Veterans and PTSD: The Unnecessary suicide of Lance Corporal Dave Jukes.

Chris and welcome to justice for all having bad thoughts every day
suicidal thoughts he’s not annoyed this was one of so many warnings former
soldier Dave Jukes doing press ups in a campaign to
highlight PTSD the mental condition he suffered from and talking openly about
suicidal thoughts three weeks ago former Lance Corporal
Jukes veteran of just about every campaign
British forces have been involved in over the last twenty five years took his
own life his wife Joe says the country he served ultimately failed him he might
not have died from his service in the Army as in he survived
Northern Ireland Bosnia to Iraq’s Afghanistan but his service killed him
in the end Joe Jukes had witnessed a transformation
from the man she married for a very committed all he ever wanted was to be
part of a family and feel that he belongs somewhere but from caring family
man he would become a threat to his family for the things Dave Jukes had
seen and done during his service with the Staffordshire regiment returned home
with him after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder Dave
Jukes had to leave the army but the mental scars never left him he had
survivor’s guilt from something that happened in Iraq and he used to go on up
all the time saying why am i alive and they’re not at night he couldn’t sleep
he would constantly have nightmares the story that’s the hardest for people to
understand I think is the impact that this has on the family how how bad was
it they ended up where he smashed up the
house which wasn’t Dave Dave wouldn’t do that he always said to me you’re the
safest out of everyone you’re the safest I would never hurt you I would never
hurt the kids but then he did with the safety of their daughters in
josè advised to obtain a court order to prevent her husband entering their
Birmingham home but she continued trying to get help for him from the GP
psychiatrists the local Health Authority and veterans charities we just get
passed from pillar to post they kept making him retell the story over and
over and really what he needed was one person that knew his story so that he
didn’t have to keep reliving those traumas over and over Prozac just made
him worse three weeks before he died I said to my GP he’s gonna kill me or he’s
gonna kill himself and then you’ll all say oh dear we should have done
something but it will be too late and it is too late too late because the veteran
infantryman who took his own life in the alleyway alongside the family home where
he’d been sleeping rough and where he was discovered by a court official who’d
come to serve papers on him he said he’s conned I said gone where I thought you’d
run off and they said he’s wrong himself Dave Jukes
is believed to be one of 52 veterans who’ve taken their own lives this year
his wife hopes by telling his story she can help those still suffering from PTSD
I want us to be able to kind of stop anybody else ever having to live what
we’ve lived her last word a damning indictment of the system that failed her
family my life is changed forever because people wouldn’t step in and they
wouldn’t they wouldn’t listen I was trying to save his life and people
didn’t work with me in this video we’re gonna talk about Lance Corporal David
Jews and 2008 David would meet his wife Jill the couple would marry and go on to
have two daughters when David met his wife he was already
suffering from mental health problems at the time of his suicide the 49 year old
former Athens would have served in every major
campaign the British forces have been involved in over the last 25 years
pita tours and idolan Bosnia twice in Iraq and Afghanistan she had watched him
spiral away from the funny very committed man who had proposed to her by
hiding a ring and the paws of a teddy bear Joe went on to say that all he
wanted was to be part of a family she remembered the man she married David was
diagnosed with PTSD among other mental health disorders after he started
therapy Joe said he was back to a normal person a lot more relaxed he then
returned to active duty this time as a married man and it brought everything
back it was in Afghanistan in late 2011 that the army careerist called home and
for the first time told his wife I can’t do this David would have flashbacks and
nightmares David would swept through the night and get up and say I can’t handle
this she was also suffering from survivor’s
guilt and he would ask his wife things like why am i alive and they’re not in a
video to raise awareness for PTSD David went public with his struggles toward
the end of his life Joe and their two daughters had to leave the house after
David had barricaded himself in the attic now jobless and suffering from
PTSD it would get to the point to where David would get violent and smash up the
house according to Joe Joe repeatedly tried to get David help from their
general practitioner the Mental Health Authority the Ministry of Defense and
various veterans charities Joe said that they would get passed from pillar to
post some officials according to Joe doubted the authenticity of her
husband’s descriptions of his problems Joe went on to say I think that because
he had complex PTSD I think they didn’t understand his symptoms or what he was
talking about and because of that they didn’t believe what he was
saying in his mind nobody understood him and what he was going through
she also said officials had not built up a relationship with him there was nobody
that had his trust they kept making him retell his story three weeks before he
took his life Joe called their general practitioner he’s going to kill me or
he’s going to kill himself and then you’ll all say oh dear we should have
done something about it but it will be too late and it is too late she had no
idea how right she was as the violent episodes in the family’s home got worse
Joe had no choice but to get an order of protection to prevent David from
entering their home Joe said because one of my daughters has autism and mental
health issues herself social services were alerted for safeguarding reasons
she said and we ended up where unfortunately I had to ask him to leave
the house because I had put I had to put my daughter safety first on October 9
2018 Joe came home from court with an official to serve David with the order
of protection she would not get that chance they all found David had hung
himself in the alley behind their Birmingham home in an interview Joe said
I blame myself because I was the one person he had and he would have thought
I gave up on him but I didn’t give up on him newspaper investigations suggest
that 52 veterans died by suicide in 2018 a day after his death the government’s
first minister for suicide prevention was coincidentally appointed in England
to tackle a problem that sees 4500 people take their lives every year an
e-mailed letter has already been sent to Miss Jukes on behalf of the minister
Jackie Doyle price as the family prepares for the funeral on November 5th
I am telling her that veterans need a single point of access they need joined
up thinking miss chook said she wants the health service to provide further
involvement to families and learn from PTSD charities in response a
spokesperson for the government said suicide has a tragic effect on families
and communities and we are determined to reduce suicide rates further that’s why
we recently announced our first-ever dedicated suicide prevention minister we
are proud of our armed forces and for those who have publicly injured either
physically or mentally it is our duty to ensure they continue to receive the best
possible care as veteran now if that’s the case then why did David and Joe have
such a hard time getting help it is not just this case this is an ongoing
problem what are your thoughts on this please let me know in comment section
below Joe has now dedicated her time to keep
others alive Joe said I want us to be able to stop anybody else from ever
having to live with what we’ve Angela with she said Mike my life has changed
forever because people wouldn’t step in and they wouldn’t listen according to
the Telegraph despite the former Lance Corporal writing to specialist NHS
veterans mental health services last month warning he was getting worse he
needed to be put away or he would kill himself
he was never second a lot of goodness did joke even interview with The Sunday
Telegraph and had this to say my husband was asked to serve his country but was
then abandoned and repeatedly let down by mental health agencies how many times
does someone need to ask the resection before something is done I don’t think
the NHS understands the symptoms of compaq PTSD which can result in them
appearing resistant to treatment at times due to their in green military
persona which can appear aggressive and erratic
Joe is now taking legal action against the people she believes are responsible
for a suicide Joe is also the first widow to take legal action this is going
to be a landmark case and I’m going to keep my eye on this and
I will do a follow-up video once there is a resolution had David gotten the
help he needed he would be alive today this tragedy was avoidable we have to do
more and more can be done to help the people who fight for our way of life
please if you are a veteran or you know of that trend that may be suffering
please get help there are resources out there and I will post a few of them in
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