Watch This If You Feel Depressed

Hey Heard you’re feeling a bit sad due to a recent unfortunate thing that happened bad things happen There are bad people There will always be bad people doing bad things There’s no doubt in that But you have to know something You have to know how much good there is out there If far outweighs the bad if every…

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When you have depression..

hmm hmm hmm hmm *sip* *sigh* *wind blows* huh? oh! haha It’s almost Winter! Uh oh.. I AM SAD BOY *sigh* (sad boi) So, let me get this straight. You’re depressed just like you were in summer,only now it’s colder Yeah ye *outro*

PLEASE DONT BE SO SAD (watch this when your depressed)

sometimes you get just a little bit sad and that’s okay sometimes is fine but when you’re sad just a little too long you feel as if it’s time to do something that you shouldn’t do or say something really dumb and be real nasty to yourself and mean to the people you love hmm don’t be so sad things…

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