The Connection Between Mental Illness And Substance Abuse

Hi I’m Elora Murray at Fusion 360 Studios
reporting for the Miramar News Network. Today’s topic of discussion is the link between mental
illness and substance abuse.In 2012, 40.7 percent of adults that had a substance abuse
disorder also suffered from a mental illness.In addition, nearly one third of adults with
a serious mental illness used illicit drugs in 2012.Also, adults with mood or anxiety
disorders are almost twice as likely to abuse drugs as those without a mental illness. Furthermore,
traumatic experiences (especially at a younger age) can increase one’s risk for both mental
illness and drug addiction.Some with mental illnesses turn to drugs and alcohol in an
attempt to “self-medicate” symptoms.84 percent of cocaine is used by individuals
who have experienced a mental illness at some point in their lives.Those who have suffered
from a metal illness in their lifetime consume 69 percent of all alcohol. Finally, individualized
behavioral therapies are believed to be the best approach for treating addicts with a
co-occurring disorder. If you, or someone you love, is suffering substance abuse there
are professionals- like those are Miramar- who are reading and willing to help you overcome
your addiction and move on to a healthier and better life. Once again I’m Elora Murray
thanks for joining us.

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