Stories About Mental Illness: Connie

My name is Constance Anderson, but people
call me Connie. I don’t remember the age, all I remember is hearing voices when I was
young. When I got older, I remember in school, the voices were extremely loud. I didn’t have
that many friends in school. I was bullied a lot. Kids can be cruel. I told my doctor, I said, you know, “when
will I stop hearing voices?” and stuff like that. And
they said, “never” or something like that.
I’m like, “really?” They said, no this is yeah…you’ll probably hear them all your
life. And I don’t believe that. I think one day I won’t be hearing voices. If it wasn’t for my Mom…she helped me with
learning, how to control your anger and deal with people, because before, you know, me
dealing with people was not sitting down and talking. If I see or hear people who have a stigma
towards me and my peers and stuff like that, you know, basically, I ask them, you know,
“What is your problem?” I’m not ashamed that I have a mental illness. I want somebody to
get to know me. I just want to be Connie. That’s all.

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