100 thoughts on “Specialist Finds Guest’s Brain ‘Is Not Metabolically Functioning As Optimally As It Should’

  1. I actually really feel for Domenic. I feel his intentions are well but he was never shaped with the proper
    Tools to cope with emotions and high stress situations.

  2. I suffer from addiction and a few disorders, along with chronic migraines since I was a child. I would KILL to get a free brain scan/professional study. I cannot imagine how much something like this would cost.
    In all of the video clips or audio clips they showed, it would appear that his mother is the problem. Didn’t see any “explosive” anger either. Hmmm

  3. Dom doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He actually seems very respectful most the time. It’s his environment. I feel like he has a health issue and home issues. I think he loves his gf but he needs to get other stuff better first.

  4. My brother, the calmest and sweetest individual, suffered a TBI to his frontal lobe. He hasn't been the same since. Uncontrollable anger. So sad

  5. Anyone who's been around someone with frontal lobe injury will tell you that there are things that just are as a result. Loss of inhibitions, uncontrollable emotions, headaches, not to mention the truth of the situation, self medicating because medical professionals are often dismissive of chronic complaints. Yeah, he may have chosen the wrong way to help himself, but what choice was he left with?

  6. The first step is realizing you have a problem and trying to address it. The doctor and his wife are wonderful and I actually really feel for Dominic

  7. ok, dude's accent seemed to completely disappear when Dr. Phil told him to have a seat. i know it was only 1 word, but it sounded like somebody else saying "thanks".

  8. Keep smoking marijuana stupid this is a waste of time he act like he cares let me smoke bud that accurate okay. Dumbass

  9. OMG I would love to see a scan like this! As someone who had suffered from depression, bipolar 2 and addiction my behaviors have always been a problem and it would be very interesting to see if physically in something like this

  10. Wow. My first children’s father had a really bad anger problem. Would go 0 – 100 and then back to 0 again. Always wondered if his constant drug abuse played a factor and how it affected his brain long term.

  11. Theoretically, my brain should be pretty underdeveloped and I’d like to know. Maybe I should look at having a brain scan done.

  12. Well, we all know this that frontal lobes control cognitive function so of course it affects behavior, just like Phineas Gage. Dominic is lucky that the lesions are not making him get a stroke, because usually it affects the facialis nerves nuclei and make them can't move the contralateral side of his lips and forehead. He's fortunate that he's not experiencing it, but the penumbra areas sure will give him seizures.

  13. state of the art equipment is the best thing they can say about this doctor? Lmao that just means hes after money and needs to put on a show…

  14. I feel so bad for this young man. His wife is a psychopath. He deserves so much better. Now test Mom's brain and give that witch a lobotomy.

  15. I was surprised that before the MRI the young man was able to tell he had a blood circulation problem in his brain. Did a previous doctor tell him? If he and his mother were told this before, why couldn't his mother be more understanding?

  16. I was diagnosed with postnatal depression with psychosis 2012 i got over that with CBT and was doing well then in 2016 I left work with depression and anxiety I was so irritable and acting like i was bipolar i went from 121lbs to 165lbs…I was told it was side affects of antidepressants so I took myself off them then with a new gp in 2017 I was sent for an mri I have a small benign mass on my pituitary gland (the master gland)mine is functioning meaning it was releasing to many hormones… don't settle ask for second opinion I feel for this guy it's horrible knowing something is wrong I'm lucky I had no lisions and its not cancerous I now have yearly mri's to check growth as the mass can push on nerves causing blindness or speech problems but it is curable with medication….I wish him all the best keep fighting dude 💪🧠

  17. Why doesn’t dr phil use his connections to get these immigrants out of terrible camp conditions, soiled underwear and separated from their parents. instead of focusing on teenagers with behavioral issues.

  18. I love Dr Phil but there is actually ZERO evidence of correlation between neuroscience and psychology. There is no science behind this…….

  19. After seeking help years ago for uncontrollable anger, amongst other symptoms, I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, and put onto medication. TLE wasn't causing seizures in my case, but outbursts of extreme anger, and other strange symptoms like not being able to remember directions, even if I had been to the place before. So he may not be able to control certain aspects of his behaviour.

  20. Did Dr. Phil say that’s good to the lesions? Lol no. It’s never good. The head is a closed system. Ask anyone with a neurological disease/disorder.

  21. I pray for you and your gf and family am really sorry I don't know why you did this or what happened to you I advice you to turn to god he can help you as he helped me I belive in him

  22. Hyper aggression can stem from brain damage and hormone conflation,as well as loss of filter and morality

  23. I mean, I know they mean he founded THEIR medical imagining space 30 years ago…I wouldn’t suggest they intimate he discovered medical imaging 30 years ago…is all…

  24. Oddly enough, for certain people with focal epilepsy instead of a seizure a person can instead have an anger outburst.
    Yes, this means exactly what you may now think. The anger outburst is a seizure.
    While a brain might quite smart it often times is incredibly stupid.
    Blame evolution.

  25. Well.. I believe its not a coincidence that he puts his head through wall ( you don't hit a wall with the back of your head ) and has damage and lesions..

  26. Africaan accent is strong.
    I'd say it's a likely explanation for his behaviour.
    That's all I got…😁🇦🇺
    I'd say

  27. Amazing what these doctors can do. Imagine what they would find if they scanned AOC, Bernie Sanders, Chris Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Elizabeth Warren, and Gary Newsom. Then we can see how little oxygen they have in their frontal lobes as well and then that will explain about their explosive anger. Maybe this doctor can cure them.

  28. The word state of the arnt isn't really a thing in technology anymore lol. By the time it's delivered there is a new one coming out.

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