SUN Secret Revealed I Saarthi Sahil Jain.

Sun is your soul. Sun is your soul. So whatever the functioning of the sun, these function stays in the sink with that functioning which is in your mind. When sun is affected in any ones horoscope, that person wander from his core, he never stays stable, why I am using word stable? Because sun is only constant in the solar
system and other planets revolves around it. Sun is moving on its own axis but is constant, other planets are revolving around it, which means everything moves around the authority. In your home also the head of the family is sun, irrespective of that person is male or female and you will never find this in any book, you will get only one definition in the book, Sun belongs to Father only. You will get only one defination. But this is wrong, whether that person is Father, Mother or sister. The person who has the authority in the home, without permission of that person, even a leaf cannot move, that is sun. What is sun? Sun is light, Sun is punctuality, and it has fixed time to rise and sets. Sun is regularity, it is not like that, sun says today is Sunday
and I will not rise today. It does not happen. Sun is your soul. To take decision by soul/sun that I have to come on the earth, what is that decision? why is the decision? What karmas of past life’s you brought? What karma you are doing right now? And sun has very good quality, it does not far anyone too much and it does not allow to come too much close also, because it has authority, it has ego as well. Which planet moves immediately after the sun? Mercury Mercury Mercury means Budh. And later is Shukra/Venus. It is said that, if any planet comes close to sun then it looses all its power, which is called combust. Planet sets, What is called that set off? What is the definition? What is the meaning behind the set off? The meaning set off means, whenever you goes close to your senior, who has authority, you stay quiet there, even you have good thoughts, if you are creative even, the time when you goes to your father, or head of the family and you ask can I do this? If the he says you can do this, then at that time you can do it. That is why, sun’s heat, does not tolerate any planet. It set off. Sun is authority, sun is command, sun is punctuality, Sun is regularity, sun means light, and sun means fame, so sun is your soul, your inner soul, how is this? How is your inner soul? Is this good? Do you want something bad from your inner soul for someone? What is the relation of sun and Saturn? They have relation of Father and Son. Sun is light and Saturn is darkness. Sun is light and Saturn is darkness. What happens in the court cases? There is blindfold on the eyes. Which means the evidence they will see, they will take it as a proof. That is why court cases comes
under the Saturn, because they never see things under the light, what I am feeling? It does not matter. They totally believe on evidence,what evidence is saying? What is the proof? That is why Saturn is here. If you want to
see things in the dark?, you have to feel by touching it. You can see things only in the light of sun. And because, there is sun’s light so that is why things are present there, it is not necessary. If here is dark then this laptop is not here? Yes it is here, but we can see it in the sun’s light. So sun means light, sun means fame, sun means your soul, and how is it? In Tula Rashi sun becomes debilitated because you misses the opportunity to take decisions and it becomes exalted in the Mesh Rashi, means If sun stays in command, Mesh belongs to Mangal, means command, means force. So sun always become exalted when it comes in command, which means when there are persons
around it and it can give orders by authority, or it can give command. Then sun will give exalted effects. Now sun is debilitated in anyone horoscope. It become debilitated when it comes in Tula Rashi means in that person ‘s life decisions
do not stay stable, that person take decision that I will do this work on the other hand he changes his decision.

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  1. Sahil Bhaiya Pranam, I am very-very disturb by my self at every level of my Life. Please help me my DOB is 26 /09/ 1981. Please help………..

  2. Thanks sir
    For this video
    kyonki aaj tak Kisi bhi astrologer ne yeh important jankari nahi di kyonki merei kundli lagan me suray hai AUR district bhav me shukr hai AUR baharve bhav me budh hai please guidance me

  3. Sahilji Ahobhav ke sath aapko Sadar Pranam ???bahut he prernadayak video hote hai aapke. Barambar Naman hai aapke bhiter baithe Guru tatv ko.

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