Hey guys, how are you, great, that’s awesome OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo oh my god Mac! So about a week ago I did my first ever Facebook Live. It was cool, or shall I say it was LIT– oh my god, wait no woah Let’s edit the last one out, Mac And on the broadcast, someone, very aggressively actually, Asked me to make a video reacting to anti-gay commercials I guess those exist for some reason And then I found out that Trevor Moran did it And I guess people want me to do it too Because they want to know what do the other gays think I am so glad that people don’t think we have the same minds anymore. Like, it’s great to know we moved past 2003. But yeah, let’s do this thing! I have my tea, and I’m not going to spill any, thank you very much. We don’t spill tea when it comes to intolerance, honey. We throw the god damn cup. I got a big cup cause it makes me look smaller. hahaha I have body issues I’m sitting on my coffee table, by the way. And I have a blanket on, cause it’s cold It just randomly started raining this morning I was gonna go on a run an everything, I was gonna try to be fit And then God was like, no, you better sit your gay ass down and make a video And, here we are haha Did I tell you I have body issues? First video One, two, three… Mess. One man, one women, Matthew… N- whatever the fuck Okay wait- first of all This animation though… who? “Look mom! I drew a family at school today I didn’t have time to finish Caleb’s face…” haha She “didn’t have time” to finish her brother’s face Me Too Bitch I’m petty like that as well Don’t worry, you don’t have to explain yourself “Carrie drew two mommies My teacher says that all that matters is that people love each other and that they’re happy” True. “People have their own ideas about what is right and wrong. But what matters is how Jehovah feels. He wants us to be happy, And he knows how we can be happiest. That’s why he invented marriage the way he did.” woo We’re not even a minute into this video and we’re already deep-ass into some religious shit I am pressed Jehovah Apparently he invented marriage. So let’s we what hell happened. “Jehovah created Adam and Eve, male and female. Later, Jesus said the same thing!” How is she making this so exciting Like, “intolerance is so great for you and Jesus said the same thing”! God said to “burn all the gays,” and then Jesus repeated him! Whip your slaves kids “It’s kind of like going on an airplane. What would happen if someone wanted to bring something on the plane that wasn’t allowed?” “He couldn’t go on the trip!” “Right. It’s the same with Jehovah.” Wait a minute What What kinda similes So wait Okay Hold up So… Were the gays the bag “And live in paradise forever! To get there, Jehovah says we have to leave some things behind.” Yep “That means anything Jehovah doesn’t approve of.” True Moral of the story If you gay leave it behind That’s literally what this video was saying I swear to god, I swear to god, I swear to god If you wanna go down the road of paradise, Just drop your gay Right before the metal detectors Just put it all in the bag And then just drop it Problem solved Gay free Can I do the same with my blackness Just like put it in a bag Drop it off Give me privilege. “What can you say to Carrie?” “I can tell her about the paradise, the animals, and the resurrection!” “Let’s practice.” practice what Telling the girl that her two mommies need to stop being gay to get to paradise Oh, I’ll wish you the best of luck with that, honey I am mad Who in their god damn mind Decided to make this video so well animated You know, just change it, you know Just drop the bag Quick Fact You know that Jehovah’s witness are the same people that come to your door and like ask you if you wanna learn about the word of jesus christ and all that stuff I actually had a full out whole two hour conversation with two Jehovah’s witnesses That came to my door twice They came back the next day, bitch They gave me a book wheres the book Then they left me alone after the third visit Probably cause they found out I couldn’t fit all my mess into a bag and just drop it before the metal detector This is delicious Let’s continue “Hey honey, what’s going on?” “Obama is trying to force gay marriage on this country That’s not the change I voted for. Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Mmm I am so sorry for your struggles “That’s not the change I voted for. What can we do? We can vote for someone with values.” Ha ha ha Let’s just talk about this real quick This woman is so stressed out by the gays they gon’ get her they gon’ take her marriage away she scared Oh my god Let’s vote for someone who has values I have nothing else to say except that woman needs to change her decisions on how to pick a blouse Is that trying to be flowers I’m done with this Rethinking the day of silence what “The spring wind carries with it the rumble of the school bus and the chatter of small voices–” I’m sorry I did not know I was watching a remake of “Tale of Two Cities” Can we not do this description Just go straight to the intolerance please this video is six minutes long Who got time Who got time for homophobia like this “Right now, all over the world people of faith are being told to sit in the back of the bus.” *inhale* bitch – *distant* oh no they did n- no ha ha ha ah ha ha ah ha ha ah ha ha haaa whoaaaaaa We’re gonna take a second You’re gonna give me a second okay Right now People of faith are being told to sit in the back of the bus honey they really just pulled out these Jim Crow laws and flipped it onto people with religion I am the wrong person I am the wrong person, okay I can’t even I can’t even right now Oh no oh you got me ooh yeah you got me right there oh oh my god back of the bus what why oooh my god “the homosexual agenda has been carefully crafted and packaged to change the way Americans think about homosexuality. Claim to be a victim Then cry for tolerance When actually the goal is acceptance legitimacy and the stifling of dissent” He got us He knows the homosexual agenda, guys We gotta kill him We gotta kill him That’s the only way “Every time a gay character is portrayed on film or television, he or she must be altogether the best dresser, the person who offers the best advice never the drunk, or the scoundrel, but ultimately the one who delivers the punchline.” I mean, where’s the lie tho? *laughter* he got us again guys Ooh he knows the homosexual agenda we gotta run we gotta run, we gotta leave we gotta escape This woman must’ve watched too much Glee This little boy just pulled out an entire Bible out of his backpack cause that’s what little boys carry to school nowadays What he’s trying to say in this video is the fact that the gays are now being proud of who they are is forcing people who don’t like gays to now hide the fact they don’t like gays and that’s a problem That’s so hard for them. It’s so hard because they are so intolerant to the fact that people think differently and do different things all of the sudden Now we need to give them sympathy, cause gays now can marry each other and now they’re like “Oh no! I have to sit here and watch that?” It’s gonna happen bitch They’re really trying to sit here and say that religious people are repressed because gay people exist This is you jumping a lot of conclusions People out there really think that people out there really have that mind set Oh my god they got counseling too honey They say we play the victim I don’t even know if I can continue after that messiness. Those Jim Crow laws agains religion are just the worst “God made Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Lance Bass!” “There’s a storm gathering,” Is the storm homosexuality “My freedom will be taken away. But some who advocate for same-sex marriage have not been content with same sex couples living as they wish.” So people who want same-sex marriage, some of them are not comfortable with the fact that gays are actually getting married when they say they wanted it Some people who wanted same-sex marriage don’t like the fact that gay people are living like human beings Oh these struggles I’m so sorry for my existence you know what, I’m just gonna but it all in a bag and drop it before the metal detector Its good you know, don’t worry about it No, that’s all we’re here for we’re just here to make you mad a little bit and then we’re just gonna put it all in a bag. I don’t need to be gay in paradise “The storm. Is. Coming.” Because gay people are getting married, some people just lose their freedom to be intolerant. America I can’t do this anymore. I think I’m running dry. My battery is running low And so is my patience moral of the story Gay people are a storm and you know a way to solve that problem is to just put it in a bag and drop it before the metal detector Biggest lesson out of this video. If people don’t accept you for the way you are just put it in a bag and drop it Oh my god real moral of the story is that there are going to be people that are not going to accept the way you are no matter what you are even if you’re just left handed, bitch, there are going to be people that are not going to like that At the end of the day just live your life, be yourself, do you, and let the haters be pressed And if people are hating you for being who you are, make them even more pressed by being happy in who you are And you know, right before you die, just put it in a bag and drop it before the metal detector And you’re good heaven here you come Love yourself, love who you are and don’t let anyone even try to take that away from you So if you excuse me, I’m gonna go start the next hurricane Katrina with my gayness and go shop for some pretty looking bags for Other Reasons What kinda bag are you gonna put your stuff into? Anyways, I am mad. Gay as hell. 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  1. Literally the Bible says nothing about homosexuality, Jesus says that loving each other is more important than the Jewish laws.

  2. God made Adam and Eve not Adam in Steve

    But what if Adams a girl ?
    (I’m a crack head sorry) I support people with there own opinions on who they love

  3. Look. I'm a straight Christian
    But I really do think gays and lesbians are ok. Love is love! What I think is that God is the most powerful being he could literally thanos snap the gays/lesbians out of existence but he didn't and humans can't change who someone is. It's ok. These people need to chill XD

  4. I'm a 12 year old gay in 7th grade with no other gays in the whole grade. It's tough enough already. And then homophobes have the damn nerve to show their stupid puny worthless terrible awful garbage shitty faces to try to tell me who to love. I will kill anyone who's homophobic and won't change.

  5. drop your gay right before the metal detector XD I'm dead, i'm literally dead, I'd say there is so much to unpack but why bother? apparently I have to leave it behind!! lmao!! DEAD.

  6. What's that water he's pouring into the cup when the video goes on you might ask….

    It's the holy water of everyone's gayness.

  7. Bitch i hate all these people hating us like judging people is a sin talking bad about people is a sin. And they be expecting to get into heaven? Bitch

  8. The Bible's of the real Bible was made in Arabic and it says everybody should love each other if a man loves a man or if a woman loves a woman it says it will be okay and if somebody tries to split these two apart send the satanic ritual will begin I'm just joking and it says if a Man loves a woman and if a woman loves a man or if a man loves a man or woman loves a woman they should be happy

  9. I'm lesbian….and my family is religous…and they support…jesus….i hate homophobes! LIKE LITERALLY THEY GET A WHOLE YR AND WE GET A MONTH LIKE COME ON! they say oh jesus would hate u…no jesus would hate u for hating a person! All people should be equal!

  10. Funny story my friend was like gays are going to hell but I'll still be friends with him and she like that I was like okay it's part of your religion I'm an atheist so I don't care and she said you're going to hell for thatand I told her I don't believe in hell so I can't go there lol ?

  11. The Jehovah Witness one is a bit more insidious- they were trying to turn the little girl against her own family :/

  12. Lmfao God made Adam and eve because we needed to REPRODUCE. NOT BECAUSE HE DIDNT ACCEPT GAYS. THERE WERE ONLY 2 PEOPLE ALIVE SO HE NEEDED A MAN AND A WOMAN. WHAT DO YOU NOT GET ABOUT THAT!?!. (I'm lesbian lmfao and I'm heated)

  13. Honestly, people created a huge rumor. She was also saying only Jehovah's opinion matters, no one else. Really in the Bible it literally says it's not the sex of the people that matter, but the quality of the relationship. {{Also the second video was a funny joke video. You should check it out if you still haven't uvu}}

  14. I'm gay and whenever I feel really sad because of other people's homophobia towards me I just go watch a macdoesit video and it takes all my gay troubles away?️‍?

  15. Bro I was watching this at 1 AM at my friends house I started dying and she fell off her bunkbed and pissed on herself I scared her so bad

  16. Technically I'm not gay and technically I'm not straight or lez I just agree with people that are happy if you're happy you're happy you can't judge somebody for who they like or what they like

  17. So I need some help from you guys, I don’t really know where else to go.

    I’m a bisexual, but I’m actaually questioning if I’m a pan sexual, I know my parents would be fine with me being pan though, so I’m not worried bout that.

    But the thing I’m worried bout, is I’m question if I want to be a guy or not(I’m a girl) my dad would be angry if I wanted to be a guy below eighteen. Don’t even ask, it’s just a thing he has.
    I just don’t really want to be labeled as a girl, I’m thinking bout it. I wouldn’t go hardcore, like surgery and stuff, I just wouldn’t want to be labeled as a girl. How should I tell them this?

  18. "I got a big cup because it makes me look smaller. I have body issues" ? same mate, just found your channel, this is the content I NEED! Subbed!

  19. I straight up woke up at 5 am, made some tea, woke up my cat, trapped my blanket, and went on the couch for this video.
    this is my alarm clock before school now

  20. hello Mac! (sounds stupid, but oh well) I'm the first time on your channel, but, BUT. What I just watched. Ohhhh, my God, I was just dying with a laugh. You're awesome
    (☞ ゚ ヮ ゚) ☞
    P.S. sorry if there are errors, I don’t really know English (I am from Russia, Peter).

  21. Screw paradise I'm going to my girl–friends house to tell her about this BS wat am I supposed to do break up with my bf

  22. I am a pansexual, and I am dating another pansexual, and both of our families don't accept us. We have been brought to church to be 'cleansed with holy water' and I've been kicked out of the house for 5 months. Its hard, and watching this video made me furious, but I was laughing half of the time because of you. This made my day, because I was being bullied about being pansexual, so was my gf,and this video made me so happy! Thanks and keep doing you!!

  23. I’m pretty young (9) and I already know I’m pansexual and transgender so

    1like=enough courage to cut my hair when imma teen

  24. My parents – Adam and Eve
    Me – Adam and STEVE
    My parents – NO
    Me – YES
    (I'm trying to be be funny)
    Help me 🙁

  25. I dare you to make a video going to the counseling for gay people and just pretend like your trying to be straight and you don’t wanna be Gay anymore I wanna see what would happen

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