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– Hey everybody. Today we’re gonna talk
about sleep paralysis. What is it, and how can we overcome it? But before I jump into that,
are you new to my channel? Welcome. I make videos on Mondays and Thursdays, so make sure you’re subscribed and have your notifications
turned on so you don’t miss out. Sleep paralysis is when our body goes into the fifth and
final stage of sleep. We’ve heard about this stage a lot. It’s otherwise known as REM sleep. And REM, if you didn’t know,
stands for rapid eye movement. And we’ve talk about
REM in regards to EMDR, because it’s that movement
of our eyes that we believe helps our brain process through our day. But anyways, that’s the
fifth and final stage. During that stage, our
mind disconnects itself from our body so that when we dream, let’s say we’re dreaming
about playing soccer, really kickin’ butt, running, kicking, doing all sorts of exciting things, it disconnects so that we
don’t act that out in our sleep and hurt ourselves or
potentially someone else. Like we could fall off the bed,
kick a spouse, you name it. So that when we wake up during
this fifth and final stage, our REM stage of sleep,
our mind can kinda wake up, but our body is completely unable to move, because it’s still disconnected. After researching this, I
found out that sleep paralysis falls under the blanket
term of REM parasomnias. And the term parasomnia is
defined by the Cleveland Clinic as disruptive sleep
disorders that cannot occur during arousal from
rapid eye movement sleep or arousals from non-rapid
eye movement sleep. And they can result in
undesirable physical or verbal behaviors, such as
walking, talking during sleep. And parasomnias occur in
association with sleep, specific stages of sleep, like
whether we’re REM or not REM, or sleep/wake transitions. These parasomnias can be disruptive to both the patient and the bed partner. Because our mind isn’t really awake when it’s coming out of a deep sleep, have you ever kinda been woken
up when you’ve been sleeping for quite a little while, and
it like takes you a minute to kind of figure out where
you are and what’s happening? Many people who struggle with
sleep paralysis report seeing or even feeling things when
they wake up that scare them, and that’s when they realize
that they can’t move, because we wanna do
something, we wanna react, and we realize that we can’t. And this only makes the sleep
paralysis more and more scary. But know that it’s just your
brain trying to wake up. It’s not completely aware
of its surroundings, and it’s trying to make
sense of everything as quickly as possible. So know that you’re not psychotic, or having a psychotic
break, anything like that. Your brain is simply
trying to wake itself up. After much research, they’ve
concluded that sleep paralysis is merely a sign that our
body is not moving smoothly through the sleep cycles. They don’t link sleep
paralysis to mental illness or anything like that, but we do know that stress and changes in our sleep patterns overall can exacerbate but not cause it. It’s also estimated that
four out of every 10 people have experienced sleep paralysis. I know I have. I remember waking up in college, it’s just this one instance that’s like so vivid in my memory, I remember my roommate coming
in and asking if I was okay, and I had taken a nap,
and I was so confused. I woke up, I was
frightened, and I couldn’t, my body wouldn’t move when I wanted it to. It was actually pretty scary. Now we can have sleep
paralysis in conjunction with another sleep disorder, or it can occur completely on its own. So if you’re having
issues with your sleep, please reach out to a sleep
specialist in your area. Even when I was looking through the DSM to make sure that sleep
paralysis wasn’t in there, you know, just double checkin’ myself, there was a whole section, I wanna say it was like
three to five pages, dedicated to letting mental
health professionals know when a referral to a sleep
specialist should be made. And essentially, their
recommendation was that it should always be considered, and they should be part
of your treatment team. I also wanna make you aware that during all of my training and schooling, I was not taught about
these issues at all. Sure, I could’ve learned a little bit through different internships
or a specific job, but I didn’t even know that
sleep disorders were actually included in the DSM until
I went to research this. And I only tell you that to make sure that you get the right
help when you need it, because not all mental
health professionals will be equipped to give you that help. But now let’s get into
the treatment options, because there are some. Don’t worry, there’s help available. And the first thing is that we need to keep track of our
sleep for a few weeks. I have many patients of
mine do this anyways, especially my bipolar patients
so that they can keep track of how well they’re sleeping,
when they’re sleeping, and all sorts of stuff like that. So start, the first thing is
always to start by tracking it so we can figure out when
it’s happening and how often. My second tip is to write down all the symptoms you experience. Just like when we talk about
any other mental health issue, I always tell you write down
all that you’re feeling, because like I talked about earlier, sleep paralysis can happen on its own or in conjunction with
other sleep disorders. So we wanna make sure that all of your symptoms are getting treated. And my third tip is to get your sleep back into a more regular routine. Move your bedtime closer
to where you want it to be in 15 or 30 minute increments, and do the same with your wake up time until you get it into a
more desirable schedule, and then you do your
best to keep it there. Nobody’s perfect. I know it can be difficult to get these things in
order and keep ’em there, but just try your best, because having a regular
sleep and wake schedule can help tremendously. It can lessen the amount of nights that you have sleep paralysis or experience other
sleep disorder symptoms. And my fourth tip, reduce your stress. We know that stress can
exacerbate sleep paralysis. Also doing hard work in therapy, let’s say we’re doing some trauma therapy, can make our sleep/wake
schedules veer off course. So using some simple breathing
techniques before bed, like the four by four breathing,
we breathe in for four, hold for four, breathe out for four. Or does anybody remember my
really old video of relax, I think it was called
relax breathing techniques? I’ll link that in the description. So if you’re having a hard time right now, you can click over there and
check it out and get started. But it can also help to
do some simple stretches, like the yoga stretches. I have a video about that too. I’ll link that in the description. But we find that doing forward bend, when we just bend over our
legs, getting into child’s pose, plow pose, or a spinal supine twist can all help our nervous system calm down and relax before we go to bed. Also journaling when
you get home from work, instead of right before bed, could really help kind of unwind to let us get all the things we’re
thinking about out of our head and onto paper so that
we can kinda put ’em to rest for the night. Because if we journal right before bed, some of my clients have reported to me that it wakes their brain
up and makes them start worrying and getting upset
about the things all over again. So maybe try doing it just a
little earlier in the evening. Overall, just finding some
ways to lower the amount of stress you’re feeling
can really really help. This video has been brought to you by the Kinions on Patreon. If you would like to support the creation of these mental health videos, click the link in the
description and check it out. I hope that was helpful
and, at the very least, gave you an idea of why
we have sleep paralysis and what we can do to make
it happen less and less. As always, if you have other
mental health questions that you’re hoping I’ve answered
or wanting me to answer, check on YouTube. Search on YouTube using
my name, Kati Morton, and then put in some keywords, because trust me, I have
like a thousand videos, and chances are I’ve talk about it. Thank you for checking back,
and I will see you next time. Bye.

100 thoughts on “What is Sleep Paralysis? | Kati Morton

  1. I don’t get this every night but often and i hate it. It’s cool to actually learn about it more, but I always get it when I’m falling asleep or waking up.

  2. I’ve been getting sleep paralysis a lot lately, I don’t see anything but I know I’m awake but can’t move/breathe I don’t think it’s a massive deal but should I see someone about it?

  3. I get sleep paralysis like 4times a month, sometimes I enjoy it but most of the times I don’t because it’s just scary, but during one my sleep paralysis my great grandmother who’s dead was next to me speaking to me and when I got scared she made me calm and we had a nice conversation but I believe it’s connected to the spirit world after that experience

  4. Sleep has been something that's been largely impacted by my mental health throughout my life, so I'm glad you're taking the time to talk about it, including paralysis.

  5. I’m 14 and I started getting sleep paralysis when I was like 12 or 13 it’s really scary but luckily I haven’t had it in months but sometimes it would happen multiple times during the night and affect me from going to school.

  6. Some times my SP gets so bad that once I wake up from it, I blink and as soon as my eyes shut it happens again. I dont even get the chance to fall back asleep. It's literally as soon as I shut my eyes to blink I freeze again. It sucks.

  7. I have sleep paralysis in spells, I'll be without it for months but then I'd have it every night for two weeks straight. I've had it basically since I was very very young, I remember going through it at even 4-5 years old. Im almost 22 now haha

  8. I have sleep paralysis I was diagnosed at 12, the first time it happened I was like 7 and my I was going in and out of a dream and was trying to scream my moms name cause I couldn't find her, I couldn't talk or move and I could barley breath (I have asthma) now it happens a lot, but im used to it….sometimes its hard for me to breath though…

  9. Hi great channel I just subscribed. My bf is the opposite he places one arm behind his neck and he’ll start rocking fast…what is that?

  10. I’m new from Shane’s video and I saw this clip and was like omg I have to find this video because I’ve had it several times and I thought there was no explanation for it. So my question is…… so people can hallucinate when this happens. But WHY, are all the hallucinations evil and scary?? See, that’s what makes me think it’s more then just our brain because why in those moments when we feel we have no control are we seeing and feeling something evil. Why can’t it be something beautiful and enjoyable to look at????? Lol I don’t like being scared

  11. I have sleep paralysis a lot. I see and sometimes hear things basically everything you talked about. But every time I get sleep paralysis I always feel something pushing the side of my stomach and pushing my waist in. Or sometimes right on top of me. Do you know by any chance why that happens?

  12. My friend had sleep paralysis almost every night. She decided that moving rooms would stop it and when she did move it stopped. She wouldn't sleep for days out of fear of it happening it again.

  13. I get it like 7 times after I get it the first time it’s so terrifying bc u see and hear things like laughing children or singing and demons and ghost and you can’t breathe

  14. i had sleep paralysis once and it was one of the most haunting experiences of my life. I was sleeping in my mums room this one particular night and i remeber waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the whole room except there was the dark figure almost praying over my mum and I just had this feeling that it was comming for me next so i went to turn over but i couldn't move, and it just so happened that the position of which i was stuck in was that i was on my back and my two hands where up next to my head either side, so i was completly open. This obvious freaked my out so much not being able to move, and i had all this pressure on my chest like someone was pushing down on me. So as i go to scream i was unable to open my mouth as much as i tried it was like my lips where glued. so to get my mums attention i tried breathing really loud and heavly and then all of a sudden i was able to move again and i could talk. But this switch into moving again and being un paraylsed I never like "opened my eyes" so when people told me that i dremt this whole situtation I find that hard to beleive as i never "open" my eyes from being paraylsed and then to being released. This was my only experience with sleep paralysis but since then i bought amythist to ward off any "negative energy" in my house.

  15. I have something a long the lines of sleep paralysis all of the time, especially when I go back to sleep. I don’t get the whole hallucinations thing though, it’s more of I’m dreaming that I can’t wake up and I can’t open my eyes and I feel like there is a weight in my chest because our breathing is slowed during sleep. It’s more like I’m aware that I’m sleeping because of my dream and it’s a very unpleasant feeling

  16. I too have been having these sleep paralysis episodes for some years now. I learned to deal with it, it doesn't happen in the classical way anymore. But… the scary part is, i realised by experience and trial that it is an entity that visits you and takes partly control of your body. You are able to fight it, it always just lasts a very short moment. That is when you realise that something is wrong. It has nothing to do with muscle failure or bodily failure (as some doctors say). Your body is partly being possessed. It always only happens when you fall asleep, at least this is my experience.

    Here is what i came to discover by accident. If you rub yourself in olive oil, your whole body don't leave anything out. Only then will you have a paralysis free sleep. These entity's enter your body through the sweat pours of your body. If you rub your body with oil, they cannot enter. Sometimes you see or hear crazy things in your dreams. You can teach yourself to be self aware when this happens. If you do this repeatedly you will get better by time. I have had experiences which cannot be explained by sleep paralysis related issues alone.

    Example: Waking up while being held down, not able to move and something is tickling me in the arm pits. I'am laughing out loud while at the same time not liking the experience at all. I kept fighting it till i came loose, i was fully aware of what was happening the whole time.

    Another crazy experience, at 12.22 in the above video people are sharing their experiences about what happens during sleep. They see or feel that something is close. Whenever this happens, what you can do is spit air in its direction. Do not be afraid, it will attack you, because what you just did is, you hurt it by blowing at it. These creatures are Djins. Djins are created from a fire like substance, what happens when you blow at a fire? 😉
    I have experienced this myself, whenever i saw or felt something wrong in my sleep, in my sub conscience i recognised that it had to do with this thing. It never approaches me any more near my face, one time it did. But with 2 fingers at my lips it held my lips together. While i was trying to blow from the sides, i still defeated it, cause it didn't like what i was doing.

    My story may seem fake or crazy for some, but i share my experience about this in the hope that others benefit from it. Maybe there is a cure by trying, not much is known about this phenomenon. This sleep overtake is not something to make fun about, i might help someone with this. Or you might find something else that will help me, all i want to do is share, by sharing ideas we could possibly overcome this sad and annoying sickness.

    Thank you

  17. I've have sleep paralysis since I was about 8 I think it could be lower and along side not being able to move I can't speak ever and I always get nightmares and its only been in recent years that I've been able to get my self put of it and not be stuck it in for god knows how long

  18. I'm 15 and just had my first episode a few months ago, I swore I saw something opening my door and stood by my bedside and it looked over at me and got right in my face. I can't really describe it, but it was bad enough that when I finally woke up I was crying and couldn't breathe straight and could no longer stay in my room for that night. The second time it happened I felt something sitting on my chest and strangling me when I woke up I still felt the pressure on certain areas of my throat. I've only had a few times and I'm scared to talk about it because I don't want to seem crazy.

    Great video:)

  19. usually for me, I experience sleep paralysis if I try and fall asleep without any kind of stimulation… normally I like to sleep with tv on or something because it allows me to concentrate on a particular thing because I feel like if I don't, my body panics when it knowingly falls into the sleep stages and tries to prevent them from happening (resulting in sleep paralysis). But if I trick myself into staying up and focusing on something until I crash, my conscious brain doesn't even realize its asleep.

    Same thing happens if I'm dreaming and i figure out it's a dream. I freak out and end up paralyzed and I have to shout inside my mind "wake up!" until my body finally listens. cool video, it's so interesting to learn about why things happen the way they do :^)

  20. “…my bipolar patients..”
    **my patients with bipolar disorder.

    person first speech is important, too. but whatever.

  21. I just heard of sleep paralysis, and I thought it sounded very strange. After watching the video, I learned that my "nightmare" I had about two years ago was actually sleep paralysis. I was awake, and I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye start walking towards me with a knife. I was about 13.5 at the time, but I still ran towards my parents' room as soon as it went away, because it was that chilling.

  22. Thankfully. I've only ever experienced this twice. On both occasions I woke to what felt like pressure on my chest & neck (someone sitting on my chest and hands around my neck pinned to the bed unable to move bar REM). I learnt by the second time to lower my heart/breathing rate – which shortened the second experience.

  23. I have this every morning as I'm waking up, and usually every time I call asleep. Benadryl helps at night but not always. It's miserable.

  24. A while ago, It used to happen many times a night that I started dreaming that I’m having a sleep paralysis alongside having some that I actually lost track of things.

  25. so last night i felt as if i was floating , litterally my arms felt like sticks and i remember waking up and i could barely open my eyes , i couldnt even find the energy to move. Then my head i felt it feel so weird and i had to sleep with the light on.

  26. I can even open my eyes during sleep paralysis, I just feel as if someone has picked me up or people are talking next to me
    When it happens I know that I’m in sleep paralysis but I panic so much and I try to relax and then violently move but it doesn’t wake me up until I’ve done it 3 times and even after I wake up and try to sleep again i immediately fall back into the paralysis

  27. Happens to me regularly and its always scary hallucinations! I´m able to feel them and hear them but its happened enough times for me to know that its not real. Although I know that nobody has an explanation because its common to see the same dark characters and thats something nobody can explain

  28. I discovered through this video that I have sleep paralysis. I always thought I was just crazy. I have the worst nightmares but now I know where they come from! Thank you!

  29. I’m 12 almost 13 and just got it for the first time last night but I was on my stomach. I woke up in the middle of the night and i had trouble breathing I couldn’t move my hand and I couldn’t open my mouth that wideeee. I also heard my name being yelled ?

  30. Overcome it? No thank you, Sleep palarysis is comfortable. Just freezing for a moment. Its almost like dreaming but awake, i can even hear what i what dreaming about… (Also the reason my upload schedule is so bad…)

  31. I suffered with this for years and I never knew "sleep paralysis" until I spoke to someone about it. I thought it was just a nightmare and that I was just dreaming. I would not be able to open my eyes or move my entire body .. or even be able to breathe properly – and I would be desperately trying to. I even thought I was getting up and shaking my door open screaming for help.. and then my body would eventually wake me up and I would soon forget about it – it is the most scary experience.

  32. Last night, I experienced sleep paralysis for the 3rd time. I knew I was entering the state of rem, I felt my soul wake up. I didn’t see any dark entities, but I felt like I was burning. The burning sensation stopped but I still couldn’t move. Then the burning started again. Is there an explanation for this?

  33. I started as a baby, I remember being in a crib in my parent's room, I tried to cry but my voice would not come out, they never noticed it, I had have this for years, almost every night, even during a short nap on the couch. I was scared to go to sleep. I knew I was awake I tried very hard to move at least one finger, if I could I would be able to move. this went on for years now that I am older hardly every happens anymore. I know now what it is but what I don't understand is why during sleep paralysis we always see horrible beings. I also felt like I was floating, or out of my body. I wonder why is that. I am always sleeping on my back when it happens. My youngest son used to sleepwalk and talk in his sleep, my oldest never had any experience of any sort, I wonder if it is genetic.

  34. I've experienced sleep paralysis a number of times now. Some instances I can almost control, almost like I'm talking to myself and controlling my breathing to try not to panic. However, last night was completely different……it genuinely terrified me. It was as if someone was trying to drag me out of bed, I could literally feel their hands on me! I understand it's part of the process etc but this time I truly was scared ?

  35. What worked for me is breathing as fast as you can. Cause that's the only thing you can control. You'll get dizzy and wake up. Let me know if it works for you.

  36. When I would have it my brain would always make me think that I would be hearing someone walking towards my room and it scare me that I would try to move and I can’t but now I know thanks

  37. I get it going to sleep not waking up and always feel like someone is watching me but never had seen anything couple of weeks ago while I was have one I though I was whispering to my partner and tapping him but once I wake up or get control of my body I realize I didn't do it I never sleep on my back it happens on my side or when I sleep on my belly there all about been on there back does anyone know when u dream u wake up and doing things then u actually wake up its crazy and when I do have it I feel it coming on I hate when I can't control it

  38. When I have sleep paralysis I don’t see or hear anything would that still be sleep paralysis. And also notification squad!

  39. I begon to try to lucid dream a week ago, and after 10-20 minutes trying to trick my body that its sleeping, and i get REM when im awake its so scary.

  40. I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis since I was little and I’ve noticed I get it when I’m up later than usual, or if I’m up a while in the middle of the night and go back to sleep. It doesn’t scare me anymore but sometimes I do experience scary things and like really realistic dreams during and that’s not fun.

  41. And I laid there in my bed
    I saw frogs coming out of the dirty pond
    And I laid there in my bed
    My eyes where open but I was silenced
    And I laid there in my bed
    A bed so cold as the frozen coast that freezes the slightest mist, mist so cold as the reptile blood going through its bones,
    And I laid there in bed
    I felt a chill In my spine, which gave me pause and realized this chill was kinda funny and was quite pleasant, I knew that that silence I was having is my own insecurities of jokes so vulgar I can't repeat for my tongue is free of guns
    And I laid there in bed
    I knew it was time to act so I turned this fear into hope, I turned this jail into mail, mail of new so good as the victory after a long game, and I saw code, code so powerful that I controlled, I coded with the tool of creation capable of manifesting mountains moving from land to land,
    And laid there in my bed
    Having a dream so vivid I could only feel the feelings of determination and confidence and I spoke the code into the program

  42. Both my son and I have had sleep paralysis, but it starts with a presence. We wake feeling it, unable to move then…it drags us. We can physically feel hand on our bodies or throat. Just this morning he called me at 7am after being woken up by this feeling. Hands on his throat. He told me it dragged him up his bedroom wall and in a flash he fully woke up in bed (of course) What would cause this feeling of a supernatural presence? I, myself, had an episode where a dark, clawed, shadowy hand tried to drag me from the bed. I couldn't move. I tried to scream for my boyfriend to help me. I heard myself attempt sounds but it was garbled. I finally "woke up" but I was so frightened. Something is going on.

  43. I believe this just happened to me!! So, I decided to get a few extra hours of sleep by falling back asleep one early morning… since I didn’t sleep much the night before. I was having a dream (it wasn’t a nightmare or anything) and when I felt like I was trying to wake up from that dream all of a sudden I felt my eyes slightly open (not fully), but I couldn’t move my arm to take the covers off me!! And there was ALLLOOOTTT of loud ringing in my ear/head during this as well!! I could NOT move at all! I kept trying soooo hard to move, but I couldn’t. Then my body finally snapped out of that moment and then I woke up! Can someone help?? Was that sleep paralysis?? The loud ringing scared the SHIT out of me! I was laying on my side by the way

  44. I have sleep paralysis.everynight I do.last night I couldn’t breathe because of how I was and I couldn’t move I was so scared.

  45. I've dealt with sleep paralysis a few times over the past year or so. It has only happened on days where I do not have to get up at a specific time, and I've already woken up at least once and decided to go back to sleep a while longer. I'm home sick from work today and I went through two different bouts of sleep paralysis this morning. When it happens, I tell myself that I need to get out of bed but I can't. I even imagine that I've pulled the blanket off and moved to get up, but then I find that I'm still lying there under the blanket. It's a bit scary and frustrating.

  46. I used to face it almost everyday few years ago.. This is scary as hell and really exhausting.. I am glad that I don't have it that regularly now.. I gave it a time to heal itself..

  47. My first of many episodes of sleep paralysis i genuinely thought i died. In my head i just was existing in total blackness and no sound other then my own thougts. My second thought was i accepted that i had died and wanted to see what happend next. If its me and my thoughts for all eternity i think id be fine i think im hilarious lol. But when i woke up i jump up and boom my eyes close and i literally got put right back into sleep paralysis. Also if u get stuck my trick is wiggle either your toe or finger and swing it back and fourth and build up momentum to wake yourself up.

  48. My mom wakes me up every morning , I'm still in bed while sleeping awake . I don't hear her but I'm awake , and my brain is not responding …weird

  49. hi katie! just found the channel and if you still read all comments i have a question. sometimes i will be asleep for about 5 minutes and i will already begin to dream but within the first few seconds of the dream, i will stub my toe or walk into someone and i will jolt awake accompanied by a deep breath. id love to know what it is and why this always happens to me and if it happens to anyone else

  50. Thanks for your video! I had my first episode last night and I’m grateful to find content that is informative and helpful and not FULL of scary images. Lol!

  51. I’ve had this a lot but I never usually never see things scary the only thing I have seen was my parents talking and me trying to talk to them but I can’t but they weren’t in the house when I was asleep

  52. The only one i had, i was "sleeping" amd i almost couldnt breathe, then an old man atbthe other end of the room naked and hairless, like saggy wispering "help me" while aproaching me

  53. The most annoying thing about this is that once i kinda wake up from it I would still feel so sleepy not able to stay awake knowing that it would happen again but then the sleepiness took over causing me to have sleep paralysis more than 5 times in one night. And my family tells me I sleep talk pretty much every night but the thing is I rarely remember the dreams I had.

  54. Thanx for being informative and not upload a video full of demons, alien abductions and scary music like most of the sleep paralysis videos. 🙂

  55. Im not sure if its sleep paralysis, but one night, I woke up in the middle of the night in my bed trembling, i could move a bit but i felt very cold and frightened about something… i felt like i was dying… can u guys tell me what was that?

  56. two years ago I heard someone killed my 17 years old brother and after that my life is completely changed . I was woke up walking very long time in the midnight . I was walking in the highway my body was sleep . police catch me and I woke up . long time is past that company I was worked last year there is no job available the only was is possible quite job just focus my study language . last week Saturday and Sunday night I was sleep in the middle of night I had nightmare dreams . I had paralysis very badly . something unseen force choking me I try to screaming but I can’t . my eyes open my body is completely fainted . on Sunday night again I had paralysis choking me very badly finally I woke up

  57. Great tip that’s helped me is focussing all your energy on moving one finger or toe to break out of it. Mine used to last 5 minutes, now only a few seconds

  58. If you let go during that state of mind, especially of your fears, you can experience some pretty amazing journeys. I consider the ability to experience this as a tremendous gift. Also, if you go over a certain threshold during the experience, you will never be in fear when that happens again. It least this is how it went for me.

  59. What if I always wake up like 2 hours before I want to so I go back to sleep but I have sleep paralysis instantly for like 5 minutes then I wake up? And I get to scared to go back to sleep :/

  60. sleep paralysis is happening to me about once a week

    in this time i'm seeing a lot of things trying to make me scared

    yelling people , ghosts , some of my siblings trying to kill me and a lot of insects on the ceiling that impossible to be exist

    i don't think it's because of mental pressure i have no reason for that

    yes my eyes can move , and the body doesn't

    but i can hear horrible things and feel the touch of a lot of it in that moment .

    the most annoying that a lot when it happens to me when i wake up after it happens and i still need to sleep it happens again in less than 2 minuets i don't know if i went to the rem or not

    any theories ??

  61. I've heard somewhere that there is a link between sleep paralysis and bipolar disorder. As in it is more common in people with bipolar. Is there any truth to this or anything to support this or am I mistaken? I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time once when I was a teenager and then not again for many years, it was an isolated incident. But in the last couple years along side the development of my mental illness, sleep paralysis has become increasingly more common, starting to happen every month or so, then every couple weeks, then multiple days in a week, now sometimes a ridiculous amount of 3-4 times in one night. Sometimes ill wake up from sleep paralysis only to drift off and become paralysed again within a matter of minutes. really weird considering how rare this phenomenon is and that it usually only happens once or twice in a person's whole lifetime, meanwhile it's become such a common occurrence for me that I've pretty much just gotten used to it.

  62. Sorry Kati you are so wrong. There is something going on in another dimension. It has nothing to do with waking up in REM periods you are so far off the mark!!

  63. I've had sleep paralysis for years, as part of a sleep disorder (either idiopathic hypersomnia or narcolepsy type 2; my neurologist hasn't yet firmed that up). Last night was the first time I had really vivid hallucinations with it to the extent that when it finally stopped I was screaming. The neighbours actually called the police because they thought something terrible was happening. So I'm refreshing my memory on what I can do to help it, because thanks to medication it's not happened for a while.

  64. i remember very slightly when i was little laying on my matt at school this happend to me and i was scared bc i couldn’t get up when nap time was over and i couldn’t move at all

  65. I have a problem with this. I'll be so half awake, half asleep it feels like i'm on drugs. My lizards lamp was talking to me, it's so weirdddd! My dad has night terrors & my brother & when I was younger I would see things that weren't really there when I would wake up or about to go to sleep. It's horrible. I'm waiting for therapy bc I can't deal

  66. A bit late on the comment, but I have something I must say. I myself have experienced these almost traumatising night terrors, but I have realised that before it happens I get a burning sensation on the back of my head, and I begin to twist and turn and scream before awaking in a nightmare world. Yep I’m totally fine!

  67. I remember having sleep paralysis when I was younger and I legit could not breathe and woke up super sweaty and confused and then ran to my moms room

  68. The part about getting a regular sleep routine was so true for me. I used to get it all the time. Like every night for a few months and multiple times a night. I had so much that I began to kind of enjoy it and was able to start controlling the voices. The actual not being able to move part always sucked. The first time I had experienced it, it scared the living you know what out of me because it was the night I first watched The Amityville Horror. Now I have a more regular sleep pattern and haven't really experienced for a while.

  69. "Literally had a dream once that it was some damned little goblin dancing on my chest. Woke up! And it was my sister's chihuahua." ??

  70. My first time having sleep paralysis I thought I was going crazy. I saw shadows shaped like people with only eyes. Literally no other facial features. It freaked me out real bad and I kept on seeing them. I freeze when I'm afraid, so I don't know its sleep paralysis or a combination of schizophrenia and fear. Any ideas?

  71. I’m an adult who had never experienced this until this morning FML. It’s weird because I woke up and decided to turn around and sleep a little bit more and then it happened. I was dreaming and I argued with my mom so I ran into my room to avoid her, then she went upstairs calling me (I guess to talk it out) and I tried to say “come in” but my mouth won’t move. I tried to sit and I felt like I really did a little bit but fell into the bed again. Then mom was in my room and asked me what’s wrong and I tried to say “I’m dizzy” but my mouth would not get beyond “I’m”. I fought it desperately until I woke up. Scary af ? I’m going to see my mom right now lol

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