What to do if you’re self-isolating at home for COVID-19

[Ellen Mauro] More and more people are in self-isolation at home either because they have the virus, worried they could be carrying it or as a precaution. This is what you should do if you find
yourself in that position. First things first, you’re not leaving your home unless you need medical care. Don’t go to the store get on public transportation, in a taxi . If you live with others you need to keep your distance from them. You should also stay away from any pets you might have. Stay in a separate room. Use a separate bathroom if possible And if you are sick and in the same space you should wear a mask and they should also wear gloves. Keep any interactions limited and you should stay at least 2 meters apart. You or if there’s someone else in your home needs to be disinfecting regularly touched surfaces as much as possible. So counters and taps and make sure you’re not sharing any dishes with anyone who’s sick or maybe infected. For laundry, officials say there’s no need to separate people’s clothes but they should be handled with gloves and you should use the highest temperatures possible. Afterwards you need to wash your hands with soap and water. You should be doing that frequently as well as monitoring your symptoms. And since you must limit your interactions, keep in touch with your loved ones through your phone. You also need to keep busy. Many people will be working from home. You could also do that task you’ve been putting off, read a book, watch a new show. Mental health is important. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. You might need to get creative. Use a grocery delivery app or have your friends drop things off outside since you can’t go to a store. Anything you can do to keep yourself away from others as much as possible. Ellen Mauro, CBC News, Toronto.

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