“Steer Left, Turn RIGHT?? Opposite Steering Jeep Melts Our Brains!

– [Narrator] Today on Scumbag
Labs, we see what happens when you make your steering
wheel go the opposite way. (car screeches) (trap music) – Are you guys alright? Welcome back to Irwindale Speedway the official home of Scumbag Labs and today we’re here to
drive this monstrosity. (trap music) What’d you do to this thing? – As I always do, ruined it. Took all the performance.
– Oh, you ruin every car you work on but. – Thank you, so basically
we took a car that performed in the normal agminated manner and re-agminated it
into a different manner. – [Scotto] Spell that. – Agminated it’s the wrong
way to do the right thing. It steered this way and now
it steers that way, okay? So, it’s all agminated wrong. The Pitman arm was
agminated this way, okay? And when it turned that way,
it turned the wheels that way. So we re-agminated the bar this way. So, now when the wheels turn this way, the arm turns that way. It’s completely backwards,
kinda like that word, agminated. – Brains, most of us have
them, some more than others. So I’ve agminated you here today to talk about brain wiring. Subconsciously we do a lot of (bleep) we know left, we know right. Or do we? So what happens when you try and reverse the wiring of your brain? (elevator music) So to find out if we could
reverse the wiring of our brain, we put a couple of your favorite jabronies and a professional race car driver behind the wheel of our
newest lab rat test vehicle. Can we beat our own brain’s wiring? Are professional race car drivers better at adapting to
weird (bleep) than we are? Or are we all risking unnecessary injury just in the name of science
and the Grand Tour game? There’s only one way to find out and that’s at Irwindale Speedway. – So we were thinking about things to really screw you up driving
and we thought to ourselves, how hard would it be if
we flipped the steering, so we did that and we’re
gonna test it out today. (trap music) So I actually got a little bit of a chance to drive this just around the block at the Donut Garage, and it
was absolutely terrifying. – I didn’t drive it because I didn’t wanna overthink it at all, so. – [Scotto] Yeah, so he didn’t drive it. – I haven’t driven it yet. – [Scotto] But he’s known about
it and Sara showed up today and we didn’t tell her that
we reversed the steering, she got in it, instantly adapted. – [Sara] Oh (bleep) (laughing) Oh my God, this is a focus thing. (laughing) – [Scotto] She’s doing a
really good job actually. Predictions, I’m gonna do the worst. I’ve already driven this
thing and I’ll be honest, it just scares me because just
driving in the parking lot it reminded me of the first
time I ever drove a car when I was like 14 years old with my dad and I was just like
terrified and intimidated that also could be
because of who my dad is. – I’m either gonna kill it or I’m gonna do something super stupid,
that’s what I think. – [Scotto] I pretty much agree with that. – Long story short, when she’s here, she takes over the destruction. – [Scotto] She is female Hert. – Professional, unprofessional
and just a piece of (bleep). – [Scotto] Thanks bud. My prediction is Sara
does best, I do worst. – [Brad] Style points, style points. – [Scotto] Yeah. So today we have a simple course. We leave from the starting line, head into a tight slalom, we go into a clockwise hairpin,
out of the clockwise hairpin we come into a figure eight. Out of the figure eight we come rushing in to the surprise light. What’s the surprise light? It’s a light that tells
you to go left or right at the last possible moment. All to test the driver’s
reaction while steering opposite. (trap music) – [Brad] Keep your pride safe man. – [Hert] Alright let’s do this! – [Sara] Hey Scotto,
how’s it going in there? – It’s alright, it’s a little tight. (car screeching) – Four, three, two, one, go! – [Scotto] Whoa. (laughing) – God (bleep) God! – Keep going. – [Hert] I didn’t wanna go faster cause I knew that would happen. Oh! – [Brad] I just wanna know
how he’s neutral revving. – [Sara] I think he’s
seriously shifting it he’s going into neutral or first. (laughing) – Oh (bleep), holy (bleep) – [Scotto] That was the
best, most terrifying. – [Brad] This high,
three wheel right there! That was sick! – [Sara] Okay, so are you shifting? Are you shifting down to first? – No I’m just leaving it
in one gear, I’m just like. That was (bleep) ridiculous. – You feeling ready?
– You good? – Uh no. (car revving) (wind) – [Brad] You’re not
supposed to hit any of em! (tires screech) – Brian you failed, altogether you failed. Alright figure eight, show
’em how to do a figure eight. That’s not the direction. Oh! Alright here we go, what are we sending? Oh (bleep)! (tires screech) (trap music) Oh (bleep), oh (bleep), oh (bleep) (laughing) – [Hert] Oh my God! Oh my, Brian, you almost died! – [Brad] You get to ride in here! – [Hert] No you said. – [Sara] I’m crying. – [Hert] Brian! – I can’t even. – [Hert] You popped the front tire. (car revving) This is what happens when. – I think the car’s gonna be done soon. – [Hert] Hey, we need to
save some car for Sara! – That is where Hoonigans originated from. – [Hert] Seriously, I forget how much of a
(bleep) head he is sometimes. You’re like a race car driver, you just pulled into the pits. – Walk away, you deal with my (bleep). – [Hert] I love when you let
your scumbag (bleep) hang out. Scotto, I wouldn’t ask
for a better leader. I wouldn’t ask for a better leader. How you doin’? – Scarier than ever dude, I don’t ever wanna ride with Brian again. – [Hert] You were on the outside so you were all the way up in the air. – Screaming at him, screaming at him. – [Scotto] Alright, so I might have done a little number on the front tire so we’ve put in this
race spec bicycle tire which we’re pretty excited about, that’s not gonna up the
danger level at all. You’ve seen her and I throw down, you know what the vehicle’s capable of what’s your mode of attack here? – This is the most sketchiest
thing I’ve ever done so honestly taking off I’m either gonna one, pin it and just
hope that my instinct can come in and like adapt, or I’m gonna take it easy,
stay smooth and kinda kick it up, but then you just. – I like that one. – [Scotto] Oh yeah, cause
you’re riding shotgun Last thoughts? – Sara’s a (bleep) maniac
and this is a terrible idea. – Now I actually care about
being buckled up decently. – [Scotto] Yeah. – The first time I was like what? – [Scotto] We also might have removed the sway bars in this thing, so. – Four, three, two, one, go! (tires screech) – [Scotto] Oh, she’s going in hard. (tires screech) – Oh! – [Scotto] Well, there’s that. – [Brad] What happened there? – [Sara] Right’s left, right’s left. – [Hert] Oh! (both laughing) – [Brad] Whoa! (laughing) – [Brad] Allegedly, that wasn’t so good. – That was a really hard
one, at the last bit I was like crap, I went
straight into it instead. – [Scotto] Hert, you getting out? (laughing) – [Brad] What happened Hert? – [Scotto] Alright, you’re up, get in. – [Hert] Oh my God. – [Scotto] Full send. (tires screeching) – [Sara] We got this. (tires screeching) (laughing) – [Hert] Oh God, I
really hope they’re okay. – [Scotto] Are you guys alright? – How do I get out?
– I flipped it! – [Scotto] Are you okay? That was way more aggressive of a flip than I thought you guys were gonna do. – I quit Brian! That’s it, I (bleep) quit dude. – [Hert] Sara, you alright? – [Sara] I’m great. – [Scotto] You’re a psychopath. – I can’t, my stomach
hurts I’m laughing so hard. – [Scotto] You know what just happened? You are now, male Sara. – [Hert] She’s the queen. – Oh my God, dude I was
like how in the heck can I flip this thing? – [Scotto] The send on that was so, I thought you were just gonna
like put it on its side. – [Hert] Sara, get on top,
put her on top of this mother (bleep) right now. Get on top of that thing, you too Brad. – Man I’m happy everyone’s alive. – I can’t even get my helmet
off I’m shaking so hard. – Yo that was insane. – I looked over at her as we were sliding I’m like, are you okay
and she’s like I’m good. How you doin?
– Good! – You fine? – Yeah, we should probably get out though in case it’s on fire. – [Scotto] This was awesome. – We confirmed that opposite steering needs to go into the
Grand Tour Game because that’s the best thing ever.
– Yeah. – Honestly it’s actually really fun, and everyone should
experience it at least once. Alright, so that’s a
wrap for Scumbag Labs, now we’re gonna go back
into our regular cars and hopefully we can not
crash and drive home safely. – So obviously you guys
know we’ve been trying to come up with new gadgets for the game, I think this is the best
one that we’ve done so far. Cause if you actually played
this in the video game you could eventually convince your brain to do it right without
any of the consequences that Sara learned about today. (laughing) You know, the safety of video games. – [Hert] And it’ll be funny that your steering randomly switches and it’ll randomly switch back. – Right. – [Hert] So you have to adjust so quickly. – It’ll be such a mind (bleep). That’s it.
– Is that a wrap? – Adapt or die. – Adapt or die.
– Three, two, one. – [All] That’s a wrap! – Confirmed, opposite
steering is a guaranteed way to mess up your driving. That being said, we think this should definitely be a gadget
in the Grand Tour game. So, go comment on their Instagram, let the Grand Tour game
know that you think that Scumbag Labs has
finally developed a concept that would be great for the game. Let ’em know. Then, you can join us on Fridays on Twitch, to watch Hert, special guest, all kinds of people, maybe
even my lab dog here. Mochi, Mochi, Mochi. Also, Mondays, join us on Scumbag Fabs to watch some of these cars getting built. Maybe we’ll even save our
Jeep Cherokee lab rat. (slap) – You can’t make lab coat Ron nervous. Lab coat Ron is the
G.O.A.T., and if anybody (bleep) with lab coat Ron, guess what, lab coat Ron’s gonna end you,
so just don’t say anything.

100 thoughts on ““Steer Left, Turn RIGHT?? Opposite Steering Jeep Melts Our Brains!

  1. I saw a bicycle with backwards steering. Nobody but its owner could ride it, but he could ride no other bike. Perfect anti-theft device. It would be a nice event for a demolition derby.

  2. Everyone is acting like this is all under control fine and dandy, when really there wasn't even a roll cage? 35% of car accident deaths are because of roll overs, in this case it's basically a death trap, given they're strapped in to a sturdy chair just waiting to have their necks snapped and skulls busted open by the weight of their bodies combined, the weight of the engine, chasis, almost the whole weight of the car, on top of them. The video was fine up until people almost died,

    then it was totally sick. Hoonigan's indeed.

  3. That’s not a problem… if you drive a warehousetruck/ lifter its often they are like that! Go right turn left, Go left turn right. How hard can it be? Think ti like you are turning with your backwheel insted and it will be right.

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  7. ever drove a tank? Some of them have their steering beeing backwards when you`re in reverse, so you have to think backwards. Some tanks even have a mechanic to reverse the steering when you`re in reverse, so you can drive normal.
    Another trick to just grab the steeringwheel from below and push the hand upwards where you wanna turn.

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  12. Reminds me of a Gamera (Japanese sci-fi monster) movie, the two worst boy scouts on earth loved pranks, aka malicious mischief. They sneaked onto a submarine, wired the controls backward, and nearly killed the crew. They were captured by aliens and pulled the same stunt, causing the release of a giant monster the aliens had been controlling.

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