What Is Obsessive Love Disorder?

what is obsessive love disorder
sometimes love hurts love can be messy and complicated but when you find
someone who you can truly say you’re in love with everything else in your life
starts to feel a little brighter but is it possible to love someone too much
what happens when your love for someone borderlines on obsessive to the point
where begins to have a drastic effect on your mental health this can be a warning
sign of a condition known as obsessive love disorder and best he’s here to tell
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miss an update from us you’re at bestie so what happens when your love becomes
obsessive and starts to affect your mental health obsessive love disorder or
oh L D is a condition in which a person becomes obsessed with another individual
will they believe they are in love with this love addiction can lead to a number
of strange and unhealthy behaviors such as overprotectiveness controlling or
possessive behavior towards the object of your obsessive affection obsessive
love disorder can potentially be identified through a number of signs and
symptoms often an obsessive individual experiences an overwhelming attraction
to a specific person leading to obsessive thoughts about the individual
until it spirals into a full-on love addiction these obsessive thoughts can
lead to feeling the innate need or desire to protect the person you are in
love with and become extremely possessive and jealous when the object
of your obsession interacts with people other than you another common element of
obsessive love disorder is low self esteem which can lead to a constant need
for reassurance and validation from the person you’re obsessed with a person
with low self-esteem who is suffering from obsessive love disorder might
repeatedly call or text the person they love to an excessive an obsessive degree
it might even constantly monitor the person they love watching their actions
and even trying to control where they go and what they do on a daily basis people
with obsessive love disorder often have a hard time creating and maintaining
friendships and maintaining contact with close family members as their
obsessive behavior towards one specific person begins to completely override
their mental health and consumes all other facets of their life the acute
love addiction that happens as a result of obsessive love disorder has no
separate medical or psychological classification of its own instead
obsessive love disorders usually found accompanying other types of illnesses
that affect the mental health adding additional problems and complications to
an already painful and undesirable situation in addition to people with low
self-esteem obsessive love disorder can often manifest in people with other
types of attachment disorders such as this inhibited social engagement
disorder and reactive attachment disorder disinhibited social engagement
disorder or D sed is characterized by individuals who are overly friendly
talkative or uninhibited around strangers often to a worrying and
dangerous degree and can often make it difficult to form meaningful connections
or relationships reactive attachment disorder or ra.d leads to individuals
who are unwilling or unable to form a close bond with others and can
potentially result in bottled up emotions attention seeking behavior and
problems related to addiction in both cases these mental health disorders
develop during childhood and can happen as a result of poor upbringing or
negative experiences with parents or caregivers another mental health
condition that can be the leading cause of obsessive love disorders borderline
personality disorder also known as BPD while the factors that lead to the
causation of borderline personality disorder are currently inconclusive
individuals with borderline personality disorder often have to deal with the
symptoms involving an unstable self-image and low self-esteem as well
as frequent mood swings impulsive behavior and difficulty managing and
controlling one’s anger when a person has both borderline personality disorder
as well as obsessive love disorder their perception towards the person they are
obsessed with and switch on a pendulum between obsessive love an extreme hade
or disdain on a frequent basis of of love disorder can also accompany
obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD OCD is characterized by a combination of
obsessive thoughts and compulsive rituals that the individual feels they
need to perform for that reason they might seem strange or arbitrary to
outside observers other common symptoms of OCD include individuals requiring a
constant need for reassurance the inability to break from stringent
routines difficulty keeping to a schedule and signs of intense anxiety
while not officially recognized as a subcategory of OCD a related mental
health issue known as relationship OCD may occur when an individual with OCD
focuses their obsessions and compulsions on their relationships with relationship
OCD or are OCD individuals may have obsessive thoughts doubts or worries
regarding whether or not they are truly in love with a person they are in the
relationship with which can lead to a constant need to prove or validate a
love they feel to the other person this can in turn lead to the constant need
for reassurance and verification from the person the individual is in the
relationship with as we mentioned before like all other forms of OCD relationship
OCD can become a major detrimental one’s mental health due to the constant
seeking of structure and stability that it causes the type of love addiction
caused by obsessive love disorder may also be caused by a number of different
types of delusions or facts or events that one might believe to be true even
if they aren’t delusional jealousy can make someone with obsessive love
disorder believe that another person reciprocated their feelings of love and
obsession towards them even if that isn’t actually the case another mental
health disorder that involves delusional thoughts is known as erotomania while
rare erotomania is dangerous in that it evolves an individual who has become
fixated on the idea or notion that another person usually a celebrity or
other famous person of high social standing is actually in love with them
this can lead to the person suffering from erotomania and performing acts of
repeated harassment towards the recipient
of their obsessive thoughts and feelings including repeated phone calls letters
emails or gifts stalking and similarly obsessive and unhealthy behavior this
condition can occur over a long period of time or it may occur in only a span
of short episodes or referred to as psychotic breaks so now that you know
some potential warning signs and identifiers z’ for obsessive love
disorder what can you do when someone you know begins displaying some of these
telltale symptoms well first if you think someone you know might be
suffering from obsessive love disorder it’s important that they get diagnosed
by a psychiatrist or other mental health professional because obsessive love
disorder intersects with a number of other mental health disorders and
conditions it is not classified on its own so a diagnosis is necessary to rule
out other potential causes because it often is attached to other mental health
conditions the treatment of obsessive love disorder usually depends on the
underlying cause most commonly treatment for the condition involves a combination
of medication in therapy specifically psychotherapy drugs and medications that
are designed to treat anxiety and depression as well as those designed to
stabilize the patient’s mood and often be prescribed to treat the effects and
symptoms of obsessive love disorder of course side effects are always a risk
when discussing medication so always make sure that you receive the best
advice for treatment from a mental health or medical professional and
finally all forms of obsessive love disorder can be treated using therapy
various types of therapy may be employed to treat obsessive behavior with
available options often including cognitive behavioral therapy dialectical
behavioral therapy and talk therapy as with any condition that affects mental
health the first course of action should always be to seek out a professional as
soon as the warning signs begin to present themselves and to see your
treatment and therapy through to the very end to ensure that the disorder
does not return or worsen in the future most of the time love is a positive
thing but when love turns to obsessive behavior and becomes a love addiction
that’s when the possible warning signs of obsessive love disorder begin to show
obsessive love disorder can be caused by or be indicative of other mental health
related disorders low self-esteem and other negative conditions which affect
mental health so if you know someone who begins to exhibit signs of this
condition don’t be afraid to encourage them to seek professional help and
diagnosis was this video helpful for you did you notice anything we may have
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24 thoughts on “What Is Obsessive Love Disorder?

  1. Don't fill that void in your life with someone else's love.

    Nobody is going to make you happy, that's your responsibility.

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  3. My classmate is suffering with this for past 2 years
    Bcoz he thought I hurt his feelings
    Do upa yoga,shambhavi mahamudra
    Any other suggestions???

  4. Was this video helpful for you? Did you notice anything we may have missed in this video, or have any personal stories that could contribute to the discussion of this topic? If so, we encourage you to leave a comment and keep the conversation going. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The flip side is some thing known as "unrequited love". In both cases there is a mismatch between the levels of affection either given or received. Assigning blame as to whether one is an excessive giver or poor receiver is usually not very helpful. In either case it's a matter of having impaired skills at communicating intimacy. Absent some condition that prevents it, people can learn how to pair-bond with another at the level that is comfortable and satisfying for both.

  6. I am a guy and my parents made me go to an all guys high school, first period of the first day I noticed this kid. He looked oddly perfect to me and I wanted to meet him but Iโ€™m really shy so I just kinda looked at him for the first 5 minutes of class. Iโ€™m not gay but I thought I fell in love at that point. Later on during a mandatory social thing I was playing catch with a friend and he showed up cause he knew my friend and wanted to meet me. We started talking and when I brushed my hand against him by accident, it felt like I was in fire, in a good way. I went on to try to talk to him for the next year but he started making fun of the fact that I was always with him and didnโ€™t have that many friends. I hated life when I wasnโ€™t with him, but I hated it when I was with him, this and the fact that all my other friends who didnโ€™t go to this school called me gay made me so depressed for the entirety of freshman year. I would form my schedule around his and pretend to not know that I had figured out his entire schedule , but when he found out I knew, he asked one of his friends to beat me up. The other kid was mad chill and didnโ€™t do anything. I began to hate the people who he talked to more than me, which by the end of the year was almost all other friend he had. I started to think about him when I jacked off and it felt right. For sophomore year I was put in no classes with him and the way the schedule worked I never saw him. He told me that he missed me a couple of months after school started and I felt like I was high as fuck when he said that. I never saw him that year but when he texted me last August that we were in 3 classes together this year and had 5 lunches together, I almost cried tears of joy. He was actually nice to me this year and I get the feeling that he missed me, we sat next to each other in all of our classes and I felt right. But I knew that when I was gone it would be twice as hard to act normal. I began hating going home because he wasnโ€™t there. I invited him over to my house in October and he never replied. When I explicitly texted him just say no if u donโ€™t want to its alright he said that he was always busy. I donโ€™t think a week has gone by this year when I havenโ€™t asked him if he wanted to do something, including today. But around January, he moved away from me in one of my classes and this kid I have sat next to me. I can see him having fun from across the room and it breaks my heart every time. Sometimes he still looks over at me and smiles but it just makes me feel worse. I also donโ€™t get that feeling of euphoria when we touch anymore and life just seems to be boring now. We FaceTimed to study for an AP test earlier this week and I felt so great, like I belonged. Last year I tried to get hell for this problem but I have no money and I donโ€™t want to tell my parents or him, so I signed up for this bulls hit depression service. He saw an email I got from them and he pretended to not notice. Just today I sat staring motionless at my math test just so I could see him at lunch but I feel that he is annoyed with me because I gave him a passive aggressive text because he said he was going to the bathroom when we were FaceTiming and said he would call me back but never did. He kinda ignored me at lunch and barely talked to me last period. I canโ€™t find anything to take the sadness away when Iโ€™m not with him and I dread the day we graduate and I see him last. Help.

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