United Private Screening℠ – April 2020 Features

Welcome to United Private Screening, where you can discover
all the latest Hollywood blockbusters, hit TV shows, the hottest music videos, and so much more. Here’s a quick look at what’s available. A new classic with a stellar cast, Greta Gerwig’s retelling of Little Women
proves some stories truly are timeless. Women, they have minds
and they have souls, as well as just hearts. Adam Sandler raises the ante
with his stellar performance in the anxiety ridden-drama: RATNER: I want the Celtics to cover,
I want the Celtics halftime, I want Garnett points and rebounds. That’s the dumbest bet I ever heard of. I disagree. Something has awakened. Take a dive into a sci-fi epic, Underwater, that will leave horror fans
screaming for more. We drilled to the bottom of the ocean,
and we don’t know what came out. The world of beauty is about to get ugly. Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne team up
in the laugh-out-loud comedy: She just wants to steal our idea. You’re gonna give us our company back. The world needs saving. Suit up, bird or nerd, and join our heroes
for the ultimate mission in: (GASPS) It worked. SCREAMS Put on your detective cap and investigate
our star-studded collection of whodunnits. Including the witty and adventurous: …the all-star adaptation: …and Peter Sellers’ timeless comedy: Over in TV, venture into entire box sets
of the most talked-about TV shows. We’re bringing it back
to where it all started. Binge on the full first season of
the Golden Globe-winning comedy: PHIL: You went, “Oasis for men… men…” SPRAYING CONTINUES SALESMAN: Stop it! Watch our favorite
painkilling antisocial doctor solve puzzling medical mysteries in: Pick your specialist,
you pick your disease. If it’s not schizophrenia,
what else presents with psych symptoms? Take a behind-the-scenes look
at history’s most iconic movies through a variety of lenses
in the miniseries: Say hello to my little friend! With planet-centric and environmentally
conscious documentaries, learn about the wonders of our planet
and all that threatens it with our Wise Planet collection. Centuries ago, before you and I existed, each building was a forest. On select aircraft,
you can now enjoy free DIRECTV. Tune into over 100 channels
of live television and enjoy a selection of hit movies. Turn up the volume and discover our
massive selection of curated music videos, brought to you in partnership with Vevo. Little Mix take center stage
in celebrating femininity and sisterhood in our Leading Ladies playlist
with “Woman Like Me.” ♫ Woman like me, like a woman like me… ♫ Relive the ’80s with some timeless magic of Daryl Hall and Joan Oates’ best videos, including “You Make My Dreams.” ♫ You make my dreams come true ♫ To see what else is available
take a look at your Hemispheres magazine, or visit www.unitedprivatescreening.com and find everything you need
for your flight. What are you waiting for? Discover entertainment
on United Private Screening.

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