Trump Supporters Threaten Another Civil War If Trump Loses In 2020

Several months ago, there was a, uh pro Trump
gathering, I guess you could call it out in Nevada, and the New York times decided to
do a profile of some of the people who went out there to what they’re calling Trump’s
stock, which happened back in October. And they finally ran the piece this past weekend. And what they’re telling us based on what
was told to them by the people at Trump stock, was that if the president doesn’t win reelection
in 2020, they are absolutely prepared to launch a another civil war to stand up for their
cult leader. Here’s a quote from one of the people, a man
by the name of, uh, Mark Vilalta. He said, nothing less than a civil war would
happen if Trump’s not reelected. I don’t believe in violence, but I’ll do what
I got a do, and as he said that according to the New York times, the man put his hand
on his hand gun that he had holstered to his hip, put his hand on his gun and said, I don’t
believe in violence, but I’ll do what I got to do while holding his gun because he doesn’t
believe in violence, but he just happens to have a gun, you know, just in case he needs
to be violent, let’s have that gun there for Trump stock, right? These people are sick, these people are deranged
and these people need mental health help. These people should not be allowed to be walking
around in society right now. They should be put under an involuntary psychiatric
hold until doctors can determine whether or not they actually do pose a threat to the
rest of the people in this country. You don’t reach and grab your gun and say,
I’ll do what I gotta do. If you’re a normally well functioning human
being. But that is what this one person did threatening
a civil war. Not if Trump is impeached, but if he’s just
not reelected, that’s dangerous and that is demented and it gets a little bit worse here
too. Um, another guy by the name of guy Decker
had this to say, he said they label us white nationalists or white supremacists. There’s no such thing as a white supremacist,
just like there’s no such thing as a unicorn. We’re Patriots. And then the New York times pointed out that
this guy had also already been arrested for making terrorist threats here in the United
States. So these people are not harmless. They are not just a couple of, you know, people
making these idle threats. They’ve been arrested for making threats like
this because the threats were found to be credible. These aren’t the kinds of stories we can take
lightly. These aren’t the kind of stories we can laugh
at and say, Oh, they’re probably just kidding. Just like all those Democrats who said, Oh,
I’m going to move to Canada if Bush wins and then I’m going to move to Canada if Trump
wins, they didn’t actually move to Canada. So why should we believe that these people
are actually going to start a civil war? Well, because we’ve seen too much. We have seen what happens with these psychotic
Donald Trump’s supporters when they take the president a little bit too literally, you
know, they load up a van with explosives and weapons and head over to CNNs office. We, we’ve seen these things happen. We know that these people aren’t necessarily
just making idle threats. And no this is not a majority of Trump supporters
out there, but there are some real sickos out there that need to be handled by law enforcement
because these aren’t the kinds of threats that we should just take with a grain of salt. If somebody grabs their gun and says, I don’t
believe in violence, but I’ll do what I gotta do if Trump’s not reelected, that is probably
the kind of person that shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun in this country. We have a democratic process in this democratic
Republic of ours. You get the votes, you get the electoral college
votes, you win, and you don’t get to threaten a second civil war just because your cult
leader doesn’t win. But that is exactly what happened back in
October at Trump stock.

10 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Threaten Another Civil War If Trump Loses In 2020

  1. Got to thinking about this, We should be glad Trump dodged the draft::: first sign of trouble he would shoot everyone in the back, put a white towel on his rifle run across enemy lines and proclaim that if they pay him he will divulge all our secrets

  2. I can't wait to see them cowards try. They will get their asses kicked worse than the first time. We are not only going to fuck them up we are going take their white women away with us.不不不不不

  3. Tissue is not enough? Make the conservatards cry by voting Democrat. And the conservatards said Trump will win. "If Trump doesn't win", they contracted themselves.

  4. LOL What a bunch of crap, I never said any such thing about Trump not winning, nor did I " Put my hand on my gun ", I was sitting down at a table during this interview , How could this so called reported from the nytimes see under the table and what my hand was doing, The nytimes lied about everything I said and what Trumpstock was about. I don't know about Guy, But I have NEVER been arrested for any such things, So no " THESE PEOPLE " have not been arrested for making these threats .
    Anyone who believe this crap without doing the research is part of the problem we are facing, People need to take a close look at clowns like this glorified announcers and ask why they are promoting anti American, anti Trump propaganda Heck he didn't even get the correct state Trumpstock was held in . People like this clown are the dangerous and demented ones, who need mental health help ..
    Wake up America , We are all being lied to..

  5. #FakeNews
    Did this guy try to verify NY Times fictional essay?

    Called a Wrap up smear

    Ring of Fire believes people who have lighter skin tone are superior.

    Why else would he repeat that racist fiction?

    I believe all Americans who act in Good Faith are peers.

    Why didn't Ring of Fire didn't verify NY Times #FakeNews?

    I had the same Media credential as NY Times yet I'm labeled a protestor?


    NY Times is the irrational protestor in this instance.

  6. And those of us living in the other 100+ countries can only hope for a really really worthwhile death rate this time. It's OK to dream isn't it ?

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