Prenatal Depression

Pregnancy is beautiful. There is no better feeling than the feeling of life inside you. It’s natural to have mixed emotions One moment. You may be so energetic positive Dreaming about a healthy delivery and a healthy, baby, but very next moment The hormones may cause a downpour of emotions that makes you anxious Irritable and less confident all of these make you worry about your body mate appearance career And of course the relationship with your partner, you may also have apprehension about various medical tests and labor so tired and exhausting this journey can be these surges of emotions due to hormonal changes during pregnancy can impact a mother infant attachment breastfeeding and infant care It not only affects you but also the development of the baby. How are you doing? Are you excited? Calm peaceful? or tearful worried irritable frustrated crying and anxious No You are not alone one in five expectant moms suffer from prenatal anxiety If left neglected it can lead to a postpartum depression Let’s learn to identify the thin line between okay and not to be okay address these issues at the right time and talk about your emotional health to a prenatal psychologist for a blissful pregnancy a Prenatal psychologists are specialized and trained professionals who helps pregnant women to sort these Conflicting emotions and mitigate their stress and anxieties while baby is still in the bone How are you feeling share with us? Because we care

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