What if our Brains Communicated with each other? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if our Brains Communicated with each
other? Then everybody will know that I love chocolate
milkshakes. Oh AumSum. Firstly, all of us would suddenly become psychic. Secondly, this will prove to be great news
for deaf as well as dumb people. As they will be able to easily communicate
with everybody. Thirdly, overtime, due to evolution, we may
lose our ability to speak. As there will be no need for the same. Fourthly, if our brains were able to communicate
with each other over long distances. Then mobiles will suffer the same fate that
letters did when internet was invented. Fifthly, CEO’s of courier and telecom companies
will be very sad. As company stocks may go down the drain. Sixthly, surveillance may no longer be possible,
no more phone tapping. Lastly, singers might be a worried lot as their years of practice might go in vain.

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