SCP-2456 Dreams of a Broken World | Object class keter | mind affecting / contagion scp

SCP-2456 Dreams of a Broken World Object class: keter Item #: SCP-2456 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Due to the
memetic nature of SCP-2456, as well as the high number of suspected infected individuals,
complete containment of SCP-2456 is not physically possible with current Foundation technology.
Foundation Research is currently developing thematic methods of neutralizing all SCP-2456
instances in the wild. Access to any manuscripts documenting past SCP-2456-α instances is
limited to Level 3+ personnel currently involved in Project Montagu. While active alpha instances are rare in the
wild, SCP-2456 is categorized as a Class III memetic hazard, and is considered a high priority.
WebCrawler GH739U (“Lorem Ipsum”) is set to scan for any keywords related to SCP-2456-1
on various social media sites, cult databases, and domains. Once identified, alpha instances
are to be retrieved by suitable field agents and brought to Site-33. α-instances under
research must be kept in a Class III MKHC. Testing with D-Class is limited to Level 3
personnel. All testing with active SCP-2456 instances has been halted. Testing is limited
to the α-state of SCP-2456, and must be under the oversight of Level 4 personnel. Under
no circumstances should two active α-instances ever be introduced to one another. In the
case of a breach, Site-33 is to initiate lockdown procedures, and Class-III memetic kill agents
will be dispensed throughout the facility (See Incident 2456-C for more details) If SCP-2456 reaches epidemic levels, the use
of Protocol MOBAB in its final or prototype form is pre-approved. Mobile Task Force ψ-10
(“Salt Sowers”) is assigned to handle cleanup of the aftermath, in addition to managing
total suppression of media. Description: SCP-2456 is believed to be a
memetic parasite that is present in an estimated 0.7% of the human population. SCP-2456 lays
dormant in a majority of the affected, and is not contagious in its initial form. Possible
signs of SCP-2456 infection include: • An affinity towards astrology, astronomy,
and/or various pseudosciences • An increased proficiency in speaking foreign
dialects, particularly those in the Balto-Slavic and Afro-Asiatic regions.
• Prolonged episodes of acute psychosis and paranoia
• OCD and a high attention span for geometrical shapes, patterns, and sequences of five.
• Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) SCP-2456 will leave its dormant state once
several stress triggers have been activated, and the subject will then undergo an α–event.
The subject will fall into a period of advanced REM sleep, lasting up to three to four days.
After awaking, α-instances will claim to have had a series of vivid, cryptic dreams.
These consist of visions of past prophets from assorted theologies being executed by
a saber or sword, and celestial bodies “dancing” in the sky. The SCP-2456 strain as found in
α-instances can be eliminated with the use of Class-D amnestics during this time. Following the α-event, the subject relapses
back into a six-day to six-year dormancy, followed by their β-state. During this state,
the α-instance will begin preaching SCP-2456-1, an abstract theology that is the only known
transmissible form of SCP-2456. Subjects infected in this way are referred to as β-instances.
Infection rates are high in observed subjects, with a ~70% success rate at a ~4% falloff.
Knowledge of SCP-2456-1, and of its core components, is not contagious; infection requires direct
auditory contact with an α-instance or β-instance, and the victim must have strong pre-existing
religious beliefs beforehand. SCP-2456-1 is always monotheistic in nature,
and can be characterized by several distinguishable qualities: • SCP-2456-1 will begin as a variation of
an existing theology. • The number five will appear frequently
in written doctrine. • Godhead figures are synonymous with the
sun, and are believed to bring about a future apocalypse.
• Mentions of a nonexistent “Gzymmtprhic Sea” uncommonly appear in scripture. Foundation
Research is currently searching for a correlation with SCP-████.
• Many references to celestial objects, based on existing astronomical knowledge at
the time. • The appearance of hands and regular quadrilaterals
in religious icons and symbols. • Religious symbols of the sun have some
limited form of mathematical significance. SCP-2456-1 has a weak reality-warping effect
that varies with every iteration, and in its initial state, is virtually harmless. With
every new β-instance created, this effect grows exponentially in radius and strength.
SCP-2456-1 also incites violence and aggression, commonly leading to self-mutilation and war-like
behavior among the infected. β-instances actively seek out the uninfected, and will
either spread SCP-2456 infection, or attempt to murder them. Dormant SCP-2456-α instances are immune to
infection by SCP-2456-1, and may aggressively react if exposed. However, exposure to SCP-2456-1
causes stress in the subject, and will increase the chances of SCP-2456 activation. If two
active α-instances ever come into contact, then [DATA EXPUNGED] (Please see Incident
2456-C). No SCP-2456-α instance has been successful
in infecting more than 5% of the existing human population. Current Foundation simulations
indicate a CK-Class End of the World scenario if SCP-2456 infection rates ever exceed 7%,
with the contagion becoming virulent to the point where treatment becomes impossible.
In addition to this, SCP-2456-1’s reality-warping effect is likely to fracture the integrity
of space-time at those levels —if infection rates exceed 96%, SCP-2456-1 is predicted
to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Discovery: SCP-2456 was first discovered by
an unscheduled raid on a Serpent’s Hand base in Eugene, Oregon. On 06/10/2016, MTF Tau-9
“Bookworms” was charged with the acquisition of a copy of SCP-████, which was believed
to have been stowed in an abandoned industrial warehouse. Serpent’s Hand members were discovered
inside upon break-and-entry, and a firefight ensued. Foundation casualties totaled 11.
After recovery of SCP-████ and other related anomalous artifacts, a wooden crate
was found next to a furnace with the lettering “FIFTHCYCLEOFTHEMIND” stamped onto its side.
The cache was discovered to contain numerous Fifthist texts, including an extra copy of
SCP-████, and a weathered note which read: George, this is our latest catch; please burn
these as soon as you can at you’re (sic) discretion. Don’t let the idiots find this. —L.S. At the bottom of the stockpile, several aged
manuscripts were uncovered that detailed past SCP-2456-1 instances, and alarmed Foundation
historians about a possible unidentified SCP. Below is a list of past SCP-2456-1 instances.
As of now, there are six known variations of SCP-2456-1. However, research has shown
potential evidence of an additional █ more. Descriptions may be added or changed as new
information is uncovered. A recent server breach completely unrelated
to 2456 somehow corrupted the files. I’ve done did about everything to fix it, but if
anyone notices the system still acting up, please give me a call. You know the number.
—Eric SCP-2456-1A Name: God Worshipping Society
SCP-2456-α: Hong Xiuquan Rownt Scale: 5
Complementary Theology: Confucianism/ Catholicism Due to political instability, in addition
to Xiuquan’s weak state of body and mind, SCP-2456 was activated in early 1837. Xiuquan
experienced vivid hallucinations based on his past knowledge of Confucianism and interactions
with Christian evangelicals. During his β state, Xiuquan went into a waxing period of
approximately 6 years, after which SCP-2456-1A was created. The local Hakka population was
the first to experience infection, but rising tensions with the government led to the creation
of the Taiping army, which became the major factor for widespread SCP-2456 contamination. Although not armed with sophisticated weaponry,
the Taiping army completely devastated the Chinese landscape; during its 14 year lifespan,
it had marched through every province of China. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Peace only
further increased virability, but weakened as SCP-2456 infection rates slowed down. One of the more prevalent properties of SCP-2456-1A
was its ability to cause full nuclear transmutation of biological organisms. Accounts related
to SCP-2456-1A show that β-instances would often involuntarily transform themselves into
piles of geological matter. When researching the areas as described in these accounts,
Foundation geologists found traces of human feces and saliva in pockets of igneous rock,
and hominid DNA “bonded” to sediment. SCP-2456-1B Name: Cult of Aten
SCP-2456-α: [unidentified] Rownt Scale: 2
Complementary Theology: Egyptian Mythos Although Akhenaten of Amarna was the leader
of SCP-2456-1B, evidence shows that SCP-2456-1B originated from a scribe or mentor that was
particularly close to the pharaoh. Akhenaten was a very aggressive β-instance, using his
power as head of state to condemn worship of all Egyptian deities. Temples dedicated
to Aten were generally peaceful. Foundation archaeological evidence shows that instruments
dedicated to self-mutilation, removal of the heart, and [DATA EXPUNGED] were present in
several major temples. Severe temporal and spatial shifts were common
during the lifespan of SCP-2456-1B. One scribe’s account indicates that the days were occasionally
stretched out, and celestial bodies did not behave as they had once used to. At one point,
the midday sun did not set for five days, causing a drought along the bank of the Nile,
and sparking a peasant’s riot near one of Aten’s temples. Additional Egyptian astronomical
charts show constellations, nebula and star systems that are nonexistent, or are depicted
in incorrect placements. Further, a planet translated to “Nbu” appears commonly in astronomical
accounts, and was described as being half the size of Venus, but would “pulse” with
light in five-second intervals. SCP-2456-1C Name: [undetermined]
SCP-2456-α: [undetermined] Rownt Scale: 3
Complementary Theology: Aztec Mythos Little is known about the origins of SCP-2456-1C,
but its enormous impact on the Aztecs is evident. The Aztec deity Tonatiuh is most likely an
aspect of SCP-2456-1C that had infiltrated Aztec culture and society. The retrieval of
Aztec texts from the Serpent’s Hand (See Discovery) provides evidence for this theory. Sacrifices
of the heart to Tonatiuh were very common, and may have even started solely because of
SCP-2456. If this is the case, causalities linked to SCP-2456-1C could easily number
around 56,███,███. Although not a complete version of SCP-2456-1C,
the worship of Tonatiuh still caused a mild reality-warping effect throughout the empire.
Anomalous reports include accounts of the sun and moon being eclipsed by unknown celestial
objects, lasting for weeks on end. Rarely, cadavers from past sacrifices would reanimate,
and attack civilians in an aggressive behavior, immobilizing them and reaching into their
throats to pull out their [DATA EXPUNGED]. Coastal regions of the Aztec empire suffered
greatly from a periodical “glowing red poison” that killed off fish in the sea, caused tissue
necrosis in humans, and formed large blood clots in the lungs. This is likely the result
from bioluminescent dinoflagellates, which is unusual given the areas of occurrence,
and the symptoms of infection. Note: A codex describing Tonatiuh in detail
seems to indicate SCP-2456-1C originated from the Epi-Olmecs. A research party has been
sent to Veracruz to uncover the genesis of SCP-2456-1C. Scheduled time of return: 17/05/2017 SCP-2456-1D Name: Cult of the Supreme Being
SCP-2456-α: Augustin Bon Joseph de Robespierre (See Document-2456/A)
Rownt Scale: 1 Complementary Theology: Cult of Reason/ Catholicism Due to the small longevity of SCP-2456-1D,
not much can be said about its traits, as it had not experienced widespread virability.
Although it did not garner enough followers to cause intense reality-warping effects,
some anomalous characteristics were still prevalent. Since the French Revolution was underway,
it is impossible to estimate all casualties linked to SCP-2456. However, Jacobin letters
and diary entries show that Maximilien Robespierre had become more “animalistic” and “ruthless”
in his executions, as well as implementing a large daily quota. Incorporeal manifestations
were visible in the Parisian streets, as well as sudden dimensional shifts in various salons
and smoking parlours around the city. A manuscript detailing the α-instance can
be found in Document-2456/A. SCP-2456-1E Name: [undetermined]
SCP-2456-α: [undetermined] Rownt Scale: [undetermined]
Complementary Theology: [undetermined] [SYSTEM ERROR: DATA CORRUPTED. PLEASE SEE
SCP-2456-α: [undetermined] Rownt Scale: 8
PLEASE SEE A NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR FOR MORE DETAILS]CP-2456-α is still at large. Document-2456/A The following excerpts are taken from texts
recovered by the Serpent’s Hand. They have been translated from their native scripts
into the English vernacular, in addition to being analyzed and deemed safe from any potential
cognitohazards. A full transcript can be obtained by contacting the Department of Anomalous
Texts. From Wisdoms of the Heavenly King, c. 1861: …And so the Prophet stood on the edge of
the heavens, and looked down to the poor and weary below. And the great Prophet saddened
inside, for men and women groveled in the filth and ash of great mountains, and so he
spoke. And His children wept; for they understood, standing so terribly close to the stars… …He followed the smoke until the smoke had
turned into steam, then mist, then vapor; He met the man from the West, who lived in
the South, to further his knowledge of the great Dream. He studied for five months, and
on the fifth day of the fifth month, the great Prophet understood… …The man from the West, who lived in the
South, left with haste, and refused to assist the great Prophet’s mission. The Prophet was
angered, but understood. The man simply needed time to itself, and formulate his own opinion
and vision… …And so the Great Prophet led the people
of cinders from the ashes, and they waged war when attacked. The armies of the Usurper
attacked at the dawn of the new year, but the sun was on our side, and we prevailed.
They lost, and ran, but the ones that were left behind faced the Prophet, and they understood.
And on the Fifth day, they turned into ebony tar, black sand, and white salt. Think five irrational thoughts a day. A student approaches his master, and asks,
“We are born, we develop, and we toil until our deaths. Is this not our fate?” The wise
master replied, “Our world withers away five pieces at a time, but the stars will always
die in threes.” The brash student, naïve as he was, called his brave master a fool. Repay all debts due before a departure. Two men look up at a star- filled sky. One
asks to the other, “Will we forever be bound to the celestial bodies?” The other replies
“They have never been there, but you can make it so.” Five spokes of a broken star
Five elements that forever spar Five senses to evoke the mind
Five pieces slowly unwind. A Black Moon, howling, is a vision unworthy
of one’s sight. From a verse of the Great Hymn of the Aten: Thou claimest the world for its own, according
to thy desire But’s given the heart to its sole son
The King who lives by Maat, the Lord of the Two Lands,
Neferkheprure, Sole-one-of-Re, Champion of the Western Nile.
And the humble Scribe, my appreciable mentor, The messenger of thy glory, rises alongside
you unforgotten. The stars and the Earth command to thy wishes.
Thou alone art their lifetime, a candle in the dark
Thou rises with them, and thou shalt die with them as well.
In thine cycles through the sky, thou sendest visions from the heavens
A distant mirage, light fires in the water Thou lives in the deepest drenches of the
Great [Gzymmtprhic?] Sea Thou didst perish amongst the harlots; in
the Fifth day of the solstice, And the Fifth Year of the Summer Harvest,
thou didst suffered. But no matter the cause, no matter the Threat,
Thou shalt live on to indulge the next world with thy divine antipathy!
So says the black moon of the Winter months. Entries taken from the diary of Augustin Bon
Joseph de Robespierre, 11 November 1793 – 27 July 1794: 21 Brumaire II, La Fête de la Raison has been an unimaginable
success! The Jacobins parade in the streets, throwing flowers in the air, children sing
and laugh! The era of change has begun, but alas! The age of tyranny has not yet ended.
The Frenchmen pride in their progressiveness, but it is too soon to celebrate. 29 Brumaire II, My dear brother, Maximilien, has voiced his
concern about the Cult of Reason. I received an epistle from him while I was in my parlor,
requesting my sole presence in the ███████ salon during the twilight hours. I found him in
the corner, reading a paper in a booth, and he met my gaze with leering eyes. He raged
on end about the vileness of the feast, the hypocrisy of the officials that organized
it. I sat on the opposite side, pipe in hand, and stared at him bemusingly. My brother is
a visionary, but at times like these his thoughts simply consume him. Give him time, and he
will understand there’s nothing to fear of change. 23 Frimaire II, I dreamt a most peculiar dream last night.
But unlike the rest, it has invaded my reveries, a vivid thought that eats up my very mind.
Ce n’était qu’un [unintelligible]? 30 Frimaire II, I see the dream more clearly now. A belligerent
ruler that defies all odds and expectations. It will reconquer the world, using France
as its figurehead. The pope, slain. The king, dead. The world, subservient. All for the
glory to the One True King. People celebrating both the Science, and the Spirits of the world.
A King must always exist in society. My brother must reason with me; I must share the wonders
of this illuminating message! 13 Nivôse II, I have received a letter back from my brother.
In it was nothing more than a crude sketch of a ship, sailing on the Sea, far away into
nothingness. I worry for him sometimes. I shall send for a carriage tomorrow, and take
myself to his home. I only wished to share the dream, but it seems to have become a new
obsession. 14 Nivôse II, I knocked at his door, but no answer came
in return. It seemed almost as if no one had lived there for some time. I paranoically
began to believe that my brother had vanished alongside my good friend Sebastien, who I
could no longer find ever since I shared my dream with him. However, I continued my racket,
until the door slowly creaked open, the terrified expression of my brother peered out behind
chains. He relaxed upon realization that it was just my sole company, and hastily ushered
me inside. He poured me a cold cup of tea, and began
to bash me with questions about the dream. I told him everything, even the thoughts of
culthood that wretched my very mind. He grew visibly excited with every new sentence, and
began to write notes in a small sketchbook of his. I share his joy, change is always
good for the heart, but I fear for his health. His hands are like those I’ve seen in medical
journals, of the dead and dying. 15 Nivôse II, I have returned to his tenancy, but nobody
was home. The neighbor says that he saw my brother leaving his abode in the early hours,
but Robespierre’s destination could not determined. I asked if he thought my brother looked ill
with any malady, but was astonished to hear the antithetical. Most curious. 18 Floréal II, Le culte de l’Être suprême has been formally
announced! The members of the council grumble with suspicion, but give it time, and time
we need, and our numbers will surely amass! [Date Missing] I have begun seeing it. Our power grows. And
the Nightmare swells. The other day, I was sitting on a bench reading
a book of poetry, and a man approached me. He asked me for a Louis d’or, like some tramp
that infests the streets. But he said that he needed a coin to pay the ferryman, otherwise
he wouldn’t be able to cross the stream. He held out his hat, and I put in, but the man
said nothing in return. How rude! But the headless can’t speak after all. And so he
went on his merry way, the sun reflecting his patches of bones, and disappeared after
passing the trunk of an oak tree. The day after, I entered the local salon,
but a crisp cloud of smoke and water enveloped the air. I had accidentally stumbled upon
a smoking room, but not any normal smoking room. The Duke of Drrkwyd sat on his sequin
throne! I fearfully trembled and bowed down in the presence of the gracious earl, and
kissed his left foot, and he graciously patted my head with one of his bulbous hands. The
other held a long opium pipe, the third: a scimitar, but alas! The last two were chained.
The five heads scowled in scorn as they fought their shackles, and he roared like that of
a wonderful beast. A monster worth sacrifice, a lion worth giving one’s flesh. Let him feast,
—like wonderful maggots they grow on my skin! [Date Missing] The streets run pink with blood and agony.
I can hear their screams even after their heads topple in the basket. So much blood,
so much blood! Blood, and Blood, and Blood. They erupt from the corpses like geysers and
daggers in the dead of the night. It’s not enough to satiate a growing hunger. My brother,
he doesn’t understand. He slogs through the Nightmare, hoping to enter the Paradise. Empty
promises from an empty lord. But he is our lord, nonetheless. 9 Thermidor II, Forgive me, dear brother. In these past few
days, the entire world has been afflicted with la démence. I am as guilty as you are,
but you should have not deserved such a demeaning fate. I gave you those inbred thoughts; the
dark whispers that consume me have taken ahold of you. You’ve lost something in your eyes,
brother; it has been replaced with a bright and poisonous light —like that of a distant
star. Now, not even your death will win you your freedom. Punish me, oh King! Let me suffer
for those who have suffered! On 21/12/2016, during a scheduled comb of
Foundation servers, a firewall sounded an alarm in response to an unidentifiable audio
file sent to Researcher Samuel T███. No Foundation credentials could be found,
but the file was traced to a cubicle that had been vacant for six years.Unusually, the
hardware had been short-circuited and badly corroded, with traces of pyruvic acid, sea
brine and burnt heart tissue found in the CPU. Although the terminal was not damaged beyond
repair, the file was one of few items deemed salvageable, as the rest became corrupted
from the damages. Attempts to restore the full audio file have failed. A transcript
of the recovered portion can be found below. orked with the Foundation for 20 years now;
I’ve seen men bleed out because of a song dedicated to a goddamn mountain. I’ve heard
of a skip that forces its victims to suture their mouths shut. And I’ve tested countless
D-class on books that break their bodies, their minds, and whisk their existence away
into a land of fiction and fantasy. But now it’s me that’s dying, if you could call
it that. In truth, my soul is slowly burning away, and I’m fucking terrified. I don’t know how much of what I’m about
to say is true. Simon probably had the best understanding of this thing out of all of
us. Simon, now that’s a name I haven’t heard of in a long time, but it doesn’t
really matter. He’s gone now, and no one seems to care. It was just me, Simon, Charlie, and [AUDIO
CORRUPTED]. We were assigned to SCP-2456 ever since it was first identified. Our mission
was simple: to catalog all past occurrences of SCP-2456-1. This wasn’t the first time
I dealt with memetics, nor was it the first time I dealt with a Keter class, but this
task seemed simpler than my previous ones. Testing with D-Class numbs you down after
the first couple of weeks, but you never really get used to it. I was actually almost relieved
once I got transferred. [AUDIO CORRUPTED] was the first one to go.
One minute, I was having my lunch with him. The next he’s on the floor, screaming about
visions of the sea, and the archons of a trloplic world. They dragged him to the infirmary,
but not before he managed to stab a guard’s leg with a dinner fork. I asked to see him
after an hour had passed. Imagine just how surprised I felt when they told me that no
patients had been admitted in the past four hours. This skip is relatively new. We just don’t
fully understand all of it, and it seems we only have a fraction of the information. And
that’s where the danger lies. To simply put it, there’s a third state of SCP-2456 that’s
gone unrecorded —A “gamma state”, if you will. Picture a DNA molecule, how does
it create proteins? I know, ask any lab boy that question around here, and they’ll scoff
and treat you as if you’re some kind of half-wit. Well, not to bore anyone with the
specifics, but basic protein synthesis requires two major steps. The first one, transcription,
has RNA polymerase building RNA molecules that detail instructions. DNA translation,
in its most basic definition, is the RNA molecule being read. And that creates the product –tRNA
first brings methionine, and the chain ends with either “amber” or “ochre” or
“opal”. Congratulations, you’ve just made the primary structure of a protein. SCP-2456-2 is an incredibly potent anti-meme,
capable of causing dramatic and localized dimensional shifts. It’s very delicate —very
fragile—, and requires careful preparation. A beta instance is the indirect vector for
SCP-2456-2 infection. Whenever a beta instance writes information about SCP-2456-1, a gamma
instance is created. If a subject reads the gamma instances, there is a possibility that
SCP-2456-2 will enter the subject. The subject will slowly vanish from existence, and all
records and knowledge of the subject will disappear alongside it. However, this process
is incredibly flawed. Sometimes a corpse is all that remains, sometimes just a name. And,
from personal accounts, SCP-2456-2 is capable of causing vivid hallucinations and depositing
false memories in the subject. Simon kept telling me stories about his life while he
succumbed to this thing, and they always seemed to change. We didn’t know this at first. Charlie told
me that it was probably a “phantom alphabet” causing us to become ghosts. I told Charlie
to shut up. I honestly don’t know what stupid fuck hired that man. Simon though, he was
the brighter one. He had a theory that SCP-2456 has more to it than meets the eye. He went
missing three days ago. We were in the same room. I just turn around for one second, and
he’s gone. Only his favorite coffee cup —the one that’s always by his side, where
Snoopy’s wearing that goofy-looking christmas hat? — lay half-empty on the floor. Why didn’t the whole fucking world collapse
back in ’05? The entire U.S. population had practically read that damn monstrosity.
Personally, I’m not too sure. I think that something went wrong. I think the Fifth Church
doesn’t fully understand SCP-2456, and so SCP-1425 failed to become a stable version
of SCP-2456-2. Gamma instances can’t create beta instances. SCP-2456 just becomes too
weak at that level of infection. Instead of beta instances, SCP-1425 created alpha instances.
But even then, I think that it did work at some level. What was that woman’s name?
The talk show host –I only just realized that she never reappeared. The Foundation doesn’t have a full understanding
of this particular skip. The problem is, it’s not a parasite. SCP-2456 is the Dream. A slumbering King rests dead in the water.
Fractured into five pieces, he shuffles through an eternal nightmare; an usurper has claimed
his throne. But he is not fully unconscious. The Fifth King has set his sights onto this
world, and will burn the earth with an undying flame, just to punish the traitors that locked
him away. His anger is one that is unbridled. And so, he shares the Dream. They were chosen
for a specific reason. They were his champions, destined to share the world with his glory.
Destined to bathe the world in the blood of his interlopers and remind everyone of their
true master. Even the strongest hunger, and sometimes they just gotta take a little bite.
Sacrifice by blood is what it desires. Sacrifice by souls is what it requires. I feel it happening to me too. Even as I write.
They whisper to me [unintelligible]. I dream terrible, terrible things. Sometimes of the
number five, sometimes of the number six. Rarely of the number four. I feel them too,
writhing in my skin, and—Oh, possible cognitohazard as well? That explains many things. Of a little
lambent liar lurking in a lonely sea. Of special stars signaling songs ever so carefully. And
men that mine may find [unintelligible], if they dig a little too hard. Have you ever
wondered what the phrase “A A” means? No, stop it. I’m digging a little too hard aren’t
I? But just wonder –how far down does the rabbit hole go? As deep as a tower door, bringing
me to a land of hedonism and fun? Or as deep as a great lake, whose sorry inhabitants float
in the water and stare into the fiery abyss of the great sun? My time is almost up. And just remember, remember,
remember. Why do you think we never knew? The Foundation is old, but the world is older.
Most likely, we’ve had some help. A group as old as the Fifth King, trying to put an
end to his nightmare. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Serpent’s Hand was partially
involved in keeping his forces at bay. After all, we did find those gamma instances at
their HQ. But now they are in the hands of the Foundation, and they will never be destroyed. I can hear the Fields of Asphodel calling
my name. The air is suddenly getting thicker –I can already smell that sweet sea breeze.
Follow the smoke that sits on the water. Listen to the fog horns calling for their dead companions,
the sea foam crashing against the tide. I am not ready, for I am not worthy. This was Senior Researcher John Richards,
signing off. And one last thing before I step into the water. Once history is forgotten, it is of course
doomed to repeat itself. And the sixth cycle will forever more echo. Note: Foundation records of the persons listed
in the transcript, in addition to one “John Richards” are nonexistent. However, these
men may be related to sudden unexplained disappearances of Foundation officials. A Foundation audit
is currently underway. – O5-3

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  1. Did the foundation miss Christianity in their historic examples?

    Recorded miracles (caused by reality warping effects.)

    A savior who is the sun born on a solar solstice.

    Piggybacks on an excusing religion (Judiasm in this case.)

    It even starts with the story of people following a star somewhere a star was not supposed to be.

    Perhaps Emporer Constantine accidentally contained this one when he used the Nycean council to make the scriptures all about obedience to secular authorities and killed all the independent Christian priests. (He even built a gigantic statue of himself at the front of their temples to temind people to bow to him.)

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