This Org is Breaking the Stigma around Mental Illness

– My name is Coach JJ. Depression2extinction, also known as d2e, was kind of founded out
of a necessity of my own, going through my own journey. Our mission, really, is to focus
on eliminating that stigma by changing the way people connect with their emotions,
themselves, and others. We’ve created two forms of training. We have our “be real check in.” Our “be real check-in” process is where you go through
your 10 core emotions, you rate them on a scale from one to 10 — one, not feeling it;
10, really feeling it; and anything in between. And then we also have a leader’s guide, which would actually show you
how to conduct a small group. If you go into a space
that you know is safe, to share what you’re frustrated about, and you know that the other person isn’t going to react to
whatever you’re sharing, you start to open up and be a
little more honest about it. The small groups is just a great way for people to support other humans, and share our stories and
share our experiences. (upbeat bouncy music) If you guys are looking
for ways to volunteer, if you’re looking for ways to connect, honestly, subscribe to the Grotto network.

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