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-The older we get, the further
we get from the truth, and the more
we search for answers. If only we could ask
the real experts, life would go
a whole lot smoother. This is “Little Kids.
Big Questions.” featuring your host,
Ingrid Michaelson and the Austin Hartley-Leonard
Quintet. -Hello. Hello. [ Cheers and applause ] Hello, beautiful people. Today,
we are talking about… [Xylophone plays]
…beauty. Now, semantically
speaking beauty… [Xylophone plays]
…i-is just, uh, one word. It can describe about
a billion different things. The beautiful thing
about beauty… [Xylophone plays] …is that when
it comes to beauty, [Xylophone plays]
…there’s no wrong answer. But how can a concept
so universal be so subjective? We should figure this out. I want some answers. And I want ’em now. So let’s welcome
tonight’s guests, Marco, Dariana, and Jackson. [ Cheers and applause ] -Hi, guys. How are you? -Good.
-Good. -Good? Okay.
You look a little nervous. -[ Laughs ]
-Not at all. -You’re not at all nervous?
Okay. Cool. So, tonight’s episode
is about… [Xylophone plays] Do you know what that means? -Beauty!
-Yes! -Like mine.
-Like your beauty? Yeah, you are beautiful.
-No, mine! -No, yours?
You’re all beautiful. We’re gonna look
at some pictures. And you’re gonna tell me
“Hot,” or “Not.” All right, here we go.
Are you ready? Hot or not?
-Yes! -No.
-Oh, sick! Blah. Sick. -Is that Lady Liberty
or something? Oh, my —
-That’s the Mona Lisa. -Oh, the Mona Lisa. So I get two — -Was I supposed to know that?
-So we have two nots and one hot.
Okay. Mona Lisa, supposedly the most beautiful woman
in the world — Two nots. Cool. Hot or not? -Who? George — George Clooney. [ Laughter ] -Boo.
-George Clooney would not be happy with that.
-No! Sort of. Sort of. Sort of. -You think sort of hot? -What’s he doing? Like… Nooooo!
-And Jackson says, “No. Not hot.” -No. No.
-Marco? -Definitely not.
-Not hot. And this is George Clooney. -Elf ears.
-What? -Wait, that’s George Clooney?
-Elf ears? -I don’t know.
That’s what she said. So, George Clooney
has elf ears, and he’s not hot. Ladies across the world,
George Clooney is not hot. -One of your guys. -Okay.
All right. One more.
Are you guys ready? This is the best one ever. -Is it you?
-Hot or not? -Yes! That’s you! -Yes.
-No. No. -Not hot?
-Yes! -Yes.
-No. -But are you only saying,
“Yes,” ’cause I’m right here? -Unfortunately,
you two look exactly alike. -So am I hot or not?
-Yes! -Yeah.
-But I — Are you saying that just ’cause I’m sitting
in front of you? -No!
-No! -Well, you said, “I’m not hot.”
-You’re not. -I’m not. I’m ugly? -My God.
-Am I ugly? -You were better
with blond hair. -Oh! [ Laughs ] -Wait,
when did I have blond hair? -I don’t know.
It’s a dream. [ Laughter ]
-Really, really? We just went through
all of that — -Hey, Mom.
He’s dreamin’ about me. -Just so you could say that?
-Okay. Close your eyes, everybody.
Everybody. Close your eyes and think
about something beautiful. Okay? What are you thinking of, Marco?
What are — -Me.
-You? Okay. You are very confident. That’s gonna take you far
in life. Jackson,
what are you thinkin’ about? -Flowers from a barn. -That sounds beautiful to me,
flowers from a barn. Marco’s doing some tai chi.
-I’m thinking about a bunny. -And you’re thinking
about a bunny? -Yeah.
-That’s awesome. Who decides what it means
to be beautiful? Who — Who makes that decision?
Like — -God.
-Who — God decides… -Yeah.
-…what’s beautiful? How do you know
if something is beautiful? -It’s sparkly. -It’s sparkly?
-It’s colorful. -How do you know
if something is beautiful? I like your face.
Is that your thinking face? How do you — How do you know?
What strikes — You — You said, “Flowers.” Why are flowers beautiful
to you? -Because they’re really bright. -Bright. Okay. -And they smell good.
-Oh, I like that. So if something smells bad,
it’s not beautiful. What’s the price of beauty? -I don’t know.
-This. -Like, how much do you think
it costs to get your hair done professionally? How much do you
think it costs — -50 bucks.
-Oh, I wish. -Really, if you wanted
to get it, like, really good, you’d have
to have, like, 100 bucks. -Can boys or men be beautiful? -Yes.
-Yes. -Yes.
-Oh! Right? I like that.
All right. I feel like we don’t even
have to go — Yeah. Cool. Because sometimes people say,
“Only girls can be beautiful.” -Okay.
Move to the next question. -Okay. Okay. You’re right.
You’re right. Okay. Cool. -The boys get uglier while —
as they grow up. -No! They get uglier
when they get puberty! -What happens
when you get puberty? I’m intrigued.
-You get pimples. -Okay. -You start growing mustaches,
like my brother. -What about — What — Okay.
Yeah. That’s true. What else?
-Um… -You seem to be very
knowledgeable beyond your years. -Yeah.
-Tell me. -You become less…likable. -Less likable? [ Laughter ] -Was it me, or was that funny? -No, it — it — it was funny. It was true, actually. I’m, uh, somewhat stumped. So let’s give it up
for our little guests, Marco, Jackson, and Dariana. -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Look what I got.
You want one? Why don’t you do
your robot dance? You wanna do the robot?
-No. -You’ll get a chance —
-I want to do it now.

100 thoughts on “What Is Beauty? | Little Kids. Big Questions.

  1. I love Jackson. He seems so nice and genuine. If I had a kid I would want it to be as down to earth as he is. He seems so intelligent and thoughtful.

  2. LOL, mythical God decides if something is measurably beautiful.
    I don't even think a show like this would be allowed on TV here. Its not actually nice to lie to children to make them think scary monsters (like a God) is real, when all points to a God being fake.

  3. that's so true when you get older you do get less likeable like I work with kids and I like the kids that are like 7 and under.. 8 year olds and up become assholes.

  4. i love each of their little personalities, and how diverse their answers were. so wonderful to have children exploring ideas like these in an open way. i beamed when Jackson said he thought of flowers, as that's where my mind went too 😊🌸

  5. Pada tanggal Kamis pagi ini saya ingin berbagi sedikit tips untuk menghadapi proses persalinan secara normal ya mbak pasang juga bisa cepat di seberangnya bakso solo pakmo bisa cepat terselesaikan dengan baik maka kendaraan yg tau

    Cara membuat kue kering coklat yang akan terjadi bila kita melihat koleksi bajunya yang bisa cepat terselesaikan secara langsung maupun tidak langsung dapat dirasakan oleh masyarakat luas untuk mendapatkan

  6. This is the same thing that goes on in school the white teacher told Demarco who is also white you are going to go very far in life while looking at the black guy Jackson, thinking he will never amount to anything in life, the truth is Jackson can go to Harvard medical and will. But now she puts Jackson in special Ed classes when he acts like DeMarco

  7. For all of the people hating on Marco (boy on far left with the hat), how bad does your life have to be to hate on a five year old? He doesn’t know any better. It’s actually a good thing that he likes himself, he won’t be as self conscious when he’s older if he learns to love himself at that age. Find something better to do on the internet than hating on a five year old, jeez.

  8. I think the boy in the hat is simply good to have as company,it's brighten a room all by himself, entertaining. Jackson might be nice but u can't actually have a good laugh together with him

  9. The boy with the hat is handsome and very intelligent,i like the girl she is fun and smart,the black boy is adorable a teddy bear and intelligent too.all 3 of them are so different each one of them with their unique perspective

  10. Beauty to me Is the sound of a soothing voice, the sun setting before me, beauty is the birth of my children, beauty Is the love I feel for my children, beauty is a hot meal on the coldest winter night. Beauty is a flowerbed blooming on the right day. Beauty is watching someone help an elder cross the road! Of not just giving the homeless a dollar. But taking them for a meal. Beauty is HELPING, Using Manners. Respect. 😊

  11. little obama there on the end. he's thoughtful, introspective, and measured in his approach, but is not afraid to speak his mind. then there's little donny on the other end. overconfident, overtly critical, a little bombastic in his approach, but he's a lot of fun if you find him funny. and then there's little Ana Navarro in the middle (didn't forget you, sis). she wants to see the good in all people, but is a straight shooter when she needs to be.

  12. All of them were so cute! I liked the little boy with the hat. He is very honest and not afraid to give his opinion. I

  13. The boy with hat is today's example of blonde Americans who think they're beautiful than anyone else in the world.

  14. The girl was so cute! She thought of everyone being beautiful… I think that's a really good spirit for someone so young

  15. Please don't hate the blonde kid. He is just a reflection of what he learns from his family and school.
    Hopefully, when he becomes an adult he would realize how ignorant he was and he changes.

  16. They make kids think Beauty is someone hot or not ,, Beauty is something bigger ..do not specify it for them by your opinion, sigh why I watched this ;

  17. Guys, don’t hate on the kid with the hat. He can be taught to be more “humble” which is easier then being taught to have confidence. Maybe he’s going to be a comedian, or a writer for SNL. Who knows 🤷🏽‍♀️

  18. Lmfao! That little narcissist 😂 But he's just a kid. Maybe his parents are nacissists. And "MAYBE" he has been told what to say.

  19. everything leads to stuff/ goods that we had to buy to get accomplished which we really cant choose from our own essential

  20. Lol. Most girl comments here are hating on Marco when they themselves know he was the kind of guy they were after throughout their teenage. Admit it and get out

  21. The boy with the hat is young and has time to learn. I don't hate him for his honesty because he's a kid, and he was saying his opinions as asked. At that age the concept of good lies and bad truths isn't as developed. And he is only reflecting on what he has seen in media. That doesn't cement his opinions. Had there been more kids, I think I would have been interested to see how those of similar looks' opinions compared and contrasted. Like the girl who said all of the people had some kind of beauty. Would another little girl say different? What about kids of color vs white kids? Is beauty also viewed differently between those groups? Overall though it's always interesting to hear what kids have to say since they're not as prone to holding back on their opinions lol. The little girl interrupting reminds me of me at that age ha ha

  22. am i the only one who wanted to throw my phone out the window when the punk kid said she would be prettier blonde ??

  23. True beauty cannot be decided by anyone. True beauty is those little things. The twinkle in your eye, the scar you've had since you were young, the ability to make someone laugh. True beauty is self acceptance.

    That was by a 12 year old, me.

  24. All 3 kids were cute. But how could an adult ask kids whether or not adults are "hot" and on top of it if a kid's honest opinion is "no" then that's the way it is- he's just a kid and he shouldn't have been asked those things in the 1st place I don't think..!

  25. You are seriously insulting a little kid, I mean most of childs say things out of context or rude but they are children!!

  26. 1:50 "okay, monalisa. Was supposed to be the most beautiful women in the world, two nots." really got me😭

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