Sorry Democrat At Least 18 Presidents Suffered From Mental Disorder

Sorry Democrats=>At Least 18 Presidents Suffered From Mental Disorders and Were Not
Removed from Office Now that the Russian witch hunt has fallen
flat Democrats and DC elites are hopeful that Congress will remove President Trump on insanity
charges. President Trump is a self-made real estate
billionaire. He successfully defeated a stacked field of
16 Republican candidates in the 2016 primary. Then he went on and routed Democrat Hillary
Clinton and the liberal mainstream media in the general election. Since entering the White House the stock market
is up by 7000 points, ISIS is defeated in Syria-Iraq, manufacturing is coming back to
American and millions of Americans are back to work and off of Obama food stamps. But Democrats and DC elites don�t like him
so they want him impeached. They are hoping to use the 25th Amendment
to get POTUS Trump tossed from office. There�s only one problem. Several former presidents had mental health
issues and were not removed from office. John Adams and Teddy Roosevelt suffered from
bipolar disorder. President Lincoln suffered from serious bouts
of depression. And Barack Obama negotiated with the Iranian
mullahs! Sorry Democrats. You can�t impeach President Trump for mean
tweets or a dishonest book by a liberal author. Isn�t it time to join the #MAGA movement?

3 thoughts on “Sorry Democrat At Least 18 Presidents Suffered From Mental Disorder

  1. Pres. Lyndon Johnson also had a mental problem. I knew his personal Cardiologist the late Dr. J W Hurst that took care of Johnson from his years in the Senate on through his Presidency and Dr Hurst was there when he passed away at the request of Johnson's Wife, at"their Ranch"

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