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  1. I have pure O… This type of OCD attacks on whatever u feel is most important to u. For example if ur wife or husband/kids/parents/family is most important to u, u will have ruthless thoughts and doubts about u harming or killing them, when u have no such intentions rather love them too much. Similarly if u have set goal in ur life to which u give most priority then u will have doubts about that. This is so dirty!! It have completely ruined all my goals from start. It ruined my school and college life because it was most important for me. Then I joined NGO as a social worker and then it ruined that too because of doubts that I have just killed some stranger. I wish I had OCD like washing hands and stuff, if anyways it was written in my life. At least I could manage it and completely know it's irrational. My life is full with uncertainty…

  2. I think my OCD is more about when I try elaborating my thoughts or explaining something, especially when taking notes for school or trying to do homework assignments. But I do have problems with germs and cleanliness, but it’s mainly with sinks. I also can’t stand walking on the ground at water parks with my bare feet, as I feel the ground can be extremely disgusting and littered with odd marks or dark things I’m not sure of what they could be

  3. You are on defence , plus you also have multiple items and objects which you put value to , I can't explain everything , I still don't understand it but it also has to do in paranoia or even forgetness .
    I'm not a doctor I'm just guessing , plus this video is kinda faulty into not describing it explicitly so I had to say some logic that someone is gonna say it is wrong

  4. And person who's having OSD I think this video just cured it. I hated it so much I had it for most of my summer and it basically ruined it. It didn't ruin it completely but I would have had a honestly more enjoyable summer with out it. Every time I try to enjoy myself something stupid would pop in my head like "if you do this someone will despair" or something dumb like that. After this video it made me realize it was just some disorder I had. Thanks so much and oh yeah I'm 13 btw.😁

  5. The best advice is to just do it! dont think about it! Dont let it bother you, the more you fight it and give in the stronger the anxiety gets. Dont make it a big deal in your head

  6. Washes hand ————> accidentally touches my face or a wall that I know had been touched by someone who doesn’t was their hands ———> has to go back and wash hands again or else litterally cannot carry on with my day

  7. Thank you for such an informational video on OCD! I hate it when people make comparisons when they really don't have it! >= Dealing with it is sheer hell. I've been working on mine and some days it comes back full force, but I'm still fighting it! One day at a time!

  8. ocd aint jus physical compulsions doeeeee. the worst part about the illness are the intrusive thoughts. pure o ocd really almost had me in my grave multiple times

  9. My boyfriend has SEVERE OCD. It’s a daily struggle. I hope one day we can get him help. I hate seeing him go through it.

  10. I have OCD and i believe my thoughts are heard and sometimes i can hear others thoughts. Every single one of my thoughts is hear by someone, and sometimes they reply

  11. At last someone that recognises a neat and tidy desk is not OCD. And to brag about it "It's my OCD" is prof you do not have OCD. OCD destroys your life and is almost incurable. You learn to manage it but you can never beat it.

  12. What about ocd patients who have little compulsive disorders but strong and constant obsession? My son battles this and I am seeking a way to help

  13. I remember seeing a man in a parking lot walking repeatedly around his car and touching it in certain places over and over. I was puzzled, but then figured out he probably had OCD, and when he left his car he probably had to enact a certain ritual each time, most likely to be positive it was locked.

  14. I've had OCD since I was 10 years old, I'm now 31… this video confuses the difference between obsessions and compulsions so much that I couldn't watch it all the way through.

  15. In my opinion ocd is like something that seems or appears to be real, but actually isn't real, it's absurd and non sensical. It's like an illusion or something like that.

  16. I used a flat Iron to straighten my fringes just before I went to the church and then I couldn't check if I took out the plug from the switch atleast three times the next two hours I could only think about it and that made me feel sick.

  17. I have OCD for 2 years. I dont know how to live with all the thoughs, compulsions and feelings about how irracional and desilucional i am during the crisis

  18. I am OCD patient with excessive anxiety from 4 years . I think it is the worst brain illness . But now I am using homeopathic medicine from 2 months and my mental condition is improving and cureing .

  19. I had OCD at the age of 16. To get out of it, I found a solution: As soon as I had one, I reported and changed my activities (going outside, playing sports was a real cure for me). Each time I had one, I told myself that I was just postponing the time of my activity. Once my activity over I was more eager to see or otherwise I forced myself not to do. Or I totally did the opposite: instead of washing my hands I messed them up. At first it was hard but after my brain got used to the point that I had no more ocd! Being in contact with people also helped me a lot cause I didn’t want to make this in public

    Keep going guys, we are all together! if you need to talk, my instagram is mwr_09

  20. I have been suffering from OCD since childhood. I have been under medication for last 5 years. Meds like fluoxetine 100mg and Clomipramine Sustained Release pills have reduced symptoms but it has not gone completely. My treating Doctor told me that I would be on medication for rest of my life. OCD has ruined my career, my whole life. I also have Social Anxiety Disorder. Recently I have started CBT.

  21. I think I have OCD. I haven’t been to a psychologist yet, but I believe I’ll have to. I can’t help but to be obsessed with the things I enjoy. For example, a musician or a book I become interested in, I have to educate myself about them. I become to deeply enthralled with this thing, that I can’t focus on other things that are important. I can’t focus in school because my mind is so fixated on something trivial. If I can’t learn more about the things I want to know about, I become anxious and think of different ways my ignorance could inconvenience me. A lot of people become annoyed with me because of this. Also, I have tendencies to become anxious if I can’t follow through with my routine. I don’t want to claim it and be one of those people that take it lightly, but I’m really thinking about getting tested.

  22. OCD is caused by toxic heavy metals in the brain, mercury being the runner up. Don’t expect your doctor to know this information. They profit off sick people.

  23. Having OCD is always living in doubt. You check the door, you see the gate from a far and you rationally know it is close, but there's something telling you "No, the door is possibly open and someone is gonna enter your house" and you imagine every possible negative scenario (most of those thoughts are intrusive). That's when you develop patterns to feel safe, in my case I have to check the door 21 times, before I leave or else I'll go crazy with my negative thoughts.

  24. I went through a time as a child where I had to touch everything twice. Then this became 4 times. Then 8 times, until I found myself getting up at night just to stomp my feet in the bathroom 64 times, 4 times, but it never felt "correct". Despite how much I didn't want to do it, I did it anyway. I finally said I've had enough, so I would intentionally touch all kinds of things only 3 times and walk away. This helped. I still find myself touching things 4 times to this day but it's more and more rare. I do have a weird obsession with doing things like watching credits and cut scenes in games that I already watched to a point where if I don't do it, I would feel a strong compulsion that I have to start the game or thing I'm watching from the beginning and "do it right this time". As well as always feeling not organized enough. I've never been officially diagnosed with this but I'm sure I have faced it

  25. I’ve developed a night time ritual for some reason recently where I literally check everything in my drawer by my nightstand when I go to bed literally more than 20 times and it takes me about two hours before I’m able to go to bed comfortably, I know most of you guys in the comments very likely have it much worse than I do and I’m not trying to compare,anyway even though I know logically it’s all there it’s mentally exhausting plus it’s escalating quickly and I don’t want it taking over my life, so this video now makes so much sense to me, thanks so much for posting

  26. NAC Supplementation is supposed to be extremely helpful in eliminating OCD almost completely with no side effects. Plus it's cheap and does not require a prescription.

  27. I have ocd and I am a super human. Perfectionist cleanest. Intellectual intelligent. I believe I can clean my filthy country India and the whole world.

  28. I might be late to this but I see a lot of people talking about pure OCD or intrusive thoughts. They seem scary, but actually many people get them and can be a natural response to stress. You aren’t alone, and sometimes knowing that they go away helps a lot.

  29. Well i havent met a single person in my life who hasnt have a type of OCD. We do we have something to be obsessive about. My type of OCD is that i have this feeling when i leave home, that i have forgotten something or that, so almost always go back just to check. I have also obsessive sexual fantasies, most of my life, which are really ugly, but i feel fortunate enough that i have no interest in doing them in real life. I am also obsessed with smoking. These are some of the highlights of my OCD, maybe i will be in control one day…

  30. To all the OCD folks out here I know it's tough but trust me once you are out of it u will live life that no common people will ever have…just keep fighting folks u will overcome this demon..

  31. going carnivore and gluten free helped trigger down my ocd to 10% from 100%. that and recording everything i ocd about so i dont need to check it manually and go back.

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