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– Hey guys, I am Tyler Posey and I am going to be
sharing a personal story of mine with mental health. And just dealing with
with awkward silences and friends helping me out through it. Almost three years ago, I lost my mother to breast cancer. She was just there for
me more than anybody and I would go to her for everything. And then when she died, I felt like I didn’t really
have anybody to go to. I think humans need to break
down and cry every now and then and I would do that with my mom. And then after she died, I felt like I had no
one to do that around. My friends, I gotta be tough
in front of my friends, in front of my brothers,
in front of my dad. I would go to work and I would go home. There were a bunch of
times where my best friends would hit me up and if I
wasn’t looking so well, or doing so well, they would bring it up. And be like, “Hey man, are you okay? “What’s going on?” I’ll be like, yeah I’m okay. I wouldn’t really get into it and I realize that that
didn’t make me feel better. When I get depressed, I feel
like I’m a burden on people and I don’t wanna burden
them with my problems. So once I got over that, I was able to open up more with them. And we just have these
great deep conversations now whenever we’re feeling sad. I even have a tattoo of
two hands shaking like this and it has a lot of different meanings but to me, it means literally to reach out to my buddies when I’m in need of them. If you know somebody well enough. It’s easy to tell if
something is a little off. One of my buddies just recently had been going through some stuff. Whenever we have a party, he would isolate himself in the back and I could tell that he was down. Sometimes I try to let
him come to me first and see if he wants to ask for help or say hey, man I’m kind of low right now. But if he doesn’t, I’ll
usually reach out to him. It’s always awkward to
start that conversation. But now I think we’ve gotten
comfortable enough with it and I’ve seen the good that it does. I try to get rid of that awkward feeling and just go right for it. It’s easy to forget that
reaching out to your friends really almost immediately
makes things better. Therapy is something I
discovered a few years ago then I started doing it a lot. I’m a huge fan of therapy. I use myself as an example and say hey, man I’ve been
to therapy and it works. And just talking your feelings out, getting everything off your chest. That’s therapy in itself. If you recognize that
a buddy is struggling or you yourself are. I know how hard it is to reach out for your own reasons. I have my own reasons why it was hard. Just do it. It is an awkward situation
and not the most natural, but think we have to get over and make it overly natural situation. So just do it, just face
your fears and ask somebody. You’ll save a life. Save mine. (uptempo rock music)

43 thoughts on “Tyler Posey on Reaching Out | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council

  1. I thought I wouldn't see Tyler for a while, after Teen Wolf, but it's great to see him again, especially if he's advocating for therapy and friendship as a way of taking care of our mental health.

  2. He's so strong and inspiring. I'm really proud even though I don't know him on a personal level. I'd just love to sit down and have convo with him about this and many other deep topics. I feel like I could learn a lot more from him.

  3. I know this feeling. Thank you for sharing. Being there for someone is worth more than any amount of gold. Though people may try to disagree, people's lives matter more than anything on earth…because we are each, one of a kind

  4. 👏👏👏👏 u are such a loving person with such a great personality! So amazing you use ur voice for this! And very happy u have caring friends!

  5. Dealing with my PD I was able to be swiftly there for my two friends who started to suffer during the university terms. I was paitent with both of them and it helped. They got the right resources to before it spiralled and saved them from having their grades suffer. Its hard when its men who suffer because they have this fear of being open and like Mr Posey it was hard but it gave his friends the ability talk about issues.

  6. wow…you‘re so strong and such an inspiring person, love and adore you so much😌❤️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 thank‘s for beeing there for other people❤️

  7. This message is so important… I've gone through it and I know so many people go through it, we all want the same thing yet we isolate ourselves. I'm glad people are raising their voices <3

  8. He lost his mother to beast cancer dame dude I'm so sorry to hear that! Tyler seems like he take it hard.

  9. I lost my mother at a young age and it’s not easy… I really think he saved life’s in so many ways.. good Job Tyler Posey

  10. Please. BOYS don’t act tough men are most likely too act tough and pretend they have no feelings EVERYBODY has feelings and if you need to vent? Vent. Even to me! I’m here for everyone and I love you all ❤️


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