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  1. In Wisconsin, it is 700 practicum/internship hours. Since Wisconsin changed the credit requirements, I had to finish my hours before September 1st, 2018. I finished it a month before. Now, I am working towards my 3,000 hours In Training license. That has to be done in 3 years. But I am going to have to ask for an extension because I work 2 days a week, 9 months a year.

    You are right. We do not get paid a lot. I have to work a second or third job. Luckily, I have my husband that works in IT, 40 hours a week. But I love my job! I work as an outpatient therapist in an Urban School setting. I get to get kiddos from their classrooms, do my session, and walk them back up. I get updates from the schools because I am there. It is so rewarding. I saw my client, who is shy, sing a solo today! I would not have been able to see that anywhere else! So much fun.

  2. Do you think it makes a difference whether my graduate degree is online or on campus, as far as getting a job after graduating ?

  3. Dude, that last part about having people approach you with their problems is super relateable lol. I'm currently in my 2nd semester of my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, on top of that I work as a Graduated Administrator at my University's Counseling center. That being said, I am glad I found your channel. It's a great guide to deciding if I want to get my LPC and stuff. Keep making content!

  4. You should have gotten a job as an associate or license eligible counselor while gaining those hours. A lot of companies will hire you upon graduation.

  5. You had me at "she threw poop at us." Where do I sign up? In all seriousness, your profession attracts a very special type of person with a very special type of personality. Your contribution to our humanity is awesome. Thank you 🙂

  6. You might look into options with your loans. A lot of therapists do a income based repayment plan. Plus if you work in non profit such as therapy, you can lower your payments significantly, and after 150 smaller payments they'll wave the rest.

  7. As an LCSW, I would LOVE a video about differences between working in non profit vs . private practice AND the stigma/different perspectives of working in each.

  8. I've known for a little bit now that I want to work for mental health, ever since I've been inpatient a couple of times. I was leaning towards therapist/mental health worker, until I saw the salary. Then I saw the salary of a psychiatrist. Guess what I'm going to go to school for!

  9. Virginia requires you to gather 3000 supervised hours in no more than 4 years after graduation…. that's unsettling.

  10. I never thought about how therapists might not be forthcoming about their profession… because people expect free labour from you! Wow

  11. Why didn’t you get a full time job in counseling that didn’t require licensing to get your 3000 hours? Because it didn’t pay well? Just the weekends? That’s a long time ☺️

  12. Well bummer. I have been researching for awhile about going to school to be a therapist, I feel so passionate about mental health and helping others but I’d have to start from 0. I don’t even have a Bach degree, and as a single mom of 2 turning 30 in a few months… I don’t see how this would be feasible. ?

  13. 9:54 – The exact reason why I'm thinking I should become a therapist, psychologist, or something in the mental health field. I'm 38 now, been in a completely different line of work for a long time. Kinda want a change and this just makes sense. Thanks for your videos, really helps.

  14. I’m 14 and my dream job would probably be becoming a Clinical Psychologists working in within a Psych Unit.
    Psychology is really interesting to me! I just hope I can pull of this education off ?

    edit I’m extremely bad at math and science in general…the only science I’m good at is psychology and brain-related science. Honestly if I’m to be honestly I’m a D to C- in math and science, rip

  15. Thank you for this video, Kati. I've mulled taking this path for sometime. I've always been someone that people seem to find easy to talk to and find some sort of non-judgmental comfort in and after a friend of mine recently told me I provided some sort of "profound" peace and calm during a very turbulent time in her life and she thanked me, I realized maybe I should go back to school for something in this field but I'm still unsure about exactly what I want to do here.

  16. Lol ive been wanting to ask my therapist this question forever.
    Ever since grade 8, i knew i wanted to be a counselor/therapy/psych. Never changed my mind since.
    I'm 3 credits away from getting my HBSc in psych. After i get my bachelor i hope to get some type of clinical degree. I have many, many, many interests so I am very open to whichever path is open to me. I dont really want to leave my hometown while I'm in school, and i live in a relatively small, Canadian town so my options are quite limited. All i care about is working one on one with people to provide meaningful support & help. Thats all I really want to feel fulfilled in my career, i believe. Its scary cause i do not have a lot of directoon after my bachelor's **sigh**.

  17. I'm currently trying to choose between a psychology degree or a medicine degree and I'm quite confused. Do you know what the process to becoming a military psychologist would be like? And any information related to getting scholarships to study abroad? Additionally, what is the average salary of becoming a clinical psychologist? Thank you so much I love all your videos.

  18. I know this is an older video but I had to chime in on how people tell me their deepest and most intimate life situations in my profession too! I’m an ultrasound tech and I’m not sure if I put out the vibe as well or if it’s the nature of my job(dark, quiet room with a patient) but people tell me the most private things! Some I can relate to but other times it just burns me out and all I want to do is get through a scan without talking nonstop? I don’t deal with it like I used to because I cut way down on my hours and changed the speciality I worked in but it can be tough out there!

  19. thank you for being so REAL. I'm in the 5th course of my Master's program and wow its a lot… I have a journey but I know it's possible and staying encouraged by you and other MFT's thanks again

  20. I just found your channel in search of knowing the difference between counseling and therapy is (saw the difference in another video) and your clarity and explanations are amazing! I’m currently deciding on what path I should take in schooling and you have given me good insight, thank you.

    Also, I’m interested in knowing what podcasts you tune into! ?

  21. Ok thx for this video…but just so you guys know it WILL NOT take you 11 years to complete your degree and what not. Do not be discouraged by this. 😉 Great video!

  22. Therapist handles what kind of problems in among people who are the part of mental illness. Some of common, aswell as rarest examples.

  23. Hi! Thanks for sharing this video! I love your videos and I’ve been following you for about 3 years!!!! I just wanted to say that I have struggled with mental health issues throughout most of my life, but I have a bachelors in psychology! I thought about being a therapist for awhile, but even in college, they never seemed to talk about what licensure would look like down the road! Thanks for sharing your experience because I never knew the process could be so long and tedious! I have some friends who are counselors and therapists, but I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to do that. I’ve learned that I love being in school but school can also stress me out. I also struggle with the question, “what do you do” because I am not using my degree in the most linear way…. being a psychology major serves its own purpose. I don’t regret it for a second! I worked in healthcare for a couple of years, and now I’m teaching. No experience is a wasted one. Just do what works for you . ❤️ Everyone watching these videos should know that you are not a failure. You are on your own journey, and it’s ok. Don’t let the pressures of the world dictate your career path or how you spend your time. You don’t need to give them an answer, and It will be ok ?

  24. I did a master in psychology in Portugal and changed it to AMERICAN now they put me as a bachelor so they can make more money ! Also I didnt enjoy my studying in psychology in Europe all my teachers were atheists and they wanted you to curse God Inside the classes ! I really struggled with this ! GOD IS real and my savior Jesus !

  25. People like you are very valuable in this insane world. Mental health is on the decline when we have psychopaths ruling us and making everything harder for everyone.

  26. Very cool, and I understand client vs therapist, you helped me have a lot more "detached empathy" shall we call it, for my therapist. A lot to consider on the clock vs off, I can and cant imagine. Thank you Kati.

  27. I am also not a therapist either (although I'm considering going to school because I find helping people fulfilling). People just confide in me with their deepest issues for some reason. Initially, the problems of others used to overwhelm me until I decided to put boundaries in my friendships and avoid getting over-burdened by such.

  28. Honestly, being a therapist or a mental health practitioner is my dream goal. I’m in college now and after I’m going to uni to study psychology. Also, I love you and your vids but I have to say that I prefer your older videos. Still love your videos now tho!❤️

  29. First rule of being a therapist is don’t tell people you’re a therapist. I usually just say I’m a taxidermist. No one wants to know more after that!

  30. Please tell us about how you knew you wanted to pursue this career? Did you always know or was it something you just found so natural and interesting so stuck with it? I'd love to know more on how you decided on your future. Xx

  31. Great videos <3 So much enthusiasm in them! <3 Can you recommend some courses, books or something that can help me improve my counseling skills? Something that isn't basic..I'm a psychologist and next year I'm going in therapy school..

  32. Currently getting my masters in clinical and mental health counseling. Glad that I found your channel. New subbie ?❕

  33. Thank you for some very valuable information Kati! Makes perfect sense that you are a person that everyone feels comfy telling their problems too… I am considering pursuing a Masters in Clinical Therapy and the thought has occured to me that if I WASN'T someone who others naturally shared their stuff with, maybe this would be a bad career move…. It would be really weird being a therapist who people didn't trust enough to open up to. Problematic?…

  34. oh wow! the degrees + licenses vary so much. i took the licensure exam 6 months after grad school because I'm an LMSW. but then there are 3 more years and 3,000 hours to an LCSW. thank you for all you do, and for this video! thank you for giving us credit for the things we do! <3

  35. Once they perfect human-like AI avatars, naturally, they will make therapist AI avatars. I really want you to be the one a major company uses to make their free basic global AI avatar. You're just a warm and affectionate person and you come across as sincere, authentic and truly meaning well. Also doesn't hurt that your appearance and manner are soothing to the eyes and ears.

    Google, if you're reading this, Kati Morton is your best human source for modelling an AI therapist.

  36. I don't think Pepperdine requires a GRE anymore. I was interested in going to Pepperdine and talked with an advisor and he said as long as prospective students have a 3.0 they don't need a GRE.

  37. I just wanted to say t you know that I feel trapped in a dysfunctional family with no idea how to be independent or happy in the outside world.

    Thought I'd let you know, I just had some intangible urge to open up to you for some reason.

  38. thank you for this! found your channel because i was dealing with difficult life things. before that, i decided i wanted to become a therapist after 13 years of working random service industry jobs & 7 years of education from 4 different colleges. i've always felt that "career" was never going to bring me fulfillment until some recent things that make me realize how rewarding helping others was & how much i cared about people in general. pursuing becoming a therapist has created a goal for me that i haven't had for decades. & yeah, your straight forward description has been both a reality check & an inspiration 🙂 so ty.

  39. This video is really refreshing. I started practicum in August for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I've been looking for vlogs to learn more about the profession. I would like to comment two things on this video. 1.) In Alabama, we can't begin our 3k towards licensing until we graduate. Ugh. 2.) Your comment about wearing your counseling hat is exactly how I already feel. I don't tell anyone what I'm going to school for. I try to explain to my friends that my counseling hat is off when I'm around them. I love what I'm doing, but I do not practice active listening unless I'm working. Great video!

  40. I recently graduated and am applying to Graduate schools. I had been considering Pepperdine Masters LMFT program. But at 1,585 a unit times 62 units that's about 100K. Then the Salaries aren't that great. I would love to work in the profession, but I dont want to be buried in debt for life. I'm instead going into Applied Behavior Analysis. Master programs are literally half the cost under $50,000 and the Salaries are sitting at about $75,000 for BCBAs. I guess BCBA it is.

  41. Do you use what you learned in school on your family? I have a relative who worked off there butt to be highly successful and by all accounts a great therapist…. When ever we talk they seams likey councilor like when I talk they will give me lots of her attention and nodd. Then if I describe something that is bad they will saw awwww I'm sorry to hear that or I'm sorry that sounds hard.
    They aren't trying to or make it sound like that but I just shut down and stop talking. It's not how they use to be back in the day. Again they don't mean to but it's obvious and uncomfortable.

  42. Being in a mental institution sounds a lot like being at war. Really, really boring, except for when it is way to exiting.

  43. you have helped me so much! I am in my journey to become LFMT and I am so exited that in December I will finish my B.A.going now to my M.A. I know it will take time, but its all worth it. Keep doing this amazing videos. I would like to know if in therapy you can talk about religion or if the patient talks about it what would you say?

  44. I have a question. I am in my undergrad right now, going into the same path as you, a junior, and was wondering if you did any internships during your undergrad? In the video, you didn't mention any except for the clinical 3,000 hours during your masters, but did you do anything else to gain experience or fill your history and connections?

  45. I’m on the first step of becoming a therapist, I started off with taking general classes with a community college and I just began my first psychology class! General psych 🙂

  46. Say if you were a therapist and you went to therapy and something you needed to talk about is related to your patient, how does patient confidentiality work here?? Are you allowed to talk to them about it?

  47. My therapist is amazing I was getting to where I couldn’t afford to keep going so she lowered her price for me as a Christmas present. Sorry unrelated I just had to share that!

  48. yay there is hope! I really want to be a therapist ever since I helped suicidal teens online when I was 13 and that's how my channel started?? in Canada you can be a psychologist or mastersocial worker to be a therapist but you need a bachelor's then masters to be a master socialworker aka therapist. I went to college for 2 year socialservicediploma and can take 3 year Bachelorofsocialwork instead of 4 yay because I went to college (lol I wish it were less years though xD or it might take longer depending how tough uni is) then masters is a year and a half. I figure I might end up not going to school tho and be a teacher or mom or earlychildhoodeducator..still trying to decide. I'm only 23 and next year ill be 24 then I can go to school once my husband's done university. but I want to have kids in my 20s so it's frustrating but God will help me. he has a good plan for us all. you gotta take it one day at a time. discover what you're passionate about and do alot of research ??????

  49. Did you have any experience in therapy before applying to graduate school? I have my my B.A in Psychology, but I was a transfer student so it was hard to gain experience in the field. I am taking a gap year, and I'm not sure if I should focus on studying for my GRE, or continue my job as a behavior technician with children with Autism (because it is very stressful, and I don't really want to work solely with children anyway.).

  50. I was wondering if you could give some insight on the typical hours you worked in the hospital and now in private practice?

  51. This is such a useful video. I’m graduating next school year and thiught i wanted to go to college and become a therapist but i don’t know if i can even afford this :/

  52. You're very personable and open seeming so no wonder people want to share with you even if they do not know you are a therapist.

  53. Winner of a video, been searching for "how popular are marriage counselors" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Siyadelyn Unthinkable Smasher – (should be on google have a look )?

    It is a great one off guide for discovering how to mend your marriage without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got excellent success with it.

  54. People like Kati are born with a natural gift and propensity to help people heal. This is something inherent that cannot be taught at any school or university. Having people go through years of academic torture and fork over thousands of dollars to ply their craft without being shot or kidnapped by the state is both absurd and perverse.

  55. I wanted to be a therapist but the 2008 recession put an end to that , and did IT Management hopefully I can earn enough money to pay for my degree in cash.

  56. Hey kati thanks for the super informative video : i am switching out of a deathly unfulfilling corporate career to become a therapist but I want to focus on Counselling for healthy individuals who are not pathological. Can i become a therapist with a Counselling Psych degree ?

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