Please Stop Enabling Trisha Paytas

I don’t I don’t give up if people call
me crazy like okay you’re crazy to like get over it like it’s just girl bye
look honestly I don’t even want to make these types of videos but I think after
Trisha Paytas is recent video dissociadid her tweet sums it up
perfectly I know people are telling us to ignore her or block her but this is
our job we can see our community being hurt we see people we love giving up we
were supposed to protect you we promise all of you a safe space we promise you
to make a difference we have to stand up to this this isn’t about any one person
or simple system not us not Trisha this is about to fall out how hard it is to
get a diagnosis on information on people disbelieving dige this is about seeing
you being hurt without remorse and us saying no more and the reality is
is that a lot of this isn’t gonna stop with Trisha Paytas until people in her
life stop enabling her what’s up everybody this is Chris from the rewired
soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new
to my channel my channel is all about mental health so I usually try to make
videos trying to give people tips advice on things they could do for their mental
health things that work for me or things that I learn about but yeah sometimes I
talk about what’s going on in the community because stuff like this isn’t
cool when it comes to mental health anyways if you’re into that stuff make
sure you subscribe and bring that notification bell and I want to start
this video off by saying like it’s just sad man this whole thing sad like when I
saw this video get sent to me like I seven and a half years ago I’ll put it
this way seven and a half years ago when I got sober I had to do a fourth step
some of you know what that is but it’s about your resentments and you start to
see patterns with the things that make you angry upset who you resent and
something that was in me that is still something that I stole with is that I
get resentful for other people right like I get upset for other people
my Trisha Paytas does not offend me she does not bother me but when it comes to
mental health community and things that she’s doing like like dissociated said I
can’t just stand by and watch it happen but like one of the reasons I feel bad I
feel bad for the LGBTQ community right like when that was going down when
Trisha Paytas was claiming to be trans and you know trying to emotionally
manipulate everybody and cry and all these other things like looking at it
like I could have done more a lot of us could have done more I know a lot of you
did support the LGBTQ community when that happened and I was supporting them
from a distance well I like I am and how I of the LGBTQ community but now I’m
like man is this what it felt like is this what it felt like because it feels
like a complete mockery right and I feel bad for the DI D community like watching
Trisha Paytas video just now like I was like sick to my stomach like I couldn’t
imagine like the the stuff that I you know that I saw the with you know I’m in
recovery from addiction I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression traumatic
childhood and like I can’t imagine just watching somebody just completely make a
mockery of it but also which some some of you get some of you don’t and I
respect your feelings but I also feel bad for Trisha Paytas I feel really bad
for her like clearly she’s not doing well and she needs help
alright but like I said towards the end of this video I’m gonna I’m gonna say
some things that some of you might not might not like or agree with but we’re
gonna talk a little bit about enabling okay so I just want to show a couple
clips from her video starting with this one tyranny definitely came out last
week last Friday when I made the Instagram and the YouTube video to in
én so listen like dissociate didset in that tweet that I read in the intro this
is a controversial diagnosis this is one that people like disbelieve or think
people are faking you know like as many of you know I am very into the science
and I was communicating with a lot of you in the comments of a couple of my
other videos and you know asking to point me in the direction of some
research so I could educate myself more on this disorder right but one of the
research studies that I read was talking about the controversy around this mental
illness and one of the reasons it’s controversial is this fear this fear
that somebody will blame an alter for a certain behavior and in that clip that I
just showed you from Trisha Paytas that’s what she was doing right like
imagine imagine faking dissociative identity disorder then screaming at
another influencer and cussing him out Anthony Padilla right for a 15-second
Instagram story and then blaming it on an altar so like I empathize with
dissociate did and the rest of the di D community because you have somebody out
here like Trisha Paytas like increasing that stigma all right we need to talk
about this so here’s here’s something that bothers me alright so if you
watched Anthony Padilla’s video with dissociated it’d and a few other people
from this community like you know like dissociate did like she had a switch
like right there it is not this convenient thing right and here’s what
we need to remember about Trisha Paytas like she’s been on the h3 podcast for
over an hour increments right she started her own podcast without issues
but now we’re supposed to believe that all of a sudden when she decides that
she wants to claim she has dissociative identity disorder now it’s happening now
it’s something that she can’t control you see what I mean
again I explained this in my last video like when we struggle with a lack of
sense of self we get drawn towards different different identities because
we don’t have one of our own right but we need to understand and I keep saying
this and I taught this to my clients all the time in the rehab right our mental
health is our responsibility it is not an excuse for these types of behaviors or anything where they can switch and
not know who that person was whether you see that or someone else don’t listen to
the internet the YouTube comments you need to get help in order to deal with
that and I know how to deal with mine and I think diagnosed with traits of
lots of things I saw this multiple times so that that clip right there it really
upset me so there’s a few things that really upset me about what what she just
said so one of them is she claims that she’s getting help and she knows how to
do it herself like no she doesn’t and like I hope you guys take things
away from my videos for your own sake like we don’t like I’ve worked with
thousands of drug addicts in my life right there’s so much of this stuff that
we cannot do on our own we need help and I mentioned this in another video Trisha
Paytas like she was doing better when she was actively going to therapy and
talking about it and learning and practicing these things and like
although I don’t know her and this is completely speculation but it seems like
she’s not doing anything right but then when she talks about trying to tell
people I don’t be afraid to talk about your mental illness don’t be afraid
that’s very true right but in this context my fear is that somebody with
such a large platform is encouraging others to fake mental illness right and
that is a major issue and that is something that we all should care about
influencers have power influencers influence right although we like to
think that we are just these end thinkers and nobody sways us or anything
like that like we will change our thoughts and behaviors based on what
we’re watching based on what we’re consuming this happens when you are you
know if you’re growing up in a certain household if you’re in certain
relationships but modeling behavior is something that can happen when you watch
specific influencers and the last thing we need is for young people or
vulnerable people to watch Trisha Paytas as videos and think this type of
behavior is okay so the last thing I want to talk about is enabling like you
know I might get some crap for this but when I watched this stuff going down
with Trisha Paytas it breaks my heart that she has people in her life that
just enable and cosign this stuff and I want to make it clear it is none of
their responsibilities to fix Trisha or have her not do certain things they have
no control over that but when I see like especially with her podcast like every
huge influencer she knows just flop to it right to help support her because she
does have good friends but enabling somebody isn’t a good friend like she
had Shane Dawson on there she had violet out him she had Jeffrey star
Blair white I won’t get into that but I will say this I’ve had other influencers
reached out to me and they’re like I meant Trisha before it she was really
nice right and I feel that that and is just my opinion I feel that that is a
manipulation of other people you see what I mean like she has this way of
getting people to be on her side and then just kind of look the other way
when she does stuff like this but again like it’s not Shane Dawson’s
responsibility it’s not Jeffrey Starr’s responsibility or anything like that
but I’ll tell you this if this was one of my friends who was doing these types
of things I would have to love him from a distance all right I would have a talk
with them and say what you are doing how you’re behaving is not okay and I love
you but I cannot be around you until you get help
because I cannot condone what you are doing why
it was just last year when she offended the trans community well the entire
LGBTQ community and now the dissociative identity disorder community as well as
other people in the mental health community and she just bounces from one
to the next right is it trolling is it for attention I don’t know but the fact
that people in her life are are not speaking up and not distancing
themselves and we don’t know for sure it’s not like we see her hanging out
with Shane Dawson or Jefferies star every single day but we do know for a
fact that they continue to hang out with her even when she doesn’t apologize or
try to seek help and figure out why she’s doing this in the first place
this is why I advocate so much for therapy right so much for therapy like
get your butt in therapy and find out why you are doing the things that you’re
doing that’s step one step two is figuring out how to not do those things
that you are doing all right like that is the core of cognitive behavioral
therapy there’s the cognition part working on changing your thoughts and
challenging your thoughts right then there’s a behavioral part where you stop
doing the bad behavior I don’t I don’t dislike people I dislike behaviors and
the great thing about that is you can’t change a person but you can get that
person or hope that that person gets help to change those behaviors and I’ll
end with this I am living proof if you make me seven and a half years ago I was
the biggest scumbag you would ever meet and now I’m a good father to my son I’m
a good boyfriend to my beautiful girlfriend I’m a good son to my parents
I’m a good friend to my friends I try to be good to all of you right and if so if
a piece of garbage like me can work on myself there is no excuse why
money like Trisha Paytas can’t really commit to therapy and and stop doing
these toxic behaviors that are just just really upsetting entire communities like
it’s just it’s just brutal man hey anyways that’s all I got for this video
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alright thanks again for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. I agree, the silence of influential people around her is very bad, Shane, Colleen, Jeffree all said nothing as if she never did anything

  3. ive blown trish off as "just a troll" for a few years now. but this is sad.. its sad on quite a few levels. im with you chris, its sickening watching the mockery shes making of the DID community [and literally every community shes hijacked and USED for views]

  4. I'll try and say this nicely. There is a growing schism in the LGBT community over the tendency of T activists to shame the L&G for having transphobic genital preferences. Look into the cotton/boxer ceiling if you want to understand better. Trish's claim of trans-ness was actually in line with the current demands of acceptance without question, self id and no medical transition required. They vast majority of trans YouTubers that did a video about it were raging hypocrites.

  5. My oldest son suffers from D.I.D and have been suffering along side of him. He has 34 littles, and I know for a fact he can’t just pick and choose which one comes through, sorry if this seems hard to understand but I’m writing this with tears, however everything has a silver lining, and I am not condoning her actions however her content has brought so much more awareness to this! I will never watch another video of hers, trolling or not! I cannot say what’s really on my mind as it’s not my place to judge her however, claiming to be a Christian she needs to seek forgiveness.

  6. If a man can identify as a woman perhaps some are born identifying as mentally disabled? Otherwise wouldn’t trans or gay be a form of maunchawsens spelling

    Would love to hear thoughtful arguments for why one group can realize and assume an identity of ones own creation but not the other?

    People who don’t like her need to ignore her. I didn’t even know what dissociative was until her.

  7. As a DID system myself, this is pretty scary. I can see years of work being torn down in a week. It's crazy. It's unfair. It scares me what will happen to me because of this. I feel like I cant tell anyone about it anymore. Because of this they'll think I'm like Trisha, and I'm not real and I'm not valid. This video was sick. Completely sick.

  8. I think the most upsetting part is seeing Ethan (H3) enabling her. I love H3. I love how outspoken and i afraid he is to offend people, but also to be honest. I think seeing him, someone who has had many PROBLEMS with her let what she’s doing slide, is upsetting. haven’t always watched or agreed with you, but I appreciate your stance and think you are absolutely going about it the right way. thank you!

  9. I 100% agree with you. I've been watching Trisha for a year and a half. She's 100% a troll. And I agree with you, you could definitely tell when she was going to therapy. Her content was good, fun, entertaining…as opposed to cussing people out, and trying to martyr herself

  10. I reported her “switch” video in every category, and didn’t give her any views. I wonder if I can block her on YouTube

  11. Never gonna happen.Most of the people in her life on her payroll. Her "friends" including her mother and sister benefit from Trisha's foolishness. If Trisha doesn't make a fool of herself, they don't get paid.

  12. My husband had a raging drinking problem (he used alcohol to cope but it never developed into a formal addiction because he could have just one, he just didn't). I was 'crazy' and wasn't treating it. We were toxic to each other and enabled each other's behavior until both of us were miserable and fueling each other's toxic habits. He decided to get sober and work on coping with his emotions; I sought therapy and psychiatric treatment and became diagnosed with PTSD, GAD, panic disorder, and more recently bipolar disorder. We started working on ourselves and then holding each other accountable. We also started unwrapping our emotions with each other. It's been 5 years since we both made the decision to get better. My husband has better anger management skills and no longer resorts to the bottle or violence (he was never violent towards me but he did put holes in drywall) to cope with his emotions. I am on medication, have learned coping skills, and am continuing to see my psychiatrist and therapist. Whenever either of us start regressing we hold the other accountable which helps us double down twice as hard to move forward.

    We are very healthy, both individually and together, now. People call us a power couple. We weren't that 5 years ago – we were both toxic people. Us seeking treatment separately and then coming together and holding each other accountable saved us from ourselves. Treatment is not something someone can do all alone, and yes, people can go from being a scumbag and grow into a beautiful addition to the world. It isn't easy; the first two years of us working on ourselves was rocky. I would stop therapy because I "learned all the skills I need" and he stopped drinking but, for a while, became more violent in return (once again, never at or towards me). We would call each other out, apologize for our behavior, and go back to treatment.

    It would have been easy for me to say, "well, if drinking keeps you from being violent then fuck it." It could have been easy for him to say, "if staying home being panicked and unable to function is what you want to do, fuck it." That would have never made us grow. Seeking treatment and not enabling someone are, in my experience, the best way to grow and heal.

  13. I wish Shane or Jeffree would acknowledge this instead of ignoring it. They’re enablers.
    Edit: Commented this before watching, great minds think alike lol

  14. I have been trying to stop enabling her by not giving her my views, so she can’t profit from it. I know I’m just one person, and it might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but I have been getting my information from people like you or DissociaDID so Trisha isn’t profiting off this awful situation.

  15. I should add that she thinks she’s being a comedian. She likens herself to Kaufman. So to her it’s comedy, however she’s a dumbass with no sense of humor. Kaufman wasn’t mean. She’s a mean person. Simple as that. She’s a mean person with nothing in her heart.

  16. just by looking at your face i can see you're super tired of this.
    we love you, thank you for spreading awareness.

  17. I just stumbled across your channel recently and only watched a couple videos and I already feel so proud of you. We need more people like you

  18. If she can afford all that "rich" stuff. She can definitely buy some professional help, honestly I'm tired of hearing about her. She faked being trans, black, etc.

  19. This is what she does, she need big help cause she gets hooked on something and she runs with it. Like when she watches a move now her whole house it the theme she starts dressing like them. Like she did with fight club, beetle juice, frozen, high school music.. the list goes on smh she need help!!

  20. Trishas bad acting was embarrassing. She really will do anything for attention and views. It's so infuriating!!

  21. Well the video now has 47K dislikes and I don’t think I’ve seen a video recently with that many dislikes. Maybe it will send a message to her to re-evaluate what she’s doing.

  22. I’ve seen people angry but when people really find out and think about what this really is about, it will change people. I have been so angry and upset over this. And I don’t even have the disorder. I’ve just become aware and educated on what it is this past year and have become so passionate about it. She may just as well be the abuser/abusers who caused these wonderful innocent people to develop this disorder. She is traumatizing them all over again. I’ve seen it in the community. People now refusing to open up to anyone in their life. People having new alters appear. People feeling helpless. People feeling so sad and afraid of being misunderstood. People who feel like their vulnerable work is being made a waste. People having their protectors triggered. This is so much worse than some people realize. Please go to DissociaDID’s channel and watch some stuff. Team Piñata also has a great channel if you want a more raw look at things. Please. 🖤

  23. We cancel people for less let’s cancel trish ! She is making a mockery out of individuals who have DID

  24. She seriously needs to stop. I get she has borderline but this is just way too much!! How much further is she going to go.

  25. It doesn't matter if someone acts nice and kind to you. If they keep hurting communities that's not okay. Great vid!

  26. She can be a nice person and still need help. She can be nice and still be doing a lot of damage to the DID community with her actions.

  27. sorry you had to endure her nonsense. she pretty much crossed the line. acting needs more work. thx for the educational information.

  28. The reason they enable her it’s for marketing they’re all influencers, IF one of them “hurt” one or the other it will affect either their sales or their followers (oh you said this about her or him I’m not gonna follow you anymore or buying your crap imagine one person like that but 1 million of of saying this)it hurt their sales so their only option? Singing kumbaya around the campfire 🔥 like nothing ever happened
    I wuv you! Side kisses on cheeks! Forced laugh through the teeth 😬
    They don’t want to be the bad to be shunned about also most of them ARE guys it doesn’t matter if they’re gay they’re still can’t get away with saying this to her and all the female sheeps following her (or being there for her just for clout there’s many) will attack them,if you’re a girl you can get away with many things say you had feeling problems make an apology video and it will work out well ..but,NOT for them they can copy the way girl operate but it will work out slooowly for them because women never forget they will still bring it up in the mix forever so it’s better for them to act like it’s just her silly thing she’s doing
    Or it could be part of her get attention plan
    we don’t know to be the most talked about online being relevant the best way possible
    Keeping the blue check mark on twitter lol idk
    Hell,she can come on YouTube next time and say she’s Asian now and she caught the C 🦠
    People will still say: oh you! haha that’s our trish we’re hanging around her to make us popular 😄🤪
    and if she stay nice and docile she’ll be “boring” to her fans making them unfollowing her thinking: “ohh no more trish drama☹️I’m so unsubscribing”😒 it’s dumb really the world we live in

  29. It was 100% noticeable that she was acting. I am trying hard not to judge her. Her maker will be the judge of all the things she continues to do.

  30. Yesss thank you, I unsubbed a year ago because I feel like she'll do anything for views and it's toxic and don't want to support that

  31. As someone with DID, I'm one of those people Trisha made a mockery of, and I'm very disturbed by her actions. Thanks for making this video, someone had to say it.

  32. I've watched DissociaDID and their partner system for a while and they are the most kind systems in the world. There was no reason for this disgusting attack. I have seen the protectors and persecutors for each system come out and speak. They carry themselves completely different from these "alters" Trisha has. They always own up to what they do and always know that they did something that may upset people. Nin (and I believe Kyle) of dissociaDID have both mentioned that you have to accept what happens to others when your alters come out and apologize because it's your responsibility. Hell I'm sure everyone in the partner system, Pinata System, has said the same exact thing.

    Its pretty sad how this woman jumps on any hypetrain available. She needs help.

  33. Do you still feel this way about her now she’s made the second video? Because I feel like she gives zero fluffs. She’s full on faking and I don’t care if that’s not the PC thing to say. She. Does. Not. Have. DID. She is calculating and a troll.

  34. Her mom is a YouTuber. Why hasn’t anyone talked to her (her mom) ? Where is she (her mom) ? Where is her sister? Why did they disappear when the past couple months they were in all her videos. I’m really interested to know why her family isn’t helping.

  35. We need to start holding her support system accountable as well. She needs major help. Her family & friends need to step up.

  36. All she cares about is money. So whatever she can do to make it. She will. Even if it is damaging. To here this is not real life. We don't talk to her or know her personally so us reacting doesnt get to her. She can brush it off. Because none of this is real to her. The only thing that is real is money. And if she has to cry on camera, manipulate people, lie about disorders, throw people under the bus. She will do it. She calls it "trolling" but she just figured out what to do to get those views.
    The only thing we can do as people is just teach other people. This is not what you do. But unfortunately it doesnt stop others from believing her or defending her

  37. I have been clean and sober since I was 21. I am now in my 50's. I think Trish is addicted to stirring people up and getting any kind of attention whether that is bad or good. I agree with you about the enabling. It does need to stop. The first thing that got me sober was getting honest. I can remember the moment that it happened. Then I went and got help. This is what Trish needs.- Denise

  38. I’m tired of people using her “trolling” as some kind of excuse. When did trolling become acceptable anyways? Especially when your trolling is really just bullying, offending and hurting others. This is not ok, it hasn’t been ok and will continue to not be ok! She needs to go. YouTube needs to take her accounts down. This is insanity.

  39. Trisha's friends are just as toxic as she is if they don't think what she's doing is WRONG. Especially recently with the trans and DID thing. In the past Shane has always shrugged off her controversial videos as "trish just trolling the internet" like oh its just trish being trish hahahha. But its wrong. This behavior should not be tolerated let alone just brushed under the rug by her other famous youtube friends.

  40. MAM,,,YOU ARE TAKING THIS trashy woman,,,way toooooooo serious,,,,she does what she does just for views,,,,because VIEWS=MONEY,,,,thats it,,,,,,,she is a liar to the inth degree,,,,,,,how she still has followers is something I do not understand,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  41. When the views aren’t coming in so you start doing exactly what got you canceled. Move on dude.. you’re how old? 😳

  42. I never felt rage and anger as much as watching Trish's last few videos. I don't have DID but I do have Depression, Anxiety and ADD. But I have been watching Nin for quite some time now and other mental disorder channels. I just find the brain FASCINATING on what it can do to protect it's self. I was enthralled that someone like Anthony was shining light on a topic such as this. The thing you notice though, is when Trish puts out videos claiming she "XYZ" its because a) her views dipped and b) she saw a video on the topic was trending. I cannot stand her but I am a fierce supporter of anyone brave enough to be open about their mental illnesses and disorders. When I started watching Nin's reaction video, I needed to see what Trish was doing. I didn't get through any of them and the anger hit with her video of "switching"…. I can't even put into words how angry I am. She is using this as a cover to be a shitty human. My heart goes out to everyone who is trying to break down the stigma when terrible people like Trish is just feeding more into it.

  43. the most current thinking on borderline personality disorder is that it is actually a FORM of dis-associative identity disorder.

  44. I believe Trish has always had issues.. it’s not anything knew.. she goes in wild streaks but it’s part of her struggles..

  45. I can see why people get so fussy because you don’t have a degree, however I also see (I came to this channel unbiased and having heard about you from a long video expressing discontent regarding your content) that you do genuinely care about mankind and you do research, so more or less you give educated opinionated responses to things people do. You do use disclaimers often as well, which I know people can knit pick on, so it’s good to cover those bases. Even when I’ve heard of your interactions with people though after receiving hate or seeing hate (I am going off of a few examples so may be wrong) you generally respond with kindness and look the other way. This being said, I’ve heard you’ve made response videos to it, which I’d recommend against personally because it gives it more power and responses aren’t necessary for what you do, and can only hurt the reputation. Overall I say keep it up because even if you don’t have a degree, hopefully it gets people more interested in learning about psychology and sociology of ourselves and peers. (I went to school for psychology so I’m definitely a fan)

  46. I get you it hurts to see people hurting especially when done deliberately and towards such good people is the worst

  47. that girl need actual intense psychological help ASAP. Trisha is not ok, I want to think is just that she's sick and gettin attention is couse of that and that this is not all fake and doing it only to get views.
    she needs help. that's all im gonna say

  48. She did it because she finds what’s trending to live rich she made 8000 from the trans video she evil as f

  49. Omg shes dose not need Therapy she needs money she’s a money vulture she’s going to find the next trending thing and bank off it she’s disgusting about people feeling all for money she made 3 videos to get more money

  50. Can you shut up and not comment? Again you ARE NOT a Healthcare professional, Trisha probabaly does have D.I.D. Everyone else with D.I.D. whom has a fucking psych evaluation, a platform and a diagnosis is privledged and is overreacting. YOU offend me by commenting becuase there are a lot of people with D.I.D. its not uncommon to have it and not be diagnosed and what do you even know about it? It's mental injury not illness and Trish is not mocking but YOU ARE. It's not hard to get D.I.D. if you were a woman whom was sexual abused as a child which many women are… D.I.D. is differant for every person and it is created to HIDE abuse so sure it wasint obvious in her past, but i can notice a lot and ive acrually watched her videos sorry but D.I.D. is completly differant from mental illness and you know nothing about it. Evil people will pretend to have mental illnesses with or without Trish dude!!! Ur an asshole!!!! This is coming from a multiple and no Im not diagnosed either. You are line some kind of manipulation wizard please stop talking About D.I.D. even other people with their precious diagnosis should not comment, Trisha is not faking.

  51. Do you ever think of going back to school and getting an actual Psychology Degree? It would add a lot of credibility to you and your Channel. (I mean if you’re genuinely interested in ‘helping people’ with their Mental Health issues that would be a logical step to take.)

  52. I haven't been following Trisha, but this whole thing is so upsetting. I really hope she can get help and eventually work it out and get better and then make a video that's informed and correct to show her progress and try to repair the damage she has done. I've just found your channel bc of this situation and really appreciate your analysis of it all, it's very helpful. I am suspecting I have some symptoms of bpd and trying to work myself out a bit and get some help for it. Thank you for your clear explanations and understanding!

  53. Yall trisha literally keeps deleting my comment on her video so I'm posting it here to get it off my chest lol


    Shut the actual f up dude. You are having a BPD meltdown and everyone sees through you. Guess what trish? Mental illness is nobody's fault but it is entirely YOUR responsibility and when your BPD, which you consciously stopped treating, is severely harming those around you it's on YOU motherfr.
    You are a bad person Trish and in a few months you are not allowed to crawl back claiming it was bc of a mental illness because you know damn fing well what you are doing right now and are refusing to do anything about it, and BY refusing to treat whatever the f is wrong with you everything you are doing as a result of it is YOUR. FING. FAULT.
    I know most of your fans are little teeny bopper high schoolers but you're a grown ass fing adult and need to be held accountable as one.
    You are not some helpless little teenage victim who made a stupid mistake and are going to grow from it and look back at how stupid you were when you were young, the time for that was years ago and you missed that fing boat. This is who you are as a person at your core now.
    You are a filthy rich, property owning, car driving, tax paying, voting eligible, grown ass adult fing woman and you need to be held accountable as one.
    You need to go to rehab for the p!ls you pop and the c0k3 you snort before making these disgusting, toxic, damaging, and HARMFUL videos. Being mentally ill doesnt exonerate you of being a bad person. You are a bad person at your core who just happens to have a mental illness and it is NOT DID.
    Trisha you are trashy, you are rude, you are selfish, self absorbed, cruel, toxic, disgusting and reckless and we need to stop sugar coating this bs.
    You are a sick and twisted person.
    And I swear to mother f if I see Shane cosign this abuse by coming back in a few months making a documentary on BPD and paint you as a sorry victim hes getting canceled

  54. I love Shane but sometimes I think he can be just as manipulative in toxic as people like Tana. When tanacon
    happened he was very much enabling and very sweet and coddling towards Tana but then in other videos without her he would be bashing her and making fun of her. Doesn't seem like a very good friend to me if you're not willing to actually stand by your friend and call them out for their bullshit but instead make fun of them behind their back for the stuff you know is wrong. When my friend causes issues with me I stand up to her and tell her what she's doing isn't right or I don't hang out with her. Yes theres been times I've been guilty of the same thing but it gets you further from a solution. Instead be upfront and honest with that person and if they refuse to see the error of their ways and change they maybe you need to reevaluate the value you hold on that friendship.

  55. TP has an empathy disorder. I don’t like her and she does need help. But maybe she shouldn’t have made that DID video. She went after Nin first. So someone is gonna end it and she deserves what she gets for picking a fight.

  56. Thank you for making these videos, you are probably my FAV person to follow on YouTube. You say all the things people are afraid to say. THAT is what I do, it's hard… but in the long run very rewarding.

  57. I feel you so hard on the being upset for other people thing. I Always seem to be on the side of- or at least have some understanding, and a shoulder/ear, for the underdog. I HATE anyone getting bullied, even if they kind of "deserve it" or I can see the reason why they've angered/upset ppl. I attribute a lot of it to the fact that I'm a Scorpio, tbh– and also that I experienced severe and long-term bullying in my younger years myself.
    All this being said, the worst of it, to me, is the Tatiana channel (I thought maybe that was why you re-uploaded this today, because she made some posts on that channel)– well actually I shouldn't talk like I know for a fact that Tatiana is Trisha, but I do highly suspect it. Someone mentioned that the email address linked to Tatiana's acct was Trisha's…. However, the channel was started back in Jan (of 2020), before all this popped off (even tho nothing was uploaded until the other day)– so who really knows. Like I said tho, I strongly suspect. And, as you may recall me saying before, I don't dislike Trisha, in fact I feel terrible for her… But she is making it SO hard to have her back. I guess because it's social media, rather than an interpersonal relationship with the person. My general rule is to have your people's back in public, then, privately, vent your problems/issues/concerns with them. But in this case, the problems are, I don't know Trisha and can't talk to her privately about any of this, and also, after what she's been doing– ESP the things that are being posted on the Tatiana channel– make it nearly impossible to defend her publicly… It's like she kicked out from beneath her would-be supporters any leg that we could possibly have to stand on to defend her, because the Tatiana videos are so transparent and cruel/atrocious.
    I was really hoping she would back off in the beginning after she saw all the backlash… But I even understood when she made the next two vids crying and trying to explain her position… It's the Tatiana stuff that makes me feel like I can't keep defending her.
    Also, dunno if you know, but Nin made a post that her account has been having attempted hackings, 39 times I think she said, in the last few days, and that she's taking a social media break. I hate to point fingers without proof, even about the Tatiana channel, cause there are few things worse than having false allegations leveled at you, but clearly this is Not looking good for Trisha. I have a bad feeling that this whole situation could ultimately culminate in some type of disaster for the ppl involved that no one is foreseeing, and I REALLY don't want that to happen!!!☹️

  58. I’m not even surprised by Shane and J*ffery supporting her. She has a racist history as well as them. If her and their racist tendencies wasn’t enough for people to stop supporting her, I doubt this will be.

  59. She won't get help because it costs $$$. And that's money she can spend on cosmetic surgeries, clothes, accessories, make up, and food. Who needs to get better when you have all the latest/sexiest clothing and top tier brand make up?

  60. lol how many [people are going to say stop enabling TP and then proceed to make videos on her and giving her attention? xD hahaha that is straight up the story of every other youtuber at the moment. how about stop commenting on her for views 😉 thats enabling her. shes a troll and your feeding her. plus of course your account.. oh well

  61. In all honesty, I don't think Trisha put much thought into the things she was saying in that particular video. It seemed like a bunch of babble that was necessary to disguise her true intentions of the video; that being "catching" her "switches" on camera. It was very apparent that the language she used in the latter part of her video was reminiscent of the language mental health advocates use when discussing mental health, when they advocate mentally healthy behaviour and seeking help if they're struggling with it…… And the language she used in the first half of her video sounded similar to the language people like DissociaDID use when they discuss the struggles they face as a result of the disorder.

    In other words: I wouldn't spend too much time or effort analyzing Trisha's words in that video, as it seemed like it was just an excuse to record herself so she could validate or "prove" the claims made in her previous video.

    Even her demeanor was superficial, with that void look in her eyes, and how seemingly unfocused she appeared — I didn't get the impression that she was being genuine with her words, offering a genuine intellectual perspective… or that she was even truly invested in the things she was saying… yet she spoke as though there was depth and wisdom to be found within.
    It isn't surprising — Trisha has the unique ability to portray herself as one way whilst naturally exposing herself as another; or even the contrary. In this example: suggesting she's struggling with her disorder and the backlash she received, whilst portraying herself to have control over the situation…. and even advocating the benefits of seeking help, as though she, herself, is speaking from current experience.

    She worries me. I don't think I've ever witnessed or experienced another human being so lost, unhinged, detached, and desperate for an identity as Trisha Paytas.
    … I truly hope one day she takes the steps necessary to seek guidance, and discover and learn about herself so she can find her identity and make peace with it.
    … Part of me thinks that won't be possible unless she is willing to drastically change her lifestyle.. As I, myself, have personal experience with such.

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