Sexual assault, Stalking, Schizophrenia Agression sexuelle, Harcèlement, Schizophrénie 성폭행, 스토킹, 조현병

Well then… Here we go. Planning intention No, that’s not it… We should talk about the title. It is called.. ‘Gamgeum(Confinement)’. Confined; when the door closes Planning intention In the face of the Me Too movement which were becoming problematic internationally, and the current situation of our contemporary societies in which sexual violences and sexual harassments are widespread, through the life of a woman who is French Korean interpreter and translator and who lost everything literally because of schizophrenia due to three sexual violences by three different mans and stalkings, this film describes the cruel results of these crimes and shows in detail the process of overcoming the difficulties through several meetings by trial and error. This film shows the process to seek to find herself again because she was intimidated due to the « schizophrenia » tag treated as a social stigmatization. But this film wants to give a message that we should not give up our dreams and hopes even if you were required to be a little behind. The intention is to create an atmosphere in which victims of sexual violences or stalkings come out of the closet majestically because the pain can be cured when it’s revealed, and to change eyes and attitudes of people towards these victims. Furthermore, after watching this movie, the author hopes that punishment of sexual violences may be strengthen, that we can impose more severe penalties against stalking which can be taken lightly, ant that the society can change.

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