about how that’s going to affect them in the long run so not only do you have a kids that you can’t control but you have other kids that’s scared and have issues as well it’s only so much one person can take that stress level will kill you he has to go if you can’t handle him he has to go to a place where there’s men that can handle him

  17. god her patience with her son is immense, all mothers should rightfully love their sons obviously but i think most mothers would send their child off at least to an institution in this case, i feel for her so much especially because she felt she had to put her newborn up for adoption to save its LIFE – crazy-

  18. Sooo rather than seek help for this child long before she even considered having another, she gave her own child away? This makes no sense to me. At all. I would maybe have considered inpatient treatment in a facility equipped to handle the aggressive child. Not giving a baby away. Dr. Phil as already said this child seems to have brain damage from a traumatic birth. Why would you change everyone else's lives around you instead of trying to fix or reduce the effects of the root cause?

  19. I'm sorry, but if he were mine, he would be going somewhere. I know she loves him, but she has other children. You can't sacrifice them, for the one. I'm not saying to not have a relationship with him, but I wouldn't have him living in the home with my other kids.

  20. i hope she can get help for him then be able to welcome that tiny baby back into the family my god i couldn’t imagine💔

  21. This poor woman. She had to give up her baby to protect it from her son. I’ve never felt so bad for someone. This kid has ruined her life. He belongs in an institution not a home.

  22. I’m crying😭 she gave her newborn away because of this older boy🥺 that kills me. But honestly, she probably did the right thing in that situation.

  23. I would have institutionalized this kid and kept the newborn. Her other kids don’t deserve to have to deal with this, and she clearly can’t help him. He needs specialized help. More than just mom can give.

  24. Miss, if u are reading this, here is my advice. You have to place the emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of your son''s sisters. They are in big danger and only u can protect them. If your son has to be locked up somewhere, then that's how it will have to be, but u must protect those children. They are being abused. Also, I would suggest watching some videos on artificial colors effects on children, there was even a TED talk about it, it's very compelling. It can cause rages. Chiropractic adjustments , especially Gonstead, can help, many videos on that too. And gut health is closely linked to mental health. Make homemade milk or water kefir, very important. It's easy, free, and better than probiotics. I wish u the best.

  25. I would have put the trouble child up for adoption…its apparent hes in need of professional help that she may not be able to give him…its a hard choice either way…i hurt for her

  26. I would never sacrifice my children for one child. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t have stopped until I found an answer. This has been going on for far to long…

  27. Thank you for the video pity she did not send the violent one to hospital or an institution and kept the baby what a shitty life she has plain miserable. In fact that is not life.. A parent living in fear of its own child is not normal.. Anyway.. Pity she did not give him a bloody good clout… And put the fear of God into him so that he would not dare to raise his hand this is what happens when a boy does not have a proper farther and role model a disaster.. 😢


  29. Instead of giving your newborn to the state you should of gave your son to an institution who can handle him and his illness.

  30. This is really a deep complex episode. This kid is going to need a-lot of help. My heart goes out for him. I hope he will one day get better and realize he doesn’t need to do these things. My heart also goes out too the mother because this is probably so hard and confusing on her. Stay strong little one. And stay strong mommas you gonna make it.

  31. I am absolutely heartbroken for her … this is a traumatic issue for the whole family…and the adoption part just threw me off! I wasnt expecting that and I started to cry for her omg the pain … I pray dr. Phil can help

  32. This breaks my heart… I pray the boy can get help and the family can be at ease.

    A strong move to put the baby up for adoption… I don’t blame her. She did it to protect that baby.

  33. She should have sent him away,not the newborn…where she could visit him at arms length and in safety. Some kids are just pure brats these days. Who are in need of discipline. Its not always a medical problem

  34. Should he be kept alive? Is it ethical to forcefully keep alive someone who is dangerous to others and himself? These people live their lives in constant pain then they just die. What is the point to impose life onto someone who can't do anything with it?

  35. Mothers like her will go beyond to protect their children, she put everything down and gave up what was essentially hers to keep and hold. It’s so sad that she had to give the baby up, but it was for the best, so sad that the timing was off, if only she could’ve been helped earlier 😣
    This is a true mother, sacrificial and yet has patience. My deepest respect for her, God bless.

  36. I’m sorry but he’d have to go over my newborn. I’m sorry but my other kids and my sanity isn’t worth all of that. He’s constantly like this and it’s affecting everyone else.

  37. I would have put the 10 year old in an institution and kept my newborn. What's to say he won't hurt his sisters?

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