This month with the President: Student Mental Health Strategy

When I think the well-being of everyone in our community is fundamentally the responsibility of the University. You can’t learn, you can’t conduct research effectively if you’re facing challenges that we
may in some way be able to address. So I think we have an obligation to
provide the kind of front line supports to people who
are facing those kinds of challenges. But then we shouldn’t stop there, we
then need to say what is it that we’re doing systemically, in our day-to-day operations that
either exacerbates mental health conditions or contributes to them, even occasionally, and we need to be able to attend to that. So it involves both the matter of being attentive to the needs of individuals and also being attentive to the institution itself and making change where we can and
should in order to contribute overall to the mental well-being of people in the University. The approach being taken is an
integrated, comprehensive one which I think is going to make us in the end not only very adaptable but probably much more successful than we would be had we not thought to span the whole spectrum from, you know, frontline support to a structural changes on the way in
which courses are offered or accomodations in the classroom and so on. Which will all in the long run make for
a more healthy university community. So my advice to students who are facing challenges of this sort is seek help we’re very concerned to
provide it and accommodations of one sort or another, clinical help perhaps, all these
things are there at their disposal and they shouldn’t hesitate to avail themselves.

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