What is Turner Syndrome? Animated Explanation Video

Hello, in this HealthSketch we want to talk to you about Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome is a genetic condition that only affects girls. It’s named after Dr Henry Turner, who discovered the syndrome in 1938. On average, for every 2000 girls born around the world, one of them will have Turner syndrome. Why does Turner Syndrome occur? Unlike other genetic conditions, it’s not inherited from parents, and has nothing to do with a mother’s
age or environment. Instead, it happens randomly based on how a girl’s genes are first formed. Our genes are like a code which determine how we look and how our body works. All of these genes are wrapped up in 46 chromosomes, which are found in every cell of the body. Of these 46 chromosomes, one pair is different between boys and girls – the sex chromosomes ‘X’ and ‘Y’. Boys have an ‘X’ and ‘Y’ chromosome, while girls have two ‘X’ chromosomes. In girls with Turner Syndrome the second ‘X’ chromosome is missing or altered in some way. Because of this, their body develops slightly differently. The syndrome is very variable, and some girls have very few symptoms. So what are the common features of Turner Syndrome? Nearly all girls are shorter than average, and their ovaries don’t work properly. The ovaries make the hormones oestrogen and progesterone. With less of these hormones, girls with Turner Syndrome may not have a growth spurt, and may not have periods as usual. There are also other more subtle physical differences, for example: having a wide neck,
or slightly puffy hands and feet. Sometimes these features can be picked up on a pregnancy scan, but Turner Syndrome is usually diagnosed after birth. In fact, diagnosis can happen at any age, and because the main features only occur at puberty, some girls aren’t diagnosed until they become teens. The test for Turner Syndrome involves analysing
the chromosomes from a blood sample – called “karyotyping”. There are also other symptoms that may occur with Turner Syndrome. These include weaker bones, hearing difficulties, or problems with the heart, kidneys, or thyroid gland. There may be specific differences with behaviour or learning, but overall, intelligence is not affected. This may seem like a long list, but most girls will only have a few features, so treatment will differ from person to person. For the main features of short height and ovary problems, hormone treatments can be used. Oestrogen and progesterone can be replaced by taking a tablet or patch. For short height, growth
hormone may be given by injection to help a girl grow as tall as she can. Nearly all girls with Turner Syndrome will also be infertile, but can still have children through techniques
like IVF. So, although there’s no cure for Turner
Syndrome, with treatment most girls are able to live long, normal and healthy lives. It is important to get routine check-ups by doctors to pick up on any potential problems early on. As Turner Syndrome can affect many different parts of the body, a team of specialists may be involved, such as: hormone specialists, psychologists, heart specialists, and kidney specialists. In this HealthSketch, we’ve talked about
the genetic cause of Turner Syndrome, The main features of short height and ovary problems, how this can be treated with hormone therapy, and the wider symptoms that can occur. We hope this HealthSketch has been helpful for you and those around you. HealthSketch – ‘Health for all to see’.

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  1. My daughter has TS and consequently, she also has NLD, no ovaries, thyroid problems, and high blood pressure. I can't see how you can develop a cure for a missing chromosome. More understanding would be nice.

  2. these videos are very helpful. my little step sister has turners syndrome and this helped me understand a lot. you should defiantly make more.

  3. I have Turner Syndrome… I didn't find out till I was around 12 so for about half of my life I suffered from stunted growth from not knowing I had it.. I hope this syndrome can be more well known in the world so that people can know about it and Turner Syndrome girls can be diagnosed as early as possible in their life if there is a sign of short stature etc etc. Anyway, I hope that there can be a discovery of what really causes this Syndrome because its quite a sad thing to deal with.. the infertility aspect. Sure we can adopt but Infertility is very hard. K ty

  4. I have turner , I just wanted to ask if a woman with turner can carry a baby to full term with ivf?????

  5. thank you for this informative video! I have Turner Syndrome and I love to see this condition become more well known and awareness of it spread.

  6. My daughter is 2 years old and she has Turner syndrome I found out when I was 6 months pregnant during a ultrasound. The doctors suggested that I get rid of her but I declined the offer and I'm glad I did. She's a beautiful little girl and I named her Miracle ?? she has heart problems and she was 4 lbs when she was born and I carried her full term but that was because of the turner she 2 and wears 12 months clothes but she's soooo cute and I'm just grateful to have her in my life. Thanks for making the video ?

  7. Thank you for the information, I originally thought turner syndrome just caused girls to have amazing legs even though they are 167yo.

  8. I have Turners, and it was not discovered by my doctors till I was 34. I am 4' 10" ish, and mine is mosaic. So a lot of the health issues didn't happen until I was in my 30's. I had a coarctation of the aorta that was discovered and fixed through heart surgery at 8 yrs. old. And I hear from my team of specialists that having a muscle wrapped around your aorta with Turner's Syndrome can be common. I believe it may be a good addition to bring that up when talking about girls who are born with this Syndrome. Overall I think it was a great and simple explanation for such a vastly different experience for those affected. Thank you for this video.

  9. thank you for providing a 27 year told turners woman with a way to explain what is happening to me as I live each day

  10. I have turner syndrom it efeects my hearing and balance and I get teased because I am small and becuse i am clumsy

  11. I don't have a sister because of this my sister had this and one other thing I am so sad all I have is two older brothers and I would of had one older sister

  12. I have TS and I only found out this year and I am 14. I am taking growth hormones and am going to take oestrogen and progesterone within the next year.

  13. I have MTS as well, I was diagnosed at 14, I am now 25 and I am trying my hardest to find a way to become a Mom. Please if you would take a moment to read my story, it would mean the world. Anything is appreciated beyond words.

  14. mrdn mn nh ht trnr syndrm.is ved mn41% llh h wh cmplt kch chz h.us kh br mn bh as wsws paid h skt js dowr chzn kh br mn k.yh sb wsws hn.

  15. i have turners syndrome 🙁 gladly I don't have a period but someday I wanted to have a baby not now though I cry every time

  16. I hate having ts you have to tack your groth hormone every night it hurts so much if you tack the shot pen

  17. I have turners and have some of these symptoms. I have a growth difficulty and have to take a growth hormone shot each night X( And My white blood cells are over killing my thyroid cells…But I think I'm smart..I have A's and B's in school….

    But yet I'm wasting my time on youtube, goodie

  18. I have Turner Syndrome, and was diagnosed before birth. I had a heart surgery when I was 10 days old, kidney when I was 8 or so, I forgot that when I had it, it's been a long time sense I've had it. Neck when I was 10 years old. I take a patch, thyroid meds, and omnitrope. I'm a happy 11 year old! ?

  19. I so wish this had existed when I was diagnosed at 10!! Very well done and very accurate, respectful and informative. ?

  20. My sister has Turners, and she had problems with her heart for a few years, and is super… super short. She ran for her 6th grade senator thing, and her campaign slogans were based on her height. She's adorable and hilarious <3

  21. Some of your information is Incorrect or you should expand on the fact that there are mosaic pieces to this syndrome. TS has been know to be genetic in some cases. My mother, my self and my daughter all have ts.. Which brings me to another point. Not all ts patients are infertile

  22. At time 1 min 13 sec. You described 46XY for male and 46XX for female which should be 44XY for male & 44XX for femali

    Otherwise you described 48 no. Of chromosome in normal individual

  23. I was wondering, when it comes to turner syndrome, does nondisjunction occur in the male or female gamete? I am just asking because it came up during a bio class of mine.

  24. I have turners, and I was diagnosed at 9 months with mosaic. I started oestrogen about a month or two ago, and I'm beginning to see signs of results. I've never had a period, and all my girl friends tell me how lucky I am. I've only ever gotten to meet other turner girls one time at a Turner syndrome meet, and it was amazing getting to finally meet others like me. I couldn't stay in touch with any though, so I hope one day I'll get to meet and become friends with another turner girl my age.

  25. I have turner syndrome people says its a bad thing nope us girls who have it were are one out of two thousand girls special

  26. I have turner syndrome and I am happen with it because it makes me feel special!In fact,I was diagnosed with it when I was 13 and I am growing taller:) after I started taking growth hormone and I started having my period!So don't feel bad if you have it,only 2% with turner syndrome survived to be born!you are the 2% lucky ones!

  27. I have TS and my parents found out when I was about 3 and I do not have many of the symptoms i see cardiologists, and the doctor that found out I have TS but I also have this weird thing with my legs they are curved so I also see a doctor for that and that doctor is helping me boost my self-esteem by do surgery to straight my legs I had only the left one done and in the middle of recovery from the right leg and now that I am 10 the doctor that found out I have TS said since I can’t hit puberty on my own I have to use progesterone and for my shortness I have to get hormone shots on my arm everyday

  28. I have TS, we have known sense I was born. I have heart problems and got a mechanical valve July 2017. I’m only 4’8 and 19 rn. I’m done growing. I’m very clumsy, horrible at math, and struggling with learning how to drive. I have periods, but they will probably stop soon. I kinda wanted kids later in life. It’s a real struggle especially on my self esteem. My own fam doesn’t really get it.

  29. A lot of the comments say that they know people who have turner syndrome or they do, so do I.

    I also have a heart problem, if your wondering. (thanks TS)

  30. 0:59
    I thik there is mistake
    It should be 44XX and 44XY
    Because total number of chromosomes in humans are 46 not 48

  31. Very interesting video! I don't know anybody in person who has Turner, so I wanted to educate myself a little bit more.

  32. Some peole may have period it depends on their body i have tuner syndrome and im waiting to see wheb will i get my period plus if you get the estorgen pills youll get them etheir way so its up to your body and how much estorgen it makes

  33. I have ts and the only symtoms i have is being short my herat thyrods is good and liver so im very lucky ❤

  34. Hi, my name is Amy. I live in MN, USA and i wanted to reach out and thank you for all the amazing Turner Syndrome Work you are doing. I was diagnosed at age 9. your videos are so comforting and amazing! i really enjoy what you say and how you word things in an easy to understand and comforting way !! keep up all your good work ! xoxoxox ! stay awesome ! I also have a Youtube Channel if you could check it out that would mean so much to me. I am also very pationate about educating about Turner Syndrome. Thank you again for all you do !


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