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a well-known term among psychologists scientists and even modern culture is left and right brain you may have heard of these terms yourself as a means of someone else describing you maybe someone remarked upon your amazing math skills telling you how your left brain thinker or maybe you painted an awe-inspiring picture and someone remarked upon your right brain thinking talents you may have even taken a facebook test to determine which brain hemisphere you’re more oriented to if you’ve stumbled upon this topic on your own so what are the terms left brain and right brain mean oftentimes left brain is a term used to describe logical analytical and calculating individuals for example scientists mathematicians lawyers accountants and most people who work with technology are all people who could be considered left brain on the other hand or hemisphere right-brained is often used to describe creative intuitive emotionally based people for example artist psychologist graphic and interior designers songwriters as well as therapists left and right brain are both phrases used for labeling but also for scientific purposes scientists and neuropsychologist like I studied the two hemispheres of the brain for over five decades with a pioneer in the study Roger will call sperry being given a nobel prize in 1981 for his work on split brain research summarizes sperrys work as one way sperry set of these functions was by examining patients whose hemisphere connecting nerves have been severed to alleviate serious epilepsy by the 1960s he could reveal that the left hemisphere is more geared towards abstract and analytical thought calculation and linguistic ability while the right hemisphere is more important for comprehending spatial patterns and complex sounds like music if left-brain thinking is considered digital thinking focusing on topics such as calculation analysis of the world and right brain thinking is considered analog thinking focusing on topics such as art and creativity you might be wondering if it’s possible for a person to be both left brain and right brain thinkers or mentally ambidextrous you might think you’re mentally ambidextrous yourself neither one hundred percent left brain nor one hundred percent right brain if so don’t worry there is such a thing as mental image dexterity in fact most successful and innovative people practice using both their left and right brain hemispheres statistician George EP box said for the theory practice adoration to work the scientists must be as it were mentally ambidextrous fascinated equally on one hand by possible meanings theories and tentative models to be influenced from data and the practical reality of the world and all the other with factual implications deducible from tentative theories models and hypotheses author eff scott Fitzgerald says the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function while boxes idea focuses on the mental ambidexterity of the scientists and Fitzgerald’s idea focuses on two sides of an opposing system working together practicing using both hemispheres of the brain is an important trait to possess for everyday life Larry Smith of the interval rights mental ambidexterity is not just about holding two opposing ideas in the mind at once it is instead about thinking and behaving in two diametrically opposing ways depending on the situation this is most often manifested in the operational excellence perspective and the business transformation perspective the ability to be mentally ambidextrous is to be able to accommodate both the efficiency perspective and the experimentation perspective and the no-win and how to behave using the appropriate perspectives basically you have to be good at using science and art smith gives a great example of how to use both brain hemispheres and business but his example can also be translated in daily life both brain hemispheres can be used to create balance and Accord in relationships business and career personal perspective problem-solving as well as even health by practicing duo hemisphere thinking you can become a creative problem solver an analytical designer a passionate calculator or even able to balance when you use emotionally-charged thinking and practice logical thinking even if you are skeptical to whether or not the brain hemispheres have any significance on your mental process or if you fully believe that left and right brain thinking is scientifically provable it is always important and imperative in every situation to act appropriately you can always improve your reactivity and also your strength even if you’re not basing your behavior and mental process of a hemisphere chart even after learning all of this information on the left and right brain hemispheres you might be asking yourself is the opposing brain hemisphere concept really exist how is it possible that one side of the brain thinks a certain way while the other behaviors completely different is it actually possible for one side of my brain to be dominant over the other some people say the idea of the left brain and right brain thinking is a myth Christopher one Jack of LiveScience rights now scientists at the University of Utah have debunked the myth with analysis of more than 1,000 brains they found no evidence that people preferentially use their left or right brain all of the study participants and no doubt the scientists are using their entire brain equally throughout the course of the experiment the preference to use one brain region more than others for certain functions which science is called lateralization is indeed real the lead author dr. Jeff Anderson director of the fMRI neurosurgical mapping service at the University of Utah for example speech emanates from the left side of the brain for most right-handed people this is not imply though that great riders or speakers use the left side of the brain more than the right for that one side is Richard neurons so what does this mean for Roger sperrys groundbreaking work on the brain hemispheres well it might mean that his research is outdated considering the revolution of the mind and society as a whole since Perry’s original experiment was conducted in the nineteen sixties it wouldn’t be too surprising that humans now use both sides of the brain equally perhaps at one time when people and life for far less complex it was easier and made sense to put people into mental categories and labels each generation is born with different genes different cells and overtime and nearly completely different genetic and chemical makeup their brains and mental process being no exception considering experience work was conducted over 50 years ago it might be time for a scientific update let’s put it into perspective like this neuroscience was first emerging as a major field studies in the 1960s experiments and theories such as sperrys being conducted and executed we knew very little about the brain and neuroscience and neuropsychology began emerging being met with many questions however we currently know more about the brain than ever before neuroscientist are now able to change the emotional makeup of memories we understand a lot more about how and why the brain works and we are even able to conduct experiments show that individuals may or may not use both sides of the brain equally times ideas and theories are constantly changing and the brain hemispheres are no exception to this universal rule so maybe rather than a personal characteristics being categorized into their dominant brain hemisphere we can simply see these as personality traits is more likely than not that individuals are merely more logic oriented or creativity focused rather than using one hemisphere of the brain only this evidence can also be found in taking a look at the brain hemisphere model chart some and most people possess a mixture of the traits characteristics and skills listed on the left and right brain charts it’s very rare and often fictional to find a person who can clearly fits into one category of the brain hemisphere some people are talented at math but also very good at creating artistic pieces other people are very analytical but can also use an imagination to varying extents cherishing a council he’ll calm confirms this idea writing everyone should understand the personality types associated with the terminology left brain and right brain and how they relate to him or her personally however we just don’t see patterns where the hole left brain network is more connected or the whole right brain network is more connected some people it may be that personality types have nothing to do with the hemisphere being more active stronger or more connected said researcher Jared nielsen the general verdict is this in the 1960s sperrys research may have been and most likely was true however in modern times the idea of left and right brain thinking has been debunked it is now a matter of opinion and what you wish to believe the fact of the matter is science neuroscience and psychology as a whole are consistently coming up with new ideas facts and information scientifically what may be true today could be proven incorrect tomorrow hope you guys enjoyed this video and kind of the art aspect of it i’m testing around with new video types if you liked it leave a comment below and if you want more subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. Up to date research is best. The problem with the earlier research is your inability to test and retest it. It is no longer medically sound to cut the corpus coliseum. This leaves modern science without test subjects to repeat the test. Drawing conclusions about the validity of this older research, (such as we have more use of both hemispheres due to today's life style, so his findings were true then, but not now) requires that you take people in today's world and repeat the study. It maybe that these people would mirror today's subjects before the procedure. The only way to support or deny such a claim, would be to test them, do the procedure, & then test them again. This would give you normal functionality and separate functionality. From this you would have the start of an idea about how valid the research is. Interesting topic.

  2. "Those who join us need give up only half of their humanity–the illogical, ill-tempered, and disordered half, commonly thought of as 'right-brain' functioning. In exchange, the 'left-brain' capacities are increased to undreamed potential. The tendency of Biologicals to cling instead to their individual personalities can only be attributed to archaic evolutionary tendencies." –Prime Function Aki Zeta-5, "Convergence"

  3. Hey I think this video style is kind of unique and interesting. I do have one bit of criticism though: the presentation felt rushed. It was less conversational, like you were trying to get through your material by a time limit.

  4. the art thing was reaxing to watch
    I think it would be quite helpful to follow you, if you added small boxes with the most important facts for a better audio visual learning process and more attention

  5. I want to date this guy. He sounds really fun and smart! 🙂 I love watching his channel; and I have been subscribed for quite a while. He sounds like a fun guy to be around.

  6. I really like this style you did. I enjoy watching art time laps but I've been wanting to watch more videos about Psychology and Science topics. I'm a fan of all the artists I subscribe to but the topics seem to be just about technique. I learned a lot I didn't know about the brain hemispheres and thought it all tied together nicely. I'd watch more videos like this.

  7. I took an online test one time and the result says that I have a rare 50-50 equal left and right brain dominance, I don't know if that site is legit but I'am kind'a proud of it.

  8. great vid i personally like your format where your visuals coincide with what youre talking about the art was cool but i found myself getting lost in the video and missing things you said

  9. What if I am neither creative nor logical???? I feel like am neither…I like science but hate math and I like art but can't draw for shit and I don't like reading but I'm a social person. So am I left brained or right brained?????

  10. i really like the video but i disagree on what you said in 7:20 cause its not what you wish to believe its what the facts suggest. just because you want something to be true, it doesn't mean that it's no longer false.

  11. I only heard the conclusion. The entire time I zoned out watching the painting/drawing but nice conclusion, though I know I am 100% left brained

  12. Not that this style is great, But I preferred the old one. The old one helped to visualize what you're talking about more, But both
    are great, Keep up the good work Practical psychology!

  13. I am to understand that left brain is bad somehow? Not so. Both are important. Left brain does not equate to closed minded greedy little money grubbers as this picture implies. Open your mind as you claim right brainers do! Nice art though…

  14. The drawing is incredibly good, but unfortunately takes the focus on it instead that on your speech, anyway, great job keep it up!

  15. I would like to give you an honest critic: I found it too hard to concentrate on your talking and your drawing at the same time

  16. studies prove that dyslexics use the right hemisphere of their brain more than the left when doing maths a lot use the right side of there brain instead of the left also it more active than the left in a general sence.

  17. I honestly barely paid attention to what was being said lol, I was so captivated by how amazing you are at art!! I'm obsessed with this drawing/painting 😍

  18. Great drawing and I still loved the video, even though the artwork really distracted me from the story you were telling. In that way, the old animation worked better. However, I'm curious to see what else you come up with!

  19. The drawing is amazing, what I don't like about it are the chimneys, they look like drawn by a 4 year old and the smoke coming out of them could be better too. This is meant as constructive criticism. I'm not trolling

  20. "Scientifically, what may be true today, could be proven incorrect tomorrow." Then it's not true (factual) today. Truth (facts) is singular and absolute, understanding is what is fluid and changes. The world is not flat. That a bunch of ignorant Europeans thought so in the dark ages doesn't make it true then or for them. It's simply an incorrect belief.

    Science has many incorrect beliefs (wrong assumptions) but through the scientific process those wrong assumptions are found out, corrected and our body of knowledge is updated to something closer to the truth. The truth again, being singular and absolute.

  21. secret tip… Learn to read with the right brain. Buy the book "Reading with Right Brain" on Amazon. You'll thank me later

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  24. Thank you! I love getting confirmation for my suspicions! Just as Multiple Intelligences via Gardner rang true, so does this explanation!

  25. i love it , i enjoyed watching the painting and didn't hear 90 % of the talk hhhhhh i guess that this explaind that i can hardly use both sides together :)-  now i must listen without looking to get what you said. you are very good artist

  26. After few seconds the sound faded into the background and disappeared and I didn't hear anything he had to say.. my left side turned off?

  27. I think I’m both I’m an artist and think like an artist but I’m super smart and in test always get more logical but when not in test I’m just a big kid

  28. Thanks for sharing all this information. Also, the drawing is incredibly beautiful! Do you have a JPEG of it? I want to make it my background!

  29. The art is good – however, the idea that we on average use our brains in a fundamentally different way over the course of just 50-60 years isn't really supported at all in my opinion.

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