The First Mixed Reality Mental Health and Career Support Game | Facing Dragons

Imagine a game That empowers you to overcome life’s challenges. Meet Jake; this is his first year in university. He still has no idea what he wants to do with his life. He tried the career path tests they gave him in highschool but the results left him feeling misunderstood and even more confused. Jake meets the student support counselor at his new university. She suggests “Facing Dragons”; a mixed-reality game that helps young adults unlock their purpose, develop life skills, and achieve their biggest goals. Meet Emily; she’s a high school senior. Emily struggles with social anxiety and depression. She uses her phone to feel safe and maintain a busy social life online. but she misses connecting with real people and feels like she is missing her life. She has been taking meds for her depression and anxiety but knows there must be something more she could do to feel good about her life. Her friend Jess tells her about playing Facing Dragons… how she learned to overcome her challenges. Emily and her Doctor look up Facing Dragons online. They find it offers a Support Hub that gives counselors, clinicians, and coaches the tools they need to make a positive impact in their young clients’ lives They decide to start the quest! In the game, real-life challenges are represented as dragons. They give players quests and challenges to complete in the real world based on tools used in coaching and counseling. Jake is enjoying facing Helios: The Mission Dragon. He has figured out what he wants in life and already achieved his first goal his counselor loves seeing the progress her students are making and her ability to stay connected with them in the Support Hub. She can see what goals they are working on, learn more about what motivates them, and even chat, or schedule appointments. Emily is focusing on Mentano: The Mind Dragon She enjoys the social aspect of the game and has even met some new friends at her school who also play.

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