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[BIRDS CHIRPING] SPEAKER 1: I think bipolar can be an amazingly beautiful experience. SPEAKER 2: Mania feels great. Things are beautiful. Things look different. I started to feel more emotion, to the point where I was almost euphoric. SPEAKER 1: Sounds are really strong, really vibrant. They really pierce the ear. SPEAKER 2: Things speed up. Most importantly, your mind, it’s very chaotic in a lot of movement. SPEAKER 1: My heart races through my arms. I can feel this fizzing sensation. SPEAKER 2: Just my energy and euphoria was moving me almost, directing me. SPEAKER 3: It’s like flipping through the channels on TV, where you see all these different ideas and images. And you’re just like, OK. Like, the world is not moving fast enough for my brain right now. And it feels so amazing because you feel like you understand the world. And you’re on top of the world. SPEAKER 1: You think that you can achieve anything. And You think that you are better than everybody else. And you think you can do anything. So, after that high of the mania and those buzzing limbs, I crash completely. And then we sort of slide into that gray sort of numbness at the bottom of all those feelings. SPEAKER 2: The depression came on. SPEAKER 3: It’s a hard, hard crash to come way down here. SPEAKER 1: The world starts to lose its color. SPEAKER 2: It’s a very dark place. It’s suffocating. SPEAKER 1: I will look at the clock and it will be noon. And the next time I look at the clock, it will be 4 o’clock in the afternoon. And I have not moved. SPEAKER 3: This is the worst place in the world. SPEAKER 2: Because there’s no break from it. SPEAKER 1: You start to disengage. SPEAKER 2: You isolate yourself. SPEAKER 3: Something has absolutely taken control of your mind. SPEAKER 2: It’s a dangerous thing because suicide enters your mind. SPEAKER 3: Nothing can fix the unhappiness that you have. It feels like absolute hell. SPEAKER 2: I never felt anything like that. [EERIE SOUNDS] [SOOTHING MUSIC] SPEAKER 1: It’s like someone has flipped the switch. And I’m back to normal. I turn around, and I think, well, what just happened? Talk to someone, if you can. SPEAKER 3: It always goes back to being fine. SPEAKER 2: And it turns around. It’s temporary. You have to continue to remind yourself that depression is temporary. [SOOTHING MUSIC]

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  1. This is an excellent analysis on different shades and traits of bi-polar disorder. Thank you for encouraging every one. ☺💟👍

  2. I have bp1 and anxiety but I never experienced feeling better than anyone at all looking back and now. Guess we all are different. Thank you for sharing good information.

  3. i want to say i have bipolar an its terrible thing, and all this video says is what happens. Your life goes out of control.Plz help love ones if u know anyone with it.. Never give up on them

  4. Reversing bipolar Depression Is Not a Serotonin Deficiency,
    Thanks to direct-to-consumer advertising and complicit FDA endorsement of evidence-less claims, the public has been sold an insultingly oversimplified tale about the underlying driver of depression. Here's how we know depression is not a serotonin deficiency corrected by Zoloft:

    What Is It Then? Inflammation!
    Inflammation is a buzzword, and a 41 million+ Google hit for a reason: It appears to underlie just about every chronic disease plaguing Americans today. A contribution of genetic vulnerabilities likely determines who develops heart disease or cancer or obsessive compulsive disorder, but many researchers are convinced that depression may have a significant inflammatory component. Just as a fever is one of your immune system's mechanism for eradicating intruders, suppressing a fever, in no way, serves to resolve the underlying infection or to support the body's return to balance. Similarly, suppressing symptoms of depression does not achieve rebalancing, and will likely result in the Whack-a-Mole phenomenon of shifting symptoms, and protracted resolution.
    There appears to be a specific subset of non-responders to medication who have measurable markers of inflammation as explored in this study. We know that medications such as interferon given to patients with Hepatitis result in significant levels of depression and even suicide, and we know that anti-inflammatory agents such as infliximab or even aspirin can result in resolution of symptoms. Investigators like Miller and Raison have discussed, in a series of wonderful papers, the conceptualization of depression as "sickness behavior" with accompanying social withdrawal, fatigue, loss of appetite, decreased mobility. Recent meta-analyses have identified at least 24 studies that have correlated levels of inflammatory cytokines like CRP, IL6, and TNFalpha with states of depression.
    What Drives Inflammation?
    What causes inflammation in the body that can affect the brain? This is the subject of an excellent book and it turns out the list is long, but these are the contributors that I see most commonly in my practice:
    It's in almost every packaged food. Seriously. Look for it and you will find it. It may come with different labels — cane sugar, crystalline fructose, high fructose corn syrup — but it's all sugar. The way the body handles fructose and glucose is different, however, which may account for why fructose is seven times more likely to result in glycation end products or sticky protein clumps that cause inflammation. In addition to the above mood and anxiety roller coaster, sugar causes changes in our cell membranes, in our arteries, our immune systems, our hormones, and our gut, as I discuss here.
    Food Intolerances
    Gluten, soy, and corn have been identified as allergenic foods and a leading speculation as to how these foods became and are becoming more allergenic is the nature of their processing, hybridization, and genetic modification rendering them unrecognizable to our immune systems and vehicles of unwelcome information. Gluten (and processed dairy), when incompletely digested, result in peptides that, once through the gut barrier, can stimulate the brain and immune system in inflammatory ways.
    The epidemic incidence of autoimmune disorders in this country is a direct reflection of environmental assault on our system. The body's ability to determine self from other starts with the gut and our host defenses there. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there, because autoimmune disorders typically have psychiatric manifestations. This makes sense — the body's immune system is misfiring, and the immune cells of the brain (called microglia) are following suit. Beyond rampant inflammation, autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis (more here) also result in symptoms related to damage to tissues. Low or erratic thyroid function can cause anxiety, depression, flattened mood, cloudy thinking, metabolism changes, and fatigue. Sometimes even the presence of immune system misfiring can predict depression as was noted in this recent study where women with thyroid autoantibodies in pregnancy went on to develop postpartum depression.
    Before You See a Psychiatrist
    Do a 30-day diet overhaul. If you feel committed to the cure, eliminate these provocative foods: corn, soy, legumes, dairy, grains. What do you eat? You'll eat pastured/organic meats, wild fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and nuts/seeds. If this is not revolutionary, then you may be someone for whom nightshade vegetables, nuts, or eggs are inflammatory. If that seems entirely overwhelming, then start with dairy and gluten. If that is too much, then gluten is my top pick.
    Here are some top therapeutic foods:
    Coconut Oil
    Introduce 1-2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil to give your brain an easy source of fuel that does not require significant digestion. When your brain is inflamed and your sugar is out of balance, your brain cells end up starving for nutrients to make energy. This can be an effective shortcut.
    I use this spice in therapeutic doses, but it has recently been demonstrated to be as effective as Prozac. If you cook with it, use pepper and oil (red palm, coconut, olive oil, ghee) for enhanced absorption.
    Fermented Foods
    Naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles as well as kefir and yogurt if you are dairy tolerant are a source of beneficial bacteria that can retrain the gut to protect you from unwanted pathogens. A recent study demonstrated that these bacteria can, indeed, affect brain function.
    Detox Your Environment
    Here's an important way to call off the dogs of your immune system. Give it less stimulation.
    Filter air and water
    Purchase products free of known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors such as parabens, TEA, fragrance (pthalates), sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, triclosan
    Eat organic produce, pastured meat/dairy
    Make your own cleaning products from household vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, or purchase similarly simple products
    Avoid eating or drinking from heated plastics
    Avoid cell phone use
    Avoid processed foods and sugar, consume low-mercury fish
    Carefully consider risks and benefits of any elective medical interventions
    … Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Psychiatrist

  5. You get really happy, really productive, really motivated and then in a split second you crash – from one extreme emotion to another, once I was crying like so much then in a split second I start laughing like a maniac 😂😂

  6. I have bipolar disorder, and you helped me to feel a little more normal by putting to words what I feel. Thank you, God Bless.

  7. This video defintiely helped me understand what I've been dealing with. I positive that I have bipolar disorder 2…. =/ my mother was manic and had the same issues as I'm starting to face. What is interesting though is that people tend to experience symptoms earlier in life. I've been dealing with this for 2 years now? and it started around 25ish going 26, I am 27 now. Still It's good to know what you've been dealing with now the step is to get help which is such a drag…

  8. I have bipolar type 1, been through 2 manic episodes (very severe, as bad as they can get + very scary stuff such as I was being followed, I was feeling a strong spiritual presence that I interpreted as a telepathy with the anti-christ, secret societies encounters … my experience is spiritually known as Bipolar Awakening) and 2 major depressions (suicide like), now I'm back to normal, stronger than ever.
    To anyone reading this who's going through a bipolar depressive phase, hang in there, it's gonna go away, don't lose hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  9. Why is the memory affected as badly as it is? When I’m low, I can’t remember what high feels like…or remember that I can feel better. When I’m high, I think that I’m always going to be like that. It’s so…bad. And lonely…

  10. I'm bipolar 2 and the depression really is a living hell. You have to give everything you have just to make it through the day. For me personally my worst depressive episode was about 6 months long and even though I was able to keep my job I was sometimes showing up up to an hour late for work. Along with the depression comes this painful wave of negative emotions and all I could do was wish I was dead or sigh because I just couldn't take it. I was hospitalized about 3 months into the episode and was put on 3 meds: seroquel, zoloft, and gabapentin. Along with those I take 5 natural supplements which are: lithium orotate, L-theanine, krillwell krill oil, b vitamin complex, and multi collagen. It's all helped a ton and if you are bipolar 2 as well I'd highly recommend those 5 supplements.

  11. People that are able to enjoy manic episodes are actually quite "lucky", in my case it just shows as excessive energy and unexplainable anger that switches to powerlessness and depression

  12. Hypomania is great. Full blown mania is aweful. Nothing feels real after being manic 6 months. Bp1 rapid cycler here. Then you hit rock bottom. Depression is the deepest ocean and you cant swim out of it. Everyone else is swimming to the top, while you drown. People beg for fun mania, but mixed episodes are pure hell.

  13. i don‘t know if i am bipolar.. i could relate to most things that happenes here.
    i started thinking that i was bipolar for the exact reason that i‘m constantly in mood changes, or for example sometimes even my favourite meal isn‘t my favourite meal anymore.
    i‘ve had this depression where i wanted to die for like 2 months and then after it i felt like i could change the world with all my motivation, but i don‘t remember how it feels to be low when i‘m high and i don‘t remember how it feels to be high when i am low..
    am i bipolar?

  14. Recently diagnosed with bipolar 2 and depression although had been suspecting it for months. This video made me cry, because it’s just so true, it just puts feelings into words in a way I never thought was possible

  15. i thought i was having an acid flashback when i had my first mania episode but it all made sense when i watched this :/

  16. I thought I was the only one who felt this way….. Teenage hormones but I am high one day empty the next but I guess the high were longer and the low shorter but now I can't feel happiness at all

  17. With me, when I’m in in my manic phase it can go either 2 ways, my brain won’t stop thinking, I’ll come up with great ideas, think I can do anything, be anything, have sort of a superiority complex, feel energetic, can’t sleep and end up staying up all night or the 2nd way is I can feel all of that, plus I can feel irritable/quick to anger, paranoid (mind racing in a bad way) suspicious and or assuming people are doing things behind my back (like cheating) than those thoughts drop me into depression, everything is slow, bleak, numb, angry, laying in bed all day while the depression cloaks me like a uncomfortable blanket

  18. I do not like the way you guys described the manic episodes, you didn't describe how one thing changes your day completely, ruins, and destroys you and brings you back to the depression and Suicidal Thoughts. How you were so happy until you thought someone was snickering and laughing at you. But something that can be so different person to person will obviously be hard to explain.

  19. Temporary until it happens again…
    Life with this shit, at least, so far as how I've felt, is an infinite goddamn loop. You feel great one day and are everything you hype yourself to be, then another day there's no piece of shit on the planet worse than you. One day you want to fight and win and survive and succeed against whatever you face, another it's just goddamn impossible, and all you want is just death's sweet release to end the cycle.
    People call it a gift all the time, being so creative and emotive thanks to this. It's more of a curse. Because you're always caught between that yin-and-yang.

  20. I have bipolar type 1.
    The high is so amazing. I can get everything done, i want to go to the gym & eat good food.
    I’m funny, charismatic, & full of light.

    Then how they said the light flips, and my days are filled with depression & or numbness.
    Alls I want to do is check out. & when someone forces me out of it I can sometimes get angry.
    Anxiety tends to follow. Feeling like no one likes me, and afraid to let the world see me.
    There have been times I lock myself in my apartment for weeks.

    I take medication but still have mood swings. We are trying to find the right mood stabilizers, (which isn’t as easy as I had hoped)

    I do wish I could be “normal” and between the lines. I’m always one side to the other.

    As I kid I contemplated and sometimes attempted suicide. Then would wake up in the morning happy and can’t remember why I was sad.

  21. For me, I experience long periods of excessive energy and then all of a sudden I'll feel so angry at the world and just want to SNAP!

    And then, I will feel so alone and depressed, that I just wanna curl in a ball and cry my eyes out. The nights where I'm home alone are the worst. Especially since I'll be so depressed, I wish I didn't have to experience this miserable pain.

    Unfortunately that's just one day layed out, out of many other exhausting days. I haven't been diagnosed for any sort of Bipolar but I've been told repeatidly that I definitely fit the description well.

  22. Very accurate I love you all in the comments spilling your souls I relate to each one of you the lonely empty sad feeling to wanting to concur the world happy excited about life then right back to I don't wanna die but what the fuck do I do

  23. Thank you for making this. It really described it perfectly.

    Bipolar disorder has really affected my life. My father had bipolar I and constantly had psychotic breaks, and I was diagnosed with bipolar II last year and it has greatly damaged my social and school life. A lot of people think it's just about mood swings, but really it's a sickness.

  24. Mania is not always happyness, it can lead to disforia, extreme anger and bad impulsive damaging behavior and choices.

  25. My brother had a study-mate who took his own life during the bout of manic depression. I am not bipolar. I am immobile due to this crime. Luckily, I love my home, n lead a happy every-day life inside my home. I cook, I clean n I study. My family wants me dead. My ex does. He is weird. Linguistic genius has nothing to do with bipolarity. Realities count. Depression is best fought back by doing something creative n rewarding . With ones hands.

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