What is Agoraphobia? How do we deal with it? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey, everybody! Today, I’m going to talk with you about
agoraphobia. What is it? And how do we work on it
if we struggle?musicSo like I said, today I want to talk
with you about Agoraphobia and make sure if you like these types
of videos you give it a thumbs up and let YouTube know how important
mental health is. But, agoraphobia. What is it? Many of you have reached out and told me
that you struggle with it or are wanting me to do a video about it
because someone in your life struggles with it and you want to know
how to better help them. So what is agoraphobia? Well it falls under the category of
anxiety disorders and i’m going to read, obviously,
as I always do, from my DSM It tells us exactly what the diagnostic
criteria is and it says that “agoraphobia is a marked
fear or anxiety about two or more of the following
five situations: ” So people are really scared about these They’re either scared of using
public transportation, of being in open spaces, being in enclosed spaces, standing in line or being in a crowd, or being outside of the home alone. Now they’ll avoid these situations because
they kind of fear that escape may be difficult or extremely
embarassing. So they try to not put themselves in those
situations, as you can imagine, because they’re really
scared that they wont be able to leave or if they feel a panic attack coming on,
or they feel their anxiety rise they just can’t get out, like they’re in
an elevator and they have to wait ’til the next floor
’cause they can’t get out in time and that thought and that worry keep them
out of those situations and for some people can even cause them
to be homebound which can be really difficult. So I made some notes so that I don’t
forget what I wanted to mention. But the people who struggle with this can also be diagnosed with panic disorder which I have a video on that.
You can click here to check it out. I’m going to talk about what
a panic attack is and how it’s different from just having
“anxiety” and kind of break that down. But the people who struggle with
agoraphobia can also have panic disorder but they don’t have to. These aren’t the same. But many people who struggle with
agoraphobia also struggle with panic disorder. Like I said, they worry about being
in an elevator And, not, feeling okay and feeling really
panicked and needing to get out and not being able to. And that fear makes them avoid those
situations because nobody wants to have that happen. Okay. So, the interesting thing for me. I always love hearing, “Who can get better
from this?” “How do people work on it?” “What’s the way that we can overcome it?”
because just knowing we struggle with something isn’t
enough. Yes, it’s great to put a name to something
that we’ve really been having a hard time with. But then what? Okay. So, I have agoraphobia. Then what? What do I do? Why did this happen? And the remission rates of the symptoms,
overall symptoms, every symptom, even that little bit of
fear is only 10%. So we really have to work on this because it will always kind of be there in
the background but we can better manage it. Just like we can better manage our
panic attacks and any kind of anxiety we have
by different tools that I’ll talk about at the end. So, unless agoraphobia is treated, people only get into remission at 10%. That’s if you haven’t gotten treatment, okay? So getting treatment is very important. And if you do, remission rates go up. So what causes it? Just like most mental illnesses
we don’t really know for sure. Like I always say, we can’t really test it.
We don’t know. But they suspect that having
a panic disorderandother phobias can really play a role in us struggling
with agoraphobia. So if we already -it’s almost like some of
the other videos I’ve created and things that I’ve talked about,
whether it be stuttering, or any kind of neural
development disorder, if we struggle with another one of those,
in that same classification, so for agoraphobia, any anxiety disorder
makes us more predisposed to struggle with agoraphobia. And so, there are also other genetic
components. 61% of, -it’s a, it’s the percentage of you,
-the chances of you having it [sic] if someone else in your family has it. That’s a pretty high percentage. It’s more than 50% likely that you’re
going to have it. So it increases your chances. So if someone in your life has
agoraphobia, it might be good, when you are getting
older and you start feeling like maybe you struggle with anxiety, to reach out
for help sooner rather than later because I don’t want us to have it get
so bad that we’re stuck at home, that we feel
like we can’t leave, everything’s really hard. The sooner we get help, the better. So if you are struggling, reach out. I promise, there are tons of physicians
and therapists and psychiatrists and psychologists and all sorts of
people in the field that can help you, okay? And so it’s kind of inherited. And there can also be some
environmental issues they say can lead to it. Having some experience with some
really scary and negative events in childhood that they talk about everything from abuse
of any kind to witnessing scary events or having PTSD
situations come up in childhood. All of that can make it harder for us
and make us more predisposed to struggle with agoraphobia. They even talked about losing a parent
at a really young age. If that happened in a really traumatic way and a really quick fashion, that that can also lead to it. So what do we do? Like I said, a lot of times we know
we have things. “Okay, great. Awesome, now I have a name
to call that feeling that I’ve been having forever.
Now what?” What are our treatment options?
And there are a lot out there. Like I said, reach out. Get help. Because
if we don’t, remission rates are very low. The number one, ta-da!
You’re looking at it. Psychotherapy “How does that make you feel?” And the reason that they say
that this is so great, and obviously, as with all
anxiety disorders, CBT is best. I have a video on it. If you want to watch it, you can click here
and check it out. But it works to change faulty thinking,
-as you’ll see in my CBT video- and correct firmly held beliefs that are
hindering your life. The firmly held belief here would be
something to the effect of, “If I can get out and it’s really embarassing I’ll never live down the shame.” or it could be anything related to
the anxiety. Like if I get out and I’m in
an elevator I’m gonna have a panic attack.
That’s gonna happen. Any belief like that. If I try to drive
my car over a bridge, I’m gonna have a panic attack and
I’m gonna fly off the bridge and I’m gonna kill myself. There can be all sorts of these beliefs
that you don’t even recognize are happening or that the thoughts
are even there. But being able to talk about it and
work on it in CBT because they have you write down
all those thoughts and record them, can help us better notice them and
manage them and overcome them. So CBT is best. It says, “You can slowly learn that your fears are very unlikely to come true, and if you’re worried about getting out
of the house to see a therapist -it’sveryimportant, I have it highlighted
with an asterisk, and everything- They’re worried about getting out
of the house so like, “Kati, I can’t reach out for help because
I can’t get out of the house.” Most therapists who work with people
with anxiety disorders, especially agoraphobia, will come to your house!
They make house calls. It’s part of what they do. It makes sense, right? Because if we’re
really struggling, they’re gonna have to come to us. Okay. The second thing is medication. And it’s the obvious ones that I always
bring up antidepressants and anti-anxiety
medications like benzodiazepines, that’s like Xanax,
and all those different kinds of medications and I’m not a doctor so don’t ask me
about medications because I only know what they recommend
and then I write them down with my clients and then I talk with
their psychiatrist. But medications can help us sometimes
just get out of the haze or the water or whatever we feel we’re in. If we feel like we’re drowning in it, can help us get our head above just enough for us to participate in therapy. Because sometimes, we’re so overcome with
anxiety and worry about the agoraphobia and worry about
being somewhere and worry about getting help,
and that worry stops us from even being able to
do anything. We’re like frozen. You ever felt like paralyzed by fear,
or worry, or anxiety? [sic] Like, “I can’t even -I don’t know where
to start. Ah!” It’s overwhelming. And so medication
can sometimes help us get there. Where then, we can start working on things. It doesn’t mean you have to stay on it
forever. I have many clients who have gone on it
and then gone off. And so, it’s up to you. Talk to your doctor. Tell them what your concerns are. Worries about side-effects or staying
on it forever. Whatever your concerns are
bring ’em up! There are a lot -there -you’re
-totally willing [sic] and it’s totally reasonable to have
worries and concerns and questions when you see your doctor. And the benzo’s. I know everybody’s like,
“Oh, but I’m gonna get addicted and ahh -I don’t really like that.” Those are like fire extinguishers. We have a fire. We’re gonna have
a panic attack. We’re already out in public. We have
to be here for work or whatever. It’s your sister’s birthday. You promised
you’d go. Whatever it is it doesn’t matter. But that fire is ignited and we need
a fire-stopper and Xanax can be great for that. Don’t use it all the time. Only use it when you have a fire, okay? I call them fires. It helps me visualize. I like that. “Put it out! No. No more.” So those are great things for, you know,
short-term basis, for situations, and I think the overall thing that
I want to get across to you is that if you’re having a hard time, if your anxiety’s getting worse, even if it doesn’t have to necessarily
do with agoraphobia, please reach out for help! Please share this video!
Please let people know they’re not weird, doesn’t make you a freak, it’s not something
that doesn’t happen. There are a lot of people who struggle
with this and if we don’t get help, if we don’t
reach out, only 10% of us will get better! I don’t like those rates. Do you? No. That’s not good. So share. Talk about it. Reach out because itcanget better. Therapistscancome to your house.
Thereishelp available. And even online, even talking about it,
venting about it can be helpful. So reach out. Share this video.
Share the information. Know that it can get better and we will
keep working together towards a healthy mind,
and a healthy body. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

100 thoughts on “What is Agoraphobia? How do we deal with it? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  1. I just recently got diagnosed with this last weekend, totally blew my mind but made my situation make so much sense

  2. I’ve called multiple therapists, about coming to my house, I have insurance. They act like I’m nuts for asking. I can’t make it to one yet. It’s been 7 months in my house. Ugh!!

  3. I've never ever heard of a therapist that will come to my home. Maybe they'll do it in big cities, and charge a lot of money! I doubt insurance would pay for a licensed therapist to come to my house.
    There really isn't a way for agoraphobics to get help unless you're rich and live in a big city.

  4. Does anyone panic around people like me? When walking towards people I feel like I could faint! It’s so irrational and no one online has this problem:.been dealing with it for years and haven’t gotten over it

  5. Hi Kati fantastic video. I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia and i don't like crowds of people do i struggled with that all my life, now i don't really go out alone i seem to stay or hide in my bedroom where it's quiet.
    I'm on the Waiting List for Mental Health & Agoraphobia but haven't heard nothing back within 5 months what do I now do?

  6. I don't think the person who wrote that knows much about Agoraphobia. it isn't that you are afraid of a situation it is a build up and it gets to the point where you are in pain then the terror starts.
    very odd your description i've known 4 or 5 people with it along with myself we all feel the same way. and none of us have been out in years. 8 years for me and over 10 for a few of the others.

  7. I have agoraphobia. I have not left house since October 31 2017. My therapists have to visit me. I'm sorry. I hope no one else have to suffer this. <3

  8. i thought i was the only one to have this..i been in my house for 1 and half years i don't go out even if im starving to death i just wait for my brother to arrive so i can him to get me something to eat

  9. My gf has this, whenever we go somewhere uncomfortable she holds my hand tightly and gets close. Cute I know lol

  10. There are NO professionals to help me with my agoraphobia. I live too far away from any city or large town. I am 💯 house bound for the 3rd time in 11 years. I don't think I'll be able to pull myself up out of the darkness this time. I give up.

  11. My mother doesn't understand my anxiety in social situations or even leaving the house but thank you for letting her understand

  12. I developed agoraphobia after overcoming a decade long addiction. I also have ptsd. I can't get on meds because I was already on 6mgs of xanax a day for over a decade also. It took me over 2 years to ween and get completely off of them, with a couple of seizures from withdrawl. Benzos are scary for anyone…I feel like a lot of people would abuse them (not just addicts) because they are a quick fix. I personally didn't abuse them, I was addicted to opiates. But if I didn't have the opiates I probably would have abused the xanax. And seriously listen to her when she says DO NOT TAKE THEM ALL THE TIME. Because your body will become physically addicted no matter what…and then they won't even work anymore, you'll have seizures if you try to ween to quickly, lose them, have them stolen, or run out early…and then you'll be completely screwed like me..in a worse place than I was before starting them and meds just don't work anymore because my tolerance to them is so incredibly high. Doesn't matter what the med is or how much, they just don't work anymore and it's incredibly frustrating…and not only that…I now live in a state that doesn't provide medicaid unless you are on disability or have children (I don't have either) and have no job…so my only option is to go sit in a public community drs office for hours and wait for an appointment with a therapist who probably doesn't specialize in trauma and other areas I need, or nothing. I'm desperate for help but can't even go to the E.R anymore. I've all but given up at this point. Sometimes I just don't even want to fight anymore…because what's the point? I have felonies so even if I get it together I'll have to work a minimum wage job the rest of my life. I'm stuck in a relationship that I hate, forced to sleep with him because I have nowhere else to go. I hate my life. I know, I know…'stop being a victim' 'the world isn't after you' 'be grateful for what you have' blah blah…it seems like people today aren't allowed to complain, because then they are labeled as crying victim tears, etc…I'm just tired of the judgement, of the b.s, the fakeness, not being able to really connect with anyone on a deeper level. I'm tired…very, very tired. My email is [email protected]
    If you feel the same, and want to reach out…I'm usually the one giving advice, but really needed to vent. I'm 29 years old, but feel like I've lived enough for 5 lives and am 80. Sigh. Thanks for reading if you have. If you can get help, do it…if you still WANT to be happy…try. Don't become like me. I basically failed myself.

  13. Help is only available to people with money. Those of us with serious agoraphobia have no jobs, and therefore can't afford it. And medicaid is only available in certain states…and only if you have children or are disabled in others.

  14. I can't go into an elevator without panicking. I can be locked in a room as long as I can get out. If I can't, then I panic. It sucks because very soon there might not be stairs and to take an elevator every day just scares me.

  15. Excellent video, definitely find this incredibly useful. It's always good to see someone who is telling you exactly how you feel without knowing you. It makes me think maybe I'm not crazy on those bad days.

  16. Therapist never have came to my house. They have ended our session because I miss so many appointments. I been house bound for months. I go out but then I get stuck for days again. I’m 27 about to be 28 and I been going through this for 14 years. I can’t keep a job or anything. My life is so small I hate it cuz I want to be successful and go to the gym and do things but I just let my life pass by

  17. I wish it was true that therapists came to your house. But they don't for long. You're soon expected to go places and be ok. No one really understands the fear and anxiety , how every day is torment.

  18. I had panic attacks (dizzy and heart palpatations) I stopped drinking wine and beer, I started to feel so much better, but I still had symptoms so The Dr. put me on Xanax for 7yrs. then got off but I had withdrawals now 30 yrs later I experience vertigo when I get stressed of course from traumas.

  19. I can leave my house I can only go about 30 mins away, if I think of going farter I get this doomed feeling and I'll throw up

  20. Only 10 % get better because there is not many resources. Myself for example, I live in the sticks, the therapist that I've tried to see are mostly religious based and they definitely don't make house calls. I would love to see a video maybe talking about other resources for help. I've heard of online therapy, I'd love to hear your recommendations for those that maybe don't have access to traditional therapies.

  21. What scares me is being completely alone in a room for a long time.. I woke up one time when my family left me at home alone and woke up crying and panicking. I feel pulsing in my heart and a slight headache. There's also nausea. I don't know what to do about it.

  22. Please don’t advise people to take benzos they are hell in the bottle,they are damaging memory and brain functions while taking them or during and after the most unbearable painful withdrawals.

  23. I have Panic Disorder with agoraphobia stemming from PTSD…. and then toss some PMDD in there. That's the recipe for me. My whole life is a fucking horror show.

  24. Like many others i discovered you via shane…to some his docu series might seem pointless but they dont get the fact that he brought YOU to us. Your content actually helps. Thanks Kati…i wish you a bazillion followers… you deserve it.

  25. My friend is homeschooled and she freaks out when she has to leave the house. Sadly, she is not an adult, so she has to go where her parents tell her to. She also gets just so stressed when she is outside her house. She had to go to therapy, and she was so nervous and anxious. I feel really bad for her and I would hate to have that phobia.

  26. You might be interested in online mindfulness therapy for your agoraphobia via Skype. This approach is very effective for most people.

  27. There is no difference
    Between phobia and acrophobia ,& claustrophobie
    The behavior therapy treatment does not work if it is an accident since childhood..
    This video is ..
    Never needed But this a funny Amusment ..
    Is not a psychology
    This astrologie M.Docteur hhhhh

  28. I have Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder. I hate leaving my house. I was on the bus and it started to get crowded. There were no seats left so people were standing up and crowding around the doors. I felt trapped and I couldn't breathe. PANIC ATTACK.

  29. i'm not sure if i have it but i have have alot of the symptoms i try telling my mom and dad but they don't believe me so i cant get help so then its starting to get worse i cant even leave my house what do i do?

  30. How they can help me if I’m scared to go doctor . worst I’m scared to talk to them spatially look at them and talk.
    Is there any phone therapy

  31. I have had agophobia since I was little I would have a panic attack if I had to go in a lift ( elevator ) and I feel dizzy and nauseous when I go in crowded open spaces! But know for the first time I am going to a event with lots of people I am so nervous but I want to get over my fears!

  32. If you are agoraphobic and reading this PLEASE help yourself by getting help. My mother was agoraphobic and she missed out on so much in life. She would venture out to get her hair done, grocery shopping and church but that was it. She definitely did have other forms of anxiety as well (and was a borderline hoarder) but never reached out for help. Instead, she became a prisoner in her home over the years and became very critical of others which I think was jealousy of other peoples' lives.

  33. You make it sound easy to get help. I have been housebound with agoraphobia for years due to prolonged childhood trauma and domestic abuse. I cannot work so I have state insurance but state insurance does not cover the treatment that is needed to recover. Every time I try and get help, a door is closed. It's no wonder that recovery rate is 10%. My life is not valuable enough for a therapist to treat me because I have state insurance and cannot work. I can see how it may lead the patient to believe that they are worthless. This then makes hopelessness increase and depression set it. Now you have two issues, agoraphobia and depression. I've been fighting for so long and you just get to the point where you realize you have no options.

  34. Thank you. I've always refused to take medicines. I only practice CBT. I want to overcome agoraphobia, panic attacks, and anxiety without a medicine. It's possible. And when I reach my goal, I'm even more proud of myself because I did it without a medicine, nor any other help. Only CBT. Exposure is the key.

  35. I don’t know if I have agoraphobia but it all started 4yrs ago after having my kids. I don’t want to leave my house at all. I am terrified to leave my home to the point were I hysterically start crying & shaking. I’m terrified of being attacked & that ppl will hurt my kids. I don’t want my kids in school because I’m afraid that someone might bully them or shoot up the school. I no longer watch the news because I have panic attacks. I get so sick all the time for no reason at all. I feel nauseous & start getting dizzy and start sweating. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m tired of feeling like this. I don’t want to loose my husband. There are times where I wish I didn’t have kids not because I don’t want them I love them so much that I’m terrified for them because this world is disgusting and I brought them to this. I feel like they need to be with me 24/7. I know I need help but I can’t afford it.

  36. I just discovered that I have agoraphobia a few months ago when I had a panic attack at a concert. I was fine until the crowd changed & got so thick that I was surrounded shoulder to shoulder in every direction around me by thousands of people. I suddenly felt like I was trapped & had to escape. I felt this intense fear & like I couldn't breathe. It was a terrifying experience for me because I had never felt that way before. That was my first time being in a crowd that size in a space that was not large & spacious enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. The venue had been overbooked. I left just to get from around all those people. Later I googled what happened to me (my reaction to the crowd) & I found out what it was.

  37. Wow. You just described me! I was diagnosed with agoraphobia and panic disorder. I'm doing a little better nowadays, but there was a point where I wouldn't leave my apartment. And just the thought of using public transportation makes me begin to panic. My ex husband and I used to do our grocery shopping around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. just to avoid the crowds of daytime and evening rush hours. Now I go places only with my mom or sister. And I use Wal-Mart's pick up program where you place your grocery order online, then you schedule a pick up, and they bring your order out to your car. I never have to step inside the store! I challenge myself all the time though. I test my boundaries little by little using my hierarchy of fear method that a different therapist told me about yeeeeeeears ago.

  38. I tried to be strong yesterday and walk my kids to the bus stop. After my kids got on the bus, I turned around to walk home and I don't know if I was dizzy or had a panic attack. Sad… I couldn't even do such a simple task.

  39. That's a lie, there is no help for people with agoraphobia!! Depending on where your located, but where I'm at, no help for it. None, nada, zilch!!

  40. I dont fear being able to escape shit. Ill leave in a instance.. problem for me is.. I never leave my house. I haven't in a few weeks. Sometimes. Months. I haven't seen my mother in years because she has many people there at all times…

  41. elevators have always been my greatest both getting trapped inbetween floors and falling specifically by myself just because my chances of being able to get out are slimmer and everytime i enter one my heart races i start shaking

  42. I get so scared when we’re driving near water, (not bridges!?!?!?!!!) like watersides or a road with water on both sides. And I get so scared that we would drive in the water like the driver could pass out or have some random medical issue which causes them to let go of the wheel. Or other cars coming from the other side of the road just crashing into me or sliding.

  43. I deleted my last comment, it was unrealistic. You can never fully get out from under Agoraphobia. I've done it all; I studied Judo, I took acting classes and I even taught myself to speak like Gregory Peck. And yet I attended a Super Bowl party and my heart raced like a Ferrari. Not wanting to make a scene, I stayed chair bound until I had my wits in order to drive home.

  44. The CBT I’ve tried hasn’t done shit, therapists need to try harder at coming up with better techniques

  45. I have had this since I was ten and from when I was twelve I was totally housebound except for when I was forced outside (school was a massive challenge). Some years it's public transport, some years it's being in an open space, cinemas etc. and in general for all these years it's knowing I have a meeting outside the house and being super anxious for the whole time leading up to it and it's being outside the house where the further and for the longer the worse. I have to do things spontaneously so I don't have time to think about it, I have to bring a "safe"-person or I have to plan a way out. (Often it's telling people I feel sick, either before I leave home or whilst out, but then again I am not lying. I feel absolutely terrible actually). I could be inside for weeks if I didn't work seriously hard to get outside now and then.

  46. I’m 27, & have been diagnosed with agoraphobia. It began untreated three years ago, but I’m in treatment now. I hope that I can overcome this.

  47. I have panic disorder and agoraphobia….
    The worst thing i did because of agoraphobia was pressing 3,6,9,12,15,18 botton on an elevator so that i can safely arrrive to the 20th floor because Im alone.
    But dont worry, i dont do that anymore, i still have agoraphobia thou


  49. what about people who suffer from agoraphobia but do not have history of panic attacks? If they don't have panic attacks then why are they scared of going outside?

  50. I'm was a teen survivor of physical violence with 4other teen girls in a gang and survivor of physical violence of abuse when I was pregnant by an ex and I witnessed my sister get beat up by her ex, I got agoraphobia took meds, now I go out with no neds.

  51. Thanks Kati, I can tell from all these vids and comments that you are a good person and a good therapist! Keep it up!

  52. I have never heard of therapist visit patients at home. I struggle from agoraphobia since many years now the only way is to avoid typical places where I take in to much sensory information. Public transportations, beeing scolded in public or acknowledged for my work by my boss is the worst thing for me. I am socially naive and gullible. That makes my problem worse since I don't understand why people behave inconsistent or manipulative . It makes me feel ashamed and I start to overthink my personal responsibility. I am so happy that my husband is a introvert which make it very safe and harmonious at home. No social networking at home with people who aren't family. I wonder if this manipulative behavior has become worse by dysfunctional TV shows and such? We don't watch TV unless it's a documentary or health related education. I get anxiety when I see immature people handling things in an escalating way without having the insight that their behavior only worsens than conflict solve the problem. Behavioral health problems seem to increase and it has to many levels of the broad spectrum to see where it is a point to engage in helping people who seem to rather seek support to continue their own unhealthy relations. I try every day to face what I can and my goal is to not suffer from this. Medicines help but I think therapy and exercise is equally important. I meditate everyday. Little by little will be step to the right direction. A healthy acceptance of myself and others.

  53. I don't have this anymore but in my junior high days whenever I walked in the streets, I would see a person walking towards me footpath and I would kinda start to have trouble with my balance and feel like I am an about to lose my control over my legs, it kinda felt like you are going to faint or lose consciousness. There is no fear or anything like that or any increase in heart rate, this would last until both I and the person have pasted paths.

  54. My panic disorder resulted in agoraphobia for about a year. The sheer level of terror is what made me seek out my therapist and I’m not longer suffering from agoraphobia anymore. Being on both sides is so crazy.

  55. This never fully goes away it's seems to get worse as time goes on it's just easier to off yourself to escape

  56. i used to think that people who were agoraphobic were crazy, but now that I’m having to actually grow up I completely get the fear and anxiety now. The thought of not being able to get out of a situation easily and go to a place i felt safe has worn away at me. My anxiety hasn’t been this bad since childhood when I’d cling to my mom in the grocery store because I would panic if I couldn’t find her. Now, every time im in a public place I feel people look at me, I start to feel derealized/depersonalized and I dont know what to do. I feel like I would get better with a routine, like a job or school, but the hardest part about anything is starting (especially when you have anxiety and adhd wombo combo) and I haven’t really done anything with my life since graduating last year. I did go on a trip to california which was fun but I think it triggered my anxiety again, sadly. Im getting treatment though so hopefully soon I can start living like all my friends are

  57. I think I might have agoraphobia or somthing simular. But only Bieng 15 and needing to ask My perents to go to therpy is terrofieing. We also are going thru a lot rn inkluding monny problems and sik grand peronts. Both My perents are stresset and I don't even know if i can get free therpy. If not therpy is off the tabel and then what do I do. Im so lost in All of this and I have so much on My plate rn i feel so strest and hopless. What do I do…

    Sorry for the bad englich.

  58. I have agoraphobia because of embarrassment over my movement disorder. Clonazepam helps massively.cant go outside without it.

  59. I’m 14 years old and with the past year I feel great anxiety leaving the house and being in social situations. My parents think I’m lazy because I rarely walk the dog anymore. Going to the park for even 20 minutes makes me so self conscious and anxious. Most of the time I can bring myself to leave the house. I’m not self diagnosing this is just what I’ve been dealing with and I hate it. I also struggle with other mental health issues which make it a lot worse.

  60. You know what I find interesting is the fact that I am absolutely mortified of using public transportation by myself personally but not like with a friend or something I mean I've literally never used it without either friends or family, it also helps to have a car

  61. I’m not exactly home bound because I still go out but only to school and to hang out with friends but if I go out I have to be with friends otherwise I freak out.

  62. Just leaving this here in case it helps anyone. I have struggled with agoraphobia for most of my adult life, but for the past decade have dealt with living in isolation and even stopped driving or leaving my "safe zone". I had given up on myself and on life. I talked to a counselor on the phone during all these years and nothing helped. I found ACOA Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families and through this recovery I finally have hope and progress! It's free, you can find it online and there are phone meetings and face to face meetings. It is modeled on the 12 steps of AA, but it is more healing than AA. It helps you understand what brought you to this point and shows you there is another way to live. I never thought there was hope for me, but I am so happy to say that my life has changed and I have changed. Don't give up, there is hope and it you don't need to be rich to get it. Therapy helps if you have the right person, but I also realize not everyone can afford it.

  63. I am wondering if it is possible to have an underlying agoraphobia that gets worse over time due to personal situations in someone's life..

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