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Hello Yes I’m Brandon Dafina. Played soccer I guess right up into about eighteen before I started getting like some real bad injuries. When I was injured I basically spent my time at home playing video games and so I was just playing with a group of friends and they said one day “Hey, do you wanna play a game called
League of Legends” and I was like yeah why not Moved out of home, moved to a different state and yeah pursued this as a career. So I’ve been playing professionally now for about three years. In terms of screen time we probably have total about 10 hours to 12 hours a day. So staring in front of a screen for that long isn’t that good for you so I try to break it up. I’d probably go for a walk, go outside. The same thing happens after
dinner few people from the team will just go to the gym together so it’s like
a stress relief. If I don’t go if I don’t do something if I don’t exercise. then I just feel like I have like this negative energy or I have like this baggage that I didn’t get rid of so it’s kind of good to just break up the day like that. In my field, having a clear mind is the probably most important thing to have if I don’t wind down I’m laying in bed and my mind is racing and I’m thinking about like what I have to do tomorrow what I did today. A good sleep schedule, and getting in the right amount of hours of sleep, is really important I never used to be good at keeping my sleep in check a problem that most people encounter is
that they’re playing until 2:00 3:00 a.m. and then they try and go to sleep and then it’s 5:00 a.m. by the time that they’ve wound down I try and incorporate meditation as much as I can it keeps me it keeps me calm obviously it gets me grounded When I’m meditating I like to think about
everything that I’m grateful for and when I do that it does keep me motivated
and ready fresh for the next day

2 thoughts on “Strong Mental Health As A Gamer – Brandon Defina – headcoach | headspace

  1. Very good video to listen to. Found it as an advertisement and glad I did. Showing it to my organisation so that they can monitor their own playtime and learn to meditate like so.

  2. This is like me but my friends said ”Hey wanna play some fortnite” and I can’t get enough sleep at night and my sleep schedule is messed up bad… gonna try this

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