Psychological Disorders and Religion | Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Many people across the world suffer
from stress, depression and anxiety. Muslims also suffer from these diseases. Does
religion provide any help in countering these issues? Does belief in God and stronger faith help
reduce the impact of these diseases? Whether you are suffering from physical, mental or
psychological diseases, God advises you to seek treatment. On account of lack of education, for many people,
headache is a disease but psychological issues are not. They exaggerate such issues unreasonably. The
world is making progress in dealing with these issues. You know that psychology and psychiatry have
become independent disciplines of knowledge. Therefore, I suggest that if you feel
you are suffering any of these disorders, you should consider it a medical condition
like other medical conditions without hesitation. The first thing you should do is
to seek treatment from experts. Religion tells us to seek treatment for headache, fever
or any psychological disorders and pray to God for help. Prayer implies seeking recovery
from God. Prayer is a worship. Only God can make a medicine effective and make a
doctor a source of recovery. Therefore, you should pray to God. This is the only guidance from religion
about dealing with these disorders. Therefore, the first thing is what you need
to do. You have to do these two things. You have to pray to God and
seek treatment regularly. In such disorders, people keep delaying
treatment only to worsen their health condition. The divine law demands that you
take medicine and then pray to Him. Without taking medicine, prayer
may not help. This is the divine law. You should follow this divine law by seeking
treatment and then praying to God for help. There is another aspect
as the good doctor has said. If you are a true believer, have
a strong connection with God, have the training to see the worldly
matters with the eye of God, decide matters of life following divine guidance, see
all the conditions you face in the light of God’s book, 90% chances are that you will successfully
avoid these (psychological) disorders. That is where you should start the process. But once you
have got the disorders, you must seek medical treatment. If you have a strong association with
God, you can avoid these disorders.

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