Trump’s mental health: Should psychiatrists publicly diagnose the president? | IN 60 SECONDS

Following another choice tweet and a new
tell-all book, a group of psychiatrists are publicly warning – now more than ever –
that the president is dangerous, and urging that he be removed from access to
weapons. These psychiatrists are expressing a view that millions of
Americans share – and millions reject – and claiming that their expertise as mental
health professionals adds authority. But does it? As a psychiatrist, I say no. They
have no greater insight into Trump’s behavior, and thus his fitness for office.
When they claim to, they politicize our profession. His grandiosity and
impulsivity were evident during the campaign and earlier. They’re his baseline
features! Had his personality undergone rapid deterioration, affected his ability
to govern, then the Cabinet and Congress would likely ask psychiatrists for a
diagnosis, treatment options, and a prognosis in the course of invoking the
25th Amendment to deprive him of his powers. But ultimately, this is a
political process, not a medical one. Whatever one thinks of Mr. Trump, his actions
and words are on display for all to see. The public doesn’t need experts to
interpret them. Should psychiatrists comment publicly on the mental health of the president? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other
topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and
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40 thoughts on “Trump’s mental health: Should psychiatrists publicly diagnose the president? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. I respectfully disagree. When a number of professionals come together like this, it is worth listening. Particularly because they come from both sides of the aisle, making your claim that they are using it politically a moot point. Objectively, he is showing several signs that warrant further evaluation by a third party. His own doctor has been criticized many times for his, shall we say, less than professional behavior. While I hold nothing against the President, I think a third party evaluation would put those who are convinced of his infirmity at ease, and those who feel he is fine would have something to fall to should he be questioned further.

  2. I don't understand her point. Having the knowledge and expertise to make an insightful diagnosis about a person's mental health makes it unethical to do so because he's president?

  3. pretty sure its unethical for a psychologist to diagnose someone without seeing them as a patient – so the answer is obviously FUCKING NO. Hacks.

  4. While I like to see videos like this attacking the current state of psychiatrists acting unprofessionally by throwing their two cents in on whatever topic will get them noticed rather than focusing on them being doctors, this video doesn't do much to explain why its poor practice to do so. It's a more complicated subject than a minute long series can express and addressing it in such a format comes off in the same light as the politicized psychiatry that its criticizing. There's too many "clickbait psychiatry" videos and articles running rampant on the internet. People need to start getting more detailed information on the field and, hopefully, this video can at least lead into videos that offer such.

  5. We don't ask other judges to publicly comment on the guilt or innocence of the latest murder trial circus, let the Whitehouse doctor do his job.

  6. Wake tf up. As if Trump is even close to running the U.S militaristic foreign policy.. Your new president is just a change of props and lighting. Same show.

  7. The people calling him crazy can’t distinguish the sexes and think mentally ill children should be given puberty blockers.

  8. It really depends on what they say ultimately. If they're making a diagnosis and trying to prescribe a treatment without proper assessment, then yeah, they shouldn't be doing that. HOWEVER, most of what I can see is that they are just pointing out behaviors of the president that cause alarm, like how someone grabbing their chest would make a doctor alarmed.

    Also, it's not like a professional opinion on the topic would harm the discussion anyway. The topic is only being discussed in the realm of politics with political talking heads. Gods know how bad that is, so bringing in some professionalism into it wouldn't be a bad idea.

  9. Right or wrong they should have their licenses taken away. First, you're a hack if you're attempting a diagnosis from tv appearances. You don't deserve to be taken seriously on that fact alone. Second, a doctor's job is to heal patients, not spread rumors about someone's health. The only person any doctor that's worried about President Trump's health should talk to is President Trump. The patient. If he actually was any of their patient, they'd already have lost their license and possibly been to jail for sharing medical records.

  10. Unless Trump is a patient of a psychiatrist and has given that psychiatrist the authority to tell the public his information then no. Psychiatrists who don't have Trump as their patient can't make a diagnosis based on random clips of his speeches and twitter feed…

  11. "Public doesn't need experts to interpret them”…
    20-30 years ago, she probably would be sitting on the board of Philip Morris and alike pushing the narrative of:
    I don't need snobby experts telling me that smoking kills…
    I don't need snobby experts telling me that I can’t drink a gallon of soda every day…
    I don't need snobby experts telling me that I have to exercise…

  12. Are they warning more now than ever or is Trumps behavior more alarming now than ever? Deterioration? Was that mentioned in the book? Maybe people didn't think he would be as stupid in office as he was campaigning. If you drive down a road at 80mph in the day with no lights your not crazy. If it gets dark and you drive down a road at 80mph with no lights on you are an idiot. You haven't changed one bit but your environment has and you need to adjust. Not changing is not always good and could mean you have an issue.

  13. that idiot has his fingers hovering over the nuclear button and seeing what he shows publicly, it's not hard for anyone to see he isn't all sane. the world has a right to know if that idiot risks killing us all, I don't care about what justifications you can find to oppose that, you are putting the world in danger.

  14. It is unethical to publically comment on a patient. Since Turnip is not a patient, these "professionals" are acting unethically and should lose their licensure.

  15. —-Hillary shows textbook-symptoms during her interviews and actually loses consciousness + needs to be dragged to a hospital…
    The Left's response? "Lies" and "don't use illness to further your political agenda, that's so heartless"
    —-Trump speaks in a boorish vernacular and doesn't use politically correct etiquette on Twitter…
    The Left's response? "This is undeniable proof that we need to impeach Trump!"

    Just goes to show, that no matter the amount of formal education one receives, you can still wind up tactless and completely void of class. This video is nothing more than passive aggressive and petty dribble.

  16. Subversives like (((Sally Satel))) should be charged with treason for undermining the Trump presidency and inciting BLM and Antifa goons to violence.

  17. Considering they aren't his psychiatrist they really have no reason to make comments on his mental state other than for political reasons I'm pretty sure those psychiatrists are probably Democrats unless meaning in general

  18. Not only that unless trump is a danger to himself or other people there is literally no reason for his psychiatrist to violate the doctor patient confidentiality and tell the Senate anything so they could remove his power or impeach him….those psychiatrist should know this

  19. Id Be a little anxious too if people openly think it’s ok to give him death threats on twitter plus media encouragement

  20. These 'psychologists' throw their reputation away with this stuff, i wouldn't want any shrink that would assume to be able to diagnose without any direct contact.
    You can make various assumptions, but if you want to base actions upon them, you must first try to prove em wrong by testing him.

  21. A doctor of any breed should not pretend to diagnose anyone through a TV screen. Psychiatrists doing so targeting political opponents simply recalls the long history and parallels between that profession and immoral/harmful attempts to socially engineer individuals and societies to fit the practitioners' opinions going all the way back to castrating homosexuals, electrocuting war veterans, and performing "cognitive tests" on black males to justify their continued subjugation.

  22. Dr. Sally Satel, this was a good video and to the point. I'm sure we can find some hard core right wing Doc to say, "President Obama is losing it," too. Correct response.


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