Therapeutic Communication and Mental Health Assessment Demo

[ Music ]>>Who is it? What do you want?>>As I said at the door,
my name is Ann Jones. I’m a nurse who visits
families in the community.>>Would you like to sit down? Do you want some tea?>>Oh, look at those bruises!>>Who is she, and what
is she doing here?>>I have to call the
Children’s Aid Society.>>You will take Sasha
away from me? Get out!>>What’s best for you is to end
your relationship with Joseph.>>What do you write down? I don’t
want you writing anything down.>>Shut up! You’re too
stupid to know anything!>>I’ll visit you some other time.>>He does not have the
key to the building, or to the apartment. So, that’s it? Some
pamphlets and a card?>>You have to watch
your tone of voice.>>Get out!>>If you need any help
before then, you have my business card,
so you can contact me at that number.>>What time can you come? [ Music ]

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