What Removing Parts Of Your Brain Will Do To You

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in the circuit boards. Remember when we went to visit the Big Brains? Well, they have a secret, and it’s driving
them apart. Literally. Recently, they all had a big argument and
every Big Brain split up into their left and right Braineules, and things just haven’t
been the same ever since. Come on guys, let’s sit down and talk about
this like adults, or however old you are? Okay, they keep fighting, so I guess I have
to show them what they’re missing. Now, while we’re filling up, we might as
well talk about how this matters to you humans. You’re obviously not made of two Braineules,
but what would happen if something similar happened to you and you only had half of your
brain? Assuming that you’d otherwise be okay, things
would likely change for you, at least to some degree. Let’s take a look at the right left brain
vs. right brain belief. This says that you have a more dominant side
of your brain and that it affects your personality, making you more logical and detail-oriented,
or more creative and imaginative. Jeez, how long does it take to fill up this
thing!? Now, this is fun to talk about, but the thought
of being more “left brained” or “right brained” has gotten a lot of backlash and
isn’t really supported by science. And according to a 2013 study done by the
University of Utah, neuroimaging data hasn’t provided any clear evidence on whether or
not these differences in left brain vs right brain dominance really exist. After looking at the noggins of 1011 people
between the age of 7 to 29, researchers found that a person’s brain lateralization, which
is basically the two halves of your brain being different and having separate functions,
appeared to be a local property of the brain rather than a global one. That said, losing half of your brain might
offer up other, more specific changes to your life. For example, a 2012 study that looked at people’s
motor controls suggests that the left hemisphere of your brain is more involved with learning
new motor skills, while the right hemisphere is more important in updating your ongoing
actions. So you might run into issues there. But what if instead of missing /half/ of your
brain, you instead were missing a much smaller part? Like maybe a bit of your gray matter? Well it looks like that could still make a
difference! Recent research that looked at the structural
brain images of 34 patients — 17 of them having narcissistic personality disorder,
or NPD — found that the patients with NPD had less gray matter volume in their brain’s
left anterior insula. This was the first empirical evidence that
the brains of patients with NPD had structural abnormalities. Not only does it help us learn more about
the disorder, but it has me thinking that you might have more narcissistic tendencies
if your gray matter volume suddenly went down. So yeah, you’re brain is pretty important
and not having parts of it could change you. See it’s better when everything stays together,
right guys? Yes! Okay, hug it out! Oh…okay they’re fusing together. That is gross, and beautiful. Yay friendship! So are you more creative or logical? Maybe a bit of both? Let us know in the comment section below,
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