Tramadol (Ultram) Warnings ⚠ and my withdrawal story..

he was in my belly he had to go through that house or with me and it was a while back I want to see about two weeks and I swear to god you guys I was dying I know hey you it’s heavy hi grandma you know how I’ve been doing this series with different medication for chronic pain well this one’s going to be a little different I want to share a little more my story in the warning for Trevor dollar hmm hold on you guys when you a drink kara bunch of noise that’s an upstairs to be laying down for a nap he has a big boy bed now okay so this is your first time here welcome to my channel so subscribe and join our super seriously oh all sorts of different kind of videos right here and there some playlists kind of got it organized a little bit okay so a generic name or tramadol is ultram it’s supposed to be considered like a painkiller but it’s a little different but now I think the last two years is when they decided that they were going to make it as a narcotic and that’s like I don’t know what it is for you but with narcotics and where I live it’s a little more trouble trying to get your medicine filled so I’m just going to share I’m sorry you guys my voice I don’t know I was all good I jumped out and a support group page on Facebook I guess the first thing i can do is i will share i will share what others have been saying about it on our page of research and did some writing as you guys know I’m not a doctor this is just putting out for mornings and sharing what spoonies a hand x far as far as experience good and bad just because i know i know where hell it is trying to find that right medicine for you and everybody is so different not just your body not just your matches your your symptoms from fibromyalgia but usually everyone has different kind of health conditions different allergies everybody is so different this is what I got so far i only asked about an hour ago Daryl says Jim adult is nothing more than empty my pocketbook doesn’t do any better than so 50 milligrams wanted to tablets by mouth every eight hours was needed now what I felt was kind of funny about that is at eight hours of heart but that could be because he’s on different kind of medicines but normally it’s like four to six hours apart well I’m not a doctor one that says I was on terminal norco for years the combination of the two helps them recently my new doctor changed me to morphine extended-release works better for pain but it except upsets my stomach he says I was on terminal for a few months and unfortunately it did not used to pain very little does help and I have never been given some of the other higher dose things however I have other issues and i am a lot of meds so perhaps that’s why I go to pulmonary specialist due to my lungs and he is my primary that says i use the 24-hour release chemical it works in you notice symptoms worsen around time you are in need of another dose regular tramadol take two every four hours helped for a few years but then you get used to it tawanda since I’m on 50 milligram I mean it just makes me sleepier than groggy for hours after i wake up does not help the pain at all the worst part is you lose time in the day due to after effects Towanda if you’re watching is it helps any you might be at too much of a high dose too soon because that’s what are the main side effects appear too much of a high dosage it will make you way too sleepy and if you’re missing part of the day it sounds like it’s pretty bad we may be talking with your doctor and lessening yet may who knows maybe you don’t need that larger amount which is a good thing Linda says the nothing for me Natalia says I found out I was allergic to a blurry vision unable to hold a conversation and delusional didn’t do much of it being either oh that’s awful aaliyah says I was on it twice the head bad reactions they have now labeled me as allergic to it but it really supposed to help that’s awful what I feel so sorry for you spoony set are allergic to medicines like it can’t get any more like you don’t already have two little options deana deana says does nothing to help my pain at all and if I take more than one in 24 hours I can’t sleep wow really that is aren’t you guys so I have a list of symptoms here it’s light effects to watch for and a common side effects especially for higher doses and sheena headache diarrhea complicated vomiting drowsiness impaired mental abilities and confusion serious would be seizures serotonin syndrome life-threatening allergic reactions taking too much can actually be fatal of course keep your legs away from your little ones especially don’t crash don’t let a liquid and eject not going to have to see much but it sounds like the last video go ahead share in this lead to infertility sexual problems high risk for addiction you always follow your script watch your truck interactions because there can be some really bad ones especially if your are you taking things that make you already sleepy like narcotics mixing those together can be worked migraine meds like imitrex then you are at a higher risk for serotonin syndrome I got some of this information from the same website of shared and the other once a guy strokes calm all that stuff will be in the downbar below also a risk of slow breathing or nervous system depression remember check with your doctor you guys before and if I know it can be hard to get through your doctor you can also call your local pharmacist to that helps me a lot a lot of people don’t know that thing I want to tell you guys real quick you’ve got to be so careful so so careful there’s no accident accidental pregnancies just withdrawals with this stuff is beyond hell is it’s really bad I had to go through it I don’t know if you’ve seen my pregnancy the fibromyalgia video i think i’m going to share a little bit about that i think oh my go in more detail my doctor decided to cut me off completely what it was I needed to get new script script filled and he decided just as I found out I was pregnant he stopped it all together I’m not saying go take all these months while you’re pregnant no no no I’m not saying that but if you’re going through withdrawals your baby is going through withdrawals with you so sander well he was in my belly he had to go through that house on with me and it was about about two weeks and I swear to god you guys I was dying from and play out that’s the worst pain worse hell I’ve ever been through physically now what terminal didn’t work with me I was I took it was something else i think that was gabapentin we go through withdrawals now after the hell i went through with that i got a hole in my cocker and after finally talked to him in person I’m gonna find out he admitted to me no doctor knows exactly how to paper you off because everybody is different but this is it you cannot just stop it could lead to seizures what I’m trying to say here is don’t think these things can’t happen to you because that’s what I thought and happened to me really really happen you can’t stop cold turkey I guess term adult up there for one of the easiest ones to to build an addiction to it is a controlled substance and mistakes now and that’s just been the last couple of years I believe when you withdraw with it I would really suggest to do gradually go down like you gradually go up and if you’re struggling really bad with that call your doctor call your doctor and tell them that talked to his assistant something I’m having a really hard time with the rituals because already dealing with the chronic pain and then the withdrawals on top of it it will drive you insane I kind of wish i was logging by then so that was something that could have shared with you guys as awful as that was my question to you is are you taking tramadol ultram or have you let me know all your experiences down below because other spoonies are going to come in although you might not know like quite a lot of phone you’ve reached your comments and you know what it’s like going through the whole process of air trial and error if I met right medicine right want to go for lunch for watching make sure you’re subscribed join us 20 fans because of you guys have channel with so thank you make sure you like it share these videos benefit agri-food your way and i’ll talk to you in the next video okay

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  1. Thank you Spoonies for all the love! We are hanging in there 💜 please help others learn about these side effects and share. 💋

  2. VERY VERY Long story short, I've been on Tramadol for about 2/3rd's of a year now, for a hip pain. Many doctors visits ,MRI's and CAT scans, later and still haven't been able to find whats wrong, I've been prescribed many different opiates throughout the 18 years I've been alive, for post-surgery pains and such(not related to my hip). And I've found the science of medications very interesting, and have done a lot of studying, so i feel like I have a very good understanding of Tramadol and other opiates. Anyway, I've gone part way through the withdrawal process many times(haven't ever been off long enough to feel normal again), and as awful as the physical symptoms are, its the severe depression that gets me, and the restlessness to the point of going insane. BUT ABSOLUTE WORST OF ALL, it doesn't even help with my pain lol, and of course Being relatively young, nobody will prescribe me anything else(probably for the best). Being given tramadol was even a bit lucky. I could talk for days if not weeks about my experiences with tramadol so I'll stop now, sorry for starting kinda off topic, i felt like backstory might have been appropriate. <3

  3. Tramadol does absolutely nothing for me.  Despite my Dr insisting on giving it to me.  Really want to find something else.  OMG I just heard the ''losing time'' bit, that happens to me, my Dr suggested a psychiatrist !!

  4. The guitar playing in the background is very annoying especially when you're talking about something as serious as medicine it needs to be quiet so we can understand what you're saying I hear you clearly

  5. thanks for sharing Girlfriend, so sorry you had to go through all that. I've never tried this medication before but I've heard that it's not very helpful with pain. 💕

  6. Thanks for sharing!! I'm currently on tramadol, two a day 50mg for 5 to 6 days a week. I noticed it helps me when I'm in a bad mood or when my fybro pain is bad. What sucks is I like to drink. Sadly they don't mix. I also have been getting headaches a lot now from the pills. Honestly I can feel dependency coming on so I want to wheen off of it and quit. I've had withdrawal from quitting cold turkey and they are horrible!!!!! Wish me luck

  7. Do the withdrawls feel like flu symptoms, its only been two days since i took a tramadol, i was taking a 100 mg a day for months and i missed my docs appt so they are punishing me by not letting me get my prescription until my next appt which is two weeks away, i dont understand why they would do that, its dangerous….i feel like im dying, my stomach is sick, headaches, sleep apnea, heart palpitations, chills, sweats, lethargic, dizzy, nausea…the works. I cant do anything. Is that the withdrawl symptoms you had?

  8. I need to say, Tramadol changes my depression and my life. I am writing this because I can see a lot of critics against this drug. I suffered a big accident in 1986; this makes me feel sad and a lot of pain. I began to used it when I was 37, now I am 52. Well, my case can have another perception cause I now I can enjoy and share some good moments with relatives; before, I used to say: I dont feel well…. I know is very addictive, but my pain is chronic….. Tramadol gives me a path

  9. 2 50mg pills every 4 hrs is extremely high dose. I take 2 in the morning and it works about 11 hours. So I plan my day within that time frame. My hip is fused to my pelvic bone and that means I am literally walking bone on bone all day. If 2 pills control my pain and general up in age Artheritis, then one would have to be in 10x my pain. To me, I think that person should then be on another pain killer all together that offers long relief at less pills a day. No wonder your side effects are so many. That's 14-16 pills a day. That's would keep anyone sleep all day too because it makes you sleepy within the first 40mins if you not up and on the go.

  10. Very strong very addictive, horrible withdrawal, anybody I have ever known on it makes them sleepy,lose allot of daylight ,screws with your appetite dehydrated, once again withdrawal is horrible and long lasting.Not sure of the half life but it doesn't even matter the way it screws your serotonin and body chemistry in general up sucks.Very very last resort.If you are withdrawing from something else don't bother, will just increase the length of withdrawal and make it worse 👍

  11. tramadol was marketed as ultram a non addictive drug. i was addicted in 2 days. it was my 1st love. 18 years later i am 2 years clean

  12. Tramadol is amazing for me but I do have to take it with dyhydrocodiene (I'm not sure how you spell it) along with other neuropathic tablets. I do feel like it works a treat but on it's own it doesn't touch me. I'm only 22 and I know I shouldn't be using all of these strong tablets but I just want a life that 'normal' people live and wanna have as little pain as possible. I've withdrawed from it once and I couldn't bare it so I just ended up taking it again which really annoys me because I was so close to have full withdrawed and I know now I'll have to go through it all over again one day

  13. I've been using 800mg of tramadol for three years then had enough so a friend using suboxone for three days,and it worked I'm clean now.

  14. fibro Mom. I can read. Don't read from your laptop. You should give your own personal experiences. I can look up definitions on my own. I want to be able to relate to a human being, not a human being doing what I have done. How about how it effects your relationship with your kids? your Husband, your life?

  15. I've been on Tramadol and Codeine last 2 years and i didn't think i would get addicted. I started taking 400mg of tramadol a day and wake up and couple of hours of waking up i start feeling sick withdrawals i just ran out of tramadol so i had to take 100mg codeine 2x a day.

  16. i have quit tramadol about like 5 month ago and now i have headache vomiting water in morning stomachache do it will go automatically or i have to see doctor

  17. I've been on Tramadol for around 10 years. I get the modified release to be taken BD. I had no issues with it at all, but my doctor recently asked me to wean off. I surprised him by weaning easily. His substitute – gabapentin – is a drug from hell! I was only on it for a week and it has caused me hell. I've stopped it and have had withdrawals that have almost broken me. I understand the fact that the selfish drug takers are abusing this medication, but it drives me crazy that the thing that helps is restricted for people who are using recreationally. We should all be judged on merit, not all be treated as one united entity. I'm going to see my doctor again this week to see what else I can try. I have Fibro and my Rheumatologist thinks Lupus too. I also have Endo and OA. So you can probably imagine the pain I'm in right now… I love your channel, by the way. You have a lot of information that is backed up by real life experience – something doctors will never have!

  18. 100mg @ 5 night then additional 2 so 200mg at 2am. Now I'm at 300mg per
    night, I alway take them at night. For got to get my refill for 2 days and was going crazy (insomnia, sweating, and irritated list goes on) Was really worried & scared, I really need to figure a way to STOP ASAP……..

  19. Ive been taking tramadol for about 10 years now. After going thru a horrific withdrawl from Norcos…my Dr. recommended tramadol. He said it was great for pain and non habit forming(10yrs ago) Ive got 3 bulging disks and a metal plate in my left of the screws came lose and its actually pushing thru my skin. (It hasnt broken the skin yet) Anyways…at first i thought the tramadol was worthless…i was still in pain and wanted my norcos back. But after about 3 weeks and taking 8 tramadol a day…i started experiencing relief. I was so happy…i found a drug that took care of my pain and wasnt addictive or have withdrawls. And for 7 years it wasnt labeled a narcotic. The Pharmacists filled the bottles as long as the prescriptions keep coming. In fact…if i had refills…all i had to do was ask if i could get my prescription and all the refills too…all most all the time i would leave the walmart pharmacy with 400 tramadol. But now its a whole different beast….ive got the xrays and MRI results proving my injuries are legit. But Doctors wont prescribe tramadol. I went to the ER cause my back was killing me and i was having a hard time walking because of the screw…they took Xrays….i told them i couldnt take any kind of vicodin or norco type pill…and that tramadol works well for me with the pain…..The ER discharged me…and prescribed over the counter Advil and to put a heating pad on my foot as needed. I tried to explain to them…i cant miss work and its hard to put a heating pad on you left foot while driving a Big Rig Semi. I gave up with Doctors….i go down to Tijuana every 3 weeks and get 200/100mg tramadol for 60 bucks. You can buy them over the counter.

  20. How long were you on tramodol if you don't mind me asking? I have been taking it since 2010 and I would love to get off of it but I'm scared. I have to work and it's the only thing that gets me thru the day.

  21. It starts in the mind with the decision got stop! try Tramacet which is a combination of tramadol and paracetamol, 37g of tramadol and 17g paracetamol.  Then after a week of reducing from 37g cut the tablet in half for another week. Incorporate Vitamin B and C the second week then stop completely. Go to the gym or any exercise and keep your self busy during the day. Your energy levels will drop but that will not be permanent,  try to get lot of sun and water, stay in a calm environment. All the way through remember that you will come out of the other end.

  22. I take tramadol and gabapentin and celexa.. plus I've changed my diet as well…it's helped but yeah tramadol withdrawal is killer 😓 oh I also am on Klonopin 2mg for anxiety but it's frustrating trying to find a miracle med but I guess this works for the moment..

  23. The easiest way of getting over the wd is believeing you never took it first two days suk but after those days its all good last dose i took was to sheets of 50mgs tramadol the high is awsome but its not worth the reap.

  24. Tramadol was the most addictive medicine I have ever taken! The withdrawal was excruciating!! I took 8 pills a day for 5 years, and was to the point where if I missed a dose by an hour I got severe withdrawal symptoms. I will never take it again. I never felt any kind of high. I went through 7 days of severe withdrawal symptoms detoxing off Tramadol.

  25. I agree it's the worst I've ever withdrawaled from an opioid..
    But I was taking a lot of them like 12-15 50mgs a day….. oh and the brain shocks or seizures where very bad when I would take to many…. I'd say stay away from this dirty drug!

  26. 😲😲😲 omfg!! I've been on tramadol for about 4.5 years now. It doesn't really do the job anymore and it's been hard to get prescribed something else. Anyway.. lol my bf and I have been tryna get pregnant and we haven't been able to. And hearing you say it could cause infertility 😦😦 I'm worried now. I needa make an appt asap. Something needs to change and tramadol needs to be one of them. The withdrawals are HORRIBLE!!! OMFG!!! I've gone through it a few times due to shit with insurance not wanting to pay for it and me not having the money to pay out of pocket.. FUCK!! I WANTED TO DIE! 😣
    I once took percs with the tramadol (obviously I spaced them apart by 4-6 hours alternating) and omg it helped SO much! I felt like I could go out and conquer the world but unfortunately they were given to me by a friend who had a c-section and just refused to take them.
    Anyway, The pain specialist I have now already treats me like a junkie so I haven't even mentioned it to him but the new Dr I seen yesterday seems to have a heart so I'm hoping to talk to him about it at my next appt. Wish me luck that he'll work with me🤞

  27. I tryed numerous drugs for restless leg I got after spinal fustion . Found tramadol by ackedent. 50mg and I use a time release. It works. It's a miracle drug for me.

  28. I have taken Tramadol for I think 15-18 years worked great for me. I took 6 tabs a day. Then my doctor took one away then what government? Who ever took another one. Now they help but not like they did. It is the only med that has ever helped. They added gabapentin 300×3 but don't seem to help

  29. Tramadol gives me a sorta high. If i miss a dose I am sluggish and very tired. Then I realize I missed a dose and I'll take it and listen us an hour I'm parked back up again

  30. I just watched your live on Facebook. (Melissa). I am hooked on tramadol and cannot get off!! Like you I have to take it with gabapintin..which I am slowly going off of. But the tramadol is almost impossible. Even cutting the dose down just a little I feel like my body is going to jump out of my skin!!! I hate this medicine and would def advise anyone against taking it. Your body grows immune to it after awhile and it stops working, but you still have to take it because of the withdrawals are so horrible.

  31. i was in a accident & given 50mg it gives me hallucinations, extreme forehead sweating, poor judgement.. i thought i was in a deep deep sleep for hours but turns out i was only sleeping for 15 mins, really does relax me but a bit to relaxed feel no pain & i can stay still for hours. another thing be sure to count ur quantity because they purposely gave me less (w intentions of private resale) i was missing 1/4 of the pills & when i wnt back to confront the pharmacist they immediately put it back w no investigation

  32. i only use tramadol when i can't get myself out of bed, while killing pain the anti depressant properties gave me more energy which helps. but the narcotic effects are so subtle and its so easy to loose track of when you need another dose. if i really feel i need an opiate painkiller i will go for something that naturally occurs like codeine. But for general pain relief i swear by cannabis products! if you don't live in a legal state check you;re local laws for cbd

  33. Hello, I've been on it for 4 years. Symptoms are helped with it but it's slowly fading away. I'm tired of taking it. Anyone else have been on it for a long time and got off successfully?

  34. Terrible drug. I have seen what little good it does for pain, but then how addictive It is. They need to legalize marijuana and people wont have to be told how much pain they have to be in to qualify for it.

  35. My mom has fibro, cronic fatigue, arthritis, and sacralitis. She takes 50mg tramadol about 3 times a day (shes allowed 6) but she goes days where she doesn't need it and shes fine and has never gone through any type of withdraw

  36. Tramadol has helped me with my pain, I don't take it everyday but it was so much better than narco which did nothing, and 16-20 ibuprofens a day, causing my stomach to bleed! So now I have a running script!

  37. I have a sensitivity to meds. I cant do narcotics because they dont take the pain away. They just make me loopy & makes me not care bout the pain. When I get to that point, I have extreme energy & will way over do myself. I hate feeling out of control & I'm a single mother of an autistic & mentally disabled daughter (14yrs old)& another daughter (21yrs old) who is mentally disabled. They both are considered high functioning but still have to constantly be on my toes. Since finding out I have fibromyalgia, my youngest is clingy. Shes worried that I cant be her mommy any more. I've told her I will always b her mommy. I'll just have days where it will be hard for me to function. I have more days this way than she knows. But being like any normal mom, I do my best to be the momma she & her sister need me to b. A big plus is that I have my moms support & she helps me as much as she can. My dad has dementia. Yup my family is a mess, but I luv them with every fiber of me.

  38. I had been on tramadol 50 mg 4 times a day for many years and has to taper it down to nothing quickly when it became a schedule OK drug (I believe that's right..??), and I experienced withdrawal syndrome from it for the first time, and hopefully only time…absolutely awful. There's not just the increased pain. It's like your insides are crawling, everything feels uncomfortable inside, and nothing can make you comfortable. The odd part though: I take half of one pill every few days or so when pain gets crazy, but although I'm taking less, it seems to work better now…don't get that myself. That, and my emotions had been become almost completely suppressed taking it, then coming off of it, they awoke…and it was like emotion overload. I almost reminded myself of a woman with postpartum depression. Not to mention, the regular drug screening was irksome and I felt like I was being looked at as a drug abuse by medical staff…not very nice of them. My recommendation: ONLY take it as a last resort, if ever. It may help in small doses, but anything more and you're asking for trouble. Sorry for how long this is. Thanks for reading and hope it helps.

  39. Originally I was prescribed it for a cracked rib, and Not to be judged, but I found on tramadol that I could have sex for an hour without finishing. It was great for my relationship as to why I continued to take it… but after I ran out I got utterly depressed and had terrible body shocks and leg pains… unfortunately in my country it’s sold over the counter. It’s really not worth it… the after affects are not with the temporary pleasure

  40. If it works for you then take it, if it doesn't then stop. I have been on and off sence I gave birth to my son. I had a epidural that inflamed my sciatic nerve. So I was in pain alot. I had to take it just to walk. It will definitely stop the pain, and you'll even feel happy, and relaxed and focused and energized.. But weeks go by and you build up tolerance and you experience side effects like mood swings, you will sweat alot and get cold, you will lose you appetite which will cause you to lose wieght. Depending on when you take it, it can alter your sleeping pattern. Days will start to fly by and one day youll think, " what's today's date?" And that's when it will hit you that the drug is on you, your not on the drug. You will try to get off and days later you'll have diarrhea, nausea, depression, crying spells, paranoid, extreme fatigue, and extreme hunger. Your body will go into over drive to fix itself from you being on a high for weeks or months and not eating or sleeping……. if your fine with going through that then suit yourself. But everytime you get back on it, the same thing will happen. My advice is find a better option. Physical therapy, surgery ect ect.

  41. I just found this video I was on tramadol and had to which to tramacet….I use to take it everyday now I don’t because it doesn’t work well anymore. I didn’t have terrible withdrawals it just stopped working and I’m not willing to take 8 a day….I stopped tramadol only it gave me headaches….tramacet didn’t…..thanks for this video….

  42. Withdrawals are the worst…trmadol hellwow ur dic was terrible..while u were pregnant..horruble ur do should have know better

  43. I've been on tramadol for over a year now for pain with bad fibro . When the tramadol wares off my arms and legs start to flipping all over the place. I'm on 8 a day. I was trying to come off it but because I've been on it for to long I start vomiting and going into like fits and the tiredness is so unbearable I can't move. My doctor knows about it but does not say anything. Plus I'm on cyclizine for sickness and domperidone for sickness and it suppose to help with me not swallowing as I have a problem with swallowing and it suppose to relax the muscles in the throat. Plus mabeverine for the ibs and thyroxine for under active thyrode gland. Also paracetamol and inhalers for as asthma and lansoprazole for acid reflux etc. So many drugs . I've been on them for years and years. Not good. I also am bedridden for bad pain in my bowel and bad pain in my side where I had my gallbladder removed ten years ago now. I can't eat because every time I try I get very bad severe pain in my bowel. Ibs. Then I start the vomiting and the pain will get so bad I have to go into the hospital . I have this agoraphobia to I've had for 8 or 9 years now and I can't leave my house without having a bad attack and a high heart rate going up to 200 . Then the panic sets in then the depression then it will make the pain bad . I could write a book. I think God sent me to your page because I went straight to this with the tramadol . The tramadol has also stopped me sleeping . I would go for days without any sleep at all. Not kidding. My body is getting ready to give up. The doctors all know about this but don't seem to care only give me more pills.

  44. Pain medication effectiveness varies among individuals. That's one of the major challenges of treating chronic pain, there is no perfect "one size fits all" solution. In my case, I'm dealing with spinal arthritis, so it's a combination of anti-inflammatory and pain management meds (some days are worse than others). Tramadol can be effective, depending on how it's used.
    I am, however, a bit concerned with this prof. Jack Crane in Ireland, who has been going fanatical on his anti-Tramadol tirade (he's appeared in quite a range of articles). Comparing Tramadol to Fentanyl is ridiculous, completely inaccurate.
    Many of the deaths in Ireland were actually caused by alcohol being combined with Tramadol (and other pain meds and opioids), resulting in incidents like car crashes and so on. Acute alcoholism is the really big issue in Ireland . . . I'm a bit suspect of this fanatical anti-Tramadol bent this particular prof. is so intent on.

  45. Tramadol is like taking Tylenol except it does nothing for headaches. Zero problem stopping it. I went off Fentanyl 100 mcg and oxycodone 15 mg every 4 hr with 1 dose of Suboxone at home. That's real withdrawal. Maybe you were emotionally addicted instead of truly dependent. SSRIs are way worse than tramadol.

  46. According to the CDC, you should taper by going down by 10% per week. Hope that helps someone. My doctor was the same way, he had no good advice or idea on how to taper. He only said the withdrawal would suck, but there probably wouldn’t be a server reaction, so just stick it out. Trying his method was absolute hell. I’m now following the 10% rule and that seems to be working. I’d say I almost have this “not right” feeling, like I’m a bit off, but I can function.

  47. Would you guys say that 50 mg a day is dangerous?`

    I feel sooo much better with only 1 x 50 mg. It works wonders for me.

  48. Hi to all ,
    Tram is brilliant until you want to come of
    That's when it you relay feel pain
    It made me into sooooper man

  49. I was on it for 6 years it helped me live life.Then I had a seizure which was cause by a build up of tramadol. Now I'm on no pain meds

  50. I just want to say….tramadol is an opiate. I used to take it in between when i couldnt get perks and oxys. Clearly there is going to be an opiate withdraw just way way more mild than heroin or large amounts of percocet. As someone who has experienced suboxone and heroin withdraw….not even full withdraw id say i got half the full potential…i apologize for laughing at people who are saying they wanted to die from a tramadol withdraw. I mean…there is just no comparison. I do still feel bad though if you were told, like my mom was, that tramadol isnt an opiate and therr is no withdraw. Doctors are assholes who either lie or dont have a fucking clue what they are talking about hakf the time. Be glad you learned this important lesson and didnt end up like me on methadone. It can happen to anyone and im a prime example. Huge nerd growing up, always testing in the 99th percentile…in honors classes, won awards, iq tests never below 139 (and im talking about real iq tests given by professionals). It still happened to me. My friend gave me some tapentadol for my back and claimed his withdraw was very minimal and i was able to stay at below the lowest dose prescribed for over a year and ween myself off. After that i missed it thougg and my back pain came back and i still didnt have health insurance so i turned to pills…just enough to get through work (on my feet bending and lifting all day) and it just slowly led to a full blown heroin addiction. I did seek help after only a few months on that garbage though but the damage has been done. I was strong enougg to quit on my own at home without telling anyone…just bought some suboxone to get through the worst of it and then i stayed at a miniscule level of suboxone for a few wks til i ran out. I tried to quit the subs and followed a taper schedule i found online only to realize at .18 mg i still couldnt jumo off due to rls. I went to a dr to get something for the rls so i could finally be drug free for good and the dr said go to detox and refused any medication. She could have helped me become drug free with just a few non narcotic pills for one little symptom but nope she wouldnt so i turned back to pills havinf run out of subs and unable to find more. That led back to heroin for a wk and now im on methadone and thats where it is. Be glad youre not me. Ive been clean for 5 mnths but cant work or function because the doctors refuse to put me back on my adhd medication that i was on for 10 yrs without issue cuz they think im going to abuse it. So im fucked basically and want to die and none of my doctors have any ideas for helping me since the non stimulant adhd meds didnt work. Thats it for me. My life is over. Im 35 and going to have to move in with my sister and her husband probably until i die since i cant work anymore and no one will give me the one medication that would fix all this.

  51. i have taken it daily 1 – 2 x's a day for two years. i ran out for two weeks recently, but didnt have any withdrawal symptoms as i once had with xanax. but it helps me to sleep and with pain so i take it mostly before bed. it feels better to take one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. when my fibro is worse than usual.

  52. First 4 days are bad total HELL for cold Turkey but you can do it, think of it as worst flu you ever had and you will get better, Day 5 you are almost your old self before tramadol, day 6 you are almost 100% Good and congratulations for quitting this bad addictive drug, first 4 days are hell, try not to work, not go to school or not workout. (((((((((((Olanzapine, and Clozapine)))))))))…. these 2 Medicines will help you quit easily, they take off the thoughts of using Tramadol and help you sleep just don't use them more than 7-10 days to not to get addicted on somethings else.

  53. I been taking tramadol since 2002 for a back injury.i also got hit by a car in 2012 that broke my back so I’m in pain so I keep taking but I would like to get off. I try pain creams the most expensive ones I buy herbal pain medications but pain is still there I even take fish and krill oil but pain still there. Can’t take NSAIDS due to Ulcers and having GERD so I have no idea what to do next. I have had pain injections as well I can’t afford Stem Cell that’s my only option I can think of

  54. Hallo brothers I'm in pain nerves pain disk neuropathy pain siatica my doctor give me epidural injection 3 time for one week and it pain 24 hour I can't sleep I have taking tramadol 5oomg and still pain full I don't now watch to do just say I wanna kill myself to be free painful brothers pls help what to do

  55. What is a withdrawal? I really don’t understand I have been on tradmadol and gabapentin for 6 years now and I stop taking them both for a month or so due to me trying to see if I can live without it and I don’t feel anything at all never get sick or feel anything weird. I’m seriously interested why I never do.

  56. I think that people (including myself) make a mistake of not tapering slowly enough, but I can understand the impatience. The slower you taper, the less withdrawal symptoms you get.

  57. i TAKE TONS OF TRAMADOL FOR OCD. [note: ive been sober from everything else besides tramadol for 15 years] It is great for OCD, helps concentration greatly. I will forever be on it. HOWEVER, the longest i didnt have it was like 20 hours since 2013 and it was horrible. It is literally the worst feeling ever. I greatly fear not having it. Its legal in Mexico so if you are near the border and are going to run out you can go there with a presciption bottle and fill it up and come back. Its over the counter there and there are stores near the border. Im considering moving to within 100 miles of the border for this reason alone. However my doctor has been decent and the pharmacy has been nice when I run out early. But if you get on it…..and i dont recommend it unless you have OCD….then you must make sure you always have it….and that you have a backup plan [or 2] in case you loose your bottle or something else you cannot control.

  58. Hello 👋🏼… I was proscribed tamadol about 2 yrs ago for back pain. Well that lead to me becoming dependent on them. So I was on 2 pills every 8 hrs. Of course the longer I took the pills my tolerance went up I was taking 6-8 pills at a time…. now I look back and wish I had never taken them. They are the devil.. I’m glad to say I’ve been clean coming up to 3 yrs… omg I thought I was never gonna sober again. But here I am sober and happy. No more pain.

  59. If yourte taking this I recommend that you back off every couple of days. I dont take them everyday… i usually take it when im really feel… which is like every other day… but then i take one or two.. then none… maybe a couple days off.. im pretty sure i can do without… wow.. how much do you have to be putting down? It sounds like you were shoveling a lot. I have 50mg caps and thats enough.. worst it does is keep me up late if i take it too late…strange but true

  60. How do u even get high on tramadol.i took it when i was 17 and felt nothing . Roxies were what i took lol. 2 days off of them now tho

  61. I am so glad I found ur channel. I have been struggling with Fibromyalgia for 12 years and it has been so difficult with pain,meds,doctors, and I have been through even a doctor saying I was overweight and lazy. I have taken Tramadol and many other meds but, I will say Tramadol helped me so much with pain and helping me to live somewhat of a normal day but, It stopped working for me after about 6 years of being on it and I didn’t have withdrawals because my doctor put me on another medication to help with pain. Also we did taper off slowly and I think that helped. Thanks for sharing your story with us and your channel is so refreshing and good to know I am not alone. I have wanted to start a utube channel but am feeling really shy about getting in front of a camera but, if I could help one person with my experience it would make me so happy.

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