Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Has Brain Problems

Gavin: I had that once, and I’ve never had a migraine. I thought, I was having a brain hemorrhage and was about to die, because, I was just typing, and in the middle of a sentence, I forgot how to read, and write. and I was just like, [farting noise] And I was trying to read what I’d just written, and I couldn’t focus. I was just seeing letters, and they weren’t- Gus: You had a stroke! But I was just like- I-I could see all the letters, I just couldn’t m-make them into the sounds of words. And then, I couldn’t remember the, like, the name of the Slow Mo Guys. Couldn’t remember it. And I was trying to read it, I was like, “I don’t know how to say this.” And then I tried to test myself spelling something, so I- Ah, for some reason I thought of the word ‘chum’. So I tried to type the word ‘chum’, and I ended up just passing out. And then when I woke up, I’d written the word: ‘jums’. And that’s why- [laughs] Gus: You had a stroke. Burnie: It sounds like a stroke to me. [transition sound] Gavin: I had a similar thing where I lost my vision. I just went from stood up, to on the back of my head. Burnie: Yeah? Gavin: My vision just blurred into one big color. And apparently then I sat down in a puddle, and just was like, looking around. And basically, I went blind for three days. ‘Cause all the vision is in the back of the brain, so, I just bruised it. Jack: Jesus Christ. Burnie: That’s fucked up. Gavin: And um, I remember being in bed thinking, “I’m gonna throw up so bad,” ’cause I was concussed. I remember crawling on my hands and knees ’cause I knew where my toilet was. So I crawled into the toilet, threw up, and crawled back. And my dad came in, he was like, “You just threw up on the top of the toilet.” [Gus, Burnie, Barbara, and Jack laugh] Burnie: You know I gotta say, what a caring father. [Burnie, pretending to be Gavin’s father]: You’re gonna clean that up, Gavin! Gus: Did he like, uh, tape a sponge to one hand and like, cleaner to the other, and was like, “Go crawl back over there and clean the toilet!”? [transition sound]

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