Sci-Fi Short Film “Psychosis” presented by DUST

(typing) – [Narrator] It’s not that
I don’t trust the computer. I just feel better writing
this down somewhere I know it can’t be deleted or … changed. Not that that’s what’s happened. I haven’t left my apartment in a few days because of this programming
project I’ve been working on. My eyes are starting to hurt
from staring at the screen. I’m not sure exactly when
I first started to feel like something was odd. Maybe I just haven’t
seen anyone in a while. Or chatted with anyone online. Or even heard anyone come to the basement to check their mail. Maybe I just need to hear
another person’s voice. (phone ringing) (phone beeping) – [Recording] We’re sorry,
you have reached a number that has been disconnected
or is no longer in service. If you feel you have
reached this recording– (phone ringing) – [Woman] John? – Hey. It’s you. – [Woman] Who else would it be? Oh, the number. This is someone else’s phone. Mine died right as you called me. I’m at a party on 7th Street. Where are you? – At my building. I’m just feeling cooped up, I guess. – [Woman] I can come get you. Your building is close
to 7th street, right? – How drunk are you? It’d take half an hour to
get here from 7th Street. – [Woman] I know, I know, I’m … Of course I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to see you. Can we at least meet
up for lunch tomorrow? – Uh … yeah. Yes. Sure. – [Woman] Okay, great. Have to go. Good luck with your work. (dial tone ringing) – [Narrator] Writing this down helps because it proves something was
off about that conversation. If Amy’s phone died,
then why was the number disconnected when I called? And how could she even
know to call me back? She also said she was at a party, but I only heard silence
in the background. She could have just stepped outside. But then I would have heard the wind. Is the wind blowing right now? I’d go outside to check, but I’m exhausted from working so long. I can’t remember the last time I slept. And my eyes hurt. Maybe that’s what’s
making me feel strange. (clock ticking) It’s as if there’s something pulling at the nerves behind my eyes, programming me like the
wires in my computer to question everything I’ve seen. Or haven’t seen yet. I’m glad Amy asked me to lunch today. She’s been my best friend for years. She doesn’t know it, but … I count the day that I met her one of the few moments of
true happiness in my life. Last night’s fear seems hazy
and unreasonable to me now. I should destroy this
journal when I get back. Right now, I can’t wait to
get out into the sunlight. (exhales) I wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t stopped for a soda. (thundering) If I hadn’t gone back for an umbrella. (computer beeping) That’s when I saw the email. (unsettling music) I don’t know who sent it. I don’t know who else it was sent to. All I have … are the words. – What the fuck? – [Narrator] What the hell
is that supposed to mean? “Seeing with your own eyes
don’t trust them they … ” They what? The words are obviously
cut off without finishing. It had to be sent just
as something happened, warning that it might happen to me. This journal lays it out perfectly. Amy’s phone was disconnected because something happened to her, too. Then the subsequent strange return call could have all been an impersonation. She made me give out my location, and yet she’s been here dozens of times. Who or whatever is out there
knows exactly where I am and, for all I know, could
be on its way right now. I’ll text everyone in my contact list, asking if they’ve seen
anyone face-to-face lately. I just want to see another person. There must be some other
way for me to contact another human being
without opening the door. The only thing I can
find is my old TV set. Maybe that’ll calm me down. – Coming up next, we
take a look at something that’s become part of our lives. – [Narrator] The pictures and sounds of people are comforting. – It’s a sometimes fickly
and mysterious machine. – [Narrator] They remind
me that there’s a world above these basement walls. – Most common computer frustration. – [Narrator] But what if
something terrible is out there? What if it’s coming for me? – [TV Host] A year ago
I brought this computer. – [Narrator] What if it’s got Amy? – [TV Host] In a matter of
seconds, it was ready to go. – [Narrator] I know it’s crazy. But I just need to be sure. – If you’re heading to the beach, I think you got a good one
tomorrow. Generally, sunshine. There’ll be a land breeze tomorrow, so no sea breeze to worry about. Northwest winds five to 10 miles per hour. And highs between 75 and 80. The heat index– (phone ringing) – Amy! – [Amy] John. – Amy. – [Amy] Where are you, John? You totally blew me off
yesterday, and then I get this– – [Narrator] My apartment is trashed, but I’m not gonna clean it up. I think I need Amy to see
what I’ve been through. She was really worried about me and apparently had been
trying to contact me since the last time I talked to her. She’s coming over now. And, yes, she knows where I
am without me telling her. Everything’s perfectly fine. I know this now. I feel so embarrassed, idiotic really. I am definitely throwing this journal away before anyone sees it. I don’t even know why
I’m writing in it know. – [TV Host] Yet the time spent in front of those screens can add up. – [Narrator] Amy. I feel like I spent days
sitting in that playground, just talking with her. She reminds me that this damn basement is not all that there is. (knocking) – [TV Host] She says
it’s especially troubling when it comes to kids who attend schools that have gone paperless
and rely primarily on iPads. – [Woman On TV] Unless we start
to address this problem … – Smile for the camera. – Hey. – It’s weird. I know. I’ve had a weird few days. – Must have. You gonna open the door? – Humor me a second here. Tell me one thing about us. Just to prove to me you’re you. – Um, all right. Let’s see. We met at a playground. Of all places. – All right. I’ll explain everything. I’ll be right there. – [Narrator] Thank god. She chose the one thing in the world that was kept alive only by our memories. And the picture. I suddenly fear that something could see through the cameras in my apartment, recording everything I’ve done here and every remnant of the past. (lens snapping) Then it could know about
that day at the playground. It could access my cameras
to replicate human images. Then the Amy on my
monitor isn’t the same Amy from my memory; just an
empty, lifeless deception. (smashing) (knocking) – [Amy] John, are you okay? John, open the door! Open the door! What’s going on? John! John! – [Man] John. This is Dr. Roberts speaking. We believe we have a
diagnosis for your behavior and a cure. – [Narrator] Amy brought him, supposedly. I know it’s just another
deception to get me outside, but part of me wants to open that door and finally see another human being. – [Dr. Roberts] You’re not alone, John. You’re just one piece
of a nationwide epidemic of people having breakdowns
triggered by a suggestive email just like the suggestive
texts that you sent out. Someone who got that text
could be experiencing the same fears you are. – You think I’m crazy. – [Dr. Roberts] Nobody
is saying you’re crazy. You’re very intelligent. That’s your downfall. You draw connections so well, you draw them even when
they shouldn’t be there. It’s easy to get caught up in paranoia in such a fast-paced
world where more and more of our interactions are simulated. – [Narrator] I have to give it to him. It’s a great explanation. It neatly explains everything. It would be foolish to think, after hearing that explanation, that I might be one of
the last people on Earth starving to death in my
secure basement room, spiting some unthinkable, deceptive entity trying to capture me for some
horrible, unknown reason. It’s a perfect explanation
for every single strange thing I’ve seen or heard,
and I have every reason to shake off this nightmarish
fear and open the door. That’s exactly why I’m not going to. I can’t be sure. I can’t know what’s real
and what’s deception. All of these damn things are
just signals, waves, light. (knocking) The door! It’s trying to get in! At least I’ll finally
see it with my own eyes. Wait. “Seeing with your own eyes
don’t trust them they … ” Was that desperate message
telling me to trust my eyes or warning me about my eyes, too? Oh my god! What’s the difference
between a camera and my eyes? They both turn light
into electrical signals. They’re the same! I can’t be deceived! I have to be sure! (groaning) (groaning) I figure this will be
one of my last chances to write legibly. Without my sight to correct mistakes, my hands will slowly forget
the motions involved. My hearing has improved, though. It fakes conversations in the hallways on the off chance I might overhear. One of the nurses talks
about having a baby soon. One of the doctors lost
his wife in a car accident. None of it matters. None of it’s real. None of it gets to me. Not like she does. It tells me all the things I want to hear. That it loves me, that
it’s always loved me, that it didn’t understand why I did this, that we could still have a life together if only I would stop insisting
I was being deceived. I almost fell for it. I really did. In the end, though, it
was all too perfect, too flawless, too real. What they call real might be deceptions of the high-tech world of the past. The images on my webcam. The voices on my phone. The ticking in my clock. What they call insane
might be the only thing keeping me alive. Maybe the real Amy, too. After all, a sane man would have fallen for the deception long ago. I hold onto that hope. The last instinct of a human mind resisting the temptations
of a false reality. I will never give in. I will never break. I will never trust the– – No. Please, no. No, wait, wait, please. Please, no. No! No! No, no! No, no! No! (groaning) (ticking) (electronic whirring)

44 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Short Film “Psychosis” presented by DUST

  1. Gratuitous plagiarism. You guys just recorded my life on a hidden camera. I know you're watching me. I'm always one step ahead.

  2. This is a perfect description of the mindset of last cohort Millennials. The government should go on a crash basement building program to serve their needs.

  3. great until he had a pen in the padded room. After plucking his own eyes out with a pen; "they" wouldn't have left him with a "pen".

  4. lol … aol … go figure. on a lighter note … i can definitely empathize with thoughts propagating john's apparent 'psychosis' .


  6. If he was to see the truth he'd have to first know the truth. And by removing his eyes he eliminated any chance of seeing the truth for himself.

    But what was the truth?

  7. Howard Hughes would have been proud of this kid! Good film, but would have been more fun at the ending if his girlfriend and the doc sprouted tentacles and picked him up to run off with him!

  8. Lmao what, Im halfway through writing a script for Psychosis, cuz its probably one of the few creepy pastas thats actually scary af. Dunno if i should keep writing it now.

  9. Wow! Someone took a popular creepypasta and interpreted it word for word, making a really good short film. Can't say I've seen that before. Bravo!

  10. Video is being dramatic. Unsure on to what level makers understand condition (or to what level this will help those who watch WITH the condition). Just skip to end of comment if you want to know why I made this comment).

    Breaking down of reality is not something people who never experienced it understand well. If you are one of these just know that It is a difficult condition and hope it does not happen to you.
    The 'sick' person usually suffers at the hands of whatever it is that is the cause. I've heard of a few positive cases of the 'hallucinations' being or becoming positive, which would be a lucky thing. Such a 'sick' person may not so much choose to believe irrationally but draw the only conclusions they can from the evidence (that can't be distinguished from the real thing – hallucination / warped perception or other) the world and their minds present to them.

    The common auditory voice hallucination for example is (usually) exactly as a real person would sound and speak, including their personality and intent (yet some of these are truly hallucinations as Gently verified (eg. for physical presence), some others due to similarity of sound in phrases and words (and own held associations), but some others perceptions more 'real' which are harder to explain).

    The constant bombardment from the condition it may lead to delusions and irrational behaviour of own (which the 'sick' person needs to be very wary of) – but it is possible to continue to act with own strong sense of sensible-ness, safeness, reason, non-aggression and harmlessness if the 'sick' person chooses so constantly (this will keep the sick person safe).

    I don't know of treatment other than if in great difficulty going to the healthcare people and taking the medication (or therapy – eg. CBT), avoiding beliefs regarding the condition (other than a reasonable positive one), trying to move life forward into a better state (if it has stalled or gone backward), (also internally within own mind, resisting being victimised or identifying with role of victim).

    I know of one person who is close to me that had two episodes and was hospitalised who is now in a 'normal' state of mind, world and reality. He does not suffer, though it seems the threat of relapse if conditions are wrong remains).

    By the way if you are wondering why I made this over long comment, its because I overreacted to a troglodyte below this comment. i.e it pissed me off)

  11. Some would say that this story is really about a beta male that got friended zoned by a hot chick. You can fill in the rest.

  12. And you think that Amazon is just collecting ad data… cover those webcams…

    And… just what was the downside by going out to a Matrix life? What was the newscaster saying?

    Can't really knock anything about the film itself. All the internal monologue was necessary, since there was no one else to really provide any exposition. At least he didn't go all "Howard Hughes", and start whizzing in jars…

  13. Dust and Omeleto are the same but like one is in our world and the other is in the upside down, but I can tell which is which.

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