Walk In My Shoes: ADHD

Hi, my name is Lindsey and welcome to my life. I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD. You might have heard it before maybe from your psychology class, your
friend, or even online. At some point in your life I’m sure you’ve had
difficulties sitting still in lecture, paying attention while studying, or being
engaged in impulsive behaviours. However, when these behaviors persist over time
they become signs of ADHD a neurodevelopmental condition. ADHD
affects various aspects of my life. Typically I’ve trouble focusing and can
become easily distracted. This is known as an attentiveness. I also have trouble
sitting still for short periods of time known as hyperactivity. I’ve been told
that I can get impulsive at times. Often, my body acts before my mind which can
lead to unwise decision making, inability to ignore danger, and inability
to learn from previous mistakes but what’s really taking in my head to make
me, well, me. ADHD can be explained by physiological and neurochemical mechanisms. How
about I show you? Let’s look into the brain for a second. At the front exists
the prefrontal cortex which is part of the frontal lobe and contributes to
complex behaviour, planning, and personality development. Individuals with
ADHD, like me, tend to have a smaller right side compared to the left
resulting in small right brain activity. A study showed that 90% of ADHD children also had right cortical lesions. In another study, children with ADHD were
also diagnosed with hypoperfusion known as low blood flow in the frontal lobe
while there was high blood flow in those occipital and temporal cortices. Now let’s delve even deeper on the
neurochemical side. Norepinephrine, a stress hormone that activates our
fight-or-flight response, and it’s precursor dopamine, a chemical that
contributes to our pleasure and reward system, are both neurotransmitters and
are found in low levels in ADHD patients. Both dopamine and norepinephrine also
contribute to maintaining thoughts, alertness, effort, motivation, and
increased focus. So it’s easy to see why low levels of these two would affect
individuals like me. This is my doctor, Dr. Miranda, she can tell you more about
some treatments I’ve done and I’m using now.>>DR. MIRANDA: Hi Lindsey, there are two general
types of treatments for ADHD that treat different aspects of ADHD:
pharmacological and psychosocial treatments.>>LINDSEY: So what do each of these
treatments address?>>DR. MIRANDA: Great question! pharmacological treatments have more of
a direct impact on the neurochemistry side of ADHD, as discussed earlier.
Medications like amphetamine are stimulants. Stimulants are the most
effective treatment for ADHD and have a responsiveness rate of 70 to 80%.
What they do is they block the absorption of dopamine and
norepinephrine so they keep their levels high.>>LINDSEY: How about psychosocial treatments you mentioned?>>DR. MIRANDA: So cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT is a type of psychosocial
treatment that can be done individually or in groups. CBT is designed to promote
self control behaviors through self-reflection and control strategies
like time management. So an advantage of group therapy is that it allows children
the opportunity to improve their behaviours without the use of medication.
It is actually the preferred method for children under the age of seven because
before this age you haven’t yet fully developed your self-regulation abilities.
>>LINDSEY: Wow thank you for making everything clearer in terms of choice of treatments
I personally find CBT helpful for myself but everyone is different.>>DR. MIRANDA: Yeah,
absolutely, Lindsay! Anytime you or your friends have any questions always feel
free to come to us, we can help you out.>>LINDSEY: Thanks doc, have a great day!

100 thoughts on “Walk In My Shoes: ADHD

  1. I've been waiting for CBT for 6 years.
    In that time, I have lost 5 jobs, a fiancee, my home and my patience and faith in people and in doctors.
    Thanks NHS, for ruining my life with false hope and relentless ineptitude

  2. I have ADHD and I highly recommend researching it if you have it or suspect you have it because I used to think it was just a focusing thing but it affects so much more and researching has helped me understand my disorder so much better

  3. Wtf it makes me mad that she was just talking through the whole thing, you can’t really live in her shoes that wau

  4. I've been diagnosed when I was really young and I really don't remember when tbh. All I know is throughout this video I've been screaming while holding my head each time she did something I do or something atm. I literally just want to scream rn.

  5. I get distracted to the point where my teacher pulled me over to ask if I went to the doctor to see if I have add 😂😭

  6. My friend has ADHD. Many people tease him for his behavior and hyper activity. But hes really nice though.

  7. Meth take meth lol that’s what retard doctors recommend, not diet change not more exercise, because that’s all we got now pills from retards that think they know what they are doing when they don’t.

  8. Why do you think that for other people focusing is easy? It is difficult for everyone, but everyone else has been trained by their parents since early age to overcome difficulties, and you have not, you do nto have the skill of dealing with difficulties in life, you instead choose to do what feels comfortable to do.

  9. ADHD is well known for just the attention aspect but (also with the attention aspect) I struggled with anger issues originating from ADHD. If you want to try therapy for you or your child it is a long process. It took me 10 years to actually have a grip on my emotions. But it's so worth it.

  10. Shidddd… i think something wrong with me too now after seeing Dr. Maranga (sp.?)…. can i get a referral?

  11. Question… I was diagnosed with A.D.D. as a child and still experience many difficulties to this day. What would it be called now? (I don’t have hyper traits just extreme difficulty concentrating and compulsive behavior) there’s 3 types right? I’m going to a doctor soon to talk about it but I’m just trying to look for people in similar situations who can possibly guide me a bit. I had to take Ritalin as a kid and hated it it made me feel like crap.

  12. People will probly be dickheads like oh no he has not got it but yes I have ADHD and I really struggle trying to live with ADHD like why me

  13. I have this bullshit and ive got to the point where i dont think about shit happening around me and my body just goes. Guys ive turned my adhd into a damn superpower

  14. all my brothers and sister have ADHD, im the only one without it, they can be annoying all the damn time but its like whatever they cant control it

  15. Some people think adhd is cool, but it’s kinda bad and good. Makes me creative, but also gives me crap grades.

  16. I have adhd and it’s the day before school rn and I’m giving myself a fashion show when I should be sleeping🙄😂

  17. I have severe attentive ADHD and disassociation issues. I hate it more than anything. I can barely even think straight and my body acts before my mind. I hear people speaking sometimes, but their words just seem to float through my head. They never stick. Promises are hard to hold, because I can't remember something someone did or said. ADHD is not fun or cool. So to those who think it's cool, it's really not. It's caused my grades to deplete, fights and breakups, and disappointing friends. It's not fun. So please stop acting like it is.

  18. I couldn’t focus because of the blinking, then I started thinking about how I couldn’t focus because of the blinking, then I got too focused on that and now I’m writing a comment still not paying attention to the video because idk
    Also I’m trying to read this over to make sure it makes sense but now my brain can’t handle the video playing and trying to read this at once and now it’s a whole issue so now the volume is down the end
    Oh and it’s over now
    I have no idea what the video said at all

  19. I have ADHD and I told my parents about it. But they just say that I'm lying and it's just an excuse for laziness. Now I can't focus on my studies 😣

  20. Idk if this is adhd/add but I’ve been so out of it for the last like 5 months, I can’t focus of anything, and I loose my train of thought all the time. I feel like I’ve been living in a haze for so long and it just makes me feel stupid when I’m with others.

  21. That moment when you’re focusing on focusing on the video so much that you begin to lose focus and focus on you losing focus to what you’re trying to focus on 😳

  22. I Cry At Home Behind Closed Doors 😢 I Sing Out My Pain In Choir Wishing God Was Their Nobody Understands 😔😔😔

  23. reading every question on that damn questionnaire made me burst with tears as i checked "very often" and "often" i don't know how to explain it but its like i have always ignored these things and tried to find a way and always thought yeah its fine its just me and honestly blamed myself and my stupid personality for these things that i cant control and people don't understand what adhd means they just think it means you gotta jump up and down 24/7….

  24. I have ADHD and all I do is tap my finger and feet during class…I wiggle to much…and I'm never comfortable

  25. Is it possible to have a mild case of ADHD? I’m not physically hyper at all, but I couldn’t even finish this video, or when I’m talking to someone I switch topics before I finish them. I don’t like self diagnosing, and since I can sit down/lie down for long periods of time I wasn’t sure about this. I’m not interested in pills or anything but I’d feel better just knowing.

  26. I don't know if I have ADHD, my parents say I don't have it. I'm very hyper, hard for me to focus sometimes or is it just me?

  27. I have adhd, and this might not be related, but is it weird that I sometimes stretch and then don’t pass out bu can’t really use my brain at all not even to move easily for a few seconds?

  28. Best video I came across explains the science bit very well, although it was more about kids it affects adults too, the hell never stops.
    Btw that doctor was very young !


  30. Sometimes i wonder if i have ADHD because it’s terribly hard for me to concentrate on anything unless if i have interest on it. But if it’s boring to me my mind just goes blank. But then again, I don’t want to self-diagnose but i convinced my parents to take me to the therapist so i can get things sort out and get better grades (due to my lack of concentration, my grades are in danger of dropping)

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