Understanding our #B4Stage4 Philosophy

Our brains control how we act in the world. But did you know the world around us also
affects our brains? Our genes, environment, and social interactions
all work together to shape the way our brains develop. Sometimes these factors combine in ways that
create unhealthy thoughts or feelings. Over time, these unhealthy thoughts and feelings
become so unmanageable that we need outside support to get better. 50% of people will develop at least one mental
health condition during their lifetime. And half of those people will develop a mental
health condition by age 14. Unfortunately, it takes about 10 years for
people to get the treatment they need. We don’t wait to treat health problems like
heart disease or cancer until Stage 4. We shouldn’t wait to take care of our mental
health. The right early treatment can change lives,
reducing: school dropout rates,
hospitalization, incarceration,
and unemployment. Imagine what the world would look like if
we all got the help we needed when we first started showing the early warning signs. Start the conversation before stage four. Visit mentalhealthamerica.net to get informed,
take an online screening, and better understand your own mental health.

4 thoughts on “Understanding our #B4Stage4 Philosophy

  1. This was nice….and we wanted to share via our mental health channels.

    Are u going to make one for 2016 though? We'd like to share the most current one if we can.


  2. https://youtu.be/R9w00d4YRt4 hey guys I am a mental health therapist who has had mental health issues myself and my goal is to help others raise awareness, learn techniques and make therapy accessible to everyone as it is usually costly 🙂 thanks and check me out and subscribe for weekly vids, I also will make videos on people's suggestions and ideas too so let me know !

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