Positive and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia 2 MINUTE VERSION!

Hello, Dr Beth Colby from Talk Mental Health,
giving a ‘2 Minute Psychiatrist’ video on the symptoms
of schizophrenia. Please like, subscribe and comment.
Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects 1 in 100 of the population.
It affects people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
It can be divided into 2 symptoms, positive and negative symptoms,
and the positive symptoms can be subdivided into delusions, hallucinations and thought
disorder. Delusions are fixed false beliefs, held even
with evidence to the contrary, and are out of keeping with people’s cultural,
religious and educational background. People may believe that they are being followed
or persecuted, they have got superhuman powers, that the television or radio are communicating
with them, that their thoughts are being controlled, and they derive meaning from everyday objects.
Hallucinations are perceptions without any external stimulus;
so people may see, hear, taste, smell or feel something that is not in external reality.
And it’s really real to people, they really experience it, but it is does actually come
from within their mind. The most common hallucination is auditory
or hearing hallucinations in the form of voices. People may hear one voice or more than one,
maybe male or female, people they know, people they don’t know,
and they may talk to them, about them or discuss them.
Thought disorder includes neologisms are new words, made up words, word salad is when people’s
sentence structure is totally broken down and just random words are put together and
knight’s move thinking is when somebody flits from one subject to another without any link
between the topics. Negative symptoms include lack of motivation,
lack of willpower; people may neglect their personal hygiene
or their household chores, may not cook any more, may not wash their
clothes. Their social functioning goes down, and they
may become socially withdrawn, idle or aimless. Okay then, 2 minutes on the symptoms of schizophrenia,
positive symptoms including hallucinations, delusions and thought disorder, and negative

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