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Hey everybody, happy Thursday! And when it’s Thursday here what do we do? We usually do FAQs or we talk about things
in the media. And many of you have pushed different – and I say pushed like forwarded it to me on Twitter, or sent it to me on the website, or flopped it over to my email – and I’ve looked at a lot of the things that are happening in the media that you’ve sent over, and thank you very much for doing that. And I was actually gonna talk about, um, a study that came out saying that depression shrunk the hypothalamus within the brain, but then somebody after that person pushed that to me, somebody else was like, “But I read this”, and it was like, “But if you get treatment it goes back to regular and it can heal your brain!” And so I was like “I don’t know what I want to talk about, because we don’t know yet.” So stay tuned! But, thank you all for sending me in that stuff and don’t think that I don’t read it or that I don’t take it into consideration for today’s video. However, today, I have two very great questions that are things I hadn’t thought about before, so thank you all, that’s why I love our community – because you force me to think outside the box and try different things and think about what your questions could really be. Now this first question says: “Hey Kati, I often hear the word ‘stigma’ when people talk about mental health, but I don’t understand. What is the stigma? Or, what even is any stigma towards mental health? Does it make it worse, or better? I’m totally confused by this term towards mental health.” So I looked up the definition for stigma. And it says: “A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person. Synonyms are: shame, disgrace, dishonor, humiliation, ‘bad’. Like the stigma of bankruptcy or going bankrupt.” And so, that’s really what stigma means; it’s when – I’ll go back to the thing – people like ‘mark’ you in a bad way, like a
disgraceful way, based on some circumstances you have. So, it could be like religious people
thinking that you’re terrible for having an
abortion or getting a divorce. People like
‘stigmatize’ you like, “Oh,” you know, “She got pregnant when she wasn’t married, she’s a ‘bimbo’.” Like, that would be a stigma. So when we talk about it as it pertains to mental
health, we’re saying that people will judge us, or have preconceived notions of us (having a “stigma”) due to our mental health issues. Like assuming that people with eating disorders, every one of them is rail thin, or they “just need to eat”. Those are all like phrases based on a stigma. So it’s almost like “stigmatization”, has anybody heard of that? Like you’re “stigmatizing”
me? Or you’re, um, it’s like pre-judging. And so that’s really what we mean when we talk about it with mental health. People will have pre-conceived notions about us based on our mental health condition, without actually understanding it. I would liken stigma to being ignorant. Completely
ignorant. Or potentially completely stupid – those are two seperate things by the way, if you wanna know more about it you can look that up. But, I think that a lot of people don’t understand mental health, and
therefore have pre-conceived notions about it not based on any fact, and judge people based on that. And that’s what I’m trying to
stop! So the more we share the videos, the less stigma hopefully will exist and the more understanding there will be out there. I hope that helps. If there is still any confusion let me know below. Okay? If anybody else thinks they have better, you know, descriptions, let me know. Question number two: “Does anyone have any experience with getting a 504 Plan for a mental health problem? I get really bad anxiety and panic attacks at school,
mostly during lectures and tests when I feel like I can’t leave the room. I’m totally fine if I’m sitting in the back though and I’ve gotten referred for a 504 Plan several
times by people at school so that I can sit in the back at all my classes and take my tests in the office, but my parents always say it seems like too much work, because they aren’t super involved and don’t understand. Has anyone ever had any experience with one, whether it’s for
anxiety or something else?” So I’d like all of you if you have experience, to give your experience below. Now, I will give an experience that I have had working with my clients over the years. Now, a 504 Plan for those of you who don’t know, is a kind of, I’ll just lump it all together with like an IEP – an “Individualized Education Plan” – and this is something that a
school is pretty much legally bound, I believe, yes legally bound to offer. And as a therapist I’ve sat in on some of these meetings for IEPs or for 504 Plans, and I’ve put together a plan. And your parents can do the very same thing, I’ve just been an advocate so that the parents feel like there’s another professional there to, you know, use the right terms and get their needs met. And I advocate for my client. And it’s really when, um, as parents or as a therapist you feel like you’re, the child needs more support – whether it’s taking tests in the office, or sitting in the back of class, sitting in the front of class, getting extra time on tests – there are a bunch of things that you can ask for and so you set these goals and things that you’re requesting from the school, and then it’s kind of a negotiation, and you usually sit down with the school counsellor, or whoever, it’s usually, I mean I think it’s always been the school counsellor, usually one of the teachers or whoever represents the teachers, um and oftentimes the principal or whoever’s in charge of the school. Um, and you come together for a plan to better suit the student’s needs. And if any of you are having trouble in school: it’s the Summer
time, get people together. You get your 504, your IEP plans together, start talking to your parents, start reaching out to your school, because having them in place when school starts will set you so much better up for success and less stress and getting the needs that you have, getting them met and making sure you have extra time and all that stuff. So please reach out to your people, and get this together because these are so helpful. I’m always up for doing them for my clients and I’m sure your therapists feel the same. It’s such a benefit and it’s something that we need to y’know, utilize, it’s a great resource. And like I said, leave your comments below of any experiences you’ve had and I’ll see you all either tomorrow or on Saturday with a journal topic. Okay, bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Thank you, @Kati Morton !!!

    A journal topic idea is a quote that I've used most of my life. "Everything is ok in the end. If it isn't ok, it isn't the the end. "

    Thank you for all of your help! XO

  2. I've had a 504 plan for the past 2 years do to my anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I asked to be able to leave class during a panic attack, tardiness excused, and. To be able to go to the school counslour when needed. It really helped me be more comfortable and prepared at school.

  3. Kati I need help I ask my counselor and others for help but I never get it because I am not an immediate threat to myself for suicide even though I have thoughts of it all the time. I don't know what to do please help

  4. You beat me to the punch 😉
    I was thinking of making a vid on Stigma. Yup,,,still gonna make it. lol

  5. Wow, stigma is probably the reason it took me so long to seek help and haven't been able to talk to my family about it, specially because mental illnesses are very taboo here in Perú and our "traditional" society is very reluctant to accepting anything they may not understand. It's funny how even though i understand this and have an actual ed, find myself thinking there's no way therapy will work or people won't judge me. If my teacher wasn't so pushy (very insistent, no pressure tho) about therapy i would have just given up long ago. Everything you do is great! Thanks xo!

  6. Why are you literally so freaking awesome! I LOVE your videos, they are so inspiring! Thanks for everything you do in the YouTube community along with things outside of youtube. 🙂

  7. I was physically abused when I was 18 or 19 (I'm 26 now) and allot of people that the guy that abused me and I know still to this day say that I deserved it and that I'm a "slut." While it still bothers me, it doesn't overtake my thought process anymore and I'm able to move forward.

  8. I sat up all night waiting for you to post this video (I'm from Australia it's 3:30 am here) and as expected it was well worth it! Thank you so much for making these videos I know it does so much for me other individuals suffering from mental illness and other people in general because talking about mental health is so important and I as a sufferer of mental health issues I take my power of speech very seriously and push myself to be as open as possible with the struggles I've faced in my life in hopes to help lift the stigma. the most simplistic of things can make the greatest changes. FAQ Also my psychiatrist and psychologist are really pushing me to start taking anti psychotics but I don't feel as though its right for me non of my family or peers are supportive of the idea and im scared of becoming dependent if I feel like it not right for me should I trust my instinct? I've been contemplating this for over 6 months and it still feels wrong but I just want to do what's best for my mental health I just want to make the right decision!. Journal topic #1 "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" -Winston Churchill #2 "stay patient, and visualize yourself changing into who you will become"

  9. Journal topic #1 "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" -Winston Churchill #2 "stay patient, and visualize yourself changing into who you will become"

  10. I think another stigma is if you're hospitalized you're considered "crazy" even when you're not psychotic. Either way seeking treatment shouldn't be seen in this kind of light.

  11. Through out school I struggled quite a bit from having dyslexia and later on with ocd and depression. My school pushed me to the side and ignored the problem. I skipped through the cracks. Finally in grade 12 I had paper work to bring in and document shit. I had a 504 plan and it helped a lot for the anxiety. It allowed me to sit where I chose and to be able to leave if I needed to and take tests other places and different ways of I needed. It allowed extra time on anything that "involved reading or writing"…so basically everything. I had one teacher that I didn't click with and he tried to ignore it and me when I tried to work things out with him, but they are bind by law. Speak up, ask for help, don't beat yourself up. Being different is okay.

  12. I have to concentrate on listening to you because it's easy to get lost in your eyes.

    Sorry, if this comes off as shallow but I just wanted to say your energetic manner is very encouraging! Thank you.

  13. Here in Norway we have like an own department for this. It's really great! Because of my social anxiety and complex PTSD I'm able to take 11th grade in two years. I get to choose which classes I want to take the first year and then take the rest the next year. And if that's too much, I can take classes online. I'll have weekly appointments with a counselor who'll put together all my homework and everything else happening in school to help me with my anxiety and so I'm able to prepare myself. I also got to make a list with people I didn't wanna have class with (to avoid the ones who bullied me). So even though I'm terrified of starting school, I'm a little excited cause they have so much more help to make me as comfortable as possible!

  14. Hey Kati, thank you so much for every one of your videos! They really help me a lot. Btw your eyes are so pretty, I love their shape and colour and your lashes and everything! x

  15. Kati, I watch all your videos but I rarely leave comments.  I just wanted to say I really appreciate your videos. I love the language you use and the way you describe mental health issues as affecting "us" or "we" instead of "you." It is very comforting to hear you use inclusive terms instead of talking about it as it is something that solely affects "others" (or the listener). I notice this in all of your videos and it's wonderful.

    Sending all of my love our way!

  16. Thank you for answering my question, it really helped me to better understand the term "stigma" thanks! xx

  17. I had an iep (individual education plan in Alberta) for the last two years of university. I was able to sit down with a team of people and it was agreed that I could write exams separate and on a computer because between anxiety and physical symptoms of my meds I shook like a leaf and often lost a lot of marks because I couldn't do the fine motor skills needed to pass a test. I went from barely passing my classes to graduating with honors, all because I couldn't fill in the little dots on the exam proper or because my profs couldn't understand my written answers through the penmanship. There are so many people who have iep's and I had to work through the courage to ask for the solution, but it allowed me to have amazing success in the final two years. Thanks Kati!

  18. Dear Kati. Recently I found out about your channel and I find your video's really helpful. I have a question for you and I hope you could answer it (thumbs up from other viewers/people who are in the same situation could help making Kati read & answer this?). When I was 6 years old, my parents divorced. As soon as I was old enough to understand what a divorce meant, I told myself to never think about it or how it would be if my parents didn't get into a divorce. Now 10+ years later, I've been feeling depressed for a few months and I don't know why. I don't know whether it's because I'm still not over the divorce (because I've pushed away all feelings about it), or it's something else. My question for you: Can I know and if the answer is 'yes', how do I know whether I'm over it or not?

  19. At uni in the UK I had things in place for presentations which meant that I always had a fixed slot, could have an extension if necessary and in my final year was offered to do it privately so not in front of the class. I'm pretty sure that this is the only way that I didn't fail those assessments, especially after a panic attack meant I could barely enter the classroom, never mind stand in front of people. I didn't take up the offer in third year (I should have really), but still got one of my top marks on this (I'm still buzzing off this mark 15 months after getting it back).

    It was quite easy for me to set up, just needed medical evidence and my head of year to wave his magic wand, but I guess that different circumstances work out differently. I did have a very understanding department (and cried on 90% of lecturers).

  20. #KatiFAQ
    Why has my parents started treating me differently now they are aware of my mental health issues, in a good way. So so nice, always checking in & showering me with gifts. Is it cause they feel bad or…I dunno?

  21. Hi Kati
    I haven't commented before but thought maybe l should as l really both enjoy and get stimulation from your videos. I am a practicing psychotherapist and can readily endorse everything you say. A big issue that l find and which you might want to talk about sometime is the tendency to assume (usually by the system) that certain conditions requie set amounts of therapy. As we both know this is a very individual thing ranging from the client who is happy to say talk about their abuse almost from the start to the client who hardly says anything for the first few sessions. One size, as often prescribed by the statutory health bodies, definately doesn't fit all. Keep up the great work please. Very watchable and extremely helpful.

  22. #katifaq hey Kati, I love your videos.

    What is the process of going to a hospital for self harm and getting stitches… Will they keep you to get help or is that your choice?.

  23. When I had my meeting for my 504 plan 4 of my 6 were there, and the counselor (my high school has 4) in charge of the school's 504 plans was there. My 504 plan says I can leave the room and go chill in student services for a while if I start to get super anxious, I'm allowed to listen to music on my phone while I'm working, and I get extra time on math tests. Next year I'll have at least one teacher that I had this year, that will be nice because I won't be scared to talk to her if I need extra help.

  24. Can you explain how marijuana contributes to panic attacks and anxiety? Or if you've dealt with anxiety, how smoking marijuana could be dangerous or beneficial?

  25. I recently alienated a friend by mentioning I have BPD.
     I was talking to my best friend about it and he put it perfectly. I was telling him sometimes I make a mistake, and tell the wrong people. And he said, "Girl, you aren't doing anything wrong, THEY'RE WRONG." which is soooo true.
    I shouldn't have to be so paranoid about people knowing about my disorder like it's some big secret. These horrible stigmas need to be discussed, I shouldn't be ashamed of my illness, it's a part of me just like it's a part of a lot of people!

  26. On IEPs/504's
    I have Cerebral Palsy which severely impairs my movement, motor skills, and muscles. I've been disabled from birth. My IEP's have included everything from allowing me unlimited no stress bathroom breaks for my overactive bladder to tables in classrooms for my wheelchair to extra time on tests due to my slow writing speed and/math learning disability. What will be on yours totally depends on what you need. When I was little, I dictated my homework to my parents. Generally speaking there will be a meeting with you, your parent/guardian, a teacher you trust, the principal/dean of students, and the special Ed dept. You will be required to prove you have a disability. This proof is usually just paperwork from a doctor or other medical professional listing diagnosis and symptoms.(in cases of mental health issues, therapists paperwork is valid. ) It is important for you to disclose any illness or disability that you believe may impede school so you and the school can plan for it. At this meeting, you'll discuss your disability and your requested accomadations.

  27. @Kati Morton I have tried joining your website for past 2 months, and I still haven't received the confirmation email, iv checked my spam inbox and nothing.  Can you help, as I cant see or interact on your internet without this confirmation email. xxx

  28. Kati, really enjoying your videos.  Wonder if you are interested in a collab?  Go to my channel Motivate For Success to see if you think we could do something together.  Keep up the great work.

  29. I have a 504 plan for anxiety too! It has been so helpful for me being able to go to school and stay in school! My guidance counselor and school counselor actually told me and my mom about it and said it would be helpful. Then we had a meeting with all of my teachers my mom and the guidance counselor and school counselor to set it up! It pretty much says that I'm allowed to take my tests in a small quiet room which always ended up being in guidance, that I'm allowed to leave class and go on walks to help me calm down or go to guidance, I can present in front of just my teacher, and I can't be marked late if I'm having trouble getting out of the car and actually going into school! I would definitely tell your mom that it's not a lot of work and that you think it would help you because it has helped me so much!

  30. Hi Kati! Just wondering…. How do people know when the negative voice stops being a thought and starts becoming an auditory hallucination? How do professions distinguish this and diagnose correctly?

  31. I've been speaking with several clinicians about what they consider to be their most problematic cases. I've heard a few times that treating patients with borderline personality disorder is a challenge. After doing some research I realized that there is a huge stigma against patients with a BPD diagnosis. I was recently told that the most important thing to do while treating BPD patients is to set boundaries. I was curious to know what types of boundaries you set for your patients with BPD?

  32. I encourage anyone out there that needs help when it comes to
    School go for it! Get all the help you can and don't worry about what anyone else has to say about it! When I was in college 14 yrs ago I found out through councilors that they had a program that would be of benefit to me, they just needed notes from my doctors. I got to sit in a private room to take my exams. I tried blocking the clock from my vision as well and it helped a whole lot.

  33. Hi Kati. I've wanted to work in the field of psychology since I was around 12. I am now almost 18 and am worried I'm not smart enough to do it. I have been on medication since the age of 9 for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I still really want to get my masters in child and adolescent psychology, but I am scared my mental illnesses will hinder me from doing that. Please help, I really don't know what I should do.

  34. Katie my phycologist is going to cbt therapy with me and because it's only short term does that mean my problem is not big ?

  35. I have a 504 in school. I'm not sure if it's like this in most schools, but for mine, it is very difficult to get a 504– the administrators don't give them out unless the child is diagnosed by a doctor to have some sort of problem that affects the learning environment, and that is proven. Mine is for OCD, and allows me to use mechanical pencils on all assignments, get 50% extra time on tests, sit front and center in all classrooms, leave the room for testing (they call this "small testing room environment), etc. to alleviate testing anxiety. It's been pretty helpful so far, and teachers seem to be more patient when I taker longer to process concepts (I take all honors/AP so they move at a pretty quick pace). Hope this helps someone!

  36. I had an iep in high school and it helped me out a lot. A lot of people are at school to help. I had the best case manager at school who really helped me through my high school years.
    Also I strongly suggest getting it if you need it, even if it you're almost done with school because when you have an iep, they will provide you with tests and documentation that cost a lot of money to get privately. When I started college, and applied for accommodations, I had all of the things I needed because in school they test you every 3 years. If you try and get these tests done separately they can be thousands of dollars. 
    Best of Luck!

  37. wow… I didn´t even know that there are poeple out there not knowing what a stigma is. It´s probably because my native language is German and in German we use this word pretty frequently.
    If I had to explain what it means, I´d say that whenever someone stigmatizes someone else, they put a "mark" or "lable" of hate/ humiliation on that person… based on that person´s e.g. skin colour, mental health, overall looks etc…
    For example: If I´d say that I hate all people with Anorexia and I think that this illness doesn´t really exist cuz I think they only do it in order to get attention… I´d stigmatize them. This stigma, however, is based on false information and/or ignorance. Stigmas are often based on stereotypes…!
    That´s why people like Kati are SO IMPORTANT!! They get rid of those stigmas and stereotypes! Cuz it´s not like poeple with depression can just "pull it together" and be happy… or anybody suffering from antisocial personality disorder becomes a serial killer… you get the point I´m making 😉

  38. Hey kati I hope you read this, I have made the steps to see a specialist counsellor that specialises in rape and all that jazz! I had an assessment and it went well I feel it was right. It's because I think I haven't properly dealt with the events? It's going to be weekly and possibly in groups after a bit. I also have a psychologist appointment in August. I am really just reaching out for support here I guess! Xoxox

  39. For the 504 go to your school counselor and she can help (i got mine for dyslexia and i get the notes from my teachers snd my test taking in a diffrent room (most school have a room just for this) and all your parents have to do is go to the school every year snd have a meet with the counselor and a teacher 👍 but If your parents don't want to do that im sure you can tAlk to your counselor and see if shr can write a note or pull you out of class for test ! Hope this helps good luck i hope you can get it

  40. Hi Kati , I guess I'm writing for advice. Last December I started to get sick, I was missing so much school and had to change to online school at the end of the first semester. By the end of the summer I hope to be fully healthy and have control over my illness. I've always had anxiety since middle school , but when I got sick , panic attacks started. I want to go back to school because I feel like I'm missing out on life, but I'm scared that I'll have a panic attack at school. I don't know what to do. I don't want panic attacks to make me miss out on life but I'm scared if one happens. They're so scary and they make me feel like I'm going to die , I don't know how I'd get through that at school. What's your advice on my situation? Thank you!

  41. kati! I haven't commented in such a long time after all that google -adding to circle thing happened and I wasn't able to add you even though I clicked to add you. hope you're doing well. been keeping up with your videos.

  42. as far as my ED is going. well, i'm on medication right now but I haven't really resolved the issue properly. but i'll keep you posted

  43. KATI FAQ, what do you do when all you really need sometimes is space/peace and quiet? I find that when i'm stressed out, it helps to get away from people and have a few minutes to myself – but sometimes its hard to do because I live with my whole family & how do you stay positive when you try hard at something (my theory for my driving test) but its taking so long and I still haven't passed while I keep getting reminded that so many others have?

  44. For the second question – a 504 is not legally bound, an IEP is. Usually a school will try a 504 first because it involves cheaper and less drastic changes. (Different testing rooms, having a set of books for home and school, getting a test read to you and extended time) an IEP is what Kati refers to with the goals and supports and negotiation. Although IEPs are more work and involve a lot more pushing of the school to recognize problems a students experiencing, it can involve supports such as a specialized school, occupational and speech therapy, and much more. An IEP also makes the school responsible for making sure a student is prepared for life after high school, whether that means college, trade school, entering the work force or a long term residential facility. Most times a 504 is the only change needed, and it doesn't involve a CSE or IEP meeting. If you go to any doctor they can write a note stating your condition/diagnoses and a request for a 504 plan. Hope this helps! 🙂

  45. My hight school counselor in 2012 would not really look into an IEP or a 501 for me because i was so old. I dont think the system takes into account that things change over your life. So i never got one. And to this day i still have an anxiety attack and cry in every math class i jave to go to which has been every school day since. They also said its only for people with learning disabilities not mental health.

  46. i'm not sure how support from schools work in the US but i'm from england and my school were amazing! i already had extra time and rest breaks due to having CFS/ME but they also allowed me to sit wherever i wanted in the exam hall (and change seats halfway through if i got anxious), have breaks that didn't cut into my exam time if i felt anxious/had a panic attack, and one of the exam supervisors was assigned to me so if i needed anything or wanted to leave it was always the same person dealing with it so i felt safer and knew they would be informed of my situation and understand. if anyone feels like they would benefit from support from their school/college/uni then i would encourage you to ask a staff member you trust to look into it for you as it can be a great help. and even if you didn't ever end up needing a fresh air/calm down break (for example), it doesn't matter as its reassuring just to know those things are in place should you need them 🙂 xxx

  47. Dear Kati. I really do like your videos. I was in therapy with my therapist for just over 4 and a half years. But last week i had my very last session.My therapist has left and after such a long time in this most important relationship i feel very sad and alone. I sometimes try to talk to friends about the way i feel. But i can tell that they do not really understand. The therapy has changed my life in so many ways. But now its all over and this very important person is gone there now is a big hole. I have cried every day since it finnished. There has been a lot of lose in my family and i put myself in therapy because of a failed relationship and other personal reasons. But now i just want this latest pain to go away. The trouble with therapy is that i grew so dependent on this person. But the sad thing is that clients can't be friends at the end of the day with a beloved therapist. I do recognise the reasons why this has to be. But it does not make any differents it still hurts. I just wondered if you could get back to me. And give me some advice?

  48. Isn't that almost the same thing as stereotyping? I thought stigma was about sort of like thinking people with mental illnesses are less capable, weird etc?

  49. On the 504 plan thing. I have extra time on tests and assignments. I don't have to do oral presentations in front of the class (only the teacher). I'm allowed to go out of class if I feel a panic attack coming and I'm allowed to sleep in class if I've had a really bad night. They also let me take my 6hr English exam over the space of a week. I really recommend getting a 504 in place it's really really helped me a ton 🙂

  50. I have Bipolar, Aspergers (like i cant tell peoples emotions and stuff), dyslexia, Anxiety, and EDNOS, (all diagnosed) and I have an IEP it is the best thing in the world it helped me for being a C and D student to A's and B's and even taking some college classes and I'm just going into Junior year! Its do to a man named Mitch Abbetessa or Mr.A for short. He is the best man in the world. He advocates for all his kids in the learning center. The learning center is a place with a teacher like Mr.A with kids on IEP's most kids use it as a time for help on home work but i use it as a cool down period of the day. Mr.A also go life advice and stuff. Most schools have someone like Mr.A so if you like you should have an IEP or Mr.A please do ask you guidance consoler or someone! They are great!!!!!! ^_^

  51. I have had the same problem but it was from the teachers not wanting to do it. Luckily my mom pushed for it to be done. After that I still didn't get everything I needed. Luckily I had to go on to high school where there they confirmed I did mead a IEP due to me be almost completely blind.

  52. I talked to a lady in my small town here in Oklahoma and she said her son is still having issues even with a plan because the teachers refuse to actually follow thru on what needs to be done to help his needs because here the "stigma" is pretty bad I know I have been feeling the brunt of it myself as an adult here. People look at us and see nothing visibly wrong and assume we are lazy or making it up soooooo…….

  53. Hello Kati, thank you so much for this video. You're awesome, like always. I understand the half that you say because my native language is Spanish, but I don't care! I love to hear you, anyway. And also I can practice my English level. A hug. See you, then.

  54. Great job on STIGMA. I will be presenting on this topic to my local NAMI Affiliate next Thursday. Will this session still be available then? Answer on FB.

  55. Thanks. I listen to this song called "Stigma" by Bts. I didn't understand what it meant but after watching this video . I understand.

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