Romina starts to get back at Daniela | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

Eat that, Mikoy! One more round? But I’m sure you’ll lose again. I’m going to win
ten times in a row. Why are you so competitive?! That’s life, Mikoy. What’s the point of playing
if you’ll always lose? You need to win at everything, so you won’t waste your time. That’s not true. My grandma would always say it doesn’t matter if
you win or lose just as long as you’re happy. I mean, you can’t
win all the time. Excuse me, Marga.
Can we take a selfie? My mom’s been a fan since she
saw your ice cream video. Really? Thank you! Is it okay if Kristoff joins us? He’ll be my partner for
my next endorsement. Of course! You two
look good together. – Thank you!
– Thank you! See the difference
between us, Cassie? And to think Kristoff
and I are just starting out. What more if we become famous? I’ve always known we’re
different, Marga. You don’t have to
rub it in my face. Don’t you get it, Cassie? You have no place in our world. More so, when we
become really famous. I don’t need to be part
of your world, Marga. And another thing, all of this is just
work for him. Fame isn’t permanent. One wrong move… And I have a feeling
that will happen. ..and you just might lose
everything in an instant. Romina, last night, you
were talking to a wall. You were insisting you
were talking to Daddy. We know you, Romina. We understand what you’re
going through isn’t easy. Maybe it would be best
if you take a break. Or better yet, consult a doctor. I’m not going crazy! Romina, calm down. All we’re saying
is take a break. How will you handle your
responsibilities in the company? How can we trust you with the
operations of the company if you’re… ..unstable? Mrs. Galvez has a point, Romina. All we’re asking is for you
to take care of yourself. Prove that you’re
in your right mind. That you can handle your
responsibilities in the company. are you saying that
Lolo Dad is haunting us? Of course not, Marga
Ghosts aren’t real. So tell me, Romina, is your conscience
eating you up? Daniela, we’re eating. Carlos, I’m just asking. After all, you can lie
in front of the judge but you can never
ignore your conscience. Speaking from experience,
Daniela? You got– Shouldn’t I be asking you that? I didn’t do anything for me
to have a guilty conscience. But you? I’m sure you have. Still pretending
to be innocent, I see. You really are the best actress. Shall I roll out
the red carpet for you and hand you a trophy? I think that suits you more as the best actress
in a pretending role. We’re not just putting
Camila’s image at risk for retaining Romina. She’s a ticking time bomb. ou already saw what can happen.
What if it gets worse? We have to follow a process
in this company, Daniela. We can’t just take away
the position from her. So what are you suggesting? That we’ll wait for Romina to
do something that’ll ruin us? Mr. Torre, I know you’re
sympathetic towards Romina. You’re one of those who put
her back in position, right? Well, I guess my father
wasn’t the only one who got fooled by her. This isn’t the time to attack
each other personally, Daniela. why are you in a hurry? I know you and Romina have
never been in good terms. But we’re talking about
the company. Many investors are still in
this company because of her. Romina is also one of
our biggest shareholders. Whether we like it or not, we have to go by the books
in this case. And if she decided
to withdraw her shares, this company will be in trouble. But she doesn’t have the right
to own all those shares. But, legally, those shares are under
her name, Daniela. Let’s just wait for the results
of her tests from the hospital. I hear my husband’s voice. There are times when I feel
his presence beside me. Do you have any other
experiences other than that? You said earlier that you
made a scene in the office. Doctor, I can’t explain
why I did that. I really thought I was
talking to Robert. And that’s not all. I saw some weird images. This isn’t normal, right? Why is this happening to me? Well, you’re experiencing
hallucinations. It usually happens to people
taking questionable drugs. Our endorsement
has been approved. They’ll put up our billboard
along a major road so people could see
our faces every day. – Really?
– Yes, Kristoff. I thought it was just for
a promotional material for their branches. Well, the clients
liked our photos, so they made some adjustments and decided to make it
into a billboard. And that’s why I’m so happy. The good thing is it will serve
as an advertisement for the both of you. I can’t believe it
I’m so happy right now! You deserve it, Tope. You worked hard for it. What’s with that stare? You know, you’re really
my lucky charm. Ever since you came back to me, great things have been
happening in my life. Are you itching to kick me
out of the company? Is that why you’re
|treating your skin? My dear stepmother,
I’m just trying to relax, which I suggest you also do
so you’d stop hallucinating. You magnify the smallest
of my flaws and use it against me. Are you that desperate,
Daniela?! You’re more desperate
than a starving rat! I’m just doing everything I can
for the company because I won’t let an insane and incompetent officer
take charge. And frankly,
hat’s not my fault. You’ve always been insane. And it seems to be getting
worse. I’m just concerned. Don’t act like you care. Do you think I would actually
pretend to care about you? Romina, relax. You might lose it
and end up killing me. – Oh my god! Stop!
– You’re asking for it! Daniela! Romina!
That’s enough! Can’t this day end without
the two of you fighting?! Carlos, I will face her
even in my dreams! Then I’ll make sure
I’ll be your worst nightmare! That’s enough! Tell her that! I told you, she’s crazy! No one in their right mind
would do this to me! I’m perfectly fine, Daniela. And even if I’m not,
I’ll still face you! My drug test results
came out. I’m positive for
LSD drugs. LSD? So, all those hallucinations
you’ve had were… Bernard, they were
caused by the drugs. But I would never willingly
take such substances. I’m a sane person! What do you mean? Someone drugged me. Who? There’s only one person
who would do this to me. Daniela. She’d do anything to
win against me. But now, it’s my turn. Romina… Romina… That’s Sir Robert’s voice. I can’t believe this! Miss Chynna, what’s wrong? Did our pictures get deleted? How I wish that’s what happened! That video went viral 30 minutes
after it was uploaded. And more and more people
are watching it! If you’re in a hurry,
I can help you finish it. What you found are party drugs. They usually cause
hallucinations. Where did you get those?
They’re dangerous, you know. I told you she’s crazy! No one in their right mind
would do this to me! Don’t you believe in
what Daniela tells you? I only believe what I see. I’m not crazy. No matter the quantity,
they’re illegal. And they’re mostly sold
to kids these days. Well?! Are you happy now?! Everyone hates me! Thanks to you, I’m famous
for all the wrong reasons! Why do you keep blaming me
for all your troubles? I don’t know anything
about the video! I’ve never even watched it! So, am I supposed to thank you for not viewing it? Am I supposed to be indebted
to you because you’re so nice?! Is that what you want?! What I want is for you to
shut up and stop blaming me! Let me repeat myself, Marga. I don’t know anything
about the video. How many times do I have to
say that for you to stop? I don’t believe you. You think I didn’t notice
you glaring at me? I know you’re jealous! You’re jealous because
Kristoff and I are partners and you two aren’t! Here. Do you remember now? You know, as much as I want to
report to the authorities, I just couldn’t do it. Because I can’t believe
I found this in your bag! Carlos… Are you taking drugs?! Are you really that
desperate, Daniela?! Is this the only way
for you to cope?! Or is this what you’ve been
using on other people?! Carlos… ad, please stop shouting. Do you want them to hear
everything Mommy did? Marga, please stay out of this. I’m part of this family too! Dad, I’m begging you. Please don’t tell anyone. I’ve had too much humiliation
these past hours! I don’t know if I can
handle this too. What if he tells Romina? You can’t do anything
about that. He has solid evidence. Carlos won’t do that.
Because if he does, it’s the same as admitting that
our family means nothing to him. And besides, Marga made him
promise to keep this secret. Well, I just hope your husband
is good at keeping secrets. I don’t want to get involved
in a big issue like this. I trust Carlos, auntie.
He won’t snitch on me. Okay. I have to go. – Okay.
– I’ll be back. Dad! There’s nothing here. Are you sure of what you saw? I saw it with my own eyes
Dad’s severed head! It was so bloody! – I can’t get it off my mind!
– Daniela… Tell me the truth. Have you been using the
drugs you gave Romina? What?! Why would I do that? Well, I’m sorry. It’s just that you
may be experimenting. – What?
– Like what I did in my youth. Auntie! Well, are you telling me
Robert’s ghost is haunting you? There’s no such thing
as ghosts, auntie! One, one, two. Go. One, one, two. Okay, that’s it for today. – I see you’re a fast learner.
– Of course! – I’ll see you next session.
– Yup. Thank you. So, how’s your first session? Surprisingly, I liked it. Well, that’s good then. I have to go, Ninang. What? Why the rush? Don’t tell me
you’ll help Romina prepare for the anniversary party? Why would I wanna help them
Ninang? There’s no reason for me
to celebrate the sham marriage of that woman to my dad. You know that Romina
is doing all of this to convince the board. She’s trying to prove
she’s in the right mind. You have nothing
to worry about, Ninang. In fact, she even gave us
the opportunity to show the board
that she’s crazy. – Why is it cold in here?
– I know. Daniela, wait! Um, Marga? Marga! Maureen’s here to see you. – What?! Oh no!
– She’s right there. – Go hide! She can’t see you!
– Over here, quick! Go! – Oh my god
– Marga! What are you doing? I’ll leave you two
to talk, okay? Excuse me. Shouldn’t I be asking you that? What are you doing here? Maureen, if you have something
to say, then just say it. I’m not in the mood
after all that has happened. Actually, that’s the reason
why I’m here, Marga. It’s about the video. And what about it? Marga, I’m sorry. I tried to stop
Nadya and Nika, I swear! So they’re the ones
who released that video?

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