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Hey everybody. Today I’m going to talk with you about, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Otherwise known as SAD. What is it? More importantly, What causes it? And then, what can we do to
make it better / go away? So like I said, Today I want to talk with you about SAD. And I’m just going call
it SAD from now on. Which, whoever figured out that
Seasonal Affective Disorder short was SAD, Is like, this was so easy. Because what Seasonal
Affective Disorder is, Is kind of what it sounds like. But it is when we have
depressive symptoms. Only at a certain time of year. Now the way that SAD works, Is when the seasons change,
our mood tends to change. And so, for most people, This happens in the winter months. It will start kind of in fall, mid fall. And it will go all of the way
through until spring. So, really, Depending on where you live. That can be a really long period of time. Now I have a few notes. But the way that SAD is different
from major depression, Now if you remember, Major Depression has symptoms like, Anhedonia. Where you don’t really enjoy
activities like you used to. You could have a worse appetite
or a greater appetite. You’re sleep could be disturbed. There can be a lot of things
like that that go on. Now the difference between
depression and SAD, Is that SAD has a, Mainly, Oversleeping. So depression has over or under sleeping. Some people have insomnia. Some people sleep too much. Now with SAD they say that the majority of
people struggle with oversleeping. Irritability. Low energy. Weight gain. Appetite changes. Which I’m assuming attribute
to the weight gain. And feeling hypersensitive to rejection. Now you can see how that is a little
bit different than depression. And this is because SAD is actually a
sub-type under Major Depressive Disorder. We’re talking DSM and how they diagnose. You have depression symptoms. However they only occur seasonally. And the way that it presents
itself is a little bit different. So more importantly, what causes SAD? Now just like any mental disorder, The known cause, we can’t
say that we know a cause. Everything in mental illness is theorised. And they have these theories and
’causes’ based on research, As well as studies that they have done. And they kind of put all of that data
together and figure out that they, Well they have realised that
there are three factors, That have created SAD in a lot of people. And the three most common
factors that we find are, Circadian Rhythms. Now Circadian Rhythms are what keeps
us kind of in our sleep wake jive. We wake up at certain times. And we get tired at certain times. You know like, Around 10:30 I’m always like, ‘Huh, it’s time for bed.’ And then if I don’t set my alarm, I wake up around 8, 8:30. Sometimes 9. Depending on how much sleep I need. But our body has a rhythm. And because, they say, Because SAD is mostly experienced
in the fall and winter months. It is due to the fact that
we don’t get enough sunlight. It’s dark often when we
drive to work. Sometimes we stay indoors all day. And then it’s dark when we drive home. We don’t actually get any natural
light for much of our day. And that can throw our
Circadian Rhythm off. Now the second that they
have attributed SAD to is, Serotonin Levels. Now Serotonin as we know
honestly from anti-depressants, And just talk of medication. We know Serotonin and
Dopamine are in our brains. And these are chemicals and hormones
that kind of help keep us happy, sad, It affects our mood. And these chemicals can really
affect how we feel day to day. Now due to the fact that we may not
be getting enough sunlight. Serotonin levels have been shown to drop. And so when they go down, Our mood goes down. Now the third and final factor
that they say affects us, And can create Seasonal
Affective Disorder. Is Melatonin Levels. Now for any of you who don’t
know what Melatonin is, It’s a natural, I don’t, It’s a natural thing that
occurs in our body, That helps us go to sleep. It helps us stay asleep. Helps us get the rest that our body needs. And due to the same
factors from the others, Because we’re not getting enough sunlight, And our body’s kind of off. It’s not producing enough Melatonin. And it can really affect
our mood negatively. So finally, If we find ourselves struggling with this. What do we do to get better? Now obviously I’m always
going to tell you, If this is something that you
feel is happening to you, If you notice when it gets darker earlier, Around fall, into the winter. That your mood goes down. And you feel depressed
more often than not. Please please please see your doctor. Your therapist. Your psychiatrist. Whoever you have as far as
a treatment team goes. Reach out to one of them and seek help. Because one of the number one things
that they recommend that we do, As you can tell from the causes. Is we don’t get enough sunlight. So what do we do? We can actually purchase
what is known as a light box. Now they used to have these
at Costco in the States. And they were actually pretty cheap. And they were really high quality. But I don’t know if they
still have them any more. And so what I would recommend you do, Is ask your physician which
ones they would recommend. Because we want to make sure that we
are getting one that actually works. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Because light boxes aren’t just like me
shining a flash light in my eye. It’s not about getting light on my face. It recreates natural light. And there are certain types of bulbs. And certain types of UV, I’m sure there are a
lot of things in play. So make sure you speak to your physician. Make sure you’re getting the right one. Now the second thing is medication. And many psychiatrists and doctors
will prescribe anti-depressants. And if they know that this is a trend. And is something that you
go through every year. They will start the medication a few weeks
before you actually exhibit symptoms. Because as we know, Anti-depressants can take weeks
for you to feel the affect. And so that will stave off the SAD. So that you can get on your
anti-depressants for lets say four months. And then they will titrate you off. So in the spring and summer, You’re not on it. And then maybe in the fall
you go back on again. Now the third and final
option is Psychotherapy. Like if you came to see me. Now the most, I made some notes for this one, Because I wanted to make sure that
I mentioned every bit of this. So, the therapy that I would recommend, Based on what is going on with Seasonal
Affective Disorder is CBT. Because we want to identify and change
our negative thoughts and behaviours, That sometimes can keep us
in that depressive state. It can help us ruminate on the negativity
versus focusing on the positive. And that could, you know, be adding
to our Seasonal Affective Disorder. It could make it last longer. It could make it start earlier. Or go later. It can really affect our mood. And obviously we’re going to want to
work on learning new coping skills. If we don’t want to take medication. And we haven’t found a
light box that’s working. What are things we can do? We can get outside. I know it may be really cold. And it may be windy. And it may be snowing. You may be in a blizzard. I don’t know. But if there is light out, Even if it’s kind of is diffused. And there’s lots of clouds. Bundle up. Get yourself out there. Maybe go for a little walk. Even if you can just sit on a
park bench for ten minutes, And just let yourself soak up the sun. It can really help. Also exercise. Going for a walk. Going for a run. Maybe walking your dog. You’re offering to walk a friend’s dog. Getting out and moving can
really help our mood. And as always, Making sure we are
getting plenty of sleep. Making sure that we are eating healthy. All of these things can
really affect how we feel. And those are things
that we have control over. And that we can work on. Because we’re working together, right. You and me. As we take one step at a time. Towards a healthy mind. And a healthy body. So click below for my
video on CBT therapy, If you want to know more about that. Also, click on my video about depression. Because like I said, SAD is a sub type of depression. And the more we know, The better. Right. And don’t forget to check out
katimorton.com There is tons of support going on there. So many great people. Everyone helping each other. It’s a really great community
that we’re growing. And as always, Don’t forget to subscribe. I put out videos all of the time. And you don’t want to miss them. And if you like this type of video, Make sure you give it a thumbs up. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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    Hi Kati, just wondering what the best approach when work is affecting our recovery or triggering? 
    I work in the fitness industry, I love what I do how ever I find it triggers my ED. My ED voice loves hearing fro people how much weight i have lost and how good i am looking. My logical voice get really upset when people tell me i am their inspiration or that I should stick with what i am doing coz it is working. Obviously i can not just give up my job but are there any good coping skills i can use in situation where i can not control what people are saying to me?

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  3. Couldn't the weather play a role too? I have lived all over. Grew up in the Boston area, went to school in Syracuse, lived in Tel Aviv for a year. I found in Syracuse I had more SAD in the fall then I would living in Boston because it was so cold, I wasn't even motivated to go out at night and just wanted to stay in my dorm. While living in Tel Aviv in December I was in my Spring, Summer, and Fall routine, with the 80 F weather, gaining out for walks, biking, being active, working more often. So even knowing the sun was still sitting around 5, I felt how I would in July in Boston. 

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  11. Hi Kati! I really appreciate you making these videos because they have helped my parents as well as myself understand more about my struggles with mental health. I'm just wondering why my depression gets worse in the summer? Does it still count as SAD when it's not in the winter? It starts in the spring and continues into the summer. I do get sunlight in the summer, and being an east coaster, the winters are pretty long. However that doesn't really explain it… if anything it makes things more confusing. <3xoxo

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  20. I feel like I have a sleeping disorder but I don't know what it is. It takes me hours to get to sleep and I can rarely stay asleep. It means I miss a lot of school and I'm falling behind in the majority of my subjects. I also over sleep or under sleep. I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep. I also get sad in winter. I don't have insomnia. I get anxiety attacks and I'm constantly paranoid. I don't really know what to do but a friend of mine sent me a link to your page, so I just need some kind of identification on why I'm like this and how it can stop. Sorry for the huge ramble paragraph. Thanks x

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  22. So many times I read or hear about something I'm like: Oh yeah, I have that.
    I seem to have SAD, I definitely have PMS, I (did) struggle with depression and selfharm and I have a sleeping disorder. But I never go see a doctor, because all the symptoms appear and disappear (PMS only like 12 days a month, SAD only in winter (I'm sooo happy right now because spring startet) and also my sleeping problems are sometime worse and sometimes better.) Maybe I should go to a doctor to work stuff out. But I live in a small town and we don't have that many therapists, so if see one, I get the appointment that somebody else might need more. 

  23. This happens to me every  year.  As follows: 

    January: "Horray!  Clean slate!  What would I like to do?  Kinda not much worth doing outside.  Got these inside projects…"

    February: "Achk!  Why can't I sleep?   No matter.  Projects…"

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    May: "Things are still kinda blah.  But at least I can concentrate again.  Sort of."

    June: "Work work work work work…"

    July: "I feel on top of the world!!!"

    August: "Ragweed season is coming.  Days already getting shorter.  Walls closing in.  Work.  Hide from it.  Stockpile the antihistamines.  You can make it through this.  Welcome to the family camper.  Your iron lung for the next month or so.  It isn't quite solitary confinement.  And at least you get to play video games."

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    December: 'Walls are closing in.  Gotta wrap up what I can on projects.  Christmas…that happened way too fast.  Blink, and I would've missed it.  The joy of sparkling grape juice just doesn't last.  Another car window scraper?  I don't even have a car!  New Year's.  They didn't get me shrimp?  Blasphemy!  Ball drops, yadda yadda yadda…"


    Seasonal affective, or would you say some other issue(s)?  I was diagnosed as Aspergers in 1997, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the whole story.  I'm moody and insecure and irriitable all year round.  It just manifests itself a litttle differently each month.  The above are generalizations of my moods, and specifics can be altered by specific life events.

  24. Kati I go threw this almost every summer because it's not my thing I hate summer because it's depressing that I don't get to travel or the heat is too overwhelming for me Im more of a winter person I wish I lived in Russia im real serious summer irritates my skin like crazy the sun and the heatness I need the snow on me I wish I wasn't like this but I can't help it!

  25. Great video! Before I knew that SAD even existed I literally thought that I was going crazy because I have been struggling with this for several years in a row and I had no idea why, and I tried speaking with friends and relatives about it but most thought that I was just experiencing the typical "winter blues" and basically told me to grow up and get over it. Either way I decided to do some research and found out about SAD. It's good to know that I'm not losing my mind haha. So far I haven't taken any medication, or sought professional help, but a good coping method for me is meditation, it keeps the negative thoughts away and lightens up my mood a bit, I actually might invest on a light box since fall is coming soon unfortunately.

  26. I like to be more specific about the SUN and it's effect on the brain for people who live in the northern latitudes. In the Fall, the SUN moves south into the southern hemisphere, people get sad. When the SUN begins to come back, people get happy, as in the Spring–Both plants and people are completely dependent on the energy of the SUN.

  27. During Autumn and Winter, I feel very still. I have been like that for awhile especially because I am in a dorm room with linoleum floors, fluorescent light and practically little to no heating during these months, and it is coming, on top of that I have PMDD, I wish I can just catch a break. 🙁

  28. this video really resonates with me. I know I've been dealing with depressive issues and it does mostly affect me around the holidays from canadian thanksgiving through to about easter, I already have an appointment with a physician this week coming and I think this might be something to discuss with her.

  29. I noticed this morning and the morning before, getting up and sitting in the morning sun for fifteen minutes while eating breakfast made a noticeable difference in my general mood all day. I definitely need to change my sleeping habits and try to get a light, but it will take time and patience to figure out a routine for the winter months.

  30. My mother also deals with SAD. Not sure about my grandmother, but I'm guessing she might have it, too, since dementia and various mental disorders have been known to run on that side of my family.

  31. good video kati. Informative and accurate. Helps those of us who live in the North and I guess anyone in the Northern latitudes!

  32. I always get sad in the winter, and having a miscarriage in the summer and husband always working I've noticed I'm not the same, nothing motivates me:/, I'm not depressed I get excited going out and playing with my kids but I can't seem to get motivated for nothing regarding things with me, like I don't feel like doing nothing for me. Ahhhh I don't know

  33. Wow, this was so informative! Thank you for sending me the link to this video, Kati! I am SO relieved to learn that SAD can cause appetite changes and weight gain, because I swear, all I want to do is eat! Which is really frustrating, since I'm about 100 pounds overweight and am trying hard to eat nutritious, healthy foods and exercise! SAD and living in a dark, cloudy, gloomy climate really thwart my weight loss endeavors. But, I won't give up!

  34. This is a long shot but I am really badly depressed from January-November and I know its because of Christmas. Its really hard for me almost all year around and its got so bad I need help but I really don't want to go to a doctor about it, is there anything you can suggest? I'm not sure if this is reverse s.a.d or what but it would mean the world to me if you could help.

  35. I hate cold more than most people I believe. Going outside is not an option for me. So I tend to stay indoors and hibernate most of the winter. My true and long lasting therapy is to move to warmer climates. I'm sure that would nip this SAD crap in the bud.

  36. I have it and it fucking sucks. I hate winter with a burning passion. I have to get out of Illinois. Trapped inside for 5 months is no way to live.

  37. Any suggestions for a shift worker? (not all night shifts, some days too; it switches back and forth!) I feel like this is definitely messing with my circadian rhythm and natural melatonin levels.

  38. Would the melatonin levels increase from the lack of sunlight and that is the cause of the decreased energy levels, due to too much melatonin causing us to want to go to bed?

  39. What if I'm 13 and very awkward to talk about my feelings and afraid to be told wrong incase I DONT have S.A.D. Which my mother said I might have and I think I have? I don't want anyone to know if I do because I hate being the center of attention. And is another symptom losing interest in things you used to like to do and push your friends away and locking yourself in a dark room and never leave?

  40. I personally think the DSM should include recurring events that happen at regular intervals, like elections, as part of SAD. Since we're constantly bombarded with ads every election season, there's almost no escaping it, especially when you feel like your vote doesn't matter and the candidate with the most money wins. The past few elections, the candidates I supported either lost or failed to live up to their promises.

    Edit: I have Major Depressive Disorder, but it's worse during election seasons.

  41. I always get so depressed during Christmas/around Christmas time, I think it's bc my parents and I live far away and can't really spend it with the rest of the family. I actually dread Christmas. It's so bad I know and I wish I didn't feel this way but I always do, I always end up crying every Christmas 😞

  42. I have SAD during fall/winter times. I'm not as hyper and arrogant and aggressive as I am during Summer seasons. I usually get through Winter by just listening/watching to videos, relaxing, or just sleeping. I really enjoy the Winter season, maybe just if I were to be back home or somewhere near Nature where it's not as suburban/urban as much.

  43. Thank you for your insighful video Kati. I have lived in Northern England all my life, which has very little sunlight all year round. I get very severe SAD all year round, too. I'm not entirely convinced by the effectiveness of light boxes, antidepressants and CBT to cure my severe, all year round SAD in England. I long to emigrate to somewhere with much stronger, more frequent natural sunlight. I am beginning to think sunlight deprivation is at the root of most major human depressive disorders.

  44. There are a few people i see who have commented on the cold being a key factor in their SADs. I believe this to be much more of a factor for myself than the light because for the last 2 years I've worked a shift from 3pm-8pm where i am indoors with no windows so would not really notice the change in daylight hours. By the time i get off work with the exception of a few months its dark regardless. I do have a daylight and its great but whats noticeable to me is that the winter days when its +10 and raining i actually feel better than when its -4 and sunny. And last year we had a warmer than usual winter and I was fine. This year i can't seem to get out of my own way with temperature as low as -23 so far. Can your body's inability to retain heat also reduce melatonin and serotonin levels? Or is there another level I should be checking for. FYI I've had my thyroid checked and its working perfectly.

  45. I'm almost positive I have SAD. I have trouble falling asleep even when it is 1 am I just lie there in bed. Then I oversleep.

  46. I despise summer, but I don't know if I have this disorder because I feel depressed year round. I feel awful about being in a bathing suit, shorts, short sleeves etc. and hot weather makes me super irritable, angry, sad, and actually cheated out of a period of time where I'm comfortable with what is around me, and my body in general.

  47. I read something today about how seasonal changes can affect the moods of someone with Bipolar Disorder. Is this true? I was reading up about it because I've noticed a pattern in my mood changes in specific seasons – Summer I am more inclined to mixed episodes (which I'm experiencing right now), Spring is more manic and Winter is depression. Just wondering what your thoughts are on that?

  48. welp if you give a fuck, heres my check list
    Oversleeping: no
    Irritability: maybe
    Low energy: yes
    Weight Gain: cant, I'm 13 XD
    Appetite Changes: yes
    Hyper sensitive: yes

  49. I've been looking through the comment section and seen no one say Spring gives them SAD , guess I am different. Maybe I'm the opposite of SAD and just dislike the sun…maybe

  50. In Canada, winter spans almost the entire school year. It's extremely hard to not be depressed during school in the gray of winter

  51. I fucking regret moving to UK. I Love Snow etc. But when it's just windy and grey, dusky eugh fuck that. I'm planning to go back to my country this year. I never want to return here for more than 2 weeks per visit. England depresses me so much. I need my Sun and Nature and Sea. If I want Cold, I can climb on top of the highest mountain of my land and do skiing etc and camp there for a whole month in sometimes grey, dusky, rainy weather because I know I am not limited heavily to what I wanna do.

  52. Never been diagnosed with this but the moment the days get shorter and the sky turns grey I am suicidal can't get out of bed. Crying uncontrollably. And just in a really bad way and when spring comes I am elated all the time and so excitable.

  53. During the winter I always wonder why I feel so annoyed and irritated so quickly. Then, when the sun comes out, suddenly I'm the nicest/happiest person ever.

  54. I experience exactly these symptoms every year. But I have them in the summer and not in the winter. Every year since I was about 22 years old I have become horribly depressed every late May/early June with severe irritability, massive fatigue and lethargy, crying spells and a body that aches so bad I can barely drag myself to work in the morning. I despise the heat and the bright sunlight and these things actually become physically painful for me. I am positive I am suffering from some kind of SAD variant but I have only found suggestions for people who have it in the winter. What is recommended for people who have SAD in the summer?

  55. As usual, there's basically no help for us select few that experience and suffer through the opposite: summer depression. I hate the sun, heat and summer in general with an extreme passion, and it doesn't help that I live in Texas for most of the season. I feel happiest during the dark, grey/cloudy, rainy, contemplative peacefulness of the autumn and winter, and then spring (AKA 'Summer: Part 1') comes along and throws me into a terrible rut until the glory of autumn returns once again.

    I even get an extra helping of SAD in December, when my parents always try to drag me back from snowy, quaint, Christmassy Austria to it-might-as-well-be-May Texas with the (to me, nonsensical) excuse that 'Christmas is about family, not where you are'.

  56. It took 26 years, yeah! 26 long years to know ,what is actually wrong with me,I realized first time that something is wrong with me when I was 15 years old………..now I am 30, untreated, uncured…..my life is disaster, I have no career, no skill, no accomplishments, no name, no joy, no money, no girlfriend…..but I am still fighting, each and every moment I'm fighting with my innerself……I know I will win this battel.

  57. Thank your for this video! =) I struggle since 6 years now from SAD, in the first year I didn't recognized it that well but after three years I saw a pattern… I had some severe SAD times especially in 2015. In 2017 I got a strong emotional outburst and then I decided to visit a Psychologist (finally). So I got diagnosed SAD and anxiety. He told me to go to cognitive behavioral therapy, I had my first two visits and they were really good. I like my therapist.

    But in the summertime I am sad too, I have some episodes but they aren't as strong as they are in the wintertime. I love the winter, it's so beautiful, the snow, the city when christmas time. But just this sadness which stats in the afternoon rises destroys that a little…

    This depressions shows in melancholic, nostalgic, sad and sometimes anxious behavior. Mostly I feel very lonely but I enjoy solitude, but this lonelyness is unbearable sometimes like right now… And like you've said, I can't enjoy things I usually enjoy, I thought about it a few days ago.

    I am hopeful that therapy will help me but I am a little scared if I meet a partner someday how they cope with my SAD it's not like that I fully put it on other people, I try to hide it as good as I can to keep it for myself. I think she will get along with it then but I don't know.

    Happy new 2018! =)

  58. Canada is a great country to live and is considered in the top 10 countries from a standard of living point of view. But the biggest downside is winter. Winter is a living hell for me and so many other Canadians and SAD is one of about literally 20 reasons. I just got a light box. I hope it is the right kind!

  59. I find cold showers (30 sec to 1 min), eating healthy at least 80% of the time, meditation, journaling, sleep discipline and exercise help with SAD. There is also an App to help with SAD in the Apple store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/light-box-for-sad/id1332927650?mt=8. You can do a short test on it to see if you have SAD. It also makes the screen of your iPhone/ iPad shine like a light box. Although- the intensity of light projected by the app is not 10,000 Lux – but you can adjust the brightness and the colour (white/ blue/ any other). It is much cheaper as compared to a typical $50/$200 Light Box. I recommend trying exposure to blue light for 20-25 minutes in the morning after waking up. I find it convenient to just place my iPhone/ iPad next to the mirror/sink in the bathroom (at Max brightness) whilst I am brushing my teeth/ getting ready etc. FYI – It takes at least 5-7 days of regular use before you start to feel it's affect. You are not alone, take care X

  60. I have felt with this every year for the last 4 years but when I first got it I didn't realize what it was. It took me a while to figure out what was affecting me. This is the first year I'm able to truly understand myself and work twords fixing it. Thank you.

  61. I have S.A.D. but it was worse on the East Coast (where I'm from) and got better in the Seattle area! Ha ha! Most people would think the opposite. I get depressed if it DOESN'T rain sometimes.

  62. I live in FL and have always gotten so depressed over summer. I hate heat and humidity. Lived in ND for a year and loved every minute of it. Hopefully I can move out there permanently in the future. Give me cold and snow any day.

  63. I always feel depressed around fall all through spring because I hate winter. I am somewhat happy as long I keep myself busy but how do I know I may have SAD?

  64. I have severe depression, anxiety, and ADD. My depression does get way worse during the winter though, and it’s extremely difficult this year to do anything productive.

  65. كلام جميل والفتا اجمل شكران على أسلوب الحوار .استفدت🌹🌸

  66. Can someone have both winter and spring/summer SAD? On November, February and April/May I feel very depressed. I wonder if it's possible.

  67. I´d like to mention one big important fact: Meds don´t suit everyone. For me they didn´t make much difference, just lots of side effects.. Basketball was the only thing that made me happy, just hanging round the court all day enjoying pick-up games.
    I am a musician, but for example I didn´t find any joy in making music or even listening to it:
    Just try everything out there is, like Sports or any other phisically activating activities, and your spirit and mind will heal automatically as you find joy in those.
    Meds are the last solution, and a 50/50 chance in making things worse in my case!

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