SMU Active Minds: Faces of Mental Health video series Part II (Monica Gallegos)

>>So, I had my first panic attack
soon after graduating college. On paper, you would think I’d be really happy. I am a first generation student,
so I accomplished something huge that my parents weren’t able to do. But still, despite that accomplishment, despite how proud I should have
been, something wasn’t right. I still was dealing with a lot of anxiety and
pressures that I put on myself for no reason. And having experienced that panic
attack was eye-opening for me. It’s a feeling — it’s a really scary feeling. Your heart’s racing, you feel like
you’re in a whole other place, you’re watching yourself
experience these things. And it was life-changing, so that really
introduced me into just what self-care is, and how being conscious about
your mental status, your mental — just state of mind because that’s
what drives you, that’s who you are, that’s what you present to the world. So, if you’re not okay within
yourself, it makes things challenging. So, once I got into graduate school,
all those feelings of anxiety and pressures just came at you full blast. And I had to learn how to deal with those
emotions and also perform well in school. So, in this community, I met a bunch of great
friends who were going through the same issues and we’re able to talk about things. There’s even a group on campus
that’s centered around being active and paying attention to your mind. So, that helped me a lot. I still struggle, I’m still super nervous
when it comes to doing things like this, talking in front of people and sharing my
story, but I think it’s really important for other people to listen to this. And if they’re also struggling through
the same things that just talk, open up. There’s people out there, there’s
support, and on this campus especially, you’ll find great sources, and you’ll
be able to get through it like I did. [ Music ]

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