The Problem with Diagnosing in the Mental Health System

[Music] how can I tell if I have PTSD or complex PTSD when my psychiatrist is diagnosed me currently is having borderline personality disorder and originally I was diagnosed schizophrenic I see you’ve taken your stroll down the mental health field path okay I’m gonna try to contain my level of fury relative to this subject I know that many of you feel like a spiritual teacher should not have any strong emotions but that’s complete BS and by the way that’s what happens when a spiritual teacher has cut themselves off in their temporal aspect so I’m just going to tell you right now at the level of fury I feel towards this question is immense because you my friend have found the failings of our current society mental health needs to change completely you’re basically putting forth the fact that you’ve been diagnosed as all of these different things as if it’s a defect within you all of these is why they can’t nail down a particular diagnosis for you it’s all just symptom ology and these people are basically looking at your symptoms and trying to categorize you in a box so they know what treatment to give you when they don’t even understand what that treatment does in and of itself especially if medications are involved so I need you to start to look at this in a different way it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been diagnosed PTSD diagnosed borderline diagnosed schizophrenic all of these labels are just ways that one psychiatrist or psychologist can talk to another person in one sentence can sum up a bunch of symptoms and give us somewhat of an understanding about what’s going on with this person it does not mean anything for you I also want you to see that all of these behaviors which are coming through symptoms which they label are an adaptation that means that the root of all of these things is in fact trauma our trauma forces us to separate off from the aspect that was vulnerable to the aspect that kept us safe and oftentimes that creates behaviors in our adult life especially teenage life and sometimes even childhood that are less then beneficial to ourselves and behaviors that get us in a lot of trouble with the system so I need you to see that these issues you’re having are adaptations that you experienced as a result of the trauma that you went through I’ll give you an example with borderline chelli borderline you’re gonna see this with any kind of attachment trauma now that’s trauma relative to relationships and closeness if you’ve had any kind of trauma there abandonment is a big thing with people who are borderline invalidation is the biggest thing when it comes to people who are quote unquote borderline so let’s look at this let’s say you grew up in an invalid ating environment which you did what happens when you have an emotion in that environment chances are your parent turned against it so when you said I feel really sad the parent goes there’s no reason to feel sad right now it’s ridiculous it’s such a beautiful day or something like that it’s an invalidating environment to your emotions which leaves you in a position where you feel pain but you’re being told you shouldn’t feel pain and yet you feel it anyway and so you start to distrust yourself and so the emotion starts to build and you actually create no capacity for regulation of your own emotions because how do we learn to regulate our own emotions if our parent regulates our emotions and if our parent is seeing their emotions don’t exist can they regulate our emotions No so we never learned to do it so basically in our adult life what happens we have no capacity to regulate our emotions when somebody says something to us we go from Park to fifth and fifty seconds and suddenly we’re in a towering rage and we logo and look at that when you say oh my god it’s borderline that’s not borderline this is the result of having a traumatic experience in childhood where our emotions were invalidated and so we had no hope of resolving them and so this is how we evolved in our adulthood so we have to start to shift our focus within the mental health field towards what happened to this person and how can we provide the missing experience for this person so that we can give them different tools for coping with these types of experiences and triggers that they’re experiencing in their adult life I really don’t want you to start looking at whether you have one of these conditions or another one of these conditions because as there’s progresses we’re gonna get rid of them entirely it’s no longer going to be a conversation whether this person has borderline or this person has schizophrenia a person will be treated as a whole organic unit where all the trauma that they experienced creates ways of coping with it adaptations do those benefit the person No so we’re going to give them different tools we’re going to give them different experiences Healing is all about experience in the opposite right so if you experienced being invalidated and childhood all weird you can solve borderline condition by validating their emotions in real-time and actually creating resolution for them and then the whole condition is gone so it’s not a defect it’s an adaptation see that about yourself there is nothing wrong with you that’s my rent I am so mad at the current mental health system I can’t even tell you and I am personally taking it on [Music] [Music]

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  1. Me too I disagree with the way mental health system is set up currently. I worked in Psych word 10 years ago as an RN. I was totally against how people were treated and that is why I left. Labels and drugs got to go. They are ineffective and dangerous.

  2. My english is really bad and i understand maybe 1/3 but that what comes not out of my head, this says; that's it 99,8.. . %
    Evrybody can feel it, if they want to feel it!
    The mind only turns around the point of inner being .. straight down now or later ..
    from an bodom point to turns up to open (flexibility) mind.. change all

    Hope it's good enougth to understand what i mean =)

  3. I definitely have had trauma with invalidation & abandonment i mean BIG TIME. Like my core trauma of all traumas. No one diagnosed me as borderline though. & lately ive craved intimacy & closeness so badly. I want close friends. I want them now.

  4. Adaptation is a helpful differentiation. Dealing with or living with is not easy to manage sometimes….

  5. hahahah she's so nice!! I love that she accept and let herself be mad even if it is no considered ok for a spiritual guru to be so

  6. Bravo again Teal Swan! A classical example is Eleanor Londgen, a student of psychology with the sensitivity of telepathy awakened, who when she told it to the psychiatrists, they diagnosed her with Schizophrenia. In spite of it, she took her PhD in psychology, and became the founder of international movements "Voices in my head" that millions of people now have joined. In the next video she explains that a more complicated psychology in a person is often labeledb the Mental Health System , psychosis or schizophrenia etc.

  7. sorry for being in absentia, you keep warning people of frgamentation perhaps just be the boss and denuounce a lack of integrity also obsience is a great word for handshake. shibby xxxxx

  8. Hi Teal <3 Thank you for this video! Thank you for talking about this! It's so important! I got diagnosed with ADD some years ago, but it does not feel good to have that "stamp", so today do I not tell people about it often, because I know I'm a sensitive, energetic, big person. I love to live and I love to be creative in my life, but my childhood was in someways pretty hard and it got me depressed in waves. So I understand now that my personality and the depression together got me to "fit in" the diagnose ADD. But I'm me, i'm not a diagnose, I don't believe either in that little box the mental health system wants to put us in and earn many from. So when i got my diagnose with ADD some years ago I been recommended medication. I tried Concerta for a month, but it gave me suicidal thoughts.. I understood it was the medicine so I just pushed it in the trash and since that I've never believed in the mental health system again. After that I tried medication I started to google about "how to live with Ad(h)d without medication". I found some information and I felt 'It most be more people out there who feel the same as me' so I started an Facebook group that i named "Adhd utan medicin" (it means 'adhd without medication' in Swedish). I invited people and I met so many people who joined the group that felt the same as me and so many people who lives without medication. Today the group has around 3K members and we help each other to live healthy lifes without medication. Thank you again for this video. And I wonder is it possible that you can make an video where you talk about why so many people get diagnostic Ad(h)d? And if you could give som life tips for the people who "fit in" that Ad(h)d diagnose?

  9. this video is so soothing and validating to watch…like a breath of fresh air. ty ty ty teal for expressing that and i'm glad you are changing the system. i'm in

  10. Thank you for putting this into perspective I'm beginning to understand how to view and take care of these mental health issues I notice!

  11. "Healing is all about experience in the opposite….[because] it's not a 'defect', it is an adaptation". Most powerful statement in the entire "rant"….

  12. Im in the hospital right now for having a breakdown and i told them that I am spiritual and they kept asking me if its all hallucinatory etc etc…i dont need meds, i just need someone to talk to, counsellor wise!

  13. so correct, i also get angry at the mental health system of drugs,,,,I say I do do agree to anything Clinical,,,as they are not dealing with the soul of the person,,,,these doctors are more mental than the patients, to guinea pig them as they do…talk about pyscopaths….i watched and experienced the damage these tablets do to the patient,,,,and yes all the fucken labels,,,when the soul is so traumatised…

  14. Teal, I really love the ideas you put out. You were an inspiration for me to start studying psychology, I’m in my 2º year now and its all really fascinating. But i do realize all of the problems that you are talking about with all the wrong diagnosis and how they treat people (in some cases). Just know that you never cease to inspire me in every way. I wish you the best always. Keep up the wonderful work and never give up, no matter what.

  15. Yes, quite right – you are entitled to and fully justified in your rage.

    And I am in full and total agreement.

    So, Fury, Young Woman, Fury!

  16. The Problem is that when a Psychiatrist diagnoses you, there is only him and you in the room.

    And the source of The Problem, invariably, is not present.

    He can only try to diagnose YOU – and you are more than likely not The Problem – the ACTUAL Problem People will NEVER get diagnosed.

  17. I love it! She puts in wonderful into words.
    And sorry but I just have to ask that. Is that only me..or is she sometime kind of sexy when she gets mad?

  18. And not one tells how truly bad stress is to the human body and of course to be validated you are continuously with toxic people – everyone needs to break free of their medications, first off, I wanted to see what a natural sleep felt like, and went off all meds, the summer of 2016. Today I have strong faith that God Almighty loves me, and I am growing without sociopaths or doctors who think they are bigger and better than our Father. And of course we do not know anything, it's time to stop believing anything they say, they are the Fools

  19. We are. I am is a delusion. When we denie the I the we is bad. When we denie the we the I is bad. I am, we are is a delusion 🙂 what the fuck, this is very weid what i said jajajjaa. I totally support you.

  20. You're amazing, Teal! Thank you for this message. Our mental health system needs so much improvement and you explained it all so perfectly. Bless you, wise soul!!

  21. Thank you dear Teal! On point as always!
    Invalidation is painfull and such a damaging atitude…great insight.
    We need to re-parenting ourselves instead of invalidating our emotions once again.
    I do miss the future you see (i see it too!)
    <3 "It is not a defect, it is adaptation!!! See that about yourself, there is nothing wrong with you!" <3
    Love and Gratitude <3

  22. That is one great woman! I absolutely love what she's doing and how she's doing it.
    Thank you so much for everything Teal. You have saved my life more than once… Please keep going. This world needs you!!! ?

  23. Hi Teal! Love your message .. But .. perhaps you can try to put yourself in the shoes of the person asking the question.. who is probably, fragile, sensitive, hurt, frustrated & maybe even hopeless.. . When they see you answer their question .. Because you seem so frustrated.. They might feel like they are being attacked again.. They are seeking answers.. from you .. If you could maybe take your personal frustrations out of it so you could hold a space for them.. I don't mean to sound offensive.. But if your mission is to try to reach these tortured souls.. Then .. you have to be able to speak an energy that they can recieve.. Not a forceful or angry energy.. I would think they have had enough of that all of their lives.. Blessings to you & thank you for your channel

  24. steering people away from God…. Satan loves you and wants you to keep up the good work…

    besides New Age is so 1984…. 'cmon

  25. the timing of this video couldn't be more divine. I am a rape survivor and had memories and visions resurfacing of when I was a child. In response to these visions I was receiving, my mother and sister took me to a mental health facility and at first I signed in as voluntary and it only took me a few hours to know inside and out that this was not the place for me. I hadn't been on medication beforehand, but I was healing post traumatic stress through talk therapy, journaling, writing letters to past abusers.The main focus in that facility all across the board was about taking medication. Whatever they were giving me, my body either naturally regurgitated, or gave me horrible side effects like a full body rash(swollen lympnodes), loss of eye sight, and so much tension and agitation I couldn't sit still or focus on anything- every single thing made me feel like complete shit. I know there were others in there who felt the same exact way. I was locked up in a psych ward for 13 days, and all I wanted was to be able to sit outside and experience what I felt like I'd never experience again…calamity. They sentenced me to a hearing for being a "danger to myself and others" (not true AT ALL), and attached in the envelope bullet number one summarized that the staff could deny you things, deny your rights, deny you what helped calm you down in light of your "treatment". Bull fucking shit. One day that building will be nothing but rubble and bad energy like the abandoned mental asylums that litter today.

  26. Current mainstream psychology is already trickling in this direction. It's refreshing to see. The pharmaceutical side is mostly upheld by the major marketing the companies do to doctors with financial incentives. Pharmaceuticals are beneficial if you're in such a low place, you need a boost to raise your head above water to be able to swim to the shore, but a pill will not get you to the shore; you must do that. It's more lucrative to create dependence though. My second year psych courses have been surprisingly insightful into aspects of childhood regression and quantum mind over matter.

  27. It made me feel so much better to hear your words about Mental Illness Teal. I had a nervous breakdown almost a year ago. I'm 63. I know it's from all the trauma that I've experienced since childhood. I ended up in the mental hospital 6 mo. ago. What I saw there was so dark, the Matrix at it's best! I was an Empath, so this has been very challenging for me because it's misplaced somewhere. I have only taken drugs a few times in the last 30 years of my life, they put me on medication that I want off of. God help me, how do I get off of them?

  28. I'm diving into your passion Teal! I love it when you rant, someone needs too! You have really helped provide my thoughts and feelings clarity regarding the world and situations. Thanks for doing what you do!

  29. Teal, what do you have to say about people who are incapable of caring for themselves due to severe mental illness and cannot function without comprehensive assistance and medication? They exist.

    Imo we need to completely overhaul our society to make more space for people who struggle to survive in the capitalist system. If you can't contribute to the accumulation of capital by the Bourgeoisie as a wage slave, you're left to starve or serve as a literal slave in the private prison system. It's fucking sick. I want to live in a world that doesnt force me to medicate myself and suffer through slaving away in a minimum wage job because I have Bipolar and CPTSD. Work is extremely difficult for me, and I would like to get on disability, but the powers that be treat me like the scum of the earth trying leech away at the system. No, you assholes! Maybe the things that make living in a capitalist system difficult for me are invisible, but I still struggle to meet my own basic needs due to my illness. I pay my fuxking taxes, I vote, and I try to make a positive, meaningful impact in my community when and where I can. Why am I not entitled to use of the social support systems put in place for people EXACTLY LIKE ME?

    Anyways. I agree with you that those of us with mental health difficulties are treated with dispassion and detachment, and it's a problem. I am no longer taking psych meds, and I intend on staying this way. I would prefer to treat myself with mindfulness and my spirituality. Thank you for postong this, Teal. Take care

  30. wow teal! even though i went through extensive amounts of tests to find out what i was dealing with. its nice to put a label on it so i can start working on myself to find out what the hell happened to me. im thirty and ive been through the system since i was very young. the next episode you had about self hatred is coming more to the surface. thankyou for explaining that. bpd. even my dr has said the same thing. stop worrying about what you have. but start to work on the now? i guess is what hes saying.

  31. I just read The Other Side of Bipolar: Revealing Your Strengths to Move Beyond the Diagnosis. It's about this very thing :).

  32. Thank you so much for this rant. I have spoken out against the abuse of the current Psychiatric system for decades. I was diagnosed schizophrenic in my early twenties and was locked up for 6 months. The drugs were horrendous and I almost committed suicide because there was no way I was going to live like that. Prior to being admitted, I had a spiritual awakening that left me walking around at one with everything. It was a beautiful experience but I was ungrounded and under a lot of stress at the time. I was unable to get back to "normal" consciousness so eventually my friends felt they had no alternative than to take me to hospital. It was the worst experience of my life. I talk about it in an interview here
    Again, thank you Teal for all your wisdom and concern.

  33. This resonates so deeply to me, thank you for this and for voicing the truth and even your powerful emotions that I share as well on this subject.

  34. This video is an object lesson about (among other things) how to become angry, yet without becoming mean. Now THAT is a science and an art in and of itself!

  35. Ever since i was 17 i've been ''diagnostic'' with hundreds of shity labels and lies that ''have no cure'' ; now i'm 26 blowed the whistle about those therapists already and they're now losing pacients and therefore losing money.
    What Teal Swan says is the truth everytime there are less and less people willing to pay for a psychologist or psychiatrist visit, we are all discovering that there is no better cure than the Truth itself! Awakening from this matrix and crappy tendencies.
    Therapists are aware of that and it kills them it burns them up inside knowing how they're losing money. And what do they do about it? Start bitching about how come other people with different beliefs (that in fact are much more helpful) like Teal Swan are relieveing people from their pain and star ''suing'' them. And guess what: at the end of the day they all end up losing and looking like fools. And even more when the town know that those tereapists are ''pacients'' to Reiki Teachers.
    If you ask me i relieved from all of my traumas thorugh traveling by myself, ending toxic relationships, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Bach Flowers's Drops, Chamonile and probably the most important: Being aware that what other people tell you at the end of the day is just their point of view! It doesn't matter if that person has 4 phds or is living in a small house in the countryside, at the end of the day you're the one who choose to believe who do you ''feel'' (feel not think) is the trustworthy one.
    Nowadays i still take predescripted painkillers, but only when i'm very anxious about something; a rivotril bottle last me for 2 months, an astronomical difference like when i was a teenager that took 4 pills a day.

  36. We so need more voices like this. The current mental health system is a shambles. The way that education occurs currently, combined with the social stigma placed on mental illness renders mental health professionals utterly useless and ineffective.

  37. I think I would like to talk to you I'm so confused with all the labels they have gave me I don't feel good its having to always have a mask on and knowing what to say or not say not to be locked up I do hate life

  38. Teal do you believe bpd is the same as disorganized attachment trauma? Also do you believe someone can rid one's self of bpd ? Or does one have to earn a secure attachment with a therapist ?

  39. I agree that mental illness can be over – medicalised (esp. in the US) but counselling does exactly what Teal is saying we need for people who are suffering from childhood and other trauma. Talk therapy does have all the benefits such as validation, looking at the memories, working with habits and learning skills. So what's all the fuss about? Medicating and labels have their place and fuzzy touchy feely has its place. We can have both. Let's not get stuck in this dichotomous thinking. It can be harmful.

  40. Thank you it absolutely makes me sick we have been labeled these bs diagnosis thank you for making sense of a corrupt mental health system worldwide

  41. You said at some point in life you were suicidal? you have no idea how thankful I am that you're alive and willing to share your thoughts on these matters.

  42. Borderlines are individuals who enjoy roller coaster emotions, and they seek those out at any cost. Life is quite boring and sad to everyone, but borderlines just won't accept it, they need to have a taste at madness.

  43. I agree, screw these labels made up by big pharma to sell drugs. "Oh we'll give you a bi polar label and this is the pill for this label". Care to show me a blood test to determine if I'm bi polar? There isn't one. Care to show me a gene causing bi polar? No there isn't one.

  44. If you wanna cure schizophrenia, just google Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer that cured 20,000 schizophrenics by using zinc to lower their copper. It's high copper causing most of the schizophrenia. Also have your methylmalonic acid level checked, which will show your B12 tissue level. There is a condition called pernicious anemia which causes a low B12, and it is often misdiagnosed as bi polar, schizophrenia, manic depressive or one of the other made up labels.

  45. It's so true BUT I believe certain psychological 'defects' are there since birth so psychologists can help with that part, or some people have an accident and physically damaged their brain, or after taking drugs.

  46. I totally agree with with Teal. I see this everyday as well as within my family. Our society is so condition to think we are broken. We are not broken!

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